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Rights? The Left hates those

Parental rights? The left mocks such ideals

A bill was introduced Thursday to the California Senate that would allow children 12 and older to be vaccinated for diseases like COVID-19 without a parent’s approval

SB 866, introduced by state Sens. Scott Wiener and Richard Pan, stipulates certain criteria for the vaccines that minors would be able to receive without parental consent.

An eligible vaccine must be “approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration” and meet “the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

See, to the left, all rights must come from government. What else would these idiots allow teens to do without their, like totally lame parents permission?

This is about empowering teenagers to make decisions on their own health and their own safety,” said Wiener of the bill, according to the Los Angeles Times. “Almost a million California teenagers are unvaccinated, and for a lot of those teens it’s because their parents either refuse to get them vaccinated or they have not yet gotten around to it.”

No, you lying statist tool, this is about empowering buffoons like you to run the lives of others.

The Left is redefining oppression

The Other McCain highlights the targeting of “aspiring rappers” who just wanna “Pimp some hoes!”

Solomon “Raz” Simone hasn’t been arrested or shot dead yet, and he’s had more career success than most aspiring rappers, but we can categorically include him as “a member of the urban criminal class”:

Seattle rapper Solomon “Raz” Simone is reportedly being sued by five women alleging sexual abuse and assault. According to KUOW, four of them say the 32-year-old sex trafficked and abused them. One of the alleged victims, identified only as Pearl, claims Simone sex trafficked her in Las Vegas for over a year, until she finally broke free in 2017.

Go read it all, the accusations are disturbing in the extreme.

Climate Change power grabs continue

Via Moonbattery comes this

To the list of harmless good things restricted because our moonbat overlords regard them as offensive to the climate, we can now add sunrooms in Britain:

They may be a sought-after addition to many middle-class homes but the sun traps can overheat in our increasingly warm summers.

Because we all know how hot and sunny it gets in Britain.

From June, any conservatory intended as part of a new development will need to show it will not create ‘unwanted solar gain’.

“Solar gain” — like light bulbs, fossil fuels, economic freedom, and everything else leftists disapprove of — will make it be too warm, not just in the sunroom, but globally. Otherwise, what conceivable business could it be of Big Government whether you let the sun warm your sunroom?

The change is part of a raft of measures aimed at future-proofing homes against summers where temperatures are predicted to reach 40C (104F).

A high of 104°F would be mild for a summer day here in Phoenix, but is unlikely to be experienced in Britain, where as noted at Pirate’s Cove, the average daily high in July is 70°F. However, temperatures will skyrocket any minute now unless we turn over all power and wealth to leftists, according to global warming doctrine.

The new rules, which also aim to improve domestic ventilation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent, will limit window sizes according to which direction they face and whether the home is likely to overheat.

Have I mentioned that Leftism destroys everything?

What is wrong with Electric Vehicles?

Mike McDaniel lists the numerous issue with EV’s

Allow me please, gentle readers, to clarify one issue: I have nothing against electric vehicles, nor anyone who likes or owns them.  I do, however, object to government picking winners in the marketplace, particularly using taxpayer money to do it.  I also object to mandates for reasons that should be obvious to all by now.  Government does it badly when health is involved; they’ll do worse when it’s not.  If one wants to buy an EV and can afford it, buy seven: one for each day of the week and change them like underwear.  That way, at least one should be charged up.

It’s been my experience most of the coverage of EVs in the vehicle press is little short of cheerleading, with a tiny bit of reality snuck in here and there.  This article by Torque wasn’t quite so bad, and actually provides a healthy dose of reality:

Battery-electric vehicles are about to become the default family vehicle in America. It may happen in a year or two, or maybe five or ten, but every major automaker and the entirety of the party controlling Congress and the Executive branch have sworn to make it so. Who are we to stand in front of a train? All aboard!

