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How to defeat the Left, long-term

In other words, how do we, as Conservatives, defeat Liberalism, and thus return Constitutional law to America. Well, I would offer one bit of advice. We must know our enemy. In any conflict, and yes the conflict between Left and Right has been going on in America to one degree or another since we gained our independence. You can go all the way back to the ideological divide between the Hamiltonian and Jeffersonian models for American liberty and government. We must grasp that the Left will never stop in their lust for power, and we must never forget they are masters of incrementalism. we must also accept that exploiting tragedies is a tactic they are masters at. And yes, we must understand that when they say by any means necessary, they mean it.  Perhaps more than anything we must know the Left defines morality very differently than we do. The Left defines as moral any action that helps them succeed. Lying, cheating, intimidation tactics, and more are “moral” to a Leftist if it helps them reshape America into a Neo-Marxist nation.

Now, Bob Belevdere and Stacy McCain also have some advice on how to best Leftism.

Stacy McCain explains the differences in approaches by the Left and the Right in changing The Culture:

Perhaps people have no memory, or have paid no attention to the events and trends of recent years, and thus have no thought of, “What next? And after that, then what?” If you are able to think back as far as the 1980s, trace the line from where we were then to where we are now, and then plot that course forward — well, you certainly have reason to wonder what kind of environment your grandchildren will face in another 10, 20, 30 years.

There is no logical stopping point to the liberal agenda, and what they demand today is never their final demand. Grant them everything they ask today, and tomorrow they will return with a new list of demands, accusing you of unfairness for not having previously granted whatever they ask. No concession can ever satisfy them, for their is no limit to their appetite — it’s like negotiating with a shark over how much of your leg he can eat.

Many conservatives don’t really think in this kind of long-and-deep mode, and a habit of shallow short-term thinking cripples them in terms of effectively opposing liberalism.

Charles Krauthammer can be a ferocious critic of liberalism, but his willingness to cede almost anything in order to elect a Republican president is a weakness all too common among D.C.-based pundits whose chief interest is in foreign policy.

Indeed, this fixation on foreign policy to the detriment of nearly every other issue is one legacy of the Cold War era that has seriously impeded Republicans as a genuinely conservative force over the past two dozen years. Many Republicans are willing to give away the store on domestic policy if it will give them control of the White House and the ability to exercise the “Big Stick” of foreign/defense policy. And they simply can’t be made to see why that is ultimately a formula for GOP irrelevance.

The Left is often patient, just as the Muslims are [Totalitarians of a feather and all that]. They are willing to settle for incrementally getting what they want.

We on the Right are lucky that, since the election of Barack Hussein Obama, they have often abandoned their usual patience and become reckless, as in the whole #FreeKate Movement, which Stacy has been in the process of utterly destroying [you can read all of his reporting on this story here].

We need to (1) learn how to play the long game, (2) be prepared to take advantage of every time the Left gets reckless and (3) hone our counter-arguments while we wait for them to make mistakes.

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Why the “Joe McCarthy Card” Fails!

Because, McCarthy, was, as Stacy McCain points out, was RIGHT! Oh, and so is Ted Cruz

Democrats and the major news media — but I repeat myself – have decided that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s opposition to the Chuck Hagel nomination makes him the “New McCarthy.”

And they say that like it’s a bad thing.

Sen. Joseph McCarthy has been unjustly and dishonestly maligned for so long that even many conservative Republicans nowadays use “McCarthyism” as a slur, without any real understanding of who the man was, or what he was trying to accomplish.

Intellectuals who today think of themselves as the rightful heirs of William F. Buckley Jr. often seem to forget that the second book Buckley wrote, after God and Man at Yale, was McCarthy and His Enemies, which Buckley co-authored with his brother-in-law Brent Bozell (father of Brent Bozell III, who is today head of the Media Research Center). Buckley knew, as do all honest and intelligent students of the Cold War era, that even if one stipulates McCarthy made mistakes and had unfortunate personality traits, he was really a better man than his vindictive critics, and certainly more sincerely patriotic than the Communist enemies he sought to expose.

