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Noted Pervert caught sexting with 15-year-old girl

You know that nasty goo you step in sometimes? Yeah, that stuff, Anthony Weiner is worse

Disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner told FoxNews.com Wednesday he knows he has a problem after his never-ending sexting scandal reached a new low with revelations he sent X-rated messages to a 15-year-old girl.

Weiner’s alleged sexting with the then-high school sophomore, who was not identified, began in January and lasted several months. Weiner’s wife, top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, announced in August that she was separating from Weiner after a different sexting scandal hit the news.

We interrupt this post for the understatement of the day week month year

“I have repeatedly demonstrated terrible judgement about the people I have communicated with online and the things I have sent,” Weiner told FoxNews.com.

screenshots provided by the girl clearly show Weiner’s Twitter handle responding to direct messages. At one point she notes she goes to high school and Weiner asks “Where do you go to school?” Messages on the Kik app – where Weiner allegedly used the alias “T Dog” – and on Facebook show Weiner’s face and often picture the former congressman shirtless.

Weiner could potentially face legal trouble due to the interactions.

New York law makes it a crime to persuade someone younger than 17 to create sexual or nude images. It’s also criminal to disseminate indecent material to a minor. If the unidentified girl is from out of state, the lewd messages could become a federal issue.

“She’s underage, so she’s under the age of consent,” said Fox News legal analyst Lis Wiehl, who added both the pictures and texts sent by Weiner could potentially prove criminal.

“Both are sexually promiscuous,” she said. “He’s sending them for sexual satisfaction. There’s really no other way to take the texts other than for his sexual gratification. It’s certainly encouraging indecency of a minor over the Internet.”

What an absolute dirtbag

Firm That Specializes In Cleaning Up Public Relations Messes Hires… Wait For It… Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner Got A Job Fixing PR Messes… Seriously – New York Post


If you find yourself in a p.r. nightmare, there’s a swashbuckling new hero you can turn to – Carlos Danger.

A top “crisis” public-relations firm with ties to Hillary Rodham Clinton has hired the last person in the world that most people would call on to dispense advice on dealing with a scandal: disgraced, penis-texting former Congressman Anthony Weiner.

The man who destroyed his own promising political career by botching a 2011 sext-message imbroglio with bald-faced lies – and who then ruined his comeback by running one of the most disastrous mayoral campaigns of all time – will now get paid to dispense advice to high-paying clients of the MWW p.r. firm, sources told The Post.

About the only thing that makes sense about this is that one of the company’s clients is Ball Park Franks.

MWW is headed by Michael Kempner, a prominent New Jersey Democrat who has been a top fund-raiser for both Clinton and President Obama.

Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, is a top ­political adviser and longtime confidante of Clinton, the leading Democratic presidential candidate and former secretary of state.

Kempner is listed as one of Clinton’s “Hillblazers’’ – having raised more than $100,000 for her campaign since April.

Kempner also was one of the top bundler’s for Clinton’s 2008 bid for the White House, and has hosted Obama at his Cresskill, NJ, home.

MWW – which created New Jersey’s “Stronger Than the Storm” media campaign after Hurricane Sandy – specializes in providing crisis communications.

The company said it was “pleased to welcome” Weiner to its “board of advisers” and he will dispense wisdom about “the workings of Congress and the City of New York.”

“He is a brilliant strategist [with] expertise on many issues,” the company said.

“[He] will be a great asset to our firm.”

Weiner – who used the moniker Carlos Danger in some of the infamous sexts that led to his fall from grace – does have experience with media crises, just not in handling them well.

He became a nationwide laughingstock in 2011 when he was forced to step down from Congress after lying about sending out an embarrassing image of his penis.

Weiner sent the photo of his manhood in boxer briefs to a 21-year-old female college student in Seattle. After he was caught, he stonewalled for a while, but when additional photos surfaced, he resigned. He then ran for mayor in 2013, claiming he had cleaned up his act.

But his mayoral campaign imploded after he got caught in a second sexting scandal.

He sent pictures of his private parts to then-22-year-old Sydney Leathers, using the Danger name. His campaign staffers were blindsided by the sordid revelations, which destroyed what some saw as a ­decent chance for redemption.

He rejected calls to resign from the mayoral race and finished fifth in the Democratic primary with a paltry 5 percent of the vote.

Since then, Weiner has been a commentator on NY1 and written occasional columns for media outlets.

