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*VIDEO* Congressman Trey Gowdy: IRS Parasite Lois Lerner Will Testify Before Committee


2012: The Year In Douchebaggery… So Far

Note: since practically everything that politicians do can be considered douchebaggery, I’ve decided to refrain from including them in this post. Frankly, there just isn’t enough room on this blog to list all the political douchebaggery that’s gone on since the beginning of the year..


North Carolina Man Arrested After Trying To Purchase Items At Wall-Mart With Million Dollar Bill

Couple Arrested After Pulling Up To McDonald’s Drive-Thru Completely Naked

Man Burned Down His Own Home So His Wife Wouldn’t Move In

Dude Dressed In Drag To Fill Stolen Oxy Prescription

Man Jailed After Exposing Penis During Alvin And The Chipmunks Movie

Creepy Perv Exposes Himself To Woman While Wearing Bra And Crotchless Panties In Maternity Clothing Store

Demented Freak Arrested For Having Sex With Landlord’s Dog

Woman Calls Police To Demand Refund After Crack Dealer Sells Her Sugar

Psychopath Jailed For Having Sex With Puppy While Little Boy Watched

Woman Offers McDonald’s Customers Sex In Exchange For Chicken Nuggets

Woman Disguised Herself As A Boy So She Could Date Her Underage Female Friends

Scumbag Felon Sues Families Of People He Killed While Driving Drunk

Drunken Idiot Beats Wife, Claims Ghost Did It

Man Shoots Nail Into His Brain, Posts It To Facebook From Ambulance

Four-Year-Old To Cops: “My Mommy Smokes Weed All The Time”

Psycho Jailed After Hacking Man To Death With Ax, Eating His Eyeball And Brain Matter

Okay, You Can Buy Two Egg McMuffins And A Medium Coffee, OR…

The Next ‘American Idol’ Judge? Probably Not

Millionaire Adopts His Girlfriend As His Daughter ‘To Protect His Fortune From Family Of Man Killed In DUI Crash’

Pervert Teacher Charged With Blindfolding Young Students, Feeding Them His Semen

Assclown Stabs Brother Repeatedly Over McDonald’s Brownie

Naked Man Breaks Into Grocery Store, Smears Chocolate And Peanut Butter On Himself

Canadian Company Invents Scratch-And-Sniff Jeans For Men (Video)

Idiot Tries To Set His Wife On Fire, Torches Himself Instead

Fart Joke Leads To Bomb Scare As 11 Agencies Swoop Down On Mississippi School

Mother Punched Her 10-Year-Old Son In The Face During Anger Management Class

Naked Drunk Chick Arrested After Leading Cops On Slow-Speed Chase

74-Year-Old Man Jailed After Offering Oral Sex To Undercover Cops

300-Pound Naked Man Walks Into Walmart, Steals Socks (Video)

Psycho Woman Attacks Guy With A Knife Because He Didn’t Get Her A Valentine’s Day Gift

Son Serves 98-Year-Old Mother With Eviction Notice On Her Birthday

Drunk Woman Gets Into Two Accidents After Driving Her Kids To School

Apartment Manager Jailed After Sneaking Into Tenant’s Apartment, Sodomizing His Dog

Animal Rights Lunatic Jailed After Attempting To Hire Hit Man To Kill Random Person Caught Wearing Fur

Naked S.C. Man Steals Fire Truck, Kills Pedestrian

Illegal Alien Released On Bail After Getting Busted For Masturbating In Front Of Women And Children

Man Walks Into Denny’s Restaurant, Declares Himself The New Manager, Begins Cooking Himself A Hamburger

Trio Jailed After Using Craigslist To Find Dog For Sex

Lottery Winner Using Food Stamps: ‘I Thought Maybe It Was Okay Because I’m Not Working’

Man Robs Girl, Then Asks Her Out On A Date… Then Robs Her Again

Man Jailed For Having Sex With Two Pit Bulls

Funeral Home Employee Jailed After Sexually Assaulting Woman’s Corpse

Drunk Chick Jailed After Calling 911 And Asking Cops To Help Her Find A Place To Pee

CEO Of Texas Planned Parenthood Busted For Indecent Exposure At Kids Baseball Field

Woman Jailed After Threatening To Kill President Obama Over Child Custody Laws

Denver Toilet Burglar Nabbed

North Dakota Woman Marries… Herself

Minnesota Man Thrown In Jail For Failing To Put Up Siding On His Home (Video)

Man Jailed After Calling 911 Because Wife Was Sitting Next To Him

‘Borat’ National Anthem Accidentally Played For Kazakh Athlete (Video)