As I’ve often explained, no, they won’t become “the default family vehicle in America.”  Not only are there not enough resources in the ground to make all the batteries required, even Elon Musk of Tesla recently admitted we do not have, and will not have, sufficient grid capacity to charge all those EVs.  And no, this will not stop Climate Change and save the planet.  EV and Climate Change true believers seem to have no idea how electricity is generated.  It’s not clean—they refuse to allow nuclear plants which are (mostly)—and enough plants to charge vehicles would surely produce more pollution than internal combustion engines do today.  But let’s ignore the cheerleading and plunge ahead:

Go read it all, it is very enlightening. EV’s have serious issues that make them, in many cases highly impractical. Range, speed, finding a recharging station, the speed of recharging, how cold weather affects their performance, and so on, and so on, and……

And of course, no we have to make M&M’s more inclusive

What is wrong with these wokers? And why do CEO’s continue to grovel to them? I mean changing chocolate candies to be more “diverse”? What is next? M&Ms with preferred pronouns?

M&M’s are getting a sweet makeover in 2022.

Mars, Incorporated announced Thursday that they will be redesigning their M&M’s mascots — the array of rainbow-colored talking chocolate balls.

The characters are changing up their looks for “a fresh, modern take” on their style and “more nuanced personalities to underscore the importance of self-expression and power of community through storytelling,” Mars said in a statement, adding that today’s “more dynamic, progressive world” would be reflected in the changes.

Someone grab me a vomit bag, because the story has far more absurdity

We took a deep look at our characters, both inside and out, and have evolved their look, personalities and backstories to be more representative of today’s society,” a brand representative said. “As the world changes, so do we.”

The characters will have their prefixes erased from their names so that “their personalities, rather than their gender” will become the main focus.

Good Freaking Grief!! Was anyone actually pondering the gender of a piece of candy??

Ah yes, self-defense is a natural right isn’t it?

Zendo Deb has the scoop. Apparently an obsessed ex could not move on and well…………………

 His defense was self-defense: Man found not guilty of 2019 killing after rare bench trial

This case should never have been brought to trial, and only was because DAs HATE self-defense.

He saw his girlfriend with her old boyfriend and went “berserk.” He choked and beat her, attacked her uncle, and then turned on the ex-boyfriend.

And then Johnson, continuing his rage, turned to Blackwell, punching him in the face. But Blackwell was armed with a 40-caliber Glock pistol.

“There was a struggle, and Mr. Blackwell shot him,” Rosenberg said, at least six times. He advised his client to go for a rare bench trial on the second-degree murder charge. There would be no jury

I wonder how the hell he was charged at all. Maybe the DA has a hard time believing in the most basic liberty, that is self-defense.

All the news that is fit to print, but not until the media says so…..

The Other McCain the bad habit our “media” has of Selective Timing Syndrome

Now that the national media have “moved on,” the truth comes out:

The Texas gunman was reported to police a year ago by a local councillor after issuing a chilling threat that he wanted to kill and bomb Jews, the JC can reveal.
Such was the concern about Malik Faisal Akram’s radicalisation that the councillor, who heard the diatribe and alerted police, was astonished to find that no further action was taken.
And in an explosive recording obtained by the JC of Akram’s last telephone conversation with his brother as Saturday’s siege unfolded, the terrorist can be heard ranting about “f***ing Jews” and martyrdom.
The head of the Christian hostel where Akram, 44, stayed days before his attack also revealed that the terrorist had been seen hugging and embracing another person, leading to suspicions that he had an accomplice.

Go read the rest, seems the media censored or held back a LOT of useful information, until, well, it was more “convenient” to their overall narrative. Like you know the MORTAL THREATS to our “democracy”, and how January 6th was the WORSTEST thing ever!!

Your Daley Gator Mad News Update For Thursday (01/20/22)


Covid Nazism Update: Quebec Talk Show Celebrates Young Children Saying ‘We Should Call The Police’ On The Unvaccinated – Post Millennial

Quebec talk show La Semaine des 4 Julie with host Julie Snyder featured young children advocating for forced vaccination, along with making people “submit” by taking away their rights.

The two children advocate for vaccination by saying that an unvaccinated person could do harm to others, and that those who are unvaccinated should have the police called on them.

