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There goes New Jersey again

Taxing tap water?

Never short on ideas for things to tax, lawmakers in New Jersey are considering a tax on tap water.

The proposal is being floated by State Sen. Bob Smith D-Middlesex, who is trying to say it’s not actually a tax but a ‘user fee’.

“It is a user fee based on volume,” Smith told Fox 5’s Chasing New Jersey.

A “user fee” Isn’t that what water bills are?

It would add 10 cents for every 1,000 gallons of water a home uses.  Smith says that will only add $32 a year to the “average” water bill.

Sure, it is only $32 of someone else’s money you little statist

Progressivism 101: Tax sodas, waste revenue on leftist propaganda

Moonbattery has the latest thing that makes me say Good Freaking Grief!

The punitive soda tax imposed in moonbat-run cities is irritating not only because it costs consumers a lot of money, but because it represents the extreme arrogance of imperious bureaucrats who consider it their prerogative to tell us what to consume. At least the money they confiscate is put to good use — just kidding:

Philadelphia gave $4 million of its new soda tax funds to the Office of Arts and Culture. That bureaucracy spent the money on things like “hip-hop dance…to teach youth empowerment and social issues.”

It’s not enough to waste the money. They have to waste it in the most pernicious and cartoonishly asinine manner they can imagine.

And by the way, if your head has not exploded yet…………

In case you aren’t grinding your teeth yet,

city council members make $121,000 a year, three times Philadelphia’s median income. The mayor makes $218,000. That’s not unique to Philadelphia. Politicians routinely make much more than people they allegedly serve.

Serve? More like swindle 

Noted faker loves how tax cuts helps working people, then bashes tax cuts

Elizabeth Warren is a professional buffoon folks, do not try this at home

Sen. Elizabeth Warren said she is “delighted” to hear that an energy company in her home state of Massachusetts will lower rates for customers due to the Republican tax overhaul that she and fellow Democrats opposed.

Fox News host Bret Baier asked the senator during an interview Wednesday if she would support repealing the tax law, passed by a Republican-controlled Congress and signed by President Trump late last year, if Democrats take over as the majority party.

Baier then mentioned that Eversource is planning millions of dollars of rate cuts for customers in response to a reduced corporate tax rate.

“And good for them. I’m delighted to hear that,” Warren, who was being interviewed alongside Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., said.

See! Tax cuts good, no wait, tax cuts bad, no, wait, er…………

But her adulation ended there.

“It is $1.5 trillion the Republicans gave away to billionaires and to giant corporations,” Warren added. “And they expect hardworking families to just pick up the ticket on that. I want those breaks to go directly to hardworking families. Not to a bunch of rich folks.”

A number of other companies across the U.S. have announced pay hikes and bonuses for employees due to the Republican tax plan, and Eversource is not the only utility to promise rate reductions.

Of course the new tax law gives nothing to anyone, It does allow people and companies, small and large to keep more of their money, but does not give away money. But facts are hard when you are trying to divide people and make them hate corporations right Senator Warren? That is OK do not let facts interfere with your addiction to Marxist ideology

Yes Rachel Maddow is as dumb as a box of rocks

Is there anything that triggers leftists more than tax cuts? Biz Pac Review has this rant from noted buffoon Rachel Maddow

Based on her own interpretation of the bill, Maddow told her viewers big corporations  were being given an “embarrassing amount of money,” and the windfall was coming at the expense of American families, who will see their taxes “go up.”

Never mind that, according to the Tax Policy Center, a left-of-center think tank, more than 80 percent of taxpayers will see their taxes go down under the legislation.

Of course folks like Maddow rarely allow facts to influence them, but Maddow went above and beyond garden variety moonbat

“You know, when companies start volunteering that they have come up with worthy things to do with all the money that was just dumped on them, that’s how you know, oh my god, a huge amount of money was just dumped on them,” Maddow said.

“So the effects of the tax bill started to reverberate today as the wealthiest people and most powerful corporate corporations in this country started almost literally scrambling to figure out how they’re going to handle the money the Republican tax bill just gave them,” she added.

Hmmm, I am no sure how anyone can “give” you money that was already yours. Not sure how giving bonuses and raises is bad either. But Maddow had more

“So when your families’ taxes go up because of this bill,” the liberal host claimed, “you can take comfort in knowing that’s what you’re paying for. You’re giving telecom companies and biggest banks in the country a really embarrassing amount of money to have to explain away.”

Here are some examples of what has Maddow so angry

Oh the outrageously outrageous outrage!!!!!!! I mean hiring more people? How dare they! Giving bonuses? The bastards! And, the very idea of a company having a $15 an hour minimum wage? I mean, wait, I thought the Left wanted such minimum wages? Hmmmmm

Maybe what really agitates Maddow is the idea of more Americans, and American businesses with more of THEIR money in THEIR pockets? Maybe less money, and power centralized in DC is what really irks Maddow? Perhaps she even fears that when Americans start seeing more money in their paychecks they might see the benefits of tax cuts? And if that happens, they might start rejecting leftist propaganda and leftist candidates. Now we see why Maddow is so angry

Here, Fake Media, is how you “pay” for tax cuts

As soon as President Trump announced a tax cutting plan to simplify the tax code, and that reduces tax rates and increases the personal exemption to $12,000 from $6,300 for individuals, the media, along with Democrats started singing a familiar tune. How will we “pay” for tax cuts they cried. Pay for tax cuts they say? Talk about a bogus question. History has shown that when tax rates are lowered, be it capital gains, or personal taxes that revenues increase. In other words the government gets more tax dollars because the economy benefits. Businesses, individuals, everyone benefits and revenues rise. The left, and the media, of course cannot seem to grasp something very simple. As with most things, the less government involvement the better.

This, of course does not fit the narrative that any decrease in tax rates will lead to great catastrophes and higher deficits. The rivers will be polluted, old folks will perish, the poor will starve and on and on. That revenues always rise after tax cuts escapes the left. Of course, there is another side to the coin here, one the media ignores. Spending needs to be cut too. Unnecessary programs, bloated government agencies, wasteful pork projects, etc. need to be cut if we are to truly reduce our national debt. In short, we need more of this

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has begun fulfilling President Donald Trump’s mission to reduce the size of government and save taxpayers a boatload of money by proposing to eliminate 2,300 jobs at the State Department.

If implemented, the plan would trim the State Department’s budget by more than a quarter and its staff by approximately 3 percent, according to The Associated Press.

The majority of the job cuts would be attained through attrition, or the process of waiting for employees to simply retire, while the remainder would be acquired via buyouts. As noted by The AP, buyouts would be offered first to employees over the age of 50 who have at least two decades of government service under their belts.

Ah, there is an idea, and the answer Democrats need to hear when they whine about “paying” for tax cuts. the answer? SPEND LESS!

The brilliance of our federal government

And by brilliance I mean, moronic central planners being moronic central planners

A generation ago, Detroit was the wealthiest city in the nation by per capita income. It is mostly dead now, killed by Model City moonbattery and demographic transformation. The shell of a city that remains is desperately impoverished. But at least its many sidewalks to nowhere are handicapped-accessible:

In a city where poverty is high, schools are broken and crime is rampant, the federal government has forced Detroit to spend more than $50 million in the past decade for sidewalk ramps that often lead to nowhere.

Many of the nearly 35,000 ramps, which are for people with disabilities, are on inaccessible sidewalks or streets with no homes.

City officials have fought the absurdities of the 2006 federal consent order, but to no avail. The federal government said the ramps were required under the Americans with Disabilities Act, even if the sidewalks were useless.

And this is the type of “progress” the Left wants more of