MWW issued a clarifying statement Thursday morning insisting that Weiner will work on policy, not crisis communications with clients.

“Anthony Weiner is an expert on public policy and will not be expected to service clients directly. As a member of our Board of Advisors, he will be a part time consultant to the agency, primarily focused on policy matters and new business development,” MWW said in the statement.



The difference between being a slut, and a greedy, low-class slut?

The Other McCain, who else would vover, ah uncover this, has the story of Sydney Leathers and her new start up business Labias  and Lucite Are Us

It is rather quaint to remember that when Sydney Elaine Leathers was first identified as the former Obama campaign worker involved in a cybersex scandal with Anthony Weiner, some were reluctant to publish her name, seeing her as the victim of a predator.

Yeah. Except she’s a tattoo-covered slut who rented herself out to old creeps she met via “sugar daddy” sites.

The plump brunette harlot immediately seized upon the scandal to launch a porn career. And then . . .

There’s no delicate and polite way to say this: Sydney discovered she doesn’t like how her vagina looks. She thinks her labia are too big.

So she’s going to get surgery to trim her enormous flapping bat wings.

TMZ says the surgery will be performed by Dr. Neal Handel of Santa Barbara, California, for the fee of $8,400. And then . . .

Sydney will auction off the trimmings, encased in Lucite.

Is there a cultural significance to this story? Does my reporting this unsavory news serve any redeeming social purpose?

What we can discern is an extreme example of a trend, the vagina as commodity, which I have previously discussed: The pervasive influence of pornography and the general promiscuity of the “hook-up” culture has created competitive pressures on women, who feel that their sexual performance is constantly being judged, evaluated as a commercial product in the erotic marketplace.

You know, I almost, almost I tell ya, almost entitled this post Noted Slut to Get Cosmetic Surgery, World’s Largest Labia Hardest Hit. But that would have been in poor taste I think. 

Good Freaking Grief! Go read the rest, it is hilarious as it is sad and PRAY that Leathers never gets into the “winter coat” or “giant pink mudflaps” business, you have to read the rest if you want to get those references.

Weiner Goes Down Swinging; Flips Bird To Reporter Leaving Concession Speech (Video)

Weiner Goes Down Swinging; Flips Bird To Reporter Leaving Concession Speech – Pajamas Media


“Sadly, I was an imperfect messenger,” Anthony Weiner (D-NY) noted tonight in his long-awaited concession speech, perhaps the only honest thing he has ever said:

Anthony Weiner conceded defeat in the race for New York City mayor Tuesday night.

As poll results came in showing the former congressman in distant fifth place, Weiner took to the stage at Connolly’s Pub in Midtown and put an end to a once-promising campaign.

“Now, sadly, we did not win this time,” he said. “But I could not be more proud of the campaign we ran.”

“There’s no doubt about it,” he added. “We have the best ideas. Sadly, I was an imperfect messenger.”

Weiner, who resigned from Congress in 2011 amid a sexting scandal, joined the Democratic mayoral primary earlier this summer. He quickly climbed in the polls, even briefly gaining frontrunner status.

New York magazine adds:

Weiner’s remarked provided an unintentional retrospective of some of his most notorious campaign gaffes. In a reference to that time she called an intern a “slutbag,” Weiner praised spokeswoman Barbara Morgan for “mastering new levels in salty language.” He punctuated an inside joke about the West Indian Day parade with dancehall-style gunshot sounds – “bo, bo, bo” – but wisely skipped the accent. For the penis pun fans, he declared, “we didn’t just do the easy stuff, we did the hard stuff.”

Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin was nowhere to be seen tonight; the Daily Beast reports that “Conspicuously, Weiner did not mention his wife, Huma Abedin, in his thank-you speech, nor did she appear at his side during the speech.” John Podhoretz noted on Twitter that this does not bode well for the couple’s future, or the lack thereof:

As befits New York’s reigning Master of Disaster, both Weiner’s coming and going from his concession speech were equally spectacular. Business Insider.com notes that Weiner “Sprinted Through A McDonald’s So The Press Wouldn’t See Him Talk To Sydney Leathers”:

Sydney Leathers, a Las Vegas woman with whom he carried on a sexting relationship, crashed his “victory party.” Before Weiner showed up to address supporters at Connolly’s Pub in Midtown, Leathers was hanging out on the sidewalk, waiting to berate him in front of assembled press. His campaign desperately wanted to make sure there wasn’t a confrontation in front of cameras.

