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And LeBron James graces us with his WOKENESS!

I am going to reserve a lot of comments on the Georgia shooting of an “unarmed” Black man. Commenting before we know a lot of facts is silly frankly. Of course we know the race pimps will be out stirring the pot, lots of people who pretend they are victims will march, carrying signs with empty platitudes. The word “justice” will be used around 13 billion times, people will get angry before anyone has proof of anything. You know the drill by now. But, I just had to say something about this LeBron James hyperbole

LeBron James has joined the growing chorus demanding justice for Ahmaud Arbery, black man who was killed while out jogging in Georgia almost three months ago.

Arbery was shot dead on February 23 in a neighborhood just outside Brunswick at the age of 25. Video of the shooting, however, only emerged this week and was posted to social media on Tuesday, causing worldwide outrage.

“We’re literally hunted every day [and] every time we step foot outside the comfort of our homes,” James wrote on Twitter on Wednesday night.

Yeah, sure LeBron, sure. Look, I hate to inject facts into your attempt to show how “woke” you are but no one is “hunting” Black Americans. Well besides the thugs in inner cities that the left, and idiots like you refuse to place any blame on. That is what amazes me. None of you Wokers ever blame gangs, or leftist policies of releasing violent felons early, often after they serve little actual time. You never blame the idiot politicians, who, rather than calling for tougher sentencing, oppose such laws as RAAAAACIST! Why is this LeBron?

Why don’t you call out gangs? Why don’t you blame them? Why do you not call for more policing in certain areas where most Black Americans are killed by violent criminals? I suppose you think it better, somehow, to blame the NRA, or Americans who own firearms. You cozy up with leftists, who make the problems worse, maybe you think that is cool. It makes you look like you care. After all Leftism, IS an ideology of narcissism and virtue signalling. It is an ideology that cares about intent, and ignores results. It is an ideology that blames objects rather than the people who wield them and kill innocents.

Why, I must ask once more, do you spread this asinine narrative of police “hunting” Black people? Why ignore the elephant in the room, Black on Black murders LeBron? Ever heard of, or cared the first damn about those? Maybe being  “woke as fuck” is the real goal. Maybe this is all about Look At Me! Tell you what LeBron go get that put on a bumper sticker, put signs in your yard to let us know how much you want us to think you are WOKE AS FUCK! Do all of that while you blame America, the NRA, RAAAAACISM, guns, gun owners, Colonialism, police, and so on. 

Report- NBA legend Kobe Bryant killed in helicopter crash

This is being reported on Fox News, nothing on ESPN yet, which might, hopefully, mean the reports are false. CNN reported that 5 people were killed in a copter crash, but did not mention Kobe Bryant. Checking on TMZ, and they are reporting it is true. Very shocking news

Kobe was 41, RIP

Ed’s List Of College Football Bowl Games That Probably Won’t Suck

Saturday, December 21
7:30 PM
Boise State vs. Washington

Saturday, December 21
9:00 PM
Appalachian State vs. UAB

Monday, December 23
2:30 PM
UCF vs. Marshall

Friday, December 27
3:20 PM
Michigan State vs. Wake Forest

Friday, December 27
6:45 PM
Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma State

Friday, December 27
8:00 PM
USC vs. Iowa

Saturday, December 28
12:00 PM
Notre Dame vs. Iowa State

Saturday, December 28
12:00 PM
Memphis vs. Penn State

Saturday, December 28
4:00 PM
Oklahoma vs. LSU

Saturday, December 28
8:00 PM
Clemson vs. Ohio State

Monday, December 30
8:00 PM
Florida vs. Virginia

Tuesday, December 31
3:45 PM
Navy vs. Kansas State

Tuesday, December 31
7:30 PM
Utah vs. Texas

Wednesday, January 1
1:00 PM
Michigan vs. Alabama

Wednesday, January 1
1:00 PM
Minnesota vs. Auburn

Wednesday, January 1
5:00 PM
Oregon vs. Wisconsin

Wednesday, January 1
8:45 PM
Georgia vs. Baylor

Thursday, January 2
3:00 PM
Boston College vs. Cincinnati

Monday, January 13
8:00 PM
Oklahoma or LSU vs. Clemson or Ohio State


Your class act of the day

Ed’s NCAA Football Week 5 Picks – 10 Best Games

Saturday, September 29th
12:00 PM – West Virginia vs Texas Tech

12:20 PM – Virginia vs NC State

3:30 PM – Tennessee vs Georgia

3:30 PM – Baylor vs Oklahoma

6:00 PM – Florida vs Mississippi State

6:00 PM – Utah vs Washington State

7:30 PM – Ohio State vs Penn State

7:30 PM – Stanford vs Notre Dame

8:30 PM – BYU vs Washington

9:00 PM – Ole Miss vs LSU

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Week 2 Results
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Ed’s NCAA Football Week 2 Picks – 10 Best Games

12:00 PM – Mississippi State vs Kansas State

12:00 PM – Duke vs Northwestern

12:00 PM – Georgia Tech vs South Florida

3:30 PM – Georgia vs South Carolina

3:30 PM – Colorado vs Nebraska

5:00 PM – Iowa State vs Iowa

7:00 PM – Clemson vs Texas A&M

7:30 PM – Kentucky vs Florida

8:00 PM – Penn State vs Pittsburgh

8:30 PM