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Your Marxist Moron of the Day, Amanda Marcotte!

Marcotte is to batshit crazy what Babe Ruth was to baseball. She is in her own league when it comes to mental instability frankly. If you doubt the depth of her insanity observe………………

Marcotte claimed that these conservatives’ celebration of Christmas is just a part of race. It’s a political/identity used against people they don’t see as part of their tribe. “Stirred by years of Fox News lying to viewers… conservatives have increasingly embraced the phrase ‘Merry Christmas’ to mean, basically, ‘F**k you’ to anyone that they’ve deemed less than legitimate Americans.”

I doubt even the King of Race Pimpin’, Al Sharpton, would go that far, but, again, Marcotte be KRAZY!

Of course Marcotte played the victim even though she was the one who bashed the holiday she loathed, and the people who celebrate it. She lamented that people flooded her inbox following the piece, writing, “The principal harassment strategy was to track me down on social media, even on my Instagram feed, and flood it with ‘Merry Christmas’ messages — from white male strangers — to taunt me for my personal grief.”


Not that the Christian right had much morality to abandon in the first place, as anyone who lived through the George W. Bush years can attest. Trump has simply revealed the large majority of white evangelical Christians for who they are: Not people motivated by sincere faith, but people who see “Christian” primarily as an identity marker that accompanies being white, a disdain for urban or metropolitan areas, and their self-identification as “conservative.” All of which is used to justify their belief they and members of their tribe are the only legitimate Americans, and deserve to hold and wield a vastly disproportionate share of political power.

There is more CRAZY ASS CRAZY at the link, so go,  but beware the CRAZY!

Did mention that Feminists are crazy yet today?

I did, of course, here but, I should note that Amanda Marcotte, Stacy McCain’s FAVORITE FEMINUT is possibly the craziest Fem of all. Why is she crazy? Well, it is the PATRIARCHY of course, and because every topic Marcotte writes about leads back to her twisted obsession with killing babies. Yes even high school dress codes

Maybe you missed the story about a Utah high school that Photoshopped yearbook photos of girls to make them more “appropriate.” Most people who even noticed the story just shrugged: Whatever.

Yet this story inspired Everybody’s Favorite Feminist™ Amanda Marcotte to go off on a tangent about “modesty” as a weapon of patriarchal social control of women’s bodies:

It’s a belief that because women, especially young women, have bodies that represent “sex” in a straight male-dominated society, then those bodies are eligible for more social control than the bodies of men.
While this school is extreme, anyone who went to a high school with a dress code knows that girls get policed more than boys, often in ways that are sexually humiliating. . . . Hand-wringing articles bemoaning the supposed emergence of “hook-up culture” focus mostly, or exclusively, on scolding and feigning concern in the direction of girls, with boys being left to make their own choices without much concern or judgment.
Because of all this, young women are subject to way more punishment and control from legal and other authorities for their sexuality, starting with the popularity of laws requiring minor girls to notify parents if they want an abortion. . . .

Ah yes, abortion, the Holy Grail of Feminuts, along with being a Lesbian, because you are not a REAL Feminist until you are a Lesbian who has had an abortion. Marcotte is obsessed with killing babies. Don’t believe me, let us reference Marcotte’s own words

“I don’t want a baby. . . . Nothing will make me want a baby. . . .
“This is why, if my birth control fails, I am totally having an abortion.”
– Amanda Marcotte, March 14

Yep! That is Amanda Marcotte alright still cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs


Breaking Feminut News! Amanda Marcotte is still one Krazy BEYOTCH! UPDATED!

Why does she hate babies so much? The Other McCain and I want to know

Marcotte’s bloodthirsty zeal for baby-killing is notorious, and so we aren’t really surprised when she makes statements like this:

“I don’t particularly like babies. They are loud and smelly and, above all other things, demanding. No matter how much free day care you throw at women, babies are still time-sucking monsters with their constant neediness.”

Yeah, today I didn’t get much blogging done because I babysat my grandson while my daughter-in-law went to her college classes, but the phrase “time-sucking monster” never occurred to me while I was feeding him, changing him and rocking him to sleep.

