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Florida State Seminoles Come From Behind To Win BCS National Championship

BCS National Championship 2014 Final Score: Seminoles Complete Incredible Comeback In Wild Title Game, 34-31 – SB Nation


The thing Florida State did wrong on their first potential game-winning touchdown in Monday’s national title game? They didn’t let Jameis Winston work his magic.

The Heisman winner struggled all game until it mattered most, driving the Seminoles 80 yards down the field in a breathtaking 66 seconds with a 6-for-7 passing performance, culminating with a 5-yard touchdown pass to Kelvin Benjamin to take the 34-31 lead. That turned out to be the final score.

The Seminoles broke Oklahoma’s FBS scoring record on that final scoring play as well, finishing the season with 723 points, surpassing the Sooners’ 716.

Florida State took the lead on their first drive of the game, as Jameis Winston completed three passes en route to Roberto Aguayo’s 35-yard field goal. After the two teams traded punts (including a rare Seminole three-and-out from the goal line), Auburn went to work.

The Tigers started with the ball on the Seminoles’ 25-yard-line, and Nick Marshall found C.J. Uzomah for a crucial first down. Three plays later, Nick Marshall hit Heisman finalist Tre Mason for the 12-yard touchdown, making the score 7-3. It was the first time Florida State trailed since September 28, when they were down 3-0 to Boston College in the first quarter.

Auburn struck again on their first drive of the second quarter. Tre Mason opened the possession with his 23-yard run, and Florida State was called for unsportsmanlike conduct on the next play, which was a rush for a loss. On the ensuing play, Marshall found Melvin Ray wide open over the middle for the 50-yard touchdown, making the score 14-3.

After another Florida State three-and-out, Auburn drove down the field before Cody Parkey’s missed 33-yard field goal attempt. On the next Seminole drive, Jameis Winston fumbled, giving the ball away. The Tigers capitalized, capping off their next drive with Marshall’s four-yard run to make it 21-3.

Florida State finally woke up on the next drive, with a sense of urgency as the half drew to a close and a blowout loss approaching as a possibility. Karlos Williams rattled off a group of strong runs, and Winston found Rashad Greene for a 12-yard gain near the red zone. On third-and-seven, Winston escaped the pocket and ran down the left sideline for 21 yards before being knocked out of bounds at the three. On the next play, Devonta Freeman burst through for the touchdown to make it 21-10.

The Seminoles struck first in the second half as well, taking the ball from their own nine down the field (helped by Winston’s 24-yard completion to Kelvin Benjamin) and leading to Aguayo’s 41-yard field goal. Those ended up being the only points of the third quarter, as the Tigers entered the final period with a 21-13 lead.

Early in the fourth quarter, Marshall finally made a mistake, lofting the ball to the right side. P.J. Williams leaped for the great interception, swinging momentum back in favor of the Seminoles. Winston and Devonta Freeman moved down the field with ease, and the quarterback (finally with time in the pocket) found Chad Abram for the 11-yard score. Unsportsmanlike conduct was called, preventing Florida State from going for the game-tying two-point conversion, and Aguayo hit the long extra point attempt to make it 21-20.

Auburn burned clock and moved down the field on their next drive, with Tre Mason moving over the 125-yard mark on the game. The 13-play drive took off more than six minutes of game time, ending in Parkey’s 22-yard field goal and a 24-20 Tiger lead with less than five minutes to play.

Jameis Winston didn’t even get a chance. On the kickoff, Levonte Whitfield shot straight out of a cannon, dashing 100 yards straight to the end zone, giving Florida State their first lead since 3-0 in the first quarter, and Auburn the ball back, suddenly down three points.

With more than four minutes left on the clock, Auburn went right to work, unafraid to continue running the ball. Marshall found Coates for an incredible 15-yard completion on third-and-11 to extend the drive, and found Coates again for 17 yards to establish position in Seminole territory. Two plays later, Mason burst up the middle, barreling through defenders en route to the 37-yard touchdown.

Florida State got the ball back with more than a minute to play, and quickly moved down the field thanks to a huge completion from Winston to Rashad Greene — to the tune of 49 yards. The Seminoles found themselves on the Auburn 10-yard-line, with 20 seconds left to play and a touchdown necessary to win it all. Winston threw the ball over the middle to Greene, and Chris Davis was called for pass interference, giving the Seminoles the first down. On the next play, Winston found Benjamin in the end zone, taking the lead with 17 seconds left to play.


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The BCS era ends this season………………But the ending will resemble the beginning

In 1998, Tennessee defeated Florida State to win the first BCS title. Five years later LSU beat OU to claim the crown. In 2004 Auburn was screwed out of BCS finale as USC, the C stood as it turns out for CHEATING, routed OU. Two years later My beloved Gators were projected to get blown out buy the great Buckeyes, but it was the Buckeyes who carried their over rated Big Ten teeth home in a bag. LSU whipped the Buckeyes in 2007 and my Gators bested OU in 2008. In 2009 ‘Bama bested Texas, and in 2010 Auburn topped Oregon. In 2011 the championship came down to two SEC teams, with Alabama besting LSU, and in 2012, Alabama, one of six SEC teams that would have throttled Notre Dame exposed Notre Dame as an FCS school.

Now, in 2013, the BCS era closes as Auburn plays Florida State, and tries to win the SEC’s eighth straight BCS National Title, and the SEC’s 11th in 18 seasons, my Gators destroyed FSU 52-20 in 1996 to win the National Championship. In other words, you FSU fans are walking down a path of certain destruction. You are not playing an ACC schedule any more, you are stepping up, WAY up, to play an SEC team now. Good luck ‘Noles, you are going to need it!


