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*VIDEOS* Forget About Rudy Giuliani, Dinesh D’Souza Is The Real Expert On Obama’s Anti-Americanism


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Federal Fascism: Crimes, Ineptitude And Anti-Americanism Under The Obama Regime – 2012 Edition


NOTE: The following list only includes articles written since January 1st, 2012. I know, it’s amazing how many of them have appeared in only six months and 20 days.

White House Sets New Obstacle To Immigration Enforcement
Barack Obama Violates Federal Law – Funding Voter Fraud To Win 2012 Election?
New Obamacare Tax To Help Government Ration Healthcare
Obama’s Latest Unconstitutional Power Grab
House To Hold Hearing On Obama Immigration Visa Abuses
Obama’s EPA Opens Another Front In The War On Coal
Obama To Cut “Tens Of Thousands Of Ground Troops” From Military
Volt Fire Trap Is WORST Product Of The Year!
The Obama Presidency: It Just Gets Worse, And Worse, And…
Fake Unemployment Rate = 8.5% – Real Unemployment Rate = 10.9%
Planned Parenthood Got $487.4 Million In Taxpayer Money To Abort 329,445 Babies
Hey Kids, Who Is Up For More Lawlessness From Our Dictator?
The Shocking List Of Gitmo Detainees Obama Plans To Release In Deal With Taliban
Obama Makes Former Hispanic KKK Leader New White House Domestic Policy Director
Federal Government Penalizing Oil Companies For Not Using Biofuel That Doesn’t Exist
Republicans To Act After Obama Refuses To Approve Keystone Jobs Project
Obama Excuses Over 500,000 Union Members From ObamaCare
New Documents Show High-Risk Concern Behind DOE Loan Guarantees Other Than Solyndra, Issa Pushes For Answers
November Trade Deficit Rises 10.4% As Exports Fall
Thanks Barack… Canadian PM Meeting With China About Selling Their Oil After Obama Drags Feet On Keystone Pipeline
*VIDEO* Obama Is A Fanatical, Mendacious Sociopath With No Conscience
Joe Biden: Dumbass Extraordinaire
Obama’s 2008 New Media Director Arrested For Attempting To Steal Identity Of Iowa Secretary Of State
White House Green Jobs Agenda Filled With Corruption, Say Investigators
*VIDEO* Obummer’s Latest SOTU Address Just A Rehash Of Past Speeches
Thanks Barack… December New Home Sales Worst On Record
Report: Treasury Writes Off Billions In TARP Loans, Watchdog Discovers More Fraud
Here We Go Again… Obama-Backed Electric Car Battery-Maker Files For Bankruptcy
Average Compensation For Federal Workers Now Matches Microsoft Employees
NRLB Trying To Force Workers To Give Their Phone Numbers To Unions
More Solyndra-Style Failure: Obama-Tied Amonix Inc Lays Off Most Of Company
*VIDEO* Obama Agriculture Secretary: Food Stamps Are An Economic Stimulus That Create Jobs
Thanks Barack… Congressional Budget Office Reports Another $1 Trillion Deficit
Issa Levels ‘Cover-Up’ Accusation, Threatens Holder With Contempt Charge
CBO: Taxes Will ‘Shoot Up By More Than 30 Percent’ Over Next 2 Years
Bribery, Compromised Officials Leave Indicted Financial-Crime Suspects Free From Prosecution Under Holder’s DOJ
*VIDEO* Incompetence, Cronyism, Waste And Fraud: Congressman Issa Discusses Obama’s Green Energy Policies
Actual Unemployment Rate Jumps To 11.5% As Record 1.2M People Drop Out Of Labor Force In A Single Month
*VIDEO* Newt Gingrich Addresses “The Arrogance And The Anti-Religious Bigotry Of The Obama Administration”
*VIDEO* Rep. Issa: A Year Of Fast & Furious Stonewalling From AG Holder
*VIDEO* Obama Blames Our Founding Fathers For His Failures
*VIDEO* Obama’s Super-PAC Super Flip-Flop
130 Current And Former Government Employees In Washington D.C. Face Prosecution For Unemployment Fraud
Dependency Index Surges 23% Under President Obama
Despite Record Gas Prices Democrats Kill Another Arctic Drilling Project