So why does Amanda Marcotte hate babies so much? Because she is supremely and shamelessly selfish:

No matter how flexible you make my work schedule, my entire life would be overturned by a baby. I like  my life how it is, with my ability to do what I want when I want without having to arrange for a babysitter. I like being able to watch True Detective right now and not wait until baby is in bed. I like sex in any room of the house I please. I don’t want a baby. I’ve heard your pro-baby arguments. Glad those work for you, but they are unconvincing to me. Nothing will make me want a baby. . . .
I like not having a giant growth protruding out of my stomach. I hate hospitals and like not having stretch marks. . . .
This is why, if my birth control fails, I am totally having an abortion. Given the choice between living my life how I please and having my body within my control and the fate of a lentil-sized, brainless embryo that has half a chance of dying on its own anyway, I choose me.

Well, there is a huge difference between not wanting a baby and hating babies. And saying such vile, twisted things about babies? Marcotte really IS that crazy, or she is just attention whoring. But, either way she is a self-absorbed person, and RS McCain is correct. It is good this vile woman will not reproduce. 

Of course, there are many Feminists, like Marcotte, who are incredibly bitter, I have diagnosed them as suffering from Eternal Bitterness Syndrome, and they seem to be constantly angry. The last people, in other words, who should ever be near kids. 

UPDATE!!It seems I might have found the source of the insanity that controls Marcotte. maybe she has been drinking way too many of these


What is a pro-Abortion fanatics favorite flavor of ice cream?

Nuttier Than Nutty Nuttery it would seem. I have had debates with several hard core “choicers”, and let me tell you, they redefine the word fanatic. The Other McCain report on some of these whack jobs

Pro-Abortion Group: ‘Get the Duggars Off TV, Because Auschwitz or Something’

This is crazy. In the comments on an earlier post, somebody linked an article at RH Realty Check, a site that is pro-abortion with the monomaniacal zeal of a Chinese Communist Party “family planning” commissar. I mean, Amanda Marcotte is moderate by comparison.

“RH” stands for “Reproductive Health,” which is progressive code for KILL YOUR BABY NOW and this is from their “About Us” page:

We enjoyed the support of the UN Foundation and the editorial independence entrusted to us for six years, from 2006-2012. In January 2012 we officially became our own independent 501c3 non-for-profit organization.

OK, now I understand: The UN Foundation was something zero-population-growth zealot Ted Turner donated a bunch of money to, back when Ted was banging Jane Fonda and before the Time/Warner/AOL merger devastated his fortune. So that makes sense.

Anyway, somebody linked an RH Reality Check article in the comments and, while the article itself wasn’t particularly interesting, I noticed that on the sidebar they had this link:

TLC: It’s time to cancel the Duggars’ show,
“19 Kids and Counting,” and stop rewarding
misuse of the history of the Holocaust.

WTF? They’re campaigning against a reality TV show because of the Holocaust? I mean, Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo is a crime against humanity as far as I’m concerned, but why would anyone invoke the Holocaust to argue for the cancellation of the Duggars?

Go read it all folks. As I stated I used to try to talk sense to pro-abortion people on message boards, and the old Delphi forums. In fact I got to know Ed Daley on some of those forums. I really was a bit naive back then. I thought I could use medical facts to convince the “choicers” that abortion kills a baby. To me shock, and horror, I found out they too believe it is a baby, and they revel in the “right” to destroy it. To them, a woman is not whole unless she can have her baby executed in the womb. How depraved are they? Well, consider many of the regularly compared unborn babies to parasites, and cancerous tumors, yes really.


DAMN! I just hate it when a famous blogger I never heard of stops blogging!

Who the Hell is Hugo Schwyzer? That is the question that popped into mind when I read this at Slate Hugo Schwyzer, a history and gender studies professor at Pasadena College and perhaps the Internet’s best-known male feminist blogger, has just declared that he’s going to leave the Internet for a while.  

The World’s most famous male Feminist blogger? Hmmm, I have blogged about Feminists, who are always bitter, irked, pissed off, aggravated, and generally not very pleasant. Wait, I almost forgot to add that the are usually not very attractive either. Yes, I know, that will outrage said Feminists, but what the Hell, they are so angry anyway why not. But back to Schwyzer, whoever the Hell he is. why is he leaving?