*LIVE STREAMING* 16th Annual BCS National Championship Game – Alabama Vs. Notre Dame (01/07/13 – 8:30pm ET)









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OK, college football bowl game time begins in two weeks here are your matchups

First, before we get to all the bowls, and my picks, I think the suckage from the BCS reached historic proportions this year. Northern Illinois will play in the Orange Bowl, despite a # 15 ranking, and will get plowed by Florida State. Look, I salute the Huskies for winning the MAC great! But seriously, the BCS passed on Georgia, LSU, Texas A&M, South Carolina, Oklahoma, AND Clemson to choose Northern Illinois? Of course that was not the only issue with the BCS, all those teams that were passed over were also passed over so #21 Louisville could go play my Gators in the Sugar Bowl? #21 playing #3? Yes, I know, Louisville won the Big East, well actually they finished in  a four-way tie, so they get an automatic bid. Come on! Winning the Big East is like winning an ass kicking contest against a one-legged man. Of course, the BCS rule that only two teams from the same conference can play in BCS bowls is idiotic. And boy, did the SEC get screwed by that rule. We have six of the top ten teams, but only two my Gtaors, and Alabama, who will beat Notre Dame like a rented mule, get BCS bowls? Oh, by the way, Wisconsin, who is not even ranked “won” the Big Ten so they get the Rose Bowl? Again SCREW YOU Georgia, LSU, Texas A&M, South Carolina, Oklahoma, AND Clemson!

Excuse me for a second but we now have 10 slots for the five BCS bowls, we have a ranking system. Why not use that ranking system to put the top ten teams in those games? Yes, OF COURSE! That would make too much sense, what was I thinking? I cannot wait for 2014, when we go to a four team playoff. I wonder how the powers that be will make a mockery of that?

Now, on to the bowls, which start December 15 in the GILDAN NEW MEXICO BOWL where Arizona and Nevada will hook up! Go with Zona there. Also that day We get the bowl with the most idiotic name the FAMOUS IDAHO POTATO BOWL( and you thought the old Poulan Weed-Eater Bowl was bad) with Toledo and Utah State. Go Utah State Aggies on this one.

On to December 20, when we get the SAN DIEGO COUNTY CREDIT UNION POINSETTIA BOWL (maybe I said the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl was the worst named bowl too soon?) where BYU and and San Diego Stare hook up. Go Aztces here! 

The next night we get the BEEF ‘O’ BRADY’S BOWL, in St. Petersburg Florida. With Central Florida and Ball State playing. Go UCF here! As a side note, Beef O’Bradys is now a national chain, but once it was one location, on Kings Avenue in Brandon Florida, and they had the BEST wings evah! I remember because I may, or may not have gotten sloshed there.

On to Dec 22 when we get East Carolina vs. Louisiana-Lafayette in the R+L CARRIERS NEW ORLEANS BOWL go with La Laf  here and Washington vs. No. 19 Boise State in the MAACO BOWL Boise is the good choice there

Then, Christmas Eve we get treated to the SHERATON HAWAII BOWL featuring Fresno State vs. Southern Methodist. Go Fresno here

Then, on the 26th, in case you are craving REALLY awful pizza, tune in to Western Kentucky vs. Central Michigan squaring off in the LITTLE CAEASARS BOWL! Go with Central Michigan and LOTS of Maalox here!

Next comes December 27, and three bowls to feast on. In the MILITARY BOWL – PRESENTED BY NORTHROP GRUMMAN we get San Jose State vs. Bowling Green. Go San Jose here

In the BELK BOWL, yes, they really are going with that name. Cincinati and Duke clash. If you just watch one bowl game this year, please do not let this be the one. Bearcats win

In the legendary BRIDGEPOINT EDUCATION HOLIDAY BOWL UCLA and Baylor match up in what ought to be a great one. Go with UCLA in a shootout

On to December 28th and Ohio and Louisiana-Monroe in the AdvoCare V100 INDEPENDENCE BOWL. What is advocare? How should I know. why should you care. Go with Monroe here

Then check out the RUSSELL ATHLETIC BOWL featuring Rutgers and Virginia Tech, which Rutgers will win.

Next, Minnesota and Texas Tech meet in the MEINEKE CAR CARE BOWL OF TEXAS. I think you can get a free tune up at halftime or something. Tech should take this one.

On the 29th, in the ARMED FORCES BOWL, Rice and Air Force meet. Let’s see Air Force or Rice? In the Armed Forces Bowl? Go with the team with jets and missiles

Then, in what could be a high scoring affair Syracuse and West Virginia meet up in the NEW ERA PINSTRIPE BOWL. Dumb name, good game, Mountaineers roll.

Next, if hunger strikes you watch the KRAFT FIGHT HUNGER BOWL, they were going to call it the Kraft Hopes You Starve Bowl, but that got nixed. Anyway Navy and Arizona State clash. Go with the Sun Devils.

In what ought to be a fine game at the VALERO ALAMO BOWL it is #23 Texas vs. No. 13 Oregon State. Tough call but I say Beavers rule.

Wrapping up that Saturdays slate is the BUFFALO WILD WINGS BOWL with TCU vs. Michigan State. Go with TCU, and the Asian Zing sauce with this one

Enough for now, I will post the rest of these bowl games tomorrow.


That stands for The Other McCain Championship Series, in honor of Stacy McCain delving into  the college football playoff system vs BCS argunent.

The University of Alabama Crimson Tide will play for the BCS national championship Jan. 7 in Pasadena. That matters.

Joseph Lawler engages in a debate on the relative merits of the BCS vs. proposals for a Division I football playoff scheme. That doesn’t matter. To review the key facts briefly:

  • Alabama.
  • National Championship.

Why is Congress wasting time on a bill to mandate a Division I playoff? Let’s get our priorities in order, America.

I have thoughts on this, and might just update later and share them.