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The Other McCain is a…..

I always knew there was something about that guy, besides his blogging genius, there had to be a darker side to R. S. McCain, and Lance Burri has found it. Well, actually, the blogging guru found it himself. It seems that McCain, like every other outspoken Conservative has been smeared by the Left, shocking that the Left would try to smear a Conservative I know. And, because McCain dares to be a Southerner, and is White, that is two strikes there buddy, and a Conservative, third strike, then he MUST be a racist hate-mongering bigot who likely runs down stray cats on his riding lawn mower, listens to talk radio, prays, and probably doesn’t recycle either!

Still, knowing allof this, I kinda like McCain, he is one of my blogging role models, not my favorite blogging role model, but still, he is OK in my book. Now if he and Lance Burri, another great blogger were fans of this team they would rise even higher in my view. Not as high as her of course but still, she, like my beloved Gators has championships!