At New York magazine, he explains his reasons, which are a mix of personal problems (depression, a need to focus on his marriage), and vague accusations leveled at it’s not exactly clear who. The low point is probably this:

Well that explains why I have never heard of him, He does interviewws in New York magazine, which I never read. Do I really have to explain WHY I do not read that rag? I thought not, anyway back to Mr. Well Known FemiMan

One reason you became a punching bag is that there just are not many men writing feminist columns online. Why is that?

Look at me. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be me? If you look at the men who are writing about feminism, they toe the line very carefully. It’s almost like they take their cues from the women around them. Men are afraid of women’s anger. It’s very hard for men to stand up to women’s anger. I did for a long time until finally my mental health had to be a priority. I just got out of the hospital. I’m not shy about that. I’m sober, but I checked myself into a psych ward for a week, when I became a danger to myself.

Ah, I see he is basically afraid of women, or of offending Feminists, lest they cast scorn upon him , or call him sexist or something. Apparently the thought of standing up to Feminists drove the FemiMan nutty. At this point I might ask where his balls are, but that would be mean, so back to Mr. Crazy FemiMan
The note of persecution is painful. Schwyzer presents himself as a lone, brave soul standing up to women’s anger and fighting for authentic idiosyncratic feminism, unlike all those other weak-willed feminist men who are benighted because they are willing to listen to women talk about their own lives. Also, apparently, more men don’t write about feminism because feminist women are just so damn mean. Look at Hugo!  He’s only written for the Atlantic and Jezebel and has tenure. And when he declares he wants to quit the Internet, New York magazine comes running to interview him. It’s like he’s been gagged.

I don’t have anything personally against Schwyzer. He’s a smart guy; I enjoy his writing. I’ve had pleasant interactions with him on Twitter. Schwyzer’s revelation that he’d slept with a number of students have raised reasonable and painful questions about his place in the feminist movement. Even so, the vitriol that has been directed at him has been (as such things often are online) unnecessary and cruel.

See that is his problem. He is either unwilling to tell the unvarnished truth about Liberal Feminists or is not willing to take the heat for what he writes. Me? I have no problem telling the ugly truth about These Feminuts. They hate men, hate babies, love infanticide, and detest any woman that dares make any choice they do not approve of. They are bitter, nasty, and crave power OVER women to actually supporting women. And if you do not think they are evil and nasty I refer you to Amanda Marcotte who is crazier than the entire MSNBS crew combined!

Update! Just found this out about FemiMan. Maybe he is crazy, or maybe he is just as nutty as Marcotte

By his own admission, he spent much of the 1990s addicted to various drugs and alcohol. His sobriety began after his attempted murder-suicide in 1998. In the interview that sparked controversy on Feministe, he said that his sex with students (including four on one school trip he chaperoned) had been “deeply and profoundly wrong,” but added that it made him “keenly sensitive to power imbalances in sexual relationships.” He makes much of having (as part of his amends) written Pasadena’s policy on consensual relations between teachers and students. Depending on how you look at that reversal, it’s either inspiring or creepy.

Lots more about Schwyzer at the link. 


Bob Belvedere: It Ain’t Over Until The Stupid Lady Speaks


Over at camp of the Saints, Bob Belvedere is just begging for accusations of SEXXXXXISM by mocking Amanda Marcotte and her apparent lack of a functioning brain. 

Emerging from her bedroom dressed in her Hoodie-Footie pajamas, still clutching one of her several dozen stuffed animals and an empty quart of Ben & Jerry’s, bleary-eyed from watching all of Season III’s Sex And The City episodes in one sitting, Mzzz Marcotte apparently dragged herself to her Apple and fired off this Tweet:

It was desegregation that caused white America to believe that the government had stopped “protecting” them, and so they needed guns.

…okay…you can stop laughing now…come on, fellas….stop it…come on, I got some important stuff to tell you…stop it……….