Thanks Barack… China, Canada Reach Quick Deals On Oil, Uranium
U.S. Taxpayers On The Hook For $1.6 Billion In Free Cell Phones For Poor
Obama Appoints Illegal Alien Advocacy Czar
Obama “Compromises” On Unconstitutional Birth Control Mandate By Imposing Different Unconstitutional Birth Control Mandate
Architect Of Obamacare: Cost Of Health Care Premiums To Rise Dramatically Under Obamacare
Obama: Soldiers In Afghanistan Must Be Fired Upon To Receive Combat Pay
*VIDEO* Napolitano Caught Hiring Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist, Giving Him Top-Secret Security Clearance
Obama’s Chief Of Staff Lies, Claims Budget Can Be Filibustered (Video)
Obama’s 2013 Budget: A Monument To Irresponsibility
President Asshat Wants To Cut U.S. Nukes By 80 Percent
*VIDEO* Barack Obama Defended Infanticide
Rep. Issa Signals Contempt Hearings Against Attorney General Holder On Fast And Furious (Video)
Obama EPA Fuel Efficiency Standard Will Eliminate Half Of U.S. New Car Buyers
Obama To Law Enforcement: Stop Linking Muslims To Terrorism
Obama Touts S.C. Boeing Plant That His National Labor Relations Board Sued
Obama To Control School Vending Machines
Obama Giving Oil-Rich Alaskan Islands To Russia
Obama’s Assault On Dividends… Elderly Hardest Hit
Obama Senior Adviser: Unemployment Checks Stimulate The Economy (Video)
Good News: Taxpayers Shell Out $50 Million To Defend Former Fannie And Freddie Executives Charged With Securities Fraud
As U.S. Debt To GDP Passes 101%, The Global Debt Ponzi Enters Its Final Stages
President Asshat Apologizes For Troops Who Did Nothing Wrong
18 Economic Facts Foil Obama’s Fantasy
Guess Who Decides What FBI Agents Get To Learn About Islam?
Illegal Alien Deportations Drop By Nearly A Third
*VIDEO* Tax Cheat Timothy Geithner: Rich Should Pay Higher Tax Rate For ‘Privilege Of Being American’
*VIDEO* Joe Pags And Jim Forsyth Shred Obama’s Energy Policies
The $4 Billion Obamacare Slush Fund For Progressives (Michelle Malkin)
Feds Sued Over Kagan’s Obamacare Role
Obama To Cut Healthcare Benefits For Military Personnel But Not Unionized Civilian Defense Workers
*VIDEO* Leftist Congresswoman On Legitimacy Of ObamaCare Mandate: “Basically, We’re Not Looking To The Constitution”
Team Obama Wants To Blow Up 3 Dams In The Name Of Junk Science
Obama Directive Waters Down Military Custody For Terror Detainees
Obama Blasts States For Cutting Spending
Good News: Obama Energy Secretary Says They Are Not Working To Lower Gas Prices
*VIDEOS* Sheriff Joe Arpaio Press Conference: Obama Birth Certificate Not Authentic
*VIDEO* Mark Levin Exposes Barack Obama’s Radical, Anti-Energy Policies
Republican Probes $111 Billion Jump In Cost Of ObamaCare
Thanks Barack… Number Of Americans On Food Stamps Jumps To More Than 1 In 7
Attorney Who Defended American Taliban Promoted To No. 3 Spot In DOJ
HHS Secretary: Decrease In Number Of Americans Will Cover Mandate Cost
Cardinal: Obama Administration Lectured Bishops On Catholic Teaching
It’s Still On: Six More Members Of Congress Call For Eric Holder’s Resignation
The Vetting: In 1991, Obama Protested In Support Of Racialist Havard Professor (Video)
*VIDEO* Obama Defense Secretary: ‘International Permission’ Trumps Congressional Permission For Military Actions
Obama Puts Politics Before Security, Bribes Israel With Weapons If It Will Postpone Iran Attack Until After U.S. Elections
*VIDEO* Obama’s Mentor: “Of Course, We Hid This [Footage Of Obama Embracing Racist Professor] Throughout The 2008 Campaign”
Undriveable: Consumer Reports Trashes New Green Car That Obama Administration Wasted $529M On
Most Anti-American Administration In History Blocks Texas Voter ID Law… Cries RAAAACISM!