Weiner is resourceful, and he had a plan. There’s a McDonald’s next to the bar, with a back door leading to a stairway into the bar’s rear entrance. So Weiner got into his own victory party by sprinting through a McDonalds with the press and Leathers chasing behind him.

And leaving his concession speech, Weiner was caught on video flipping the bird to a New York reporter as he drove away from his flaccid election night performance:

Also tonight, New York affiliate ABC-7 is reporting that former Time-Warner-CNN-HBO spokesman Eliot Spitzer conceded as well:

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer won the Democratic primary for comptroller Tuesday night, ending disgraced ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s surprise bid to reclaim his political career.

Stringer had a 52-percent-to-48-percent lead over Spitzer in incomplete and unofficial returns, with 92 percent of precincts reporting.

Spitzer called Stringer to concede, according to Spitzer spokeswoman Lis Smith.

Thus, the stage is set for the long anticipated Weiner-Spitzer 2016 presidential bid. Campaign merchandise is available in the lobby of the bordello.


Click HERE For Rest Of Story


Your Daley Gator Friday Morning Carlos Danger Update

Anthony Weiner Food Truck Gives Out Free Hotdogs – Red Alert Politics

Former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner was very free with his, uh, weiner. And this week, a New York City food truck was also free with their weiners, giving out complimentary hotdogs to passersby on the street.


The truck, aptly called Anthony Weiner’s Weiner Truck, was unleashed on the city by Good Days, the marketing branch of clothing company Unruly Heir, according to Grub Street. Emblazoned with phrases such as “Carlos Danger” and “Get my weiners,” the truck passed out free hotdogs. It also allowed people to tweet directly at the scandal-ridden mayoral candidate from a screen on the truck.

Unruly Heir co-founder Joey Goodwin told Grub Street that the truck isn’t affiliated with any campaign and isn’t actually a functional food truck. The gratis weiners were purchased by the company from a local hot dog shop.

Weiner has taken plenty of heat for the recent revelation that he has been involved in lewd online conversations with women after his resignation from Congress in June 2011. Despite the criticism, the Democrat is refusing to pull out of the mayoral race.

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Weiner Makes Complete Jackass Out Of Himself At Ecuadorian Parade As Crowd Chants “Carlos Danger”

Vote For Carlos! Weiner Campaigns At Ecuadorian Parade – New York Post

There’s Danger in the streets… Carlos Danger!


Serial sexter and mayor wannabe Anthony Weiner appeared to be embracing his embarrassing online pseudonym and encouraged crowds that chanted, “Carlos!” and “Carlos Danger!” while marching in the Ecuadorian pride parade yesterday.

Sporting bright blue pants, a bullhorn and an Ecuadorian flag, Weiner repeatedly shouted, “Que viva Ecuador!” to the crowd as he energetically ran down Northern Boulevard in Queens with his loyal interns following.

The married Weiner used the cheesy nom de sext “Carlos Danger” in raunchy online and phone trysts with 23-year-old Indiana woman Sydney Leathers a year after he resigned his House seat in disgrace for X-rated tweets with a string of women.


Leathers has said she decided to go public – including releasing a couple of Weiner’s naked crotch shots- after he announced his run for mayor. She told shock jock Howard Stern she was working with porn company Vivid Entertainment on a video version of her Weiner tale.

Click HERE For Rest Of Story


Anthony Weiner’s Communications Director Is All Class

Top Weiner Aide Slams Former Campaign Intern: “F*cking Slutbag,” F*ck You, You Little C*nt” – Weasel Zippers

As if Weiner wasn’t toast enough.


Via HuffPo:

A top aide to New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner had harsh words for a former intern on Tuesday, calling the woman who wrote about her experience working on the former congressman’s campaign a “slutbag” who “sucked” at her job.

In an interview with Talking Points Memo, Weiner communications director Barbara Morgan attacked Olivia Nuzzi, the former intern whose story on the campaign was published by the Daily News Tuesday. In the story, Nuzzi accuses Weiner of incorrectly calling several female interns by the name “Monica,” and claims that many interns joined the campaign with hopes of landing in the good graces of Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, a longtime aide to Hillary Clinton.

In the interview with TPM’s Hunter Walker, Morgan lashed out at Nuzzi for taking her story to the press.

“Fucking slutbag,” she said. “Nice fucking glamour shot on the cover of the Daily News. Man, see if you ever get a job in this town again.”