Tip of the fedora to Smitty for braving the dank and dark corners of the Twitterverse and spotting that. He labels the statement ‘Breathtakingly Stupid’ and I cannot in any way disagree with his assessment.

It takes a lot to get the Admiral peeved, but, as you’ll see by reading his comments here, Manda managed to do it. A highlight:

Lord have mercy, Amanda: that is about the most jacked up, ahistorical, illogical pile of hooey I’ve heard since the last time #OccupyResoluteDesk opened his pie hole….

Two points. First, if Marcotte truly believes her own words she is beneath Janet Napolitano on the IQ scale, Napolitano placing slightly below a tree stump, and slightly higher than Jimmy Carter. Second, the image of Marcotte that Belvedere paints is freaking hilarious!

This also got me thinking about other stupid people, like Andrea Mitchell, or pretty much anyone else on MSNBS. The “news” network is current stuck on full-blown anti-Romney mode, and they are going through baseless, inane attacks like Michelle Obama through ugly clothes. Their current strategy seems to center on Romney’s use of the word “foreign”, which, it seems is a word that the gang at MSNBS does not know the definition of. Smitty, has the latest example featuring Mitchell, who seems to be suffering from a nerve condition that causes her to repeatedly place both her feet in her mouth


Clearly, Romney’s use of ‘foreign’ is going after ‘alien to traditional American thought’. And, yes, the Marxist underpinnings of Obama’s collectivist thinking are foreign, to put it as mildly as possible.

For safety reasons, I recommend Andrea Mitchell and Amanda Marcotte  maintain a two-mile standoff, lest their combined intellectual suction trigger a singularity.

Stacy McCain also takes a shot at Marcotte, and why not, she is like a crash test dummy, with a lower IQ of course!

Popular conservative blogger Ace of Spades first enunciated The Marcotte Rule of Blogging:No public controversy is complete until Amanda Marcotte has made a complete fool of herself.

In case you don’t remember, Marcotte was one of two left-wing women whom John Edwards recruited in 2007 to boost his presidential campaign’s connection to the progressive blogosphere. Alas, this turned out to be a very short-term gig when it was discovered what manner of “political commentary” Marcotte and her comrade Mellissa McEwan had hitherto provided their readers, as eloquently summarized by Mary Katharine Ham: “Vote for Edwards, Godbag Christofascists!”

Marcotte and McEwan are both radical feminists of the most extreme variety, generally arguing that the Republican Party is a theocratic plot for the patriarchal oppression of womyn. McEwan remains rather obscure, but Marcotte is slightly more telegenic (which ain’t saying much) and therefore is considered acceptable to appear occasionally as a commentator on MSNBC, the network that promotes Ed Schultz and Al Sharpton as marquee TV talents. Marcotte is thus able to get freelance pieces published in such progressive venues as Salon and the Guardian, despite her repeated demonstrations that she is a blithering idiot prone to counterfactual assertions and astonishing crimes against logic.

To close this post, perhaps I should provide you with a glimpse of the DaleyGator Scale of Stupidity. this is in no way a complete list, just a small taste ranking those individuals mentioned in this post, and a few others


A Crash Test Dummy

A Tree Stump

Janet Napoiltano

Amanda Marcotte

The entire MSNBS prime time line up

Anyone who believes anything anyone on MSNBS says

Phil Donahue

Jimmy Carter. Note, there is no living, or dead thing that is as stupid as Carter


Sure Feminists support women, as long as the women know their place that is!

Part of Stacy McCain’s National Offend a Feminist Week

And their place, under Feminuts Doctrine is on the Plantation of Accepted Liberal Ideas, where any view point can be proudly expressed. As long as it is approved by Liberals of course! Now what does this mean? Well it means that only certain women are deemed fit by Leftist Feminuts. Here is a quick checklist

An “approved woman” must vehemently embrace abortion on demand. No pro-life views are welcomed or tolerated! Remember that unless a woman is aborting her baby, she is not really free!

An “approved woman” firmly holds fast to Liberal ideology on every issue, or else!

An “approved woman” never celebrates icky things like marriage, which is really just rape after all, or giving birth, because a baby in the womb is just a parasite anyway.