President Asshat’s Approval Rating Plummets To Historic Low As Gas Prices Rise
ObamaCare To Cost Nearly Twice As Much As First Projected
President Asshat To Give 5 Terrorist Leaders To Taliban
The Crippling Regulatory Burden Of President Asshat
Poll: Whopping 72% Of Americans Favor Voter ID Laws Being Blocked By Obama Administration
‘Devoid Of Evidence,’ Holder Still Pursues Pro-Lifer
Thanks Barack… CBO Says ObamaCare Could Cost 20 Million Americans Their Health Coverage
Obama Drops Algae For Energy Plans, Adopts New Wind Power Idea
Obama Executive Order: Peacetime Martial Law!
Holder 1995: We Must ‘Brainwash’ People On Guns (Video)
After Film Warning Kids Not To Call Others ‘Jerks,’ Sebelius Tells Kids To Say: ‘You’re Being A Jerk’
Government-Subsidized ‘Clean Energy’ Company Awarded Loan Guarantee To Sell Solar Panels… To Itself
Obama Energy Secretary: I Would Give Myself An ‘A’ For Energy Prices (Videos)
Thanks Barack… U.S. Drivers Head To Mexico For Cheaper Gas
Obama’s Outrageous DOL Rules Will Restrict Minors From Working On Family Farms, Killing Farm Life As We Know It (Video)
*VIDEO* Geithner: My Debt Ceiling Threshold Would Make You ‘Uncomfortable’
President Asshat Bypasses Congress, Gives $1.5 Billion To Muslim Brotherhood
Lord Monckton: ‘I’m No Birther,’ But Obama Birth Certificate ‘Plainly A Forgery’ (Video)
President Asshat Criticizes Gas Station Photo Ops After Doing Them Himself
ICE Intentionally Releases Illegal Alien Charged With Multiple Counts Of Child Rape
DHS, IRS Told To Monitor Tea Party, Ignore OWS
Obama To Medvedev: I’ll Totally Cave On Missile Defense In My Second Term If Putin Will Give Me “Space” (Video)
Obama Gave Millions To ‘Green Energy’ Company Under SEC Investigation For Securities Fraud
Socialists.com And Communists.com Redirect To Obama Campaign Website
Thanks Barack… Gas Prices Expected To Continuously Increase Through Summer
Thanks Barack… EPA To Kill New Coal-Fired Plants Through First-Ever Greenhouse Gas Regulations
Obama State Department Wants To Give $1.3B To Egyptian Islamofascists
*VIDEOS* Mark Levin: ObamaCare And The Supreme Court
Consistency: Obama Budget Fails To Get A Single Democratic Vote… Again
Obama State Department: Jerusalem And Israel Are Separate Entities
Another $17 Trillion Surprise Found In Obamacare (Video)
President Asshat Kills Atlantic Offshore Drilling For Five Years
Another One Of Obama’s Solar Companies Goes Belly Up!
Thanks Barack… Canadian PM: The U.S. Is An Unreliable Energy Partner
ICE Fast-Tracks Amnesty For Illegal Aliens To Clear Immigration-Court Backlog
Barack Obama, Constitutional Ignoramus (Steven Hayward)
Former Obama Student: Obama’s Ignorance Of Constitution Embarrassing
President Asshat Recycles Yesterday’s Budget Speech From His 2011 Budget Speech (Videos)
President Asshat Holds Talks With Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists At White House
President Asshat Blames Israel For Rising Fuel Prices
*VIDEO* President Asshat’s 2013 Budget Proposal… In 62 Seconds
Secret Obama Message Gives Khamenei Permission To Pursue Nuclear Program
New Videos Show Excesses Of GSA’s Vegas Trip In Stunning Detail
Chaffetz: White House Blocking Access To ‘Fast And Furious’ Witness Who Wants To Testify (Video)
Obama Administration: Tax Cuts Work In China, Just Not In The U.S.
Thanks Barack… Another Credit Agency Downgrades U.S.