“What should we do with people who don’t want the vaccine?” the children were asked.

A little boy responded: “We should call the police!”

The children, who are both vaccinated, were asked what their opinions of forced vaccines were, to which they gave a resounding “yes.”

“If they don’t have the vaccine, it can make a lot of people in danger,” the young girl says, saying that unvaccinated people should have things “cut” from them until they submit to getting vaccinated.

The audience responded with thunderous applause. The host and guests also cheered along to the children’s statements…


Biden’s 365 Days Of Self-Inflicted Disasters – Rep. Greg Murphy, M.D.

President Biden’s first year in office will forever be remembered as the worst first year of any presidency in history. In a year of unprecedented self-inflicted disasters, President Biden has truly outdone himself in systematic failures at the expense of the American people.

America now has soaring crime, a devastating border crisis, and a tragic fentanyl drug epidemic, not to mention the unforgivable withdrawal from Afghanistan, anti-American mandates, and fumbled messaging on COVID-19.

The data couldn’t be clearer. At the end of 2021, President Biden had an abysmal 43 percent approval rating, with 53 percent of Americans strongly disapproving of his performance. One Quinnipiac poll last week put Biden’s approval rating at an embarrassing 33 percent.

While some tone-deaf left-wing pundits may scratch their heads over President Biden’s plummeting voter confidence, it comes as no surprise to the American people who face the daily consequences of this disaster of a presidency.

On today’s one-year anniversary of President Biden’s inauguration, here’s a breakdown of President Biden’s year of broken promises, failed policies, and deprived performances.

1. The Unity President

The greatest farce of Biden’s first 365 days was his inauguration promise of unity. He told Americans, “We have to stop our opponents as enemies.” Sadly, that fictious message did not apply to unvaccinated Americans, conservative Americans, or the millions of parents concerned about their children’s education. It also did not apply to lawmakers who oppose the President’s agenda – as Biden’s reign of one-party rule has been characterized by authoritarian power grabs with no intention of bipartisan compromise.

2. The Economy

Perhaps the most obvious daily and direct consequence of President Biden and House Democrats’ reckless agenda is the fact that inflation is at a 40-year high


Two More House DemoNazis Announce They Won’t Seek Reelection, Joining Over Two Dozen Others – Epoch Times

Two House Democrats on Tuesday said they will not seek reelection, joining 27 other Democrats in Congress ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

Reps. Jim Langevin (D-R.I.), who has been in Congress for over 20 years, and Jerry McNerney (D-Calif.), who has represented parts of California since 2007, within minutes announced they would be retiring at the end of their current terms.

Langevin, 57, said in a video that he wanted to spend more time with his family and friends. He said he wasn’t sure what he’ll do after he leaves Washington. The quadriplegic has represented Rhode Island’s 2nd Congressional District since 2001 after serving as the state’s secretary of state for six years and spending several terms in Rhode Island’s House of Representatives.

McNerney, 70, didn’t give a reason for retiring, though he noted that redistricting would have forced him to run in a reshaped district.

“I will keep working for the people of my district throughout the remainder of my term and look forward to new opportunities to continue to serve,” he said in a statement.

The pair are the 28th and 29th Democrats in Congress to announce they will not seek reelection, including 21 who are retiring. All but Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) are members of the House of Representatives.

The remainder along with seven House Republicans are seeking other offices, such as seats in the U.S. Senate…


Sex trafficking convict and former Jeffrey Epstein ‘madame’ is giving up a legal battle to conceal the identities of eight men who abused girls she had allegedly groomed and provided to the billionaire pedophile, in a development with the potential to expose new details about Epstein’s pedophile ring.

Maxwell had fought to conceal the names of eight individuals that Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre has alleged sexually abused her during her times in possession of Maxwell and Epstein, within the context of a since-sealed civil defamation suit Giuffre filed against her. In a motion filed on January 12th, Maxwell asked that the court itself decide whether or not to conceal the names of the eight individuals.

Even though the civil lawsuit was settled in 2017, Guiffre has been fighting for years to have material from it unsealed.