Morgan denied many of Nuzzi’s claims in her Daily News piece, as well as additional accounts she published on the site NSFWCORP, including a story on multiple departures from the Weiner campaign.

Walker reports:

According to Morgan, Nuzzi stopped interning for the campaign “like four weeks ago.” Nuzzi’s story on NSFWCORP described her as having spent “four weeks” as a Weiner intern. When asked whether the claims in Nuzzi’s stories were true, Morgan suggested many of them were “bullshit.” […]

Morgan also expressed disbelief that Nuzzi criticized her credentials.

“And then like she had the fucking balls to like trash me in the paper. And be like, ‘His communications director was last the press secretary of the Department of Education in New Jersey,” Morgan said. “You know what? Fuck you, you little cunt. I’m not joking, I am going to sue her.”

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Democrats, are they crazy, or perverts?

The Other McCain asks this, so I do not have to

First, the headlines:

Amanda Bynes — Doctors Win Bid
to Keep Her in Psych Ward


Sydney Leathers Details Being At Center
Of Anthony Weiner Sexting Scandal

– Inside Edition

Weiner Had at Least 13 Sexting Partners
– 3 After He Left Congress

– American Power

Four More Women Accuse Filner
– KPBS-TV, San Diego

San Diego mayor to seek therapy
for ‘inexcusable’ behavior

– The Hill

Democratic Party officials ask
San Diego Mayor Bob Filner to quit

– Los Angeles Times

Obama Says Vietnamese Dictator
Inspired by Founding Fathers

– Fox News

Miley Cyrus … POSES NUDE

Now, the serious commentary: These are not the disease, these are merelysymptoms of the disease, and the pattern is not coincidental.

Why has Amanda Bynes gone crazy? Why is Sydney Leathers being treated like a celebrity? Why can’t Anthony Weiner remember how many women he “sexted”? Why is Miley Cyrus naked? Why does Bob Filner think “therapy,” and not resignation, is the answer?

As for me, I think the Left is crazy, and not crazy as in “man what a crazy time we had with those Liberals last night” either. I mean they are crazy as in “those Liberals are crazier than a rabid raccoon on moonshine and crack”. I think a good many of them are perverted as well, I know their logic is. To the Left morality is all in your ideology. If you hold to Leftist ideals, you are moral, if you do not, then you are as immoral as it gets.


We cannot dance with Greatness while we embrace mediocrity

Or words to that effect from RS McCain

And douchebags insufficiently denounced:

Liberal bias is not a matter of unfairness, but rather a matter of dishonesty — deliberately ignoring some facts, and misrepresenting other facts, in order to misinform the public by portraying to them a politically falsified view of events and personalities. If there were ever any honest person employed by the  New York Times (we stipulate the hypothetical), that person would have been obligated to quit Thursday morning, when the banner headline on the front page of the paper should have been: “ANDREW BREITBART WAS RIGHT.” (An appropriate subhead might be, “Anthony Weiner Is a Typically Dishonest Democrat Dirtbag.”) Cheating a great man out of his posthumous vindication is, however, just small change in the vast franchise of journalistic dishonesty of which the New York Times is the flagship enterprise. The fundamental falsehood of the whole Big Lie business is that Democrats are virtuous simply because they are Democrats, which is the only reason any fool ever could have thought a wretched human stain like Anthony Weiner worthy of admiration. . . . .

You can read the whole thing at The American Spectator.

Speaking of Anthony Weiner A.K.A Carols Danger A.K.A. Perv Boy, if there IS Karma, then we will soon find out that one of Weiner’s on line “playmates” is really….



*VIDEO* Weiner Scandal Inspired Home Workout Device Takes Market By Storm


If you think the worst thing about Carlos Douche Nozzle is his sexting addiction….

You might want to look at his wife’s resume. Chri Wysocki linked Andrew McCarthy’s piece on Huma Abedinb, and it is a MUST read

Sorry to interrupt the Best Enabler of a Sociopath Award ceremony but, to recap, Ms. Abedin worked for many years at a journal that promotes Islamic-supremacist ideology that wasfounded by a top al-Qaeda financier, Abdullah Omar Naseef. Naseef ran the Rabita Trust, a formally designated foreign terrorist organization under American law. Ms. Abedin and Naseef overlapped at the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs (JMMA) for at least seven years. Throughout that time (1996–2003), Ms. Abdein worked for Hillary Clinton in various capacities.

