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Well, I think we know where Randy stands

Randy, of the Roundtable, has his candidate and even throws in his pick for VP too

The only “electable” candidate who I agree with on most issues. If Michelle Bachmann is the VP pick they will roll over Barry…

Perry/Bachman? Hmmmm Perry/Cain would be my choice, but either way Perry is likely the best candidate when all the factors are weighed.

I initially supported Cain, and I admire him tremendously, but, he is lagging, as the Iowa Straw Poll results show. Romney? the base is very iffy on him, although most would vote for him if he is nominated. Bachman? A big fan of hers but, I fear what the media might be able to do to her, think Palinize her. Paul? Give me a break, he is a joke. Gingrich? Pawlenty? Huntsman? No chance in Hell.

Finally, there is Sarah Palin, but, I am pretty much convinced she will not run, I think Perry entry pretty much finalizes that. They are pretty close and I think Palin will be a big supporter of Rick Perry.

Fact is, Perry is popular amongst the Tea Party, he has an incredible job creation record. He is a Fiscal, and Social Conservative, and folks, he would eradicate Obama in debates!

Here is his first ad

*VIDEO* Mark Steyn Gauges 2012 GOP Field

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H/T The Daily Caller

Rumors confirmed! Formerly relevant blogger IS still on the Internet!

That former relevant blogger, now just another Leftist douchebag with an over-inflated sense of self-importance is Charles Johnson. Stacy McCain wanted to remind us that Johnson IS, indeed STILL on the net, and that he is STILL, a fool!

Excuse me for reminding you that Charles Johnson is still on the Internet. He hasn’t done anything useful in so long, you might not realize he used to be somebody important.

Here is what Chuckles posted about Michelle Bachman, who he hates because she is smarter, and far more relevant than he is

Are you ready for Herman Cain 2012?

I like Cain a lot, and he is one of those possible candidates that I would love to be able to choose from. We have several very exciting candidates and I hope the Republican leadership will stay the Hell out-of-the-way and let Republican voters decide who OUR choice is! Herman Cain 2012? Bring that on!

Former Godfathers Pizza chief executive Herman Cain says he’s definitely forming an exploratory committee — likely within the next several weeks — to test the waters for a possible Republican presidential run in 2012.

Cain, a radio talk show host and favorite of the Tea Party movement, confirmed the news in an interview with The Daily Caller. He suggested that a presidential campaign is likely, but said he hasn’t made a final decision.

“Bottom line is, all of the indicators and all of the benchmarks that I had laid out and we had laid out as a team are all moving in the direction of yes,” Cain said. “We haven’t gotten there yet, but we’re moving in that direction.”

Now, I am sure that some of our ever wise Meghan McCain/David Brooks Republicans will say that Cain can never win, and we should seek a more “centrist” candidate, but, again, I say, let the Republican voters decide, and let the RINOs stay out of the way!

I also hope we can see several substantive debates, and CNN and the Tea Party Express are planning some it seems.

CNN, which has heavily promoted its nonpartisan brand through the midterm season, is jumping into the 2012 GOP primary debate fray with a bold move: teaming up with the Tea Party Express.

The debate will take place during Labor Day week next year in Tampa, the site of the 2012 Republican National Convention, and will focus on the economy and the signature tea party issue of government spending.

Palin vs Krauthammer

Sarah Palin, may, or may not run in 2012, time will tell. I am amused at those who want to hold the election now rather than letting time weed out the viable candidates.

Vodpod videos no longer available.