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Things not to say an a TV interview

Well, I am sure there are many things you should avoid saying during an interview with a news reporter. And, I would bet that saying the vacuum cleaner man has seen your tits is at or near the top of that list. But, before you feel badly for this woman, just think how badly scarred the vacuum cleaner dude must be!


Well I don’t know about you, but I think I know who the Coolest SOB in the Conservative Blogosphere is


Well, OK, I have a short list anyway, and BC at I’m 41 has to be near the top of that list. Consider these facts about BC

He is not afraid of Chris Christi

He is not afraid of Leftist bigots

And hey, he will even give you advice on sighting your rifle! And throw in some natural beauty too


So, someone should nominate BC, and I think I will


How Not To Chop Down A Tree

Via Viral Footage. Seems that this guy was worried about a tree falling on his home, so, he decided to, well……

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Yes, I am back and I am exhausted

Just flew back from Colorado, and I will be posting tomorrow,  Ed kicked it here, as I knew he would, and I am indebted to him. It was refreshing not to be focused on politics, which were driving me crazy. But, now, it is time to refocus, and move forward. Time to get back on the bus of Conservatism, and do all I can to make sure the Obama’s have a nice and happy retirement starting in January of 2013.

Like I keep saying, the nanny statists NEVER stop!

A drivers license to drive a tractor?

Concerned with the amount of farm equipment making short hops between fields and down public roadways, U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) is considering whether or not to classify agricultural machines like tractors as “commercial vehicles,” requiring a CDL to operate. 

The requirements would subject farmers to the same rules governing truck drivers, requiring them to keep logs and limit their hours.

Farmers also fear the prospect of replacing family help with expensive professional drivers, something that could end up costing everyone — if it doesn’t break the bank. 

“When you consider salaries and benefits and all the other things that go with hiring people that otherwise would have been doing by your family, well it’s just a more expensive proposal,” says Meister.

As public hearings on the issue are expected to continue, many like Schmalriede see it as more evidence of a meddling government interfering with the lives of rural America.

“I think they’re idiots,” says Schmalriede.  “All we see in the news all the time is some idiot decision that they’ve made again.  I think half the problem that this country’s in right now is because of all the regulations they’re trying to put on everything.”

Many others shake their heads at what they see as a bureaucracy that seems out of touch.

“We have lost our understanding of rural life and agriculture,” explains Meister.  “I’m not saying that anything’s malicious at all, but they just don’t understand.”

Ohm they understand what they want to. And that is this. To the Leftists, people are not capable of running their own lives, raising kids, or fending for themselves. The Leftist are Collectivists, and they will never stop until everyone is subject to total government control.

Racial Violence in South Carolina : The Other McCain

You see, sometimes racism, is not racism, no matter how obvious it is. Racism, as defined by our media in America, only happens when a Conservative dares disagree with a minority who is also liberal in their politics. THAT is RAAAAACISM, yes with five A’s to show how RAAAAACIST, again with five A’s, it is! Video via Stacy McCain who sums it up well.

A gang of black teenagers roaming around looking for a white person to attack? But that’s not a “hate crime.” Just like nightstick-wielding Panthers at a polling place is not “voter intimidation.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Straight from the mouth of a Statist

Nothing but total control of every aspect of our lives will ever sate these miscreants. Milton Wolf has the latest example

Never let a crisis go to waste. And never let American free choice survive.

This from Richard Grenell, former Communication Director for San Diego mayor, being interviewed on FoxNews Happening Now in regards to the closing of the Los Angeles 405 Interstate highway:

This is a missed opportunity for L.A. because we could have had the opportunity to be forced into public transporation.

This is your ruling class, looking for opportunities to force your obedience. Sadly, you’re just not smart enough to decide how you should get to work.