Ah, but for the accurate teaching of history! The Left’s version of history is always, edited, re-written, spun, sanitized, or completely fallacious. Sadly, as Stacy points out, many folks are victimized by the Left’s “re-invented history”. This is a tremendous post go read the whole thing, but here is a small sample of how the Left uses “invented history”

McCarthy vs. ‘McCarthyism’ — Propagandists of the Left, including journalists and academics, have made Joe McCarthy a symbol of things for which he was not even remotely responsible. Joe McCarthy did not create a “Red Scare.” Concerns about Communist penetration of the federal government, and about Soviet espionage, existed before anyone outside Wisconsin had ever heard of Joe McCarthy. He was not responsible for “blacklisting” anyone in Hollywood or getting Communist teachers fired from public schools. Investigations of Communist subversion undertaken by the FBI and the House Committee on Un-American Activities preceded Joe McCarthy’s arrival in the Senate and continued for years after McCarthy was dead and buried in a Wisconsin grave. However, by demonizing McCarthy, and making him a scarecrow symbol for alleged wrongs that he had nothing to do with, leftists have attached to McCarthy’s name a radioactive taint that makes it difficult for people to separate the complex Man from the simplistic Myth.

Bingo. the Left habitually uses this tactic to smear, and demonize its opponents. The Tea Party, Conservatives, the NRA, Christians, gun owners, etc. They attach such stigmas to any topic they do not wish to be challenged on, that many fear even broaching those topics.

Obama the anti-military president?

The question begs to be asked doesn’t it? In fact, I am ashamed to say that there really is no question anymore, like they say, actions speak louder than words.

You have to give President Obama credit. It takes serious gall to tell the American military to its face that you are putting it on the road to second-class status.

That’s exactly what our commander-in-chief did at the Pentagon yesterday, as he announced nearly half a trillion dollars in new spending cuts, after already chopping $480 billion during his first three years in office. He also set out plans for drastic reductions in our force size and continuing weapons programs, including the F-35 fighter — our last best hope for maintaining American dominance in the skies.

Obama’s been trying to reassure Americans all this won’t endanger our national security or our strategic interests. Everyone in or out of uniform who’s free to speak knows better — and that with a full-scale war still underway we are standing on the brink of our weakest military posture since Jimmy Carter, and our smallest forces since before World War II.

No one could be so foolish as to believe that these cuts will not harm our national security, no one. No one could ever argue seriously that this will not cost our world standing, nor could anyone make the case that we no longer need to be able to fight two wars at the same time.

Part of Obama’s rationale is his declared belief that America no longer needs to have a military big enough to fight two wars at once — even though that’s been our historical experience more often than not (think the European and the Pacific theaters in World War II, Vietnam and the Cold War with Russia, Iraq and Afghanistan).

More important, President Obama doesn’t understand that our military’s role isn’t just fighting wars. It’s providing a strong strategic presence that will influence events in our favor — and away from that of adversaries and rivals. Even he admits these drastic cuts can only come through shrinking that presence world-wide, which means deep cuts in our forces in Europe and the Middle East, while expecting a shrinking navy (which could wind up with barely 230 ships by 2020) and air force to keep our interests safe in the Pacific region — where China is surging.

Go read the rest, if you can stand to. Frankly, I came away so angry and disgusted that I could barely read it all myself.

Not content with repeatedly kicking American businesses in the nuts, no longer content with using the EPA as a weapon against our domestic energy development, Obama has now decided to gut our military.

Common sense, and history tell us that this will come to no good, no good at all. But, once more a committed Leftist administration somehow sees weakening our national defense as a good thing for humanity. And, to be blunt, I cannot think of a more committed Leftist than Obama. Certainly we have never had a president as committed to Leftist ideals as Obama have we? FDR? Carter? Wilson? Maybe, but Obama will take a back seat to none.

And again, the desperate need to re-take the Senate, and the White House this November is so clearly illustrated.

FDR considered

Col. Bunny at The Reb, weighs in on the Red side of FDR, a man I consider to be one of the worst presidents in American history for the damage his social programs did, and continue to do. And YES, read the whole post!

I do not believe in Communism any more than you do, but there is nothing wrong with the Communists in this country. Several of the best friends I have are Communists.[1]

~ Franklin Delano Roosevelt to Rep. Martin Dies (1940).