Turkish Shampoo Ad Featuring Hitler Sparks Outrage (Video)

Trayvon Martin Anti-Violence Protester Ends Day By Beating Up Girlfriend, Now In Jail (Video)

Austrian Man Saws Off Own Foot To Avoid Losing Unemployment Benefits

Shocking Discovery With ‘Cannibal’ Abortion Doctor

Croatian Woman Making Fortune From Made-To-Measure Penis Warmers

Crazy Bastard Found Passed Out Drunk On Side Of Road, Has 0.552 Blood-Alcohol Content

*VIDEO* Drunk Dude Sings Entire Bohemian Rhapsody Song In Back Of Police Car

Woman Jailed After Calling 911 To Complain About Hamburger

Woman Jailed After Offering Sex To Officer In Exchange For McDonald’s Double Cheeseburgers

Obama’s Drunk-Driving, Illegal Alien Uncle Issued ‘Hardship Driver’s License’

Creepy Dude Jailed After Exposing Himself To Children While Wearing Black Dress

Five Charged After Chinese Teen Sells Kidney To Buy iPhone

Couple Jailed After Their Four Young Children Tested Positive For Cocaine… Again!

Drunken Douchebags have Sex On Front Lawn Of Pediatrics Office While Children Watch In Horror

British Scientist ‘Fathered 600 Children’ By Donating Sperm At His Own Fertility Clinic

Woman Breaks Into Home, Attempts To Breastfeed Stranger’s Baby

Woman Claimed She Was Dying Of Cancer To Con Donors Into Providing Dream Wedding As Dying Wish

*VIDEO* Anderson Cooper Has Another Girlish Giggle Fit While Covering ‘Dyngus Day’ Celebrations

San Francisco Leftists Spent $205,075 To Dig Up A Bush

Man Jailed After Officers Discover 89 Bags Of Drugs Tied To His Penis

Oops: Cable Co. Airs Hardcore Porn During ABC‘s ’Good Morning America’

Dumbass Gets DUI In Own Front Yard After Repeatedly Crashing Into Trees

Couple Arrested After Ex-Landlord Finds Dead Baby In Freezer Of Rental Property

German Man Calls Police After Woman Demands Too Much Sex

Demented Freak Jailed After Witnesses Catch Him Raping His Dog

Drunken Idiot Jailed After Attempting To Rob Store With Hot Dog Tongs

Dumbest Terrorist On The Planet Turns Himself In… For The Reward

Gay Porn Interrupts Canadian Local TV Newscast

Douchebag Commits Robbery 16 Minutes After Bonding Out Of Jail

Virginia Teacher Arrested After Allegedly Lining Up Students, Shooting Them With Blanks

Egypt’s “Farewell Intercourse” Law May Soon Allow Husbands To Have Sex With Their Dead Wives

Nude Motorcycle Passenger Allowed To Ride On After She Gets ‘No Helmet’ Ticket

Man With Clown Hair Jailed After Head-Butting Mother, Burning Down House Over Cell Phone

Shirtless Assclowns Get Kicked Out Of Bar, Then Barricade The Doors And Set The Place On Fire (Video)

Idiot Tries To Convince Traffic Cop That He’s A Cop Too, Fails Miserably

Sick, Demented Freak Jailed After Downloading Child Porn, Having Sex With Girlfriend’s Dog

Florida County Purchases Hundreds Of New Cars… Then Abandons Them For Years In Parking Garage

Woman Charged With Pretending To Have Cancer To Raise Money For Breast Implants

Wackjob Crashes Car Into Federal Building, Then Strips Naked And Flees From The Scene

Thousands Of Pills Filled With Powdered Human Baby Flesh Discovered By Customs Officials In South Korea

Sicko Charged With Incest And Bestiality After Molesting Family Member And Dog

Naked Guy Riding Unicycle Arrested On Texas Bridge

Man Legally Changes Name To Tyrannosaurus Rex

Creepy Old Dude Busted For Calling 911 Repeatedly To Talk Dirty To Operators

Evil Clown Being Hired By Parents To Stalk And Threaten Kids On Their Birthdays

Oregon Issuing Unemployment Checks To Fugitive Child Molesters

Drunk Couple Arrested For Driving Car With Four Children Tied To Hood

18-Month-Old Girl Removed From Plane After TSA Finds Her On No-Fly List

Woman Busted After Handing Cop Her Driver’s License With Pot Stuck To It

Child Porn Suspect Caught In Underwear Stabbing Computer With Samurai Sword

Naked Gunman Shot By Police As He Embarked On Rampage Near College Campus

Chinese High School Administers IV Drips In Classroom

Woman Arrested After Strolling Through Store Naked

64-Year Old Woman Arrested After Allegedly Trying To Rob The Same Bank Three Times

