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Pit Bull Saves Cat From Coyote Attack (Video)

Pit Bull Rescues Cat From Coyote Attack In Florida – Yahoo News

It was a faceoff between domestic and wild. Allegiances were formed in a Florida yard recently when coyotes attacked a pet cat – and a pit bull rushed to her rescue.


MyFoxTampaBay.com reported Sherree Lewis of Seminole, Fla., was near the door of her house with her rescue cat, Kitty, and her son’s rescue dog, Jack, when she spotted two coyotes on her property.

The coyotes scooped up the cat shook her violently, Lewis told Fox.

“One had her by the neck and the other had her by the tail,” she said.

Kitty surely would have met her end between the jaws of those wild animals if a domestic canine – her pal Jack – hadn’t leaped to her rescue, Lewis told media.

The pit bull ran over and drove off the coyotes, who dropped Kitty as they left, Fox reported. The cat has cuts, brain swelling and a broken tooth, and she can’t walk yet, but she is recovering under Jack’s watchful eye.

They were pals before, but Lewis told Fox the dog now watches for any returning coyotes, acting as canine protector for his feline friend.

Earlier this year, it was a cat who saved a little dog named Izzy from an attack by a bigger dog in Ohio when it diverted the attacker’s attention, giving Izzy a chance to escape, and then running up a tree.


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*VIDEO* Cat Vs. Crocodile

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Your hero of the day


A fought off a mountain lion that was attacking his son, with a pocket knife


(The Cutting Edge) With little warning, the cougar lunged at the small boy and clamped down on his face. Seeing your child on the ground with a cougar mauling his face is probably unimaginatively frightening. It’s this point when the fear and shock could be too debilitating to help. Even a few seconds in the grasp of a hungry cougar is life-threatening.


But, without hesitation, Rivers’ father Jason Hobbs sprung into action, pulled out his knife and stabbed the beast in the chest. The animal immediately let go and skulked away… Keep Reading


Great job! A mountain lion is one of the last predators I would wish to tangle with, BC agrees!


Cougar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I do know for sure that I wouldn’t want to find myself on the business end of one of these kitty cats with just a pocket knife. Have you ever tried to give a house cat a bath?


Meet The Cat That Has Been Mayor Of An Alaskan Town For 15 Years

What A Cat-astrophe! Alaskan Town That Has A Feline For A Mayor – Daily Mail

He is one of the longest-serving mayors in the United States but all he does is laze about.

Stubbs the cat has been the boss of Talkeetna, Alaska, nearly all of his life after clawing his way onto the political scene through a write-in campaign nearly 15 years ago.

Residents of the sleepy tourist town didn’t like the candidates running for mayor so they encouraged enough people, as a joke, to elect Stubbs instead, according to KTUU TV.

No rats in the ranks: Stubbs the cat has been mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, since clawing his way to the top nearly 15 years ago

The popular part-Manx pet won and has been honorary mayor ever since, spending his days hanging out at the general store where he is fed Alaskan snow crab as a snack.

The cat has a Facebook page and almost 1000 friends – more than the 900 residents in the town.

His election earned him enough press to catapult Talkeetna, located at the base of Mount McKinley, into a tourist destination.

Feline good: Mayor Stubbs spends his days perched on a counter at Nagley’s Store, pictured, in Talkeetna

‘He was just in the Alaska Magazine, and he’s been featured in a few different things,’ Lauri Stec, who works at Nagley’s General Store, told KTUU.

The store – Mayor Stubbs’ makeshift townhall – says it gets dozens of tourists a day asking for the furry feline and receives letters and cards from all over in his honour.

‘Oh my gosh, we probably have 30 to 40 people a day come in who are tourists wanting to see him,’ Ms Stec said.

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