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Charlie Sheen makes “Homophobic slur” University of Maryland hardest hit

The Other McCain reports that Charlie Sheen has gone and stepped in controversy again, gee, who could have seen that coming?

Charlie Sheen was on stage at the opening of his new bar in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, when he asked the crowd, “How we doing?”

The crowd gave a small cheer — not good enough for Sheen, who then said, “Lying bunch of faggot assholes! How we doing?”

This made headlines because Sheen had used a “homophobic slur.”

The University of Maryland would be so disappointed:

It seems that the University of Maryland, home of the Terrapins, which is a turtle, NOT an ethnic or homophobic slur, actually spends quite a bit of cash, as in taxpayer cash to fight “non-inclusive language”

Maryland taxpayers will then be shocked to learn that the state’s flagship educational institution, The University of Maryland, squandered  $15,000 to fight “non-inclusive language” on campus.

The University of Maryland (UMD) allocated $15,000 in 2012 to combat the use of language deemed by administrators to be “insensitive.”

The “words have power” campaign’s goal is to deploy posters, buttons and other promotional materials to help foster an environment on campus that is not offensive to illegal aliens, homosexuals, or other minority groups.

“Non-inclusive language can offend or make spaces uncomfortable for people who are excluded by that language,” one of the campaign posters reads.

“It is easy to accidentally use offensive language, but since you could just as easily be on the receiving end of such language, you should try to ensure that you are not offending others with the words and phrases you use,” it adds.

One sign tells students to avoid using the phrase “that’s so ghetto” and substitute the term with words like “grimey,” “wack,” or “messed up.”

Maryland taxpayers will be further perplexed when they discover the money went for items such as this video featuring a lecture from an “inclusion scholar”.

Inclusive Language Campaign – David

Additionally, in the wake of nationwide repression of First Amendment free speech rights on campuses, some of the university’s attendees are expressing their concerns about this program.

But, some students say the inclusive language campaign goes too far.

“It is important to be civil with one another but this goes too far in taking language that most people would not find offensive and making us feel guilty for using it,” Ross Marchand, who is the president of Students for Liberty, a libertarian student group at UMD, told Campus Reform.

Marchand said he worries that such rules will hamper student’s constitutional right to free speech on campus.

“An environment conducive to freedom of speech [on campus]…requires the ability to say things without guilt,” said Marchand.

CLICK HERE to visit the “inclusive language” campaign’s website and view additional videos and posters produced by the university.

DAMN that is WACK, but not as wack as Charlie Sheen.

Seriously, The Left loves this kind of mealy-mouthed BS. Maybe they should try to teach those easily offended types, who suffer from Perpetual Whining Syndrome, to relax a bit and not look to get offended? Here is one of the videos, watch it with a vomit bag close at hand, as the stupidity of hypersensitivity may induce projectile vomiting.

The problem with PC is that it coddles the malcontents, rather than encouraging them NOT to be so easily offended. The truth is EVERYTHING you say will, or might offend someone. No one is going to always feel welcome of comfortable. Creating the expectation that such a reality is possible just sets us up for failure.

STOP THE HATE! Save the Breasts

Stacy McCain has taken up the cause of celebrities with large breasts. FINNALY, a Stop the Hate campaign guys can really fondle, I mean support

Stop the hate!

Add an IRS seizure to the problems taxing Lindsay Lohan.
Uncle Sam has taken control of all of the “Liz & Dick” star’s bank accounts in an effort to recover $233,904 in unpaid taxes from 2009 and [2010] and an unspecified amount from 2011, TMZ.comfirst reported.

Well, what’s a young celebrity damsel in distress to do? Have no fear —Hef and Charlie to the rescue!

The 26-year-old Hollywood star has already been helped out by her friend Charlie Sheen, who gave her $100,000 to help her get back on track with her finances, but sources tell website TMZ she’s still falling dramatically short, as she also owes money for 2011.
Lindsay has spent most of this year trying to get her career back on track, and after filming roles in TV movie Liz and Dick and The Canyons as well as stripping off naked for a Playboy photo shoot, she is set to earn more than $2 million by the end of this year.