An “approved woman” only makes those lifestyle choices that are pre-approved by Feminuts like Amanda Marcotte. Remember ladies you can do anything you wish, as long as the Feminuts grant you permission of course!

Unapproved lifestyle choices include being a Conservative, a Republican, anything except a Democrat, being attractive to men, liking being attractive, and smiling, remember womyn are OPPRESSED so look angry all the time! Also under no circumstances whatsoever should a woman like to make men happy, or enjoy cooking, housework, or raising kids. And, of course no posing for any type pf photo shoot that might appeal to men! And working at Hooters, known as the Seventh Circle of Hell to Feminists is STRICTLY prohibited!

More Feminist Offending greatness via Matt who posts THIS OFFENSIVELY OFFENSIVE picture at The Conservative Hideout! Outrageously outrageous outrage from Feminuts in 3,2,1….

How can we be so sure that the Left is crazy?

Because folks, you just cannot fake this kind of insanity!

One of the amazing things about the whole debt-ceiling episode is how it has caused liberals to say stuff even crazier than the crazy stuff they usually say. Michael Lind at Salon:

The debt ceiling crisis is the latest case in which the radical right in the South has held America hostage until its demands are met. Presidents Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln refused to appease the Southern fanatics. Unfortunately, President Obama and the Democrats in Congress chose not to follow their example and instead gave in. In doing so, they have encouraged the neo-Confederate minority in Congress to find yet another opportunity in the near future to extort concessions from America’s majority by sabotaging America’s government.

That’s some 180-proof crazy. But when it comes to pure high-octane crazy, nobody beats Amanda Marcotte:

Now it’s time to reflect on how our country has gone so far off track that we can’t even handle the basic responsibility of keeping the country from plunging into a manufactured crisis that nearly led to economic collapse. There are multiple causes, but one that hasn’t been discussed much is abortion.
Yes, abortion. Or, more specifically, the sustained sex panic that has been going on in this country since the sixties and seventies, when the sexual revolution occurred and women secured their reproductive rights. . . . [I]t’s sex panic that helped create the modern right-wing populist, and it’s the modern right-wing populist that created the current crisis. . . .
The genius of conservative leadership was that they were able to take all this anger about sexual freedom and desegregation and put the blame on two enemies: Democrats and the federal government.

So, how nutty IS Paul Krugman? Nutty enough to be the Marxist Moron of the Day

Paul Krugman, Laureate of the Sveriges Riksban...
Image via Wikipedia

So nutty he thinks Amanda Marcotte is a good sane source

See “Conceder In Chief (via Memeorandum):

Amanda Marcotte is right: of course the big problem is the craziness of the GOP. That said, I am among those in a state of suppressed rage and panic over the president’s negotiating strategy.

So here is the column or part of it, that Krugman, who considers himself rational and wise thinks is spot on!

So, I posted earlier today about what jackass crazy fuckwits run the Republican party and that’s why we’re in this current crisis,

You are welcome to read it all, but it does get any more lucid, Marcotte is a far Left loon, and I suppose we have to assume that Krugman is to.


Your Feminut moment of the day

Do you ever wonder if maybe Feminuts like Amanda Marcotte are just trying to be asinine? Or are they really this deranged?

Don’t think the Republicans’ move to get America’s vaginas back to cherished 50s-era restrictions will end with banning abortion and restricting contraception.  After that’s done, the next step is moving us back to the god-fearing age when women wore thick pads and belts.  Proper ladies know that menstruation is god’s reminder that we’re evil, and should be dealt with in a way that maximizes discomfort and humiliation.

And you wonder why I refer to these WOMYN, as I understand they prefer to be called, feminuts? Odd isn’t it? If you take the Amanda Marcottes of the world at their word, you might think that the ONLY keeping women, excuse me WOMYN, free is the right to butcher their babies in the womb. Also, please note that Marcotte is obviously suffering from one of the dreaded Liberal Maladies I have diagnosed, Eternal Bitterness Syndrome I believe it is in this case! Be careful Amanda, get treatment soon or you might end up slumming around and looking like Jeneane Garafalo!