Each of the listed Does has counsel who have ably asserted their own privacy rights,” wrote Maxwell’s attorney in a letter to the court regarding the matter. “Ms. Maxwell therefore leaves it to the Court to conduct the appropriate review.

Giuffre has fought to unseal the civil lawsuit in question since 2017, when it was adjudicated in the legal system. It’s likely that the judge overseeing post-litigation proceedings, Loretta Preska, will hear arguments from the individuals in question granted anonymity by the court before unsealing court documents that have their names.

Maxwell was convicted in federal court of sex trafficking for Epstein last month. She’s awaiting sentencing on charges that could land her a de facto life sentence…


After 15 Months Of Denouncing President Trump For Daring To Question The 2020 Election Results, Dementia Joe Announces That The Upcoming Midterms “Could Easily Be Illegitimate” – Washington Examiner

President Joe Biden is facing heat after he said during a rare press conference Wednesday that the 2022 midterm elections could be “illegitimate.”

After more than a year of combating claims by former President Donald Trump and his allies that the 2020 presidential election was stolen due to rampant fraud and irregularities, Biden stirred up fresh controversy with his rambling response to a reporter asking him to clarify his characterization that red states making reforms to their election protocols poses a threat to democracy.

“Oh, yeah, I think it could easily be illegitimate,” Biden said, stumbling through his response.

The president then went on a tangent speculating what would have happened after the 2020 election if then-Vice President Mike Pence submitted to pressure by Trump and his allies to try and block electoral votes on the day of the Capitol riot.

When the reporter, RealClearPoltics’s Philip Wegmann, formerly of the Washington Examiner, told Biden he meant solely the 2022 election, the president did not back down from his assertion that there could be problems with the midterm elections. Biden turned his focus to the bid by Democrats in the Senate to pass a pair of partisan election overhaul measures that faces long odds with opposition to changing filibuster rules.

“The prospect of being an illegitimate is in direct proportion to us being able to get these reforms passed, but I don’t think… you’re going to see the Democratic Party give up on coming back,” Biden said.


DemoNazi Incompetence Update: Fake Biden Administration’s Covid Test Website Faceplants On First Day – PJ Media

Please tell me there was SOMEONE among the collective currently running our country who could have put two brain cells together and foreseen this issue. Someone? Anyone?

And it was all going so swimmingly at first… The Biden Collective launched their much-ballyhooed COVID-19 test-ordering website, a day early, yet! I tried it out, as did many of my friends and colleagues, and it worked—quickly, easily, and smoothly. We registered our home addresses and promptly received our confirmation emails. So far, so good.

The Biden administration has hammered the competence bar down so low that Leftists everywhere, starved for any small success they could claim, swooned and rejoiced over the incredible feat. The erstwhile-greatest country on earth was able to put up the most basic website, which has but one task to perform: capture the user’s address. Everyone, tremble with awe!

The poor things were so happy! But remember – this is the Biden administration we’re talking about. So, naturally, a painfully predictable problem reared its head straight off. It stems from the protections built into the gubmint website that limit orders to one per residential address:

Somehow, no one who worked on this entire project remembered that some people live in apartment buildings.

And who lives in apartment buildings? First of all, the elderly, aka those most in need of COVID protection…


California DemoNazis Shut Down Christian Preschool For Declining To Mask Toddlers – Big League Politics

California regulators have forced the shutdown of a Christian preschool in El Cajon for declining to force the state’s mask mandate, which applies even in indoor settings on private property.

Foothills Christian Church Preschool was temporarily shut down last month by the California Department of Social Services. with the school’s director, Tiffany McHugh, legally barred from working with children for declining to enforce a mask mandate on the two and three-year old children who attend the school.

McHugh is permanently banned from working with children.

Several months ago, this church, this preschool became a target by the Department of Social Services. Basically, what it boils down to is they were not happy with how many of our children did not have masks on,” Senior Pastor David Hoffman said of the harassment his church congregation’s school has incurred from the authorities. “They came here, they visited. They found a few other violations, which our director rectified in 24 hours. But the state kept coming back, 11 times.