Ms. Abedin’s late father, Dr. Zyed Abedin, was recruited by Naseef to run the JMMA in Saudi Arabia. The journal was operated under the management of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, a virulently anti-Semitic and sharia-supremacist organization. When Dr. Abedin died, editorial control of the journal passed to his wife, Dr. Saleha Mahmood Abedin — Huma’s mother.

Saleha Abedin is closely tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and to supporters of violent jihad. Among other things, she directs an organization – the International Islamic Committee for Woman and Child. The IICWC, through its parent entity (the International Islamic Council for Dawa and Relief), is a component of the Union for Good (also known as the Union of Good), another formally designated terrorist organization. The Union for Good is led by Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the notorious Muslim Brotherhood jurist who has issued fatwas calling for the killing of American military and support personnel in Iraq as well as suicide bombings in Israel. (As detailed here, the Obama White House recently hosted Qaradawi’s principal deputy, Sheikh Abdulla bin Bayyah, who also endorsed the fatwa calling for the killing of U.S. troops and personnel in Iraq.)

Like Sheikh Qaradawi, who helped write the charter for the IICWC, Saleha Abedin is an influential sharia activist who has, for example, published a book called Women in Islam that claims man-made laws enslave women. It reportedly provides sharia justifications for such practices as female-genital mutilation, the death penalty for apostates from Islam, the legal subordination of women, and the participation of women in violent jihad. Dr. Abedin has nevertheless been hailed in the progressive press as a “leading voice on women’s rights in the Muslim world” (to quote Foreign Policy). What they never quite get around to telling you is that this means “women’s rights” in the repressive sharia context.

And the apple does not fall far from the tree as they say. go read the rest of McCarthy’s piece, it should frighten you. Especially given her position, and her security clearance.


Your Blog Headline of the Day

I used to give this award out more often, but have been slacking on that as of late. today though, Donald Douglas posted THIS gem

Homosexuals Love Weiner!

Anthony Weiner came out for some gay pride love at the foreskin festival over the weekend.

At New York Magazine, “Anthony Weiner’s ‘Gay’ Pants Are the Talk of the Town.” And the New York Post, “Anthony Weiner in bid for gay vote as Christine Quinn wins major endorsement.”

A cock-waving adulterer? He should have the homosexual vote locked down!

Here are a couple of pics of Weiner, WITH pants thank God

anthony-weiner-lead-wenn20478390__oPt_zps2f59f4f1 Pants


*VIDEO* Jimmy Fallon’s Anthony Weiner Campaign Video Parody


Democrat Activist To Anthony Weiner: “I Am Outraged And Disgusted By You”

Weiner Lambasted By Dem Voters On Campaign Trail: “I Am Outraged And Disgusted By You” – Weasel Zippers


Welcome to the club.

Via BuzzFeed:

In a hot, cramped basement on Williamsburg’s South 3rd Street, where New York City mayoral candidates courted the endorsement of a local progressive organization, voters grilled Anthony Weiner on the Twitter scandal that ousted him from Congress two years ago. […]

Weiner spoke to a group of about 40 people, including New Kings members, campaign staffers, and reporters, packed into the Williamsburg basement room. The event was the second endorsement meeting hosted by New Kings, a progressive organization focused on Brooklyn Democratic politics.

Chris Owens, a Brooklyn political activist and former candidate for Congress, also asked Weiner about his illicit tweets – and with rhetoric more unforgiving than Weiner had yet encountered on the campaign trail.

“I have a three-word question: How dare you?” said Owens. “I’m a parent. I’ve got two sons. I represent the Democratic party. I am outraged and disgusted by you.”

“I want to understand how you explain to us how you used a public facility to tweet offensive material to individuals who may have included minors, you did not know,” Owens went on. “You then lied about it, and tried to defend yourself, and then you come back – not even four or eight years later; you come back after two years – and you expect us to embrace you because you have good ideas?”

Keep reading

Click HERE For Rest Of Story


Weiner Update: Anthony’s New York Mayoral Campaign Website Features Pittsburgh Skyline

Oh Snap… Anthony Weiner’s Mayoral Website Features Pittsburgh Skyline – Gateway Pundit

Disgraced Democrat Anthony Weiner can’t decide which city he wants to lead.


Former Rep. Anthony Weiner opened his campaign for mayor of New York City this week with a new website that features the Pittsburgh skyline, not New York City .

Capital New York reported:

The New York City skyline is one of the most recognizable in the world.