Naked Drunk Guy Attacks Resident Of Apartment Complex, Gets Bashed In The Face, Arrested

Former CNN Headline News President Caught On Video Putting Dog Crap In Neighbor’s Mailbox

Cop Breaks Into Neighbor’s Home To Do His Laundry

Female Candidate For Mexican Congress Goes Topless On Giant Billboard In An Effort To Win Votes

Police Arrest Drunk Driver With A Zebra And Parrot In The Passenger Seat (Video)

Woman With Massive Breasts Claims She Was Fired From Lingerie Store For Being “Too Hot” (Video)

Moron Jailed After Asking Cops To Give Back The Illegal Drugs He Left At A Grocery Store

School Prom Held At Same Place And Time As Porn Convention

Idiot Is Too Busy Beating His Girlfriend To Drive Properly, Crashes Into 8 Cars And A Light Pole

Bill Clinton Surrounded By Porn Stars

Douchebag Arrested For Pulling Gun To Cut In Line At McDonald’s Drive-Thru

Zombie Apocalypse! Naked Man Shot While Eating Other Naked Man’s Face On Miami Causeway (Video)

Real-Life Hannibal Lecter Who Ate Face Of Naked Homeless Man Identified As Rudy Eugene

Two Assclowns Charged With Theft After Attempting To Steal Clock From Police Station Interview Room

Kitten-Killing Cannibal Porn Star Luka Rocco Magnotta Sought In Ottawa-Montreal Body Parts Case; Snuff Video Uncovered

Douchebag Crashed Truck Into Taco Bell Because His Order Was Incomplete

Man Disembowels Self, Throws Intestines At Officers

Cleaning Fairy Breaks Into Houses And Leaves Cleaning Bill (Video)

Superhero Impersonator Died Wrapped In Three Rolls Of Cling Film And Nylon Sheet When Bizarre Sex Game Went Wrong

Baltimore College Student Murders Housemate, Dismembers Him And Eats His Heart And Brain (Video)

Couple Googled How To Kill People In Their Sleep Before Murdering Girl, Then Discussed What To Do With Her Body On Facebook

Fugitive Gay Porn Star, Cannibal Killer Luka Rocco Magnotta Captured In Berlin

Outrage As Video Of ‘Sick’ Prankster Faking Zombie Attacks In Miami Sweeps Web After Outbreak Of Real-Life Cannibal Crimes

Stoned Mom Drives Off With Baby On Top Of Car, Infant Found Laying In Street

“Artist” Turns Dead Cat Into Helicopter (Video)

Miss Ohio Cites Prostitute In ‘Pretty Woman’ As ‘Positive And Accurate’ Depiction Of Women During Miss USA Pageant (Videos)

Mother And Son Flee Village After Their Incestuous Relationship Leads To Second Pregnancy

Miami Homeless Man High On ‘Bath Salts’ Growls, Tries To Bite Police Officer And Smashes His Head Against Cell

Another Bath Salts-Crazed, Face-Eating Cannibal Attack

Addressing High Tuition Costs, Denver College Cuts Tuition In Half… For Illegal Aliens

State Worker Created Fake Family For Benefits

2012: World Naked Bike Ride, Rides Again (Pictures / Videos)

Obama EPA Wants To Regulate Ditches And Gullies As ‘Navigable Waterways’

Moron Calls 911 To Complain About His Sandwich Order (Audio)

Pervert Jailed After Stripping Naked Near Playground, Threatening To Molest 3-Year-Old Girl

Indian Man Chops Off Daughter’s Head With Sword, Carries Both Through Town To Police Station

Psycho Mom Found Naked In Drug Store After Abandoning Her Kids In Car She Crashed Into Bus

Nutbag Jailed After Having Sex With Teddy Bear In Public… Again

Registered Sex Offender Busted For Sunbathing In The Nude While Holding A Rubber Penis

400-Pound Woman Arrested After Stripping Naked At Bus Stop

Another Drug-Crazed, Naked Cannibal Attack

Man Charged After He Loses His Cell Phone With Child Porn On It

Bath Salts Junkie Smashes 77-Year-Old Women In Head With Shovel, Claims He’s An Alien Who Talks To Jesus