“They came out for nine and a half hours at a time on seven different visits – 11 overall – when so many of the preschools in our area – East County of San Diego – hadn’t had more than one visit in five years,” he pointed out. “So they targeted us. They came after us and [were] very, very hostile They interviewed three-year-olds [and] four-year-olds without their parents’ knowledge or permission. They were antagonistic towards our teachers. These are preschool teachers – I think we know what preschool teachers are like.”

Foothills Christian Church is appealing the state’s shutdown of the preschool in the court system. The state is claiming that the teachers and staff at the school only told students to put on masks when state inspectors arrived, as if there was some pressing, real medical need for mere toddlers to wear face masks...


New West Charter School LA Caught Abusing Young Unvaccinated Girls: Students Denied Chairs, Forced to Sit Outside On Pavement, Not Allowed To Use Restrooms – Gateway Pundit

This is child abuse.

Several young girls including four freshmen, one sophomore, and a junior were abused at their school New West Charter LA because they chose not to get the COVID vaccine.

The girls were denied chairs, forced to sit outside on the pavement behind warning tape, and were not allowed to use the school’s restrooms.

School police are seen outside the warning tape guarding the area.

One little girl describes the abuse: “I’m a student at New West Charter School and I’m here with five other girls. Four of them are freshmen, one is a junior and I’m a sophomore. And we are being threatened to be suspended because we don’t have the COVID 19 vaccine. And we’re being refused of the right to attend schoo;… And we’re being closed off by this caution tape thing. We’re being segregated from the rest of the school.”…


Cleveland Browns Lineman Malik McDowell Laughs As He Is Arrested For Attacking Florida Cop While Naked And Walking Near Preschool: Was Out On Probation For 2019 DUI And Assaulting A Police Officer – Daily Mail

Cleveland Browns defensive tackle Malik McDowell was arrested for public exposure and beating a police deputy in Florida after he wandered naked onto a preschool’s property while on probation for driving drunk and assaulting a cop in 2019. 

Video from the arrest on Monday shows the nude 6-foot-6, 295-pound McDowell surrounded by officers in the parking lot of the Deerfield Beach school known as the Learning Center. 

The 25-year-old is accused of exposing himself publicly, resisting arrest with violence, and battery on a law enforcement officer.  

McDowell allegedly punched a deputy with a closed fist after the officer approached the naked Browns player as he sat on a curb, according to a police report obtained by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel

‘[McDowell] charged at me … at full speed with closed fist,’ the officer said in the report. 

This is not McDowell’s first run-in with the law. In 2017, he was arrested for DUI and disorderly conduct and in 2019, he had a drunken brawl with Michigan police and later received a two-game suspension from the NFL. He is still on probation for the 2019 incident.

Brown is set to become a free agent in March, so his latest arrest could cost him his job. 

‘We are aware of the very concerning incident and arrest involving Malik McDowell and are in the process of gathering more information,’ a Browns spokesperson said in Tuesday’s statement…


New Video Analysis: Ashli Babbitt Chatted With Capitol Officers And Attempted To Calm Protesters Before Being Executed – National Pulse

New video analysis claims that Ashli Babbitt – the U.S. veteran executed by Capitol Police officer Michael Byrd – was attempting to diffuse the situations between rioters destroying the doors leading to the Speaker’s Lobby at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6th and the police guarding them. Babbitt even went so far as to step between one of the men around her and the police, before being executed on government property.

The claims run contrary to the corporate media narrative of Babbitt and the events of January 6th, including recent smears against her character on the one year anniversary of the FBI-linked riot.

News outlets have consistently portrayed Babbitt as a violent “insurrectionist” who was trying to break through the door. Instead, we’re told that after a long time being trapped in a small area with increasingly violent conflict around her, she sought an exit through the window.

The video, which can be viewed in full here, does show Babbitt shouting, “It’s our house, we’re allowed to be here,” at officers, but also appearing to try to stop others from breaking through the doors. In the video, she visible winces as Alam leaned to break the window with his right hand.