Young White Guy Offered Attorney General Holder’s Ballot: O’Keefe Voter Fraud Investigation (Video)
Obama Now Haunted By His Ex-Political Mentor (Video)
President Asshat Diverts $500M To IRS For ObamaCare
Team Obama’s Hoodies Sale Canceled After Conservative Outrage
Slow Jobs Growth Underscores Obamanomics’ Failure
President Asshat Ramps Up Marxist Rhetoric In Florida (Videos)
Obama Official: Religion ‘Not Driving Extreme Violence’ In Nigeria… A Day After Islamists Slaughter 40+ Christians (Video)
President Asshat Leaks ANOTHER Israeli Defense Secret
Obama’s Sickening, Marxist War On Women: Ann Romney Edition (Video)
Obama’s Sickening, Marxist War On Women Continues (Video)
Obama Bundler Helps Convicted And Alleged Financial Criminals Secure Virgin Islands Tax Breaks
Vice President Biden: Al Franken Is A ‘Leading Legal Scholar’
Jobless Claims Rose Last Week ‘Unexpectedly’
Elena Kagan’s $20 Million Commitment To Destroying The Republic
*VIDEO* President Asshat: From ‘Hope’ To Hypocrisy – Excuses, Excuses
‘Quid Pro Quo’: Dem Rep Says Obama Selling Access
President Asshat Attempts To Sound Intelligent By Referring To Falkland Islands By Its Spanish Name… Fails Miserably
Obama’s Executive Order: Control Of Natural Gas Production
Katie Pavlich Exposes “Fast And Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal And The Shameless Cover-Up”
Subsidized, Bankrupt Solyndra Managers Got $368,500 In Court-Ordered Bonuses
President Asshat’s Latest Commie Tax Hike Fails In The Senate
Obama Stimulus Dollars Funded Soros Empire, In Scandal That Dwarfs ACORN And GSA, Says New Report
D.C. Hands Out Mass Firings As Employees Caught Collecting Unemployment While Working
Government By Gimmick: President Asshat’s 7 Most Meaningless Policy Gestures
Republicans Sue President Asshat Over His Non-Recess, Recess Appointments
President Asshat Doubles Down On More Solyndras
Why Obama Lies (Ed Lasky)
Zoning The Ocean (Audrey Hudson)
Obamacare In Action? Private Practice Shuts Down Citing ‘New Regulations’
Minnesotans Stuck With $70M Leftist Renewable Energy Mandate Bill – Poor Hardest Hit
Obama’s Disastrous War (Jeffrey Kuhner)
*VIDEO* If I Wanted America To Fail…
Stratfor Emails Show Democrats Stuffed Ballot Boxes In Ohio And Pennsylvania In 2008
Thanks Barack… Iranian Regime Says It’s Building A Copy Of Captured U.S. Drone
White House Spokesman Carney Says Keystone Would ‘Sacrifice American Sovereignty’
For Holocaust Day This Year, Obama Puts Jew-Bashing Crackpot On Atrocities Board (Video)
Five Devastating Numbers That Show Obama’s Incompetence (John Hawkins)
*VIDEOS* Obama’s War
EPA Official’s ‘Philosophy’ On Oil Companies: ‘Crucify Them’ Just As Romans Crucified Conquered Citizens (Videos)
Obama Administration Let Grenades Walk In Fast And Furious, Documents Show
Obama’s Fallon Appearance Violated Campaign Law
Obama’s War On Our Veterans
Unreal: Obama Singles Out Private Citizens By Name For Donating To Romney, Accuses Them Of “Betting Against America”
First Quarter Growth Has ‘Cooled’ To 2.2%
Republicans Prepare Contempt Citation Against Obama AG Eric Holder
Obama Has Held More Re-election Fundraisers Than Previous Five Presidents Combined
Solyndra: Toxic President Uses Taxpayer Money To Line Pockets Of His Toxic Cronies Who Leave Behind A Toxic Building Full Of Hazardous Waste
Illegal Aliens Getting Bigger Tax Refunds Than U.S. Citizens
Taliban Bomb Kabul… Two Hours After Barack Obama Announces Peace Talks With Taliban (Video)
Pathetic Michelle Obama Lies About Her Own Mother At Fundraiser
Lies, Damned Lies And Government Jobs Data – By Elizabeth MacDonald
DOJ Refuses To Prosecute Palestinian Terrorists
Obama To Officially Launch 2012 Campaign On Karl Marx’s Birthday
Obama White House Cites Nazi Supporter In Jewish Heritage Month Proclamation
Labor Force Participation Plunges To 30-Year Low As Another 522,000 People Drop Out
Federal Government Is Keeping Tombstone, Arizona From Accessing Drinking Water
Obama Energy Policies Have Cost Economy $358 Billion
U.S. Tries To Buy Peace By Freeing Terrorists
Top Obama Campaign Bundler Has Long History Of Radical Anti-Israel Rhetoric, Accused IDF Of “War Crimes” And Massacring Children
Why Is Obama Degrading Our Satellite Capabilities?
