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Cracker Barrel carefully chooses who to offend

Cracker Barrel chose to stop selling some Duck Dynasty merchandise, that is fine, their business, their call, but their statement bothers my common sense.

The statement reads:

Cracker Barrel’s mission is Pleasing People. We operate within the ideals of fairness, mutual respect and equal treatment of all people. These ideals are the core of our corporate culture.

We continue to offer Duck Commander products in our stores.

We removed selected products which we were concerned might offend some of our guests while we evaluate the situation.

Mutual respect? What a silly thing to say. They made a decision that will please some folks and offend others. Had they chosen differently, they would have gotten similar results, just in reverse. I am really tired of this fake sensitivity. Cracker Barrel knew they would offend fans of Duck Dynasty by pulling merchandise, but, to Cracker Barrel, offending Christians, and those of us sick of bullies like GLAAD, is obviously preferable to offending publicity whores. In an effort not to offend, Cracker Barrel ends up offending many more people. I really wish these corporations would start realizing that appeasing emotional terrorists, yes, GLAAD, that would be you, is not a worthwhile aim.

And no, I man not going to boycott Cracker Barrel over this. First I have a strong distaste for boycotts no matter who does them. Secondly, I have been boycotting Cracker Barrel for years over their horrible food.


Now proper grammar is RAAAAACIST!

Good grief the Narcissism and childishness of the Left is astounding.

More crushing injustice on campus, this time at the UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies:

In a letter sent to colleagues in the department after the sit-in, [Professor] Rust said students in the demonstration described grammar and spelling corrections he made on their dissertation proposals as a form of “micro-aggression.” “I have attempted to be rather thorough on the papers and am particularly concerned that they do a good job with their bibliographies and citations, and these students apparently don’t feel that is appropriate,” Rust said in the letter.

You see, by highlighting spelling and punctuation errors, the professor is contributing to an “unsafe climate for students of colour.” For those of you interested in the policing of tiny tragedies, “micro-aggressions” are defined by one official report as

Subtle verbal and nonverbal insults directed toward non-whites, often done automatically and unconsciously. They are layered insults based on one’s race, gender, class, sexuality, language, immigration status, phenotype, accent, or surname

The victim culture runs very deep it seems, and that is exactly how the Left likes it! Their mission? Keep those minorities bitter, and perpetually poorly educated!


Hey kids, who is ready for some race pimpin’!

And not just any old race pimpin’ either! Oh no, we have none other than Je$$e Jack$on who thinks the Confederacy is still around.


Is it me, or are Democrats playing the Confederacy Card a lot recently? Really showing their desperation now. They are like a bunch of vampires locked out of a blood bank as the sun is rising.

DaleyGator DaleyBabes of Sleepy Hollow

I do not watch much TV, but I love this new show Sleepy Hollow on Fox. Two reasons are Nicole Beharie, and Katia Winter. There is also an actor I am sure the ladies will like Tom Mison. Here are some pics and a video clip of the show


Video-Support Joe Dan Gorman and Intellectual Froglegs

Seems that Live Leak banned Froglegs, for absolutely no reason, so did Vimeo, and YouTube is hassling him over “possible” copyright infringement for using HIS OWN stuff! It would seem that he must be doing something right, which is why the Left is attacking.  Joe Dan explains his situation here


Juan Williams is Pathetic! Melissa Harris Perry is even more Pathetic

Good Freaking Grief! There are buffoons, and Williams is definitely one. I cannot grasp why anyone would pay attention to anything this clown says

Melissa Harris Perry is so obsessed with race that she really sees Gitmo detainees as equal in any way with slaves? This is what passes for intelligence at MSNBS?

Alec Baldwin gay rumors?

When a picture like this surfaces, rumors might start. Also people might start wondering how anyone is intimidated by this clown who likes to bully people who cannot stand up for themselves. Some might also question why a major credit card company would pay Mr. Temper Tantrum to do their commercials when he has such a long record of abusive behavior.