The skyline portrayed in the banner on Anthony Weiner’s campaign website isn’t it.

It’s Pittsburgh. To be precise, the banner shows the top of what appears to be the Roberto Clemente Bridge.

The snafu was noticed by several people including an employee at the University Center for Social and Urban Research at the University of Pittsburgh. A librarian in Brooklyn noticed it too, as did a Pennsylvania blog.

Click HERE For Rest Of Story


Anthony Weiner’s Offensive Campaign For Mayor (Video)

Anthony Weiner’s Offensive Campaign For Mayor – Breitbart


The most offensive part of Anthony Weiner’s campaign for mayor isn’t the fact that he’s running. It’s the conceit that New York should become the “middle-class capital of the world”–that the melting pot should be divided into Marxist categories, that the Big Apple should be less than the stage for the biggest dreams.


It’s all contrived, anyway. It’s painful to watch Weiner – who still makes $500k a year somehow – strain to look like an ordinary family man, to seem interested in the stories of local shopkeepers. His first pitch is that housing is too expensive in New York–perhaps he plans to run on the Rent Is Too Damn High ticket?

It’s laughable to hear Weiner complain, as if he cared, that business owners in New York are “drowning in regulations that nickel and dime you to death.” This from a guy who pushed Obamacare and just about every terrible regulation in Congress. (Weiner even once claimed to have written the Obamacare bill himself.)

It’s stomach-churning stuff, and a reminder that the worst part of the Weiner scandal was not anything to do with sex but the fact that he launched a staggeringly ambitious campaign of lies once the story broke. His campaign for mayor is based on false premises about New York, and about himself. It’ll be hard to watch.

Click HERE For Rest Of Story


Does Anthony Weiner have a hard on for a political return? UPDATED! First Weiner campaign video added

Anthony Weiner might be seeking the New York Mayor’s office next election. Will he run as a Democrat? Will the party support him? Or perhaps he might start a new party? The Trouser Snake Party? or the One-Eyed Monster Party? Or perhaps the Perverts Party?

Via NY Post:

Former Rep. Anthony Weiner is laying the groundwork for a political comeback, possibly as a startling addition to this year’s mayoral race, sources said yesterday.

Political insiders were abuzz at news that Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, had granted a lengthy magazine interview for the first time since his resignation in an embarrassing sexting scandal in 2011.

“The magazine piece is step one of a two-step process for him to run citywide this year,” said one Democratic Party source.

“He’s looking at public advocate and comptroller, but he really thinks he can use this to get back in and run for mayor.”

Weiner issued a terse “no comment” when asked about his plans.

Weiner has $4.3 million left in his campaign account, including $248,710 that would be matched 6-to-1 under the public-financing system.

Here is a possible campaign them song

UPDATE! This might be the model for the first campaign ad

Is Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit a trouble maker, or are Conservative bloggers being profiled?

Jim, who I have never met, seems like a good guy, and a patriot, and I am a big fan of his blog. So, I have no doubt that he never attacked anyone, which is what makes this story so weird. Jim went on Dana Loesch’ show to tell his tale

My first inclination is that someone is fabricating the incident trying to get Hoft in hot water. Liberals will certainly stoop to faking such incidents. Now, I could be wrong, but, again, I would not put that past some Lefties.


Out: Gay. In: Very Open Sexually

Anthony Weiner is rumored to be, well, a big fan of, weiners

From that Traci Nobles sext-partner.

She says — ahem, she alleges — that Weiner brought up the possibility of 3-ways. Not the classic two girls one guy three-way, which is just a natural expression of the wonderment of sexuality in all its glory, but the ugly, twisted, morally-dark kind.

“I’m not really talking about other chicks… How about with another guy?” Weiner asked Nobles.“Hmmmm, haven’t done it before,” Nobles said.

“It can be hot,” Weiner replies.

“Are you turned on by other guys?” Nobles asked.

“Well it depends on the guy, but generally yes,” Weiner divulges.


“Anthony’s not gay though,” an insider told RadarOnline.com.“He’s just very open sexually.”

Not commenting further, not at all.

A picture is worth…………

They say 1,000 words but this one that Lance found? I say it is worth more! And what makes this one so cool, is the story behind it!

The story:

Kevin Hiltunen, a former NYPD officer, yesterday grabbed an Occupy Wall Street demonstrator by the collar and dragged him out of a Queens school where he’d been heckling US Rep. Bob Turner at the congressman’s swearing-in ceremony.