Stop the Hate indeed!


Because they are OBSESSED with LESBIANISM, that is why!

An odd title for a blog post perhaps, but Stacy asked a question, and I answered it

Melissa Etheridge’s Hideous Breakup

What? I’d missed this news: Evidently, the rock guitarist’s lesbian divorce turned nasty and Daily Beast columnist Tricia Romano decided to write about it in the context of “what does it mean for the gay rights movement?”

This is retarded: When Charlie Sheen got divorced, did anyone write about that in the context of “what does this mean for the cocaine-and-hookers lifestyle movement”? I think not. For some reason, when two lesbians break up, that’s about political rights, whereas when Charlie Sheen breaks up with somebody . . . . Well, if he accuses the hooker of stealing his watch, nobody really views Charlie as a victim of discrimination or anything, you see.

As I see it, the Left is obsessed with placing labels on everyone. They take people, and make them think that EVERYTHING that happens to them is a direct result of their skin color/religion/gender/sexual preference. The Left has played this identity politics game for decades now. Generally, the Left has been all too effective in embittering Blacks, Hispanics, women, Gays, Lesbians, and any other demographic they can come up with. This is all about keeping these groups voting Democrat.


I have worked with a few people who have fallen into this trap. EVERYTHING bad that happens to them is because they are a Lesbian, or Black, or a woman, or an atheist, blah, blah, blah.

So, of course, the Etheridge divorce MUST be about Lesbianism. At least in the minds of the Left.

Losing! Charlie Sheen Booed, Heckled During Disastrous Stage Show Debut

Losing! Charlie Sheen Booed, Heckled During Disastrous Stage Show Debut – Detroit Free Press

Charlie Sheen’s “My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option” tour opened in Detroit on Saturday night with a boom. By the time he stepped off the stage a little after 10 p.m., it was an official bomb.

Wearing a Detroit Tigers jersey with “Warlock” emblazoned on the back, Sheen delivered a monologue, played videos, sat in the front row and talked loosely with the audience. But it didn’t result in much of his famed catchphrase: “winning.”

In front of a rowdy, often-dissatisfied sold-out Fox Theatre audience of 4,700 people, the embattled sitcom actor ranted and raved about anything and everything.

Trust me, “this is going somewhere,” Sheen said as the crowd pondered his self-declared “radical” opening monologue. The 20-minute speech included many of his catchphrases, along with sayings like, “one giant heartbeat and one conscious thought.”

But about 30 minutes into the show, the usual Sheen-isms started to sound old and tired. From the men’s restroom to the expensive seats in front, it was a restless crowd, delivering plenty of jeers and only a few cheers.

The show had video montages throughout, including a “20/20” outtake reel that showed off his self-deprecating sense of humor. His so-called goddesses helped him burn a “Two and a Half Men” bowling shirt. Before it was all over, he asked the crowd if the goddesses should come out again. And then he asked them: How many goddesses do you have?

The show was a reminder that the pop culture phenomenon is serious about his beliefs, but most of the crowd wasn’t entertained by the loose and disorganized attempt.

Valerie Piascik, 23, of Harrison Township said the videos were better than Sheen’s live performance. “Wow, I am not sure what that was,” she said from outside the Fox as Sheen was still on stage.

Bryan Gill, 53, of West Bloomfield said he was hoping for the best but saw the worst. “It was absolutely disappointing,” he said. “Truly, it sucked.”

Sheen, visibly worried that he was losing the audience, at times appeared close to becoming abrasive. He never completely fell apart, but at one point, he did tell a heckler, “Sorry dude, already got your money.”

Near the end of the evening, with the booing intensifying, the 45-year-old Sheen slipped off stage in favor rapper Dirt Nasty. And then at about 10:10 p.m. – roughly 70 minutes after Sheen’s portion had started – the houselights came on and most of the disappointed crowd headed for the exits, shell-shocked or angry.

For those who hung around, his “true, die-hard” fans, Sheen returned to the stage for about 15 minutes for meet-and-greets and the like.

