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Chuck Todd tries to play the Climate Change card on Carly Fiorina, gets his arse handed to him

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During an appearance on Meet the Press, Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina hit back at moderator Chuck Todd for pushing the issue of climate change during a discussion on the ongoing California drought.

Todd proclaimed “[i]n your home state of California, drought, the wildfires. More evidence is coming out from the scientific community that says climate change has made this worse. Not to say that the drought is directly caused but it’s made it worse.”

For her part, Fiorina refused to accept Todd’s claim and instated blamed “liberal politicians” for causing the massive drought:

You know what’s also made it worse? Politicians, liberal politicians who stood up for 40 years as the population of California doubled and saying, you cannot build a new reservoir and you cannot build a water conveyance system. And so, for 40 years 70% of the rainfall has washed out to sea. That’s pretty dumb when you know you’re going to have droughts every single year, or every three years let’s say.

I love how Fiorina just rolls with the punches and comes back with crushing logical retorts!

Keith Ellison Bottom Feeder

He is so sorry, I mean really sorry that you stupid Americans misunderstood Dear Leader when he told you a bald-faced lie over and again!

Despicable little man, what an absolute disgrace. I cannot fathom how he can look himself in the mirror frankly! It is one thing to disagree on policy, but to lie, knowing you are lying, knowing you are defending lies, and knowing you have pushed through a law that is HURTING PEOPLE? Sorry, but that is evil, and such a person should be thrown out of office.


Election 2012 live blogging the end of our Constitutional Republic

Is that a cocky headline? Yes! Am I that confident? YES! Keep checking back for updates, I will be back when polls start closing.

Until that magic hour when we all start obsessing over exit polls, flipping channels and focusing the scrolls on the TV screen with vote count updates, here are some great blogs to visit

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Milton Wolf has advice for the dead among us, Do NOT vote Democrat

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Breitbart: Two election judges in Ohio booted for allowing unregistered voters to cast ballots

Bob belevedere to Blue State Conservatives, YES your vote matters

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Victory Girls are also live blogging election night and has this story, I hope the part about the SEALs is true

Apparently, the New Black Panthers are also on the scene in Ohio.

Fortunately though, there are allegedly former Navy SEALs, supposedly from True the Vote, on the way to both Pennsylvania and Ohio to guard against voter intimidation. Can I get a “hell yeah” for our SEALs?!

Meanwhile, Politico’s final poll shows that the race is a dead heat, but Romney is up by 15 with independents.

BC notes that Dan Rather is saying Romney is in for a win

Michelle: It’s Time

Moonbattery offers some humor

Jill is feeling good about tonight, but not about this despicable ad

William Teach has an election day special post

Nice Deb has a great election day post as well

OK, here we go, no swing states have been called yet, no surprise there, and Romney holds an 82-78 lead in the EC. Florida is going back and forth, driving me crazy. Virginia and North Carolina looking good, but it is early so, no chicken counting yet on those. Pennsylvania is way too early to even consider, looks like a loooong night. So, what is everyone drinking? Coffee, Beer (yes I am) An Alaskan IPA right now, excellent beer. Watching the results on the PC because frankly, the talking heads drive me batty frankly.

RS McCain is live blogging too, from Ohio. And yes, I think we should give him the credit if Romney wins in Ohio, and the blame if….nope not going there. The Lonely Conservative, also live blogging updates that Arkansas is Romney country so 88-78 Romney currently.

Gateway Pundit says things are looking good in Wisconsin, likewise in Virginia, we hope that turns out to be the case, stay tuned……….

Linked by The Lonely Conservative! Thanks!

UPDATE! Chuck Todd reports that both sides expect Romney to win a close one in Florida

New EC count, 154-123 for Romney

Obama takes Pennsylvania, EC count 154-143 for Mitt

Wisconsin called for Obama? Good grief! 154-153

Looks like Florida is coming down to the panhandle, good sign for Romney?

Florida still damned close, Romney gaining in Ohio, holding on in Carolina and Virginia, I think Wisconsin was called way too early. And I think my eyes are going crossed from looking at all these numbers.

Just noticed that CNN has not called Wisconsin yet, Romney still leading there, current EC count, 163-157 Romney

Looking tough in Florida, but, National Review notes that there is still hope Santa Rosa County is HEAVY for Republicans, it has not reported yet

Florida is getting very close, so is Ohio, this ain’t over people!

UPDATE! Romney takes North Carolina, hope still lives

UPDATE! The Other McCain has given up, I am leaning towards that end right now, but not yet. I am amazed that there are so many in the nation that just have no grasp of what liberty is. If Romney loses, I will be posting lots of thoughts, there is plenty of blame to go around, no doubt. Out of all the swing states we got North Carolina, maybe Virginia, maybe Florida, and Ohio. Sorry, this should never have been this close. I cannot grasp how America votes for a bad economy, staggering debt, and no leadership at all. The Senate could have, and should have been taken. Right now, I am wondering if too many Americans  are simply hooked on big government.

