Karma, OH YES!

Via Zendo Deb comes this nugget of non-tipping justice

He didn’t tip the bartender, and that led to his arrest in burning of Key West landmark

CNN) — A Key West bartender who on New Year’s Day saw images of the men who had vandalized the Florida city’s landmark recognized one of them: It was the bar patron who had stiffed him the night before.

Cameron Briody’s recall of the face and his bar’s receipts helped police identify the two men suspected of defacing the famous “Southernmost Point” buoy landmark.

Scanning the news the morning after his busy New Year’s Eve shift at Irish Kevin’s Bar, Briody realized he had seen one of the men the night before. The patron stuck in his mind because he had ordered three rounds of drinks and didn’t tip for any of them.

“I knew immediately that I had served him and that he had used a card, so his name would be on the slips,” Briody told the Miami Herald.

Jerks are jerks, and have severe character flaws. Flaws like not tipping. A bartender will never forget such a patron, because that patron screwed them over. Rule #1 of dining/drinking out? Do NOT screw the bartender

Some people are just massive assholes

19th Ward has such a miserable human beings

And, 19th Ward also features an asshole who should never have been a cop, because he is an asshole!

Off-duty Chicago cop opened fire in Blue Island bowling alley, wounding three people, during drunken fight over restroom:

After getting knocked to the floor, an “intoxicated” Kyjuan Tate grabbed his gun and held it against the head of the man he was fighting at the Burr Oak Bowl at 3030 W. 127th St. in Blue Island, prosecutors said.
By David StruettTom Schuba, and Matthew Hendrickson Updated Jan 14, 2022, 2:15pm CST

An off-duty Chicago police officer shot and wounded three people inside a bowling alley in Blue Island when a drunken argument over using a restroom escalated into a fist fight, according to Cook County prosecutors.

After getting knocked to the floor, Kyjuan Tate, 27, grabbed his gun and held it against the head of the man he was fighting at the Burr Oak Bowl at 3030 W. 127th St. in Blue Island, prosecutors said.

Tate pulled the trigger once, the bullet grazing the man’s right ear and then traveling across the room and hitting a 52-year-old man in the chest, prosecutors said. The bullet exited the man’s back and lodged in the left hand of a 33-year-old manager of the bowling alley.

What an asshole

CNN, the Dumpster Fire of media!

Remember when CNN had some credibility, long, long ago? Not anymore, as The Other McCain notes

CNN has lost 90% of its audience since Donald Trump left the White House, a predictable consequence of Jeff Zucker’s decision to go all-in on anti-Trump programming. John Nolte at Breitbart comments:

CNN is left-wing talk radio with pictures, and CNN is failing at that because MSNBC does it a whole lot better with superior production values and appealing anchors. . . .
CNN chief Jeff Zucker sold the soul of the 40-year-old CNN brand to enjoy a few good ratings months during the Trump years. And it worked. But only for a few months. Now CNN is disgraced, a national punchline, and other than pointing and laughing, no one pays attention to it anymore

It is difficult to explain, and impossible to exaggerate, just how far CNN has fallen. In October, it was noted that CNN’s Reliable Sources program with Brian Stelter attracted only 85,000 viewers ages 25-54 (the so-called “demo” on which advertising rates are based), which was lower than re-runs on other cable networks of FriendsGolden Girls and Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and even lower than the cartoons Paw Patrol and Spongebob Squarepants. In a nation of 325 million people, a demo audience of 85,000 is microscopic; Stelter is irrelevant, an asterisk in the ratings.

Massive FAIL! Honestly, what could these idiots expect to happen. They do tailored their content to conspiracy theory, tin foil hat territory. They smear half the country every minute, they drone on and on with their talking points. Yet, they persist, Marxist Morons to the core!!

Keys to NOT getting shot #1

Do NOT attend “rap” concerts Also, notice how long it takes for ABC to note this happened at a rap concert

EUGENE, Ore. — Six people were shot during a concert at an event hall in Oregon on Friday night, and the suspected shooter was not yet in custody, police said.

Officers responded to the WOW Hall in Eugene after reports of a shooting around 9:30 p.m., police said in a statement.

What law enforcement found when they came on scene is what you would exactly expect when six people just got shot,” Eugene Police Chief Chris Skinner said at a news conference. “People are just trying to get out of here, their friends are on the ground, they’re trying to help.”