WRIF-FM (101.1) host Drew Lane said if the tour continues like this, Sheen’s career will be in jeopardy.

“It was bad,” Lane said. “People were upset, but I don’t think they knew what to expect. He’s a movie star, not a stand-up comic.”

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Charlie Sheen Trashes Room At Plaza Hotel In Coke-Fueled Rampage: Sources

Charlie Sheen Trashes Room At Plaza Hotel In Coke-Fueled Rampage: Sources – New York Post

A drugged up and naked Charlie Sheen — just two months out of rehab — allegedly trashed his room at The Plaza Hotel early today in a frantic bid to find his wallet and cellphone after partying with a hooker, authorities said.

Hotel security called police just after 2 a.m. where they found the hard-partying Sheen after a woman called the front desk from the famed Eloise Suite, sources told The Post.

Tables and chairs had been thrown around the room and a chandelier was also damaged, sources said.

The damage to the luxury suite reportedly totaled about $7,000.

“The Two and a Half Men” star was accompanied to New York Hospital by his ex-wife Denise Richards, who was staying in a separate room at the Eloise Suite on the 18th floor, sources said.

Sheen, who was only a week away from completing his probation, told cops he was drinking and had snorted cocaine before flipping out, sources said.

But Sheen’s rep later said the actor was taken to the hospital after an allergic reaction to medication.

Stan Rosenfield, a spokesman for Sheen, said the actor is expected to be released Wednesday.

The suite where the call came from is named for the popular children’s book about a little girl named Eloise who lives on the top floor of the tony hotel.

Sheen was not injured, but checked himself into the hospital for a psych evaluation.

Sheen, 45, also told police he had been “out partying,” sources said.

After he returned to his room with an unidentified woman, he noticed his wallet and cellphone were missing, causing him to fly into a rage, sources said.

A police official said the woman in the room with Sheen was an escort.

The hooker called the front desk from Room 1832 — which features a pink-and-white stripped door — and reported that Sheen was passed out on the bed.

Life & Style magazine reported on its website that the woman was screaming inside a locked closet.

“She was fearing for her life and was naked,” a source told the website. “Charlie was incoherent but started screaming slurs at the cops. They recognized him immediately and gave him two options: they could take him to the hospital or take him down to the station. Charlie chose the hospital.”

NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said no complaints were made and there was no arrest. Sheen was not expected to face any criminal charges.

Sheen was in town with Richards, 39, and their two daughters, who were also staying in the hotel.

TMZ.com reported that Sheen had recently been drinking again, shortly after he entered his guilty plea in his domestic violence case, and that his friends feared he was hanging around the wrong people. He was spotted drinking again at the Playboy Mansion in August.

Richards was in the city to promote her series “Blue Mountain State” and the family had gone to see “Mary Poppins” on Broadway while in the Big Apple.

Sheen, Richards and their kids were spotted around the city this past weekend.

In an interview this morning on Howard Stern’s satellite radio show on Sirius XM, Richards did not mention the Sheen incident and Stern did not ask because he didn’t know about it yet.

“Charlie is a very unique, colorful individual,” he said about him. “A lot of men look up to him.

When she brought up that they were together in New York this week, Stern asked, “Is it really comfortable?”

Richards laughed and quipped, “It’s been a very eventful trip.”

Last year, Sheen had been arrested in Aspen, Colorado following a fight with then-wife Brooke Mueller, in which she called 911 saying that he had tried to kill her with a knife.

Sheen, who has admitted to using cocaine in the past and paying for hookers, cut a deal to avoid jail time by entering a rehab facility for 30 days.

Sheen has had a troubled past. In 1996, he was charged with attacking a girlfriend at his California home. He later pleaded no contest and was placed on two years of probation.

Two years later, his father, actor Martin Sheen, turned him in for violating his parole after a cocaine overdose sent him to the hospital. He was ordered to undergo a rehab program.

He also had a very bitter and public divorce with Richards, the mother of Sam, 6, and Lola, 5.

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