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DaleyGator DaleyBabe Rachelle Leah Takes us on a Rule 5 Dedicated to National Offend a Feminist Week

Oh yeah, you know that The DaleyGator honors National Offend a Feminist Week

Check back for updates through Sunday

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Others Rule 5ing this week

Bob Belvedere is REALLY asking for it now!

Jake Finnegan has Florence Colgate

Chris at Wyblog has news of Rush’s Babes. This is sure to enrage the Feminuts

Oh no! The conservative Hideout uses (Feminists and spanking) in the same headline

Reaganite Republican has Miss Peru!

I’m A Man… has more on the Bikini Hockey League!

Soylent Green honors the corset 

Theo has to be hated by Feminists for this

Proof Positive has the Friday Night Babe

Randy has a babe named Felisia

Uncoached has Megan Fox, and more 

The Next Round has Madalina Ghenea

Wirecutter has, well, ah, go see for yourself

Hookers AND Booze? Why the Hell not? 

Hell on Earth features Dominique Storelli! OH MY!

Guns and Bikinis has the PERFECT DATE!

Gunaxin has a cute video 

Funtasticus  has Melaine Iglesias

The Feral Irishman has a NSFW beauty

F-Listed has some hot links to peruse 

Egotastic has Nina Dobrev 

Coed has Irish beauties

The Chive has hot girls in the middle of nowhere

Busted Coverage has some great links

Bleacher Report makes my day! Bikini Hockey League!

Zions Trumpet does Rule 5 RIGHT!

Guyism has a HOT Japanese woman having a ball

Woodsterman has Doritos, and breasts?

3 Beers Later has cartoons that will drive the Feminuts to riot!

The Right Way goes simple but effective

The Other McCain has Kate Beckinsale, and the tragedy Feminism

Big Boob Friday from The Hostages

The Classic Liberal has a hot blonde and political commentary

That Mr. G Guy is REALY going to drive the Feminists nuts!

Say Anything has a huge link fest, gotta be something to offend Feminists in there!

POH Diaries takes a look at Elizabeth Halseth

Pitsnipes Gripes salutes naughty teachers

Pirates Cove outrages Feminuts AND Enviroweenies!

Postal Dog likes blondes

Full Metal Patriot reminds us that the LFL is still around

Jamie Jeffords always has some eye candy

Load Heat with Kate Upton

Barking Moonbat loves girls in tight sweaters

A View From the Beach has Poppy Montgomery

Ted has Denise Richards

Rio Norte has protest babes

Donald Douglas closes us with the most offensive thing to Feminuts I can think of. Michelle Malkin crushing Juan Williams like the intellectual lightweight he is. Why is this so offensive to Feminists? Michelle is a CONSERVATIVE, BEAUTIFUL, SMART, PROUD TO BE A  WIFE AND MOTHER. In other words she is everything the Feminuts are not!

Your weekend linkfest Updated through the weekend

A little something for everyone, fun stuff, humor, babes, commentary, sports, politics, and so on. Just click the link to see what you might have missed

Uncoached: Got Wood?

Donald Douglas : Beware the Specter

The Feral  Irishman: Bad luck with women

Viral Footage: Maria Menounos bikini madness


That Mr. G Guy: guns are good

Wyatt Earp: You Know You are hot When

Holy Taco homemade weapons

Soylent Green: Mega WHAT?

The Next Round: FRIES!

Wirecutter: Bad Dog!

Hookers and Booze: The great police chase

Hell on Earth: One smokin’ Blonde

The Chive: Cat Scratch Fever

The Break: People are awesome

Bleacher Report: 50 biggest busts in sports history

Zions Trumpet: Valentines eye candy

Wyblog: compromise sucks!

Woodsterman: Look at those Gigantic…………..

Milton Wolf: If you ain’t down with Slim Jims and Diet Mountain Dew……….

Silverfiddle: Holy War!

Weasel Zippers: Babies newest cause of global warming

Alan Caruba: I have seen the enemy, and he is Green

Vodka Pundit: Jim DeMint is right

Verum Serum: Congrats to us

Troglopundit: I really miss Bret Favre

Theo: Really Cool pics!

The Right way: Nice Rides!

The Other McCain: The Most RAAAAACIST Vehicle Evah!

The Last Tradition: The Muslim Brotherhood sucks

H-2: Your History

Spread Eagle: Bacon!

Pat Austin: Swamp People is Back!

Sentry Journal: Is Santorum Inevitable?

Say Anything: Allen West is Da man!

Rio Norte: Boobs Gone Wild!

Reaganite Republican: Miss Sweden is not Blonde?

Randy: Rule 5 My way!

Radio Patriot: Pope Pompous

Jill: King Barack

Proof positive: Links galore

PJM: Mitt who?

POH: is that woman naked?

Pitsnipes Gripes: Ponder This

William Teach: What do a Naked Woman and an Airplane Have in Common?

Nice Deb: CPAC Videos Galore

Steve: The War on Coal

Michelle Malkin: The Dark truth about Magaret Sanger

Maggie: Palinmania Lives

Jake Finnegan: Anti-Sharia Babes!

Gateway Pundit: Obama’s Radical Gun Control Plans

Full Metal Patriot: Government Dependence Spikes

Fire Andrea Mitchell: Bad News for Newt!

Jamie Jeffords: Scarlett Fever!

Dustbury: Emma Watson’s Legs!

Doug Ross: Mexico is El Loco!

Conservative Hideout: Sunday Links!

Cold Fury: Do You Smell That?

Bob Belvedere: LUCY!

Blazing Cat Fur: Daniel Hannan Speech

An Old Broad: Saturday Must Reads!

Aleister: Selective Outrage Syndrome Alert!

Robert: War is Hell, PC is Worse!

Adrienne: No Way I am Linking Those Daley Gator Guys!

A View From The Beach: Amanda Righetti!

Kurt: What a Pansy!


Duane has an inter view with a Hollywood Conservative