Dumb Bastard Arrested After Pretending To Be Cop, Pulling Over Actual Cop

Drug-Crazed Lunatic Chases Neighbor While Growling Like An Animal, Then Kills And Eats Dog

‘Prussian Blue’ Girls: “Marijuana Changed Us From Nazis To Peace-Loving Hippies”

A Little Reminder To All You Leftists On The Anniversary Of Osama’s Death


If the C.I.A. had been forced to refrain from utilizing the enhanced interrogation techniques that Barack Obama and the entire Democrat party leadership fought tooth-and-nail to get rid of, Osama Bin Laden would still be alive today. The information acquired from the terrorists upon whom those techniques were employed was integral in finding Bin Laden, as well as other Al-Qaeda leaders. This is no big secret, it’s a well-known fact, yet Obama is more than happy to let you continue to delude yourselves into thinking that his war policies had something to do with Osama’s death. They didn’t, and every Democrat politician from D.C. to Dallas knows it.

Beyond that, your leftist leaders and their minions in the Jurassic media would have you believe that Obama’s decision to allow our special forces personnel to kill Bin Laden, once they discovered his whereabouts, was somehow a “gutsy call”, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Obama had NO ALTERNATIVE but to make the call he did. If you don’t think so, just imagine what would have happened to his re-election chances if the American people found out that he’d had an opportunity to authorize the death of the most wanted terrorist in history and refused to do it! The Republicans could run a stale potato chip against him in November and win in a landslide. You all know that’s true, just as you know that Mitt Romney would have made the exact same call for the exact same reason. Only a suicidally stupid politician wouldn’t have done so.

So let’s recap…

1.) Bin Laden was hunted down and killed in spite of Obama’s policies, not because of them.

2.) Obama made the only call possible under the circumstances, just like any other president would have.

3.) You’re all a bunch of idiots.

Shirtless Assclowns Get Kicked Out Of Bar, Then Barricade The Doors And Set The Place On Fire (Video)

Stunning Video: Two Men Set Texas Bar On Fire After They Were Kicked Out, And The Patrons Were Still Inside – The Blaze

Two shirtless men were caught on camera in Houston setting a bar on fire after they were allegedly kicked out for fighting– and the patrons were still inside when they did it.

The stunning footage shows the men closing and barricading the front and back doors before dousing them with gasoline, allegedly yelling “This place is gonna burn!”


Thankfully, they neglected a third door and everyone was able to escape.

The attempted arson actually occurred on April 19, but the video has only recently been released to the public.

It was uploaded onto YouTube by “Crime Stoppers of Houston,” which hopes that increased exposure and a $5,000 reward will help lead to the suspects’ expedited arrest.

Police believe they have identified one of the men as 30-year-old Jamie Mata, and think the other one is nicknamed “Pepe,” but they’re both on the run.

The men both face charges of felony arson, and a warrant has been issued for Mata’s arrest.

Click HERE For Rest Of Story

Douchenozzle Trips Over His Own Pants While Running With Stolen Beer (Video)

Man Jailed After Stumbling Over Baggy Pants During Florida Beer Heist – Weekly Vice

Back in May of this year, we posted the video above which shows a beer thief stumbling over his baggy pants while attempting to make off with two cases of Bud Light.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office released surveillance camera footage of the attempted heist in hopes that someone would provide information that would lead to an arrest.


According to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, a break in the case came on August 16 when a deputy spotted a black Chevy Malibu in the Lake Wales area that matched the getaway vehicle seen in the surveillance camera footage.

When detectives interviewed the vehicle’s owner, she admitted to loaning her vehicle to two men who told her they were going for a beer run.

As a result of the investigation, Miguel Ortiz (the beer thief) and Juan Luis Gutierrez (the driver) were arrested and charged with petit theft.

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*VIDEOS* Barack Obama’s Hidden Past – With Bill Whittle

(Part 1)

(Part 2)

(Part 3)


*VIDEO* Tea Party Member Finds Two Slimeball Wisconsin Democrats Hiding In Rockford Illinois

The slimeball Senators were identified as Robert Jauch and Jim Holperin.

Flag Removed: Interview with school Superintendent — KTXL

KTXL FOX40 – This is simply unacceptablde! The “supervisor” who told the child to take the flag off should be fired! Luckily the outrage made the wimps and political correctors eat their words and retreat. And the kids who might cause problems over an American flag need to be dealt with, and if they cannot learn to be tolerant, they ought to be booted out of school! If safety is a concern, then by George punish those who use threats of violence, not those exercising their rights!

Vodpod videos no longer available.