UPDATE! Ohio called for Obama, good Lord we have reelected this Neo-Marxist? This is the price we pay for being ignorant of our history, our founding principles, I would say God help us, but I am not sure we deserve it anymore.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz can’t even get MSNBS to believe her anymore

What an absolute tool she is

Vodpod videos no longer available. Here is the transcript

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Monday was challenged by MSNBC’s Chuck Todd for making seemingly contradictory remarks regarding Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s foreign policy plans (or lack thereof).

“[W]e have to keep our eye on the ball,” Schultz said, referring to the Obama administration’s supposedly even-handed approach to foreign policy. “We have to keep focusing on making sure that we can protect America from those who would do us harm, not the backwoods ‘cowboy justice’ that Mitt Romney would drag us back to.”

“It’s so unclear what Mitt Romney would do differently than President Obama,” she added.

It’s “unclear” what Romney would do differently? Didn’t she just say the GOP candidate would drag us back to “backwoods cowboy justice” (or something)?

Even Todd found her contradictory statements confusing.

“Wait, I’m confused,” Todd said, “you just … said two different things. You said ‘cowboy’ foreign policy and then you said it’s not clear what he would do differently from President Obama. That’s two different things.”

“And that is the nature of Mitt Romney’s focus in foreign policy has been,” was the DNC chairwoman’s somewhat confounding response. “Who knows what, he hasn’t said what he would do differently. He has done a lot of bellicose chest-thumping that leads you to believe that instead of what President Obama — ”

“You think it will be a different foreign policy?” Todd pressed.

“I’m saying I have no idea,” Shultz responded, “because he has not made it clear, he has plenty of opportunity tonight to make it clear what he would do differently than President Obama.”

Good Freaking Brief!


The very thought of Huckabee as the GOP nominee makes me…………

Throw up in my mouth frankly. The fakest Republican, Mike “I love Michelle Obama’s food police idea”, keeps being pushed by some, not to mention Michael Medved by name, as the ideal GOP nominee in 2012. Personally, I look at Huckabee and I see what the bastard child of a televangelist and a used car salesman would be. Stacy McCain, who is never wrong when he agrees with me is not overly impressed with Huck-A-Phoney either.

At MSNBC, Chuck Todd is doing cartwheels in his Team Obama cheerleader skirt over a poll showing a spike in the president’s approval. What ought to have Republicans calling the suicide hotline is the poll’s numbers showing Mike Huckabee ahead of the GOP 2012 pack:

Looking ahead to the 2012 presidential race, the NBC/WSJ poll shows Obama leading Mike Huckabee by 10 points (51%-41%) and Newt Gingrich by 19 points (54%-35%). The December poll had him leading Mitt Romney by seven (47%-40%) and Sarah Palin by 22 (55%-33%). But keep in mind: At this stage of the 1996 cycle, McInturff says, Bob Dole was leading Bill Clinton in the NBC/WSJ poll. That tells us one of two things: Either these polls aren’t that reliable this far out, or that Obama enters the 2012 in a much stronger position than Clinton did in ’96. For the first time, our poll also handicapped the ’12 GOP field. Leading the pack are Romney (the first choice of 19% of Republicans and independents) and Huckabee (18%) — followed by Palin (14%), Gingrich (10%), Ron Paul (8%), and Tim Pawlenty (at 5%). We also asked “second choice,” and if you take Palin out, the person who benefits the most is Huckabee. He would lead a Palin-less GOP primary, not Romney.

Before you swallow that bottle of sleeping pills, slash your wrists and stick your head in the oven, however, let me remind you that these are nationwide numbers, that the poll’s methodology looks screwyDa Tech Guy thinks the sample is not exacfly random – and that the results of the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary will not be determined by such craptastic media trickery. Actual people have to cast actual votes, and the Iowa caucuses are still a year away.

Very good points, and I would caution against reading too much into such an “outcome based” poll myself. I would also caution against keeping the image of Chuck Todd in a cheerleaders skirt, or of Huckabee accepting the GOP nomination in your head too long. Of course, what if, the unspeakable abomination were to eventually happen? Huckabee winning the nomination, not Todd in a cheerleader outfit doing cartwheels, which he has likely done at MSNBS. What if that happens and it comes down to voting for Obama or Huckabee? Chris weighs in with solid advice

But if that syphilitic camel was named Mike Huckabee I’d shoot myself immediately afterward.

Via pjMom, the Quote of the Day:

Well, based on the past two years I’d vote for a syphilitic camel if he ran against Obama.


Call it the ultimate nose-holder, but before you stress out over the unthinkable, remember, November 2012 is a looong way away, so relax. There are many fine possibilities that might with the GOP nomination, but, we might want to find a syphilitic camel JUST IN CASE!