After quoting the above, William Grigg writes of the FDR Administration’s obstruction of Dies’ efforts “to expose Communist espionage, sabotage, and infiltration of government, academe, the defense industry, and unions,” the press attack on Dies, the IRS’s spurious audit of Dies, and an attempt to bribe Dies with an offer of the vice presidency. FDR also succeeded in getting author John T. Flynn blacklisted by the publishing industry and “relentlessly smeared” Charles Lindbergh as a Nazi sympathizer. His administration also made use of the Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee who acted as private spies against groups that were isolationist and patriotic but not anti-Jewish.[2]

People today who obsess about what’s supposedly done in the name of the Patriot Act should read about Roosevelt’s attacks on his critics and those who displeased him. As with a lot of other things we are beginning to look at with fresh eyes, Roosevelt doesn’t come out smelling that pretty. Give me the relatively toothless Patriot Act any day.

A lot of this is news to me given how little I’ve read of the 1930s and wartime America on the home front. I had an uncle who turned beet red when he described FDR as a “traitor to his class.” He and his generation were a lot closer to these facts about him and, anyway, I soon was to become more fixated by the military aspects of WWII and Korea and my own later part in the Vietnam War. After that, the Cold War was something that kept me and a lot of other people looking hard at the Soviet and Chinese threats, my own perspective having been radically changed by reading The Gulag Archipelago, let it be said in passing.

Meet the New Marxists, Same as the Old Marxists

I have long-held that the Democratic Party, having become overwhelmingly a liberal party, is now become increasingly Leftist. The “fringe” of the Democratic Party, the self-styled Progressives, is actually driving the Democrats ideological bus in many cases, and Progressive is just another word for Communist.

For those who disagree that progressive=communist, consider the stated aims of Progressives.

State run health care, no private insurers, no options, no choices.

Massive redistribution of wealth, to fund more entitlement programs, and more dependence on government

Environmental, and economic policies that crush businesses, property rights, and personal freedoms in the name of being “green”.

Ideals that sacrifice individual rights on the altar of “Social Justice”. Progressives seek more collectivism, and individualism, is the enemy of their beloved collectivist utopian dreams.

Bob Belvedere writes of another commonality between the old and new Marxists. The tactic of demonizing, and questioning the sanity of those who dare oppose the Progressives aims.

Having lived through the last thirty years of the Cold War and having begun a serious study of Soviet Russia during the last fifteen years of it, I can see the possibility that the Left in America may be adopting one of the main tactics employed against the dissidents during the Brezhnev Era: declaring those who oppose The State to be mentally ill.*  A good number of these innocent people were put in the Psikhushka, the name for Soviet psychiatric hospitals [for a very good, short history of this evil practice, please click here] where they were subjected to ‘various forms of restraint, electric shocks, electromagnetic torture, radiation torture, entrapment, servitude, a range of drugs (such as narcotics, tranquilizers, and insulin) that cause long lasting side effects, and sometimes involved beatings… inhumane uses of medical procedures such as lumbar punctures’.  Others were stripped of their offices and privileges and, in a sense, declared unfit for anything but manual labor.  Some were sent to the Gulags.

Granted, unlike in the old USSR, the American Bolshes have been, so far, more subtle about it, but, still, it seems to be happening.

Case in point: the comments made yesterday by NPR CEO Vivian Schiller, as related by Mark Memmott, writer at the NPR blog, The Two-Way [tip of the fedora to Memeorandum][emphasis mine]:

Fired NPR news analyst Juan Williams should have kept his feeling about Muslims between himself and “his psychiatrist or his publicist,” the network’s CEO told an audience at the Atlanta Press Club earlier today.

Bob gives more examples, and surely we can recognize that the Progressives have been doing this for years. Just try to think of any Conservative voice that has not been attacked as loony, nutty, crazy, dangerous, potentially violent, or a threat by the Progressives. Tea Partiers, bloggers, columnists, politicians, etc. have all been accused of horrible things, simply for opposing the Left’s aims. They use intimidation, threats, and character assassination to silence us, let us say no more!

The New Marxists, are no different than the old Marxists really. They just do not hold the power that Stalin or Lennin or Mao did, not yet. See, the Constitution checks them, but they have been assaulting that for decades now, andwill continue to do so, unless we, the People, do our job on November 2nd!