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Lisa “Job Killer” Jackson resigns as EPA head, New Jersey blogger hardest hit

Word from Chris at Wyblog is that Lisa Jackson might be seeking Chris Christie’s job soon

Her work at the EPA is done. Jeff Dunetz chronicles Lisa Jackson’s “achievements”.

In her almost 4-year tenure we can thank Jackson’s work for the prevention of the Keystone Pipeline, the loss of thousands of Jobs in the coal industry, Punishing Oil Refineries for not using an ingredient that doesn’t exist, preventing the use of our own energy resources and don’t forget her biggest “victory,” declaring human exhalation a pollutant (farting also).

Word is she’s heading home to run for governor of New Jersey. Because we need a real job-killer back in Trenton, and if anyone knows about killing jobs it’s Richard Windsor Lisa Jackson!

I guess Chris is concerned that Jackson might do for Jersey what Governor Granholm did for Michigan, or what Governor Moonbeam is doing for California Taxifornia, and he ought to be concerned. This crew of Leftists is apparently set on destroying American jobs, and any hope for energy independence. Of course, they would tell us they have a better idea, more “green energy”, higher taxes, more regulations, and of course more dependence on government. What could possibly go wrong?

The looming EPA power grab

Even if Romney wins Tuesday, Obama’s EPA is rushing to cripple the coal industry before the new year

Barack Obama’s EPA is rushing to push more job-killing regulations into place before the new year.

The Examiner reported:

President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency has devoted an unprecedented number of bureaucrats to finalizing new anti-coal regulations that are set to be released at the end of November, according to a source inside the EPA.

More than 50 EPA staff are now crashing to finish greenhouse gas emission standards that would essentially ban all construction of new coal-fired power plants. Never before have so many EPA resources been devoted to a single regulation. The independent and non-partisan Manhattan Institute estimates that the EPA’s greenhouse gas coal regulation will cost the U.S. economy $700 billion.

The rush is a major sign of panic by environmentalists inside the Obama administration. If Obama wins, the EPA would have another four full years to implement their anti-fossil fuel agenda. But if Romney wins, regulators will have a very narrow window to enact a select few costly regulations that would then be very hard for a President Romney to undo.

Environmentalists at the EPA pulled this trick before in 2000 when the Clinton administration rushed out a finding that Mercury emissions from power plants were a growing public health threat pursuant to the Clean Air Act. That finding did not regulate power plants itself, but it did force the Bush administration to begin a lengthy regulatory process. The Obama EPA has estimated that this regulation alone will cost the U.S. economy $10.9 billion a year.

Obama’s new EPA regulations will cost the coal industry $180 billion and force electricity rates to skyrocket.

The most anti-American president in our history


Romney in coal country, “You call this a recovery?”


The Other McCain  has the latest bad news for Obama

ABINGDON, Virginia

Mitt Romney spoke to a crowd of nearly 4,000 people here in a midday rally, where he emphasized for the coal industry, a vital part of the economy in southwest Virginia. There was a strong representation at the rally from the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE).

While at the rally, I got a chance to talk with an award-winning local reporter, Debra McCown, who explained that some 1,200 coal workers in the area had been laid off recently because of EPA regulations that have curbed the use of coal in electrical power plants. McCown explained that during the 2008 campaign, Obama made two trips to the area, as did his running mate Joe Biden, while John McCain’s only visit to the area was an airport stop at the Tri-Cities Airport in Sullivan County, Tennessee — just south of the Virginia border — the day before Election Day.

During his speech, Mitt got a cheer from the crowd when he mentioned the debate, and said that Obama’s statements during Wednesday’s debates were essentially “a reiteration of the status quo.” The biggest cheer during the entire rally was when Romney promised to repeal ObamaCare. Citing the latest employment report, Romney said, “We can do better.”

We can do better, you hear that President Obama? All I can add is this, YES WE CAN! We can also do better than fake job numbers that cook the real unemployment rate

As always with these kinds of jobs reports… the devil is in the details.

Pretty soon we will have only a few million people employed and “full employment” in this country. Well, not quite. But you get the point. The economy is creating so few jobs that millions are staying out of the labor market, thereby prevent the unemployment rate from soaring. In September we created a measly 114,000 jobs, but the rate declined to 7.8 percent.

Consider that if labor force participation had held even since January (when it was 8.3 percent), the jobless rate would be 8.4 percent. If the job participation rate were the same as when Barack Obama took office, the rate would be 10.7 percent. The broader U-6 rate (unemployed plus total employed part time for economic reasons) held steady at 14.7 percent. Obama can spin the numbers anyway he likes, but this is not an economic “recovery” in a meaningful sense. We are adding fewer jobs on average per month than we did last year (143,00 vs. 153,000).

Yes, we can do far better!