White House Adviser Defends Class Warfare By Citing Karl Marx
Obama Team Tried To Pay Rev. Wright $150K To Keep Quiet Until After 2008 Election
It Begins: Catholic University Drops All Health-Insurance Coverage In Response To HHS Mandate
President Asshat Inserts Himself In White House Bios Of Past Presidents
Your Tax Dollars At Work: Paying For Strippers In Chicago
Obama 2013 Budget Goes Down In Senate, 99-0
Obama’s Literary Agency Used ‘Born In Kenya’ Bio Until 2007
Postman: Ayers Family Put ‘Foreigner’ Obama Through School (Video)
Obama Labor Board Slapped Yet Again
China Fake Parts ‘Used In US Military Equipment’
Obama Bundler’s Husband Receives More Than $1.2 Billion In DOE “Green Energy” Loans For Solar Company
Nearly One-Third Of Mortgaged Homes Underwater
Busted! Obama Headlined A Democrat Socialists Of America Event In 1996
Obama’s Memorial Day Photo-Op Blocks Families, Vets From D.C. Vietnam Memorial Wall For 7 Hours
WaPo Confirms: WH’s Favorite Report Is ‘BS’
Obama Awards Medal Of Freedom To Democratic Socialists Of America Chair (Audio)
Barack Obama Has Insulted 38 Million Poles With His Crass And Ignorant ‘Polish Death Camp’ Remark
Allen West: “Lets Talk About Obama Doing Blow” (Video)
Obama Administration: $3.7 Million In Summer Jobs Spending On Watching Birds, Counting Fish
Q1 GDP Revised Downward To 1.9%
CBO: Obama Stimulus Plan May Have Cost As Much As $4.1 Million Per Job
Unmitigated Douchebaggery: Obama DOJ Demands That Florida Stop Trying To Prevent Ineligible Voters From Voting
Holder’s Racial Incitement
‘Virtual’ GSA Employees Spent $750,000 On Travel Over Nine Months
*VIDEO* General Motors Is Becoming China Motors
Another Obama Record!… US Treasuries Lower Than At Any Time During The Great Depression
House GOP Obtains “Fast & Furious” Wiretaps That Prove Holder, Top DOJ Officials Have Been Lying About What They Knew
Good News: Pretty Much Everything Counts As A “Green Job” Now
Obama Caught Lying Again: He Was Member Of The Socialist ‘New Party’
U.S. Now Selling Most Advanced Missile System To Islamic State
*VIDEO* Incomprehensibly Stupid: AG Holder Claims That Email Referring To ‘Fast And Furious’ Was Not About ‘Fast And Furious’
Former ACORN Director Gets $445M From U.S. Government
Sessions: Food Stamp Spending Up 100 Percent Since Obama Took Office
Obama Commerce Secretary John Bryson Involved In Several Hit-And-Run Crashes
Obama EPA Wants To Regulate Ditches And Gullies As ‘Navigable Waterways’
Thanks Barack… More Than 7 In 10 Teens Jobless In Summer
Stop The Madness – The Truth About Obama And Our National Debt (Eric Bolling)
Thanks Barack… As Promised, Canada Building Pipelines To Sell Oil To China
23 Percent Of Small Business Owners Have Gone Without Pay For At Least A Year
President Asshat Signs Unconstitutional Executive Order Granting Amnesty To 800,000 Illegal Aliens
How Taxmageddon Will Impact You
*VIDEO* Backdoor Dream Act: President Asshat’s Vile Usurpation Of Legislative & Judicial Authority
How Obama Bankrupted Black Homeowners
Thanks Barack… Muslim Brotherhood Claims Victory In Egypt Presidential Race
Young Families Have Lost 59% Of Their Wealth In Recession
1001 Reasons To Vote Against Barack Obama (Conservative Daily News)
Endangering America: Obama Seeking Deeper Cuts In U.S. Nuclear Arsenal
17,000 Border Patrol Agents Call For AG Holder’s Resignation
*VIDEO* O’Reilly, Krauthammer And Hume Verbally Bitch-Slap Obama Over His G20 Summit Presser
Fast And Furious Cover-Up Continues: Obama Asserts Executive Privilege Over Documents
*VIDEO* Issa On DOJ’s “Serious Wrongdoing”, Holder’s Contempt Of Congress, And Obama’s Executive Privilege Claim
House Panel Votes 23-17 To Place AG Holder In Contempt Of Congress
*VIDEO* Rep. Trey Gowdy Reads Democrats The Riot Act During Holder Contempt Hearing
Is President Obama A Pathological Liar?