Babbitt’s husband Aaron said his wife was shouting “Stop! No! Don’t! Wait!” Babbitt’s expression in the video is one of shock.

Three police officers then appear to move away from the Speaker’s Lobby doors, as a U.S. Capitol Police Containment Emergency Response Team (CERT) came up the stairs. They were responding to an erroneous police radio report of shots fired.

Aaron Babbitt said that his wife was in fear for her life, which is why she tried to climb through the window to escape the commotion. Babbitt was shot and killed by Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd as she tried to climb through the broken window. At no point did she pose an active threat to any of the officers including Byrd, who recently admitted he could not see if she was armed, and had no cause to believe she was a threat to him…


Indonesia Moving Capital City Because It’s Sinking – Daily Caller

The Indonesian Parliament passed a law Tuesday to move the capital city from Jakarta to East Kalimantan, a province on the island of Borneo.

The new capital will be called Nusantara, a Javanese word that means “archipelago.” Joko Widodo, the president of Indonesia, picked the name because it represents the geography of Indonesia and is an old word commonly used to describe the country, according to the BBC.

The bill to move the capital was approved by eight of nine political factions comprising the country’s parliament, CNN reported.

Widodo first announced the plan to move the capital from the crowded, pollution- and traffic-plagued city of Jakarta in 2019. The over-extraction of groundwater and the city’s placement on swampy ground is causing Jakarta to sink rapidly, the BBC reported.

The $32 billion endeavor, which was held up by COVID-19, will start between 2022 and 2024, according to Reuters.

East Kalimantan, the site for the new capital, has a population of 3.7 million people. The jungles covering the area are home to orangutans and mineral deposits, according to the BBC…


Mueller Witness Pleads Guilty In Illegal Scheme To Funnel UAE Money To Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign – Washington Examiner

George Nader, a key witness in former special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation and a convicted child sex predator, quietly pleaded guilty last year to involvement in an illegal campaign finance scheme funneling millions of dollars from the United Arab Emirates into Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Nader, a Lebanese American lobbyist, was sentenced to 10 years in prison in June 2020 after pleading guilty to bringing an underage teenage boy to the United States for sex and possessing child pornography. What was not publicly known until recently was that he also pleaded guilty to an illegal foreign donation scheme.

The Department of Justice revealed in a December sentencing memo that Nader had pleaded guilty to a single count on July 22, 2020. The court filing says Nader and Ahmad “Andy” Khawaja, a Los Angeles-based chief executive of Allied Wallet, “orchestrated a scheme to funnel over $3.5 million in foreign funds into the 2016 presidential election.” The DOJ added that they “did so to gain direct access to unsuspecting high-level political figures to further their professional endeavors: in the defendant’s case, out of a desire to lobby on behalf and advance the interests of his client, the government of the United Arab Emirates; in Khawaja’s case, in the hopes of securing political appointment in the future.”

Nader was indicted in December 2019 for what prosecutors said was his role in a scheme to conceal large sums of illegal campaign contributions to help Clinton in 2016. He was accused of conspiring with Khawaja to conceal the source of more than $3.5 million in campaign contributions to political committees associated with Clinton…


Meet The Seattle Schools Woke Indoctrination Czar Who Married A Child Molester – Daily Wire

Spend enough time studying the “racial equity” and “ethnic studies” programs sweeping school districts across the nation and you’ll find that they are following in the footsteps, on a several-year delay, of one of America’s most progressive cities: Seattle.

It’s worth examining, then, how all that worked out in Seattle. Despite decades of the most aggressive equity programs anyone could ask for, Seattle’s racial disparities are among the worst in the nation – and they’re getting worse, not better.

At the forefront of Seattle Public Schools’ (SPS) initiatives was Tracy Castro-Gill, until recently its director of ethnic studies, who represented herself as a fierce Chicana who overcame homelessness and was willing to take on racism no matter who she had to battle, turning schools into vehicles for social change.