AGAIN, Obama’s EPA kills 1,200 more jobs

Anyone who still supports Obama is a walking brain donor. Sorry to be blunt but I do not know how else to put it, Gateway Pundit has the latest case of Obama’s war on the middle class

Alpha Natural Resources announced today that it plans on closing eight mines in Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. The company will lay off 1,200 employees.
The New York Times reported:

Alpha Natural Resources, one of the nation’s largest coal producers, announced on Tuesday that it planned to idle eight mines in Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia, reducing its annual production by 16 million tons. The move will include laying off 1,200 of 13,000 employees. The company said that it was trying to meet the “evolving demands of a changing global coal market” and that it would continue selling coal in the United States while focusing new efforts on overseas markets.

The company blamed Obama’s EPA for the layoffs.
The Wall Street Journal reported:

The coal industry has been hit by competition from cheap natural gas, but Alpha made clear in its announcement that an equal problem is a Washington “regulatory environment that’s aggressively aimed at constraining the use of coal.” That’s a direct reference to the deluge of Obama Environmental Protection Agency regulations designed to force the closure of coal-fired power plants.

And yet Obama has the nerve to say he represents the middle class.

Unbelievable, simply unbelievable his actions belie his hollow words

If you think this is just incompetence consider what Obama said in 2008, in an interview the media covered up

The newest government power grab?

The evil, collecting of rainwater! Bunkerville has more

As most of us know, we own less and less, and the government owns and controls more and more of what we think of is rightfully ours. Here is a bizarro story. Now the government is claiming ownership over rainwater. You can bet Obama and the EPA must be grinning from ear to ear when they heard this story.

Control of water in the West has been a big issue with the drought. But now, we no longer control the rainwater that falls on our roofs.

Whoever the next president is, they have to reign in the EPA! Consider what the new regs from Obama’s EPA will do to the coal industry

The econuts are giddy Barry’s EPA has finally released their new draconian air pollution regulations, effectively banning most coal-fired power plants in the United States.

The rules require coal- and oil-fired power plants to lower emissions of 84 different toxic chemicals to levels no higher than those emitted by the cleanest 12% of plants.

We have three years in which to comply. Then, the power plants go dark and the lights go out.

Power plants are responsible for half of the mercury emissions in the United States, the EPA says.

So where will all that mercury go? Into Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs! The very same light bulbs Congress mandated, and then “temporarily” put on hold until October of next year. Break one of those puppies in your living room and congratulations, your house is now a Superfund site.

This is what you get when you elect a president that has proven to be the biggest anti-business, anti-Capitalist president in our history. This is what you get when you allow politicians to by-pass Congress, and the will of the people. What they cannot legislate, they enact through out of control government agencies like the EPA!

This is why 2012 matters! This is why retaking the Senate matters so, and why retaking the White House matters! Folks our country is in peril, and this president, and his party, the Democrats, seem intent on driving the greatest nation on earth off the cliff of Failed Leftist Ideas.

This must not be allowed to happen!

Nothing just in “environmemntal justice”

Of the many great questions, we could ask of the Left, one fits this story especially well. Why are self-styled Progressives always trying to move us backwards?

Now the EPA and NAACP want to send America back to the “good old days.” Under a perverse notion of “environmental justice,” they are promoting tough new air quality rules that would shut down dozens of coal-fired power plants that make affordable AC possible for millions of poor and minority families.

According to them, coal-based electricity is “racist.” Minorities are more at risk because they often live near “dangerous,” older, more polluting power plants.

There is no excuse for the ridiculous “racism” and “justice” rhetoric, or the way EPA used cherry-picked data and computer models to conjure up health risks and benefits that exist only in virtual worlds. (Visit www.AffordablePowerAlliance.org for details.) Worse, the agency refused to consider the disastrous effects its draconian regulations will impose on families and businesses, due to skyrocketing electricity prices.

EPA’s rules will reduce electricity availability and send costs soaring 12% to 60% by 2015 – especially in the 26 states that depend on coal for 48-98% of their electricity. Families and businesses in those states currently pay less than half as much per kilowatt hour as those in low-coal, high-tax, hyper-regulated states. That means jobs, profits, balanced budgets – and protection against life-threatening heat and cold.

Under EPA/NAACP rules, all that would end. Power plant closures will cause deadly electricity shortages during periods of peak demand. Millions of poor and minority families will be unable to afford air conditioning when electricity is available. Our elderly will be particularly at risk, especially in inner cities, because energy costs hit them disproportionately and they are least able to survive heat and heatstroke.

Unbelievable isn’t it? Are these people this stupid? Or do they think a few hundred deaths due to severe weather are worth “going green? Do they NOT see what this will do to energy prices? Or how this will cause the price of everything to skyrocket? Or do they not care?

Here is another question we must ask of the Left. Why do they always say “power to the people” when everything they do takes power FROM the people?