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*VIDEO* AlfonZo Rachel: Let’s Leave The Christ In Christmas



Kanye and Kim have first child Bob Belvedere hardest hit

I would be concerned for any child born to a Little Bitch, ah Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian. Yes the child will have money, which is good, but the poor kid will be lacking in quality parenting I would think. Bob Belvedere takes my trepidations a few steps further

Via Donald Douglas, Superintendent of American Power:

Daily Mail says Kim Kardashian is in labor at a hospital, which means say your prayers kids anti-Christ is upon us. http://t.co/66Vy2Wo3mv

— Andrew Kaczynski (@BuzzFeedAndrew) June 15, 2013

If confirmed…I’m outta here.

Kim is a Beast.

Kanye is a Beast.


Well, that is a bit harsh, although I do hope the child is not raised on some moronic reality show, and I hope the little girl gets its looks from mom 

Kim Kardashin at "Style Your Sim" fa...

Daughters of the American revolution boots references to God, Jesus UPDATED!! DAR denies reports

Pathetic! Who are they trying to appease?


Unbelievable. They are erasing their own heritage. And for what? Do they think they will somehow grow as an organization? Or are the leaders just caving in to political correctness? Frankly, the members should quit, and reform in a new group, or boot the leadership ASAP.

.UPDATE!! The DAR is saying this report is untrue, here is the link

NSDAR is disappointed to learn that false and incorrect information has recently been circulated regarding the 2011 edition of the DAR Ritual and Missal and the use of the name Jesus Christ in prayers and other ceremonial events of the National Society. The purpose of this message is to clarify NSDAR’s position on the matter for anyone who has not previously viewed the blogs written by President General Merry Ann T. Wright.

First, the question was posed by a national media group that if the motto of DAR is God, Home and Country, then “…why is DAR taking out references to God…” in its printed material. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, as currently written, the 113 page Ritual and Missal contains over 300 references to “Almighty God,” “Great God our King” (America hymn), “Our Heavenly Father,” “Heavenly Father,” “God of Hosts,” “God,” “Lord,” “Eternal God,” “Your Holy Spirit,” “Lord your God,” “Gracious Lord,” “Almighty and Everlasting God,” “Gracious Father,” and similar variations.

Second, the allegation has been leveled that Chaplains and others have been told not to pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Again, this is an absolute falsehood. Each Chaplain and other officers are strongly encouraged to create their own prayers into which they may insert the name of Jesus Christ as deemed appropriate for the occasion and the audience. This is what the President General wrote in her blog of April 10, 2012 when questions about the change to the Ritual and Missal first arose:

A member left the link in the comments section, so i wanted to get this updated, thanks!

What a beautiful song. May God always bless Scotland

Is there a more moving song than Amazing Grace on bagpipes? I think not.

Posted as a tribute to my Scottish ancestors

The Allens, Lowes, Mewburns, Blue’s, Hendrix’s, Hendry’s, and McWhorters. The Hagin’s were Irish, damned proud of them too.

That one always gets me emotional. Here are a couple of more Scottish tunes. First Scotland the Brave with some Scottish scenery

Then The Gael