Six people were taken to the hospital, and at least one of them was in critical condition, Skinner said. The extent of the other injuries was not immediately clear.

The shooting happened in a back parking lot outside the venue, police and WOW Hall leaders said.

A concert featuring Lil Bean & Zay Bang, and other artists, was being held at the hall at the time.

And that one sentence is the only place the type of concert it was is mentioned. HMMMMM.

The newest most RAAAAACIST thing evah?

Traffic cameras!

Lifted from the comments, a technological feat:  

Traffic cameras in Chicago disproportionately ticket Black and Latino motorists. 

Readers are invited to spot the word that’s doing the heavy lifting. It appears 1o times in the article quoted above, excluding variations.

The red-light and speed cameras are, we’re told, “distributed roughly evenly among the city’s Black, Latino and white neighbourhoods.” Despite which, “the ticketing rate for households in majority-Black ZIP codes” is “more than three times that of households in majority-white areas.” And so, explanations are searched out, including the width of a given road, the effect of passing vacant lots, and the geographical distribution of grocery stores. “Structural racism” is of course invoked, a phenomenon that apparently includes ticketing cyclists who choose to ride on the pavement, illegally.

Thing the left admits to, without realizing it

Things like “equity” is NOT about improving anything, or success. Observe

The school board in Bozeman, Montana passed a policy to “eliminate achievement gaps and meet the individual needs of all students” which explicitly had the term “equity” removed because of its connection to Critical Race Theory…

“Trustee Lisa Weaver said the policy was succinct and clear without using “extraneous words that have become divisive” and she was grateful for the work that had been done on it since it was originally introduced.

“‘The people who are supporting the removal of the equity language are not supporting racism,’ Weaver said.

“In mid-June, the policy went through first reading and board discussion without much fanfare. At the June 28 board meeting, the policy revisions were tabled after dozens of people raised concerns with the word equity and what they said were connections to critical race theory.”

So, the parents changed something, and the result was a unanimous vote for the change. But……………..

While the policy passed unanimously, a handful of board members expressed disappointment with some of the edits during their discussion.

“Trustee Douglas Fischer said the district’s inability to put the word equity into its institutional framework is an example of the problem they’re trying to address, systemic inequity and systemic racism.

“‘We have said over and over that words matter but yet here we have an equity policy without the word equity in it. It troubles me,’ said Fischer.”

If it is a policy Fischer approves of, why bitch about the wording? Political Hat hasthe reason I think

Notice, further, how they are dismayed that this is a “student success policy” and not an “equity policy”. They make it very clear that students succeeding and “equity” are completely different things.

“‘I think this policy has evolved into a different policy. I don’t consider it an equity policy. This is a student success policy,’ Lusin said. ‘… To apply this policy, put it in action in the classroom will require diversity, inclusion and equity.’”


When things that “never happen” happen

The Cult of Gun Control insist that good guys with guns never stop bad guys committing violence. Zendo Deb who REALLY hates me, notes that actually, good guys with guns do such things many times, as in this case

There are not many details available for this shooting. Man’s alleged bizarre rampage ends with him shot, killed by homeowner.

It started with a guy backing a Mustang through the doors of a KFC.

The man took off down the street where authorities said he plowed through several yards before trying to ram his car into a home’s porch, thankfully not causing any damage. Investigators said he hopped out of the car and headed for the front door.

“He was knocking on doors, knocking on windows, just basically causing a general disruption,” said Brooke Arbeitman, the spokesperson for the OSBI. “The homeowner had a weapon and fired shots, and the suspect there was killed inside the home”

Maybe the Cult of Gun Control would not list the guy shot as a “bad guy”, or maybe they just hate guns, and self-defense!

The feds were regulating French dressing?


The Association for Dressings and Sauces’s decades-long battle to revoke the standards for French dressing has finally come to an end, with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) agreeing to deregulate a label the group said “restricts innovation.”

The decision from the FDA revokes the so-called “standard of identity” on the books since 1950 that dictates what ingredients manufacturers must include in order to market their product as French dressing.

Exit question… Should Uncle Sam be all up in our salad dressings? If you took more than a half second to yell out Hell No, then shame