Video-World’s dumbest politician says Americans are not worried about the economy anymore

Good Freaking Grief

You have heard of people who do not know anything? Well Crazy Uncle Joe doesn’t even suspect anything

What a sorry son-of-a-bitch!

This guy is a bottom feeding louse, his Baby Mommas whores are no better, YES, I called them whores, what else do you call women stupid enough to screw a loser like this ass hat? And The Oprah Winfrey Network should be ashamed of themselves for making this show.

You know who gets really hurt by this orgy of stupidity and irresponsibility? Those kids do! This piece of filth says he “take care of his kids” BULLSHIT! Taking care of your kids is not all about money, it is about setting an example of what they should aspire to be. And he also says “it just happened!” REALLY? Is he that stupid? Or just that morally retarded?


Do crazy people go on the ED Show? Or Does Going on the Ed Show make people crazy?

A tasking question to ponder as you watch Johnathan Alter prove that he is absolutely out of his ever loving mind!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Thanks to Stacy McCain, who comments on the low standards of the Left for the link 

….just when you think they can’t go any lower, liberals always manage to surprise you, as when Jonathan Alter went on MSNBC and declared that Republicans want people to die:


What a beautiful song. May God always bless Scotland

Is there a more moving song than Amazing Grace on bagpipes? I think not.

Posted as a tribute to my Scottish ancestors

The Allens, Lowes, Mewburns, Blue’s, Hendrix’s, Hendry’s, and McWhorters. The Hagin’s were Irish, damned proud of them too.

That one always gets me emotional. Here are a couple of more Scottish tunes. First Scotland the Brave with some Scottish scenery

Then The Gael

You know there was a time when ass clowns like this would have gotten their ass whipped don’t you?

Gateway Pundit has a video of  a group of college students quietly protesting Obamacare. They are assaulted, OK, one of them is blindsided by some guy, who was likely drunk. This is why I do not go to protests folks. As I have explained before, if I was there, this guy would have had to fight, sorry, I know, legally speaking, the kids did the right thing, they did not throw any punches, they got his tag number and called the police. Hopefully the guy is charged with something. But, I always think back I our history when I see things like this. If the same guy pulls that stunt 40 years ago, he is going to get his ass beat, and rightfully so. So, what happened to us? Why are we, Conservatives, so often the victims of this crap? Well the Left are thuggish yes, but there is another reason. They know we will likely not hit back. This guy knew these kids would not fight back. If he thought they would have, would he have acted like he did?

Would I be wrong in asking my fellow Conservatives WWGSPD? That is What Would George S. Patton Do?

The crazy cool song I cannot get out of my head

I first heard this tune as part of a Heineken spot on TV, so, I looked it up on YouTube, and found this video, from a 1965 film. The words are transcribed on the video. The girl dancing is adorable, her name is Laxmi Chhaya, there is not much info on her, she passed away in 2004 and the man you hear singing the song, Mohammed Rafi died in 1980. By the way, he is not the guy pretending to sing in the video. Anyway,  I cannot get enough of this tune right now. Great song, love the music. 

BREAKING NEWS! Live Sasquatch captured!

This is the break so many folks who have long believed in the legendary Bigfoot have been waiting for! Details are sketchy yet, but apparently the beast is quite hideous, and smells absolutely terrible, and is far less intelligent than you might expect. One photo has been released so far, and the creature is pretty fugly and possesses a nasty disposition. 

The most stunning aspect of the photo is how much different the beast looks from most previous descriptions. Most descriptions looked like this drawing

Sasquatch Yeti Bigfoot Bugerbear Yowie
Sasquatch Yeti Bigfoot Bugerbear Yowie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But the actual specimen caught is far more frightening

In tragedies, lessons lie

I was not a Whitney Houston fan, but, I recognized the gifts she had been given. She was a pretty woman, with a beautiful smile, and a voice that was, well, I don’t know if words can do it justice. Here is Whitney singing what, to me was easily her best song. The Greatest Love of All As you watch and listen, think about how she, sadly wasted a good deal of the blessings she was granted. Then, think about your blessings, your talents, then promise yourself that your blessings will not be wasted!