Castro-Gill, it turned out, was a perennially unhappy toxic liar, one who misrepresented her background to the point that her own father compared her to Rachel Dolezal, and who was ultimately pushed out of her job for repeated misconduct. A focus on racial oppression did not create resiliency, but rather despondency, with Castro-Gill and three other racial justice leaders going on paid leave from SPS for mental health issues in 2019 alone.

As Castro-Gill used children for politics in the workplace, her personal life also raised questions about the costs that can incur. She married a convicted child molester and moved her young daughter in with him. Then, her previous ex-husband told me, she pressured her child, who had serious mental impairments, to become gender-nonbinary…


A picture is worth……..

1,000 words? Maybe, and some pics paint a very clear picture, if the person looking upon the picture has some understanding of history. Take this photo for example. What do you see?

Some, will say the tomb of Robert E Lee located at Washington Lee University. Some, who sadly have never taken a second to study Lee will start squawking about racism, and white supremacy. They, will of course rant and rave about how it is impossible to save, or redeem America. Some Republicans, who have foolishly decided that abandoning Lee and other Confederate generals and soldiers and the monuments to the left is a winning strategy, will talk about “slavery”, as if it were the only cause of the War Between the States. These Republicans have deluded themselves into believing they can save this nation by sacrificing this chapter of our national heritage to the left. These two groups are, in one way or another, the worst kind of fools.

To me, who has studied the War Between the States, and the battles, campaigns, and key figures will see something absolutely different. I see a man, who like many Southerners, desired peace, who did not love slavery, and who fought ONLY because their state was their HOME, and defending their HOME was their duty. I see monuments like this, and hundreds of others, raised to help REUNITE the country. I see the battle flags, that many men died carrying as the ultimate monument to these men, many of them boys who died and suffered terrible privations. I understand, by reading the letters home these farm boys, many still teens, wrote that they believed they were fighting for the principles that founded our nation. It was no accident that none other than George Washington was on the Great Seal of the Confederacy. Their opponents, brave young men in blue, felt the same way. To them they were also fighting for our constitution.

I see those things because I have studied the history, and I grasp that honor and gallantry of those soldiers. And yes, I see that the flags, and tombs, and monuments being attacked by the left will eventually become every monument to every American soldier, no matter the war. The campaign against Confederate history? No, this is a campaign against American history. An, YES, I see the need to fight against those waging their war of deleting history America

When the censors need censoring?

Via the Daily Wire!

On Saturday, after the release of new guidance on mask-wearing from the Centers for Disease Control, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) fired back at YouTube censors who had suspended him from the website last August after he had warned that cloth masks do not protect against the coronavirus.

Paul tweeted, “Does this mean snot-nosed censors at YouTube will come to my office and kiss my … and admit I was right?”

Paul had released a video last August in which he stated, “Most of the masks you get over the counter don’t work. They don’t prevent infection,” adding, “cloth masks don’t work.”

Speaking to NBC News at the time, a spokesperson for YouTube said that the video violated company policy on Covid-19 misinformation, such as “claims that wearing a mask is dangerous or causes negative physical health effects” or that masks were ineffective in preventing the contraction or transmission of COVID-19.

Misinformation? More like overly inflated egos posing as experts.

Denzel has had enough of “diversity”

Bravo to Denzel Washington via Weasel Zippers!

Via Newsbusters:

Legendary actor Denzel Washington is tired of all the forced diversity and inclusion foisted on our culture by Hollywood.

From his point of view, the “Macbeth” and “The Book of Eli” star gets that diversity is good and should be celebrated. But, the fact that pop culture is fixated on superficial characteristics like race means we are losing focus on the real talents, abilities and humanity in people of all races and identity groups.

In a roundtable interview with NBC BLK (’s section devoted to the African-American perspective) and various corporate news outlets, Washington claimed he thinks that “diversity shouldn’t even be mentioned.”

“You know, in my humble opinion, we ought to be at a place where diversity shouldn’t even be mentioned, like it’s something special,” the actor told the outlet. “These young kids — Black, white, blue, green or whatever — are highly talented and qualified. So that’s why they’re there.”

