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Sooo, I love Virginia, but this Governor Northam……….EGADS!

So, while in Texas I had Governor Bush, who signed Texas’ concealed carry into law. Then I had Governor Perry, who was a solid ally of the second amendment, then came current Governor Greg Abbott, another pro second amendment governor. Now though Virginia has Governor Northam, who is into gun grabbing even  more than he is into shoe polish. Cam Edwards at Bearing Arms sheds the light on Governor Northam’s veiled threats towards those who actually believe in natural rights like self-defense!

While several of Virginia’s congresscritters are calling for Second Amendment Sanctuary counties in the state to be stripped of state funds or to have the National Guard brought in to enforce new gun control laws, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is instead offering veiled threats of “consequences” for sheriffs in Second Amendment Sanctuary counties unless they enforce whatever gun control bills he signs into law.

When asked by a reporter if local governments would face retaliation for declaring themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries, Northam responded, “There’s not going to be retaliation. That’s not what I’m about. I’m about making Virginia safer.”

Northam continued, “If we have constitutional laws on the books and law enforcement officers are not enforcing those laws on the books, then there are going to be consequences, but I’ll cross that bridge if and when we get to it.”

Northam did not offer specifics on what the potential consequences would be.

Yeah, I doubt he would ever back up that rhetoric, and, hopefully, he can see well enough through that Blackface to see he is NOT on the right side of history

Funny how just a week or so ago the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement was “purely symbolic” according to gun control activists. Now that more than 80 counties and cities in Virginia have declared themselves safe havens for the right to keep and bear arms, they’re singing a very different tune. Too bad for the anti-gun crowd that Second Amendment supporters aren’t gonna dance to their song.

I am hopeful, and sure that our governor will focus on real issues and abandon Virginia Democrats obsession with trampling the constitution

Why yes, gun control cultists are knuckle dragging morons

The people in this video are clueless. Clueless about “human rights” self-defense IS one. Clueless about our Constitution. Clueless about the number of self-defense gun uses every year. Clueless about falling rates of crime, homicide, homicide by firearm, and accidental death by firearm. There is not thinking behind their position. It is strictly emotional based on lies by the gun control crowd. If you ever wonder why I refer to people like this as gun control “cultists”, well, wonder no more

Why yes, Matt Damon is an idiot

And a full fledged member of the Cult of Gun Control

Awww,Matt says it is so “personal” Yes, yes my ability and right to protect my life and those of my loved ones ARE damn personal to me. Nothing any gun control advocate, including you Matt Damon, has ever sought would do anything to reduce crime. The only thing the laws you advocate would do is create more gun free zones, and defenseless people. And yes crime would rise Mr. Damon

It would probably pain the not-so-talented Mr. Damon to discover that gun crime has exploded in Australia since they passed gun laws that were ignored by 80-percent of the population, and that the population is nowmore at risk because of excessive gun laws.

Australians may be more at risk from gun crime than ever before with the country’s underground market for firearms ballooning in the past decade.

Previously unseen police statistics show that the number of pistol-related offences doubled in Victoria and rose by 300 per cent in New South Wales. At least two other states also saw a massive jump in firearms-related offences during the same period.

An investigation by The New Daily unearthed previously unpublished data for firearms offences collected from police and crime statistics agencies in four states – Victoria, NSW, South Australia and Tasmania.

The statistics detail the types of firearms offences police have pursued in the courts in the past decade and show some concerning findings, including a massive 83 per cent increase in firearms offences in NSW between 2005/06 and 2014/15, and an even bigger jump in Victoria over the same period.

Your Marxist Moron Gun Control Cultist of the Day

To use a phrase an old buddy used, this woman is dumber than a stepped on roach

A mewling gun control group is irate that a local grocery store chain is refusing to infringe upon the rights of citizens to bear arms for their defense, a policy that is fully in accordance with state laws.

Anti-firearm protesters are planning to protest against Mariano’s allowing guns in their suburban stores Tuesday morning during a grand opening ceremony of the chain’s newest location in Northbrook.

“Mariano’s doesn’t let people carry guns in its Chicago stores,” said Lee Goodman of Peaceful Communities, an organizer of the protest, “Why should people in the suburbs shop in a store that isn’t even trying to keep its customers safe? Why shouldn’t we have the same protection that people in Chicago do?”

Oh boy! Lee Goodman of “Peaceful Communities” really just said he wants to be safe, you know like those folks in Chicago! Chicago, where the murder rate  is off the charts. And of course Lee Goodman, who I can now safely call a noted idiot, wants more of the gun control that Chicago has, even though that gun control has done nothing to curb murders or violent crime. But, that is NOT the most idiotic thing from these “peaceful” protesters folks. No, observe this jewel of colossal stupidity!


Signs Save Lives? Allow Bob Owens to sum up depth to which this buffoon has dug into the Pit of Eternal Liberal Stupidity

Three simple, short words, showing how disconnected from reality this poor woman truly is.

She honestly thinks that a “no guns” sign on a door is going to cause a criminal to not just pause and reconsider the armed robbery he is a bout to commit, but cause him to reverse course entirely.

She thinks a sign will make a deadly predator—one that likely has only marginal literacy to begin with—to alter his criminal path.

She truly believes that the threat of prosecution for a minor infraction is going to dissuade a criminal from committing felonies.

It blows the mind to fathom the depths of her delusions.

All I can say is Good Freaking Grief! This illustrates how unserious the Left is. It is a bumper sticker mentality frankly. An ideology devoid of reason, common sense, and thought.