Green Energy Gulag: Federal Inmates Build Solar Panels For Company With Ties To Obama Administration
Obama EPA Fining Oil Refineries For Failing To Use Additive That Doesn’t Exist
*VIDEO* Bill Whittle Talks Fast & Furious: Follow The Ideologyhttps://thedaleygator.wordpress.com/2012/06/25/video-bill-whittle-talks-fast-furious-follow-the-ideology
White House Joins Iran In Hailing Morsi Win In Egypt (Videos)
*VIDEO* Islamic Terrorist Met With Top Obama Administration Officials At The White House
President Asshat ‘Suspends’ Immigration Enforcement Agreements With Arizona
New Program Teaches Border Agents To Flee And Hide When Confronted
GAO Report: At Least $1.4 Billion Of Obama’s Stimulus Went To Tax Cheats
New Disability Regs Limit Slope Of Mini Golf Holes, Require Businesses To Admit Mini Horses As Guide Animals
No Joke: Obama Administration Suggests Throwing Parties To Get More People On Food Stamps
ObamaCare: Supreme Court Finds Unconstitutional Individual Mandate Constitutional
House Holds Attorney General Eric Holder In Contempt
*VIDEO* Mark Levin On ObamaCare Supreme Court Decision: It’s “Absolutely Lawless”
Issa Pulls A Cunning Move To Detail Secret ‘Fast And Furious’ Wiretap Applications
President Asshat Threatens To Veto Defense Bill Unless It Raises Soldiers’ Health Care Fees
Former US Attorney Behind Assault Weapons Ban Ran Fast & Furious
President Asshat Turns His Back On Israel At The U.N.
Only 18% Of Americans Agree With Obama’s Irresponsible Keystone Position
Thanks Barack… Bankrupt Colorado Solar Firm Sticks Taxpayers For $68 Million
*VIDEO* Marxist Insurgency Expert Draws Parallels Between Obama Regime And Communist Dictatorships
U.S. Ambassador To Kenya Resigns After Threatening To Shoot Staff In The Head (Video)
Federal Bureaucracies Have Written 13,000 Pages Of ObamaCare Regulations, And They’re Just Getting Started
French Solar Company Wins $25 Million DOE Contract After Posting Losses Of $70 Million
Broader Jobless Rate Ticks Up To 14.9%
Thanks Barack… Navy’s ‘Green Fleet’ Fuel Costs $27 A Gallon
The Obama Social Security Number Controversy: Obama’s Legal Identity Problem (Video)
Countrywide Scandal Resurfaces, Obama Advisers Involved (Videos)
Formal Complaint Seeks Disbarment Of Eric Holder In DC
President Asshat Invites Islamo-Nazi President Of Egypt To White House
President Asshat Closing 9 Border Patrol Stations In 4 States (Video)
USDA Uses Spanish ‘Soaps’ To Push Food Stamps
Congressional Warning: Small Arms Treaty Threatens U.S. Sovereignty, Violates 2nd Amendment (Video)
DOE Official Calls Green Scam Program An “Enormous Success” Despite Over $2.5 Billion Lost In Bankruptcies
President Asshat Guts Welfare Reform
Obama Shows His Total Ignorance About Business
Obama Fundraising In Switzerland, Sweden, Paris And Communist China
Obama: Hard Work Has Nothing To Do With Success
Companies Fire Workers To Avoid ObamaCare Penalty
President Asshat Received $34,250 In Donations From Bain Employees This Cycle
Speaking Of Felonies: The White House And The Sestak ‘Bribe’
Obama Treasury Officials Busted For Soliciting Prostitutes, Accepting Gifts Form Corporate Executives
In 2010 Obama Praised Success Of Solar Giant Amonix… This Week It Went Bust (Video)
Report: Obama Spends More Time On Golf Than Economy
USDA Partnering With Mexico To Boost Food Stamp Participation