So well stated! Supplanting merit-based competition with outcome-based equality is a fools errand

The birthday of a remarkable American, Southerner, and Virginian

Today, we celebrate the birth of Robert Edward Lee. A man whose story and life has been savaged by leftists, and even some Republicans, but here is what President Eisenhower said of Lee

Basically, that was the question asked of then President Eisenhower in August 1960. During the Republican National Convention of that year, Eisenhower mentioned that he kept a picture of Robert E. Lee in his office. That prompted a dentist from New York to send the following letter to the White House:

August 1, 1960
Mr. Dwight D. Eisenhower
White House
Washington, D.C. 

Dear Mr. President: 

At the Republication Convention I heard you mention that you have the pictures of four (4) great Americans in your office, and that included in these is a picture of Robert E. Lee. 

I do not understand how any American can include Robert E. Lee as a person to be emulated, and why the President of the United States of America should do so is certainly beyond me. 

The most outstanding thing that Robert E. Lee did, was to devote his best efforts to the destruction of the United States Government, and I am sure that you do not say that a person who tries to destroy our Government is worthy of being held as one of our heroes. 

Will you please tell me just why you hold him in such high esteem? 

Sincerely yours,

Leon W. Scott

President Eisenhowers’ response was brilliant

Dear Dr. Scott: 

Respecting your August 1 inquiry calling attention to my often expressed admiration for General Robert E. Lee, I would say, first, that we need to understand that at the time of the War between the States the issue of secession had remained unresolved for more than 70 years. Men of probity, character, public standing and unquestioned loyalty, both North and South, had disagreed over this issue as a matter of principle from the day our Constitution was adopted. 

General Robert E. Lee was, in my estimation, one of the supremely gifted men produced by our Nation. He believed unswervingly in the Constitutional validity of his cause which until 1865 was still an arguable question in America; he was a poised and inspiring leader, true to the high trust reposed in him by millions of his fellow citizens; he was thoughtful yet demanding of his officers and men, forbearing with captured enemies but ingenious, unrelenting and personally courageous in battle, and never disheartened by a reverse or obstacle. Through all his many trials, he remained selfless almost to a fault and unfailing in his faith in God. Taken altogether, he was noble as a leader and as a man, and unsullied as I read the pages of our history. 

From deep conviction, I simply say this: a nation of men of Lee’s calibre would be unconquerable in spirit and soul. Indeed, to the degree that present-day American youth will strive to emulate his rare qualities, including his devotion to this land as revealed in his painstaking efforts to help heal the Nation’s wounds once the bitter struggle was over, we, in our own time of danger in a divided world, will be strengthened and our love of freedom sustained. 

Such are the reasons that I proudly display the picture of this great American on my office wall. 


Dwight D. Eisenhower 

Honestly, who did not see the massive FAIL coming?

Ah, the Biden/Harris administration, or, as I call them, Team Mumbles and Stumbles. Did anyone these two could do anything except fu@* everything they touched up? This writer wonders why anyone is shocked

Barack Obama once said—allegedly but plausibly—that Democrats should never underestimate Joe Biden’s ability to foul things up. Actually, he didn’t say “foul,” but this is a family publication. That caution went by the wayside in 2020, as Democrats rushed to embrace Biden as their partisan savior. For a flickering moment, it seemed like their confidence was vindicated.

Now, barely one week from the first anniversary of the Biden Administration, Obama’s warning has proven prophetic. Joe Biden has fouled things up badly. Name a disastrous American President across the past two centuries, and Biden will match and raise him. Woodrow Wilson banked on authoritarian technocrats to solidify his rule: Biden is right there with him. Herbert Hoover blundered through and worsened the defining crisis of his Presidency: Biden’s pandemic record has achieved the same end. Andrew Johnson’s governing ineptitude and arrogance squandered the confidence of his party: Biden is presiding over a comparable breakup of his own coalition. Jimmy Carter managed to plunge America into simultaneous economic stagnation and inflation: Biden has done in one year what he managed in four.

Go read it all. It is devastating. Kinda like Team Mumbles is devastating for the nation