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Texas boy goes on shooting spree with assault rifle, two home invaders hardest hit

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Educated beyond his hat size

A 15-year-old boy, protecting his 12-year-old sister from two home invaders with an, wait for it, assault rifle? Gee, I wonder what smart-assed comments  David Frum would make about this

I wonder what Frum and his over inflated sense of self-importance would say to mock this little girl?

I wonder what Frum, who says guns do not make anyone safer would say to this guy?

What do you think Frum?

Come on Frum, you bloated bag of arrogance? You want to make some smarmy remarks about this kid?

How about this woman Frum? You want to castigate her?

Or this one

The fact is, I could post these stories all day long. Tens of thousands of Americans use guns in self defense every year. I would ask David Frum, Piers Morgan, the crew at MSNBS, Michael Moore and the rest of the gun control zealots just one question. Would you prefer that these people not have been able to protect themselves? And I wonder if Roland Martin would be suggesting we show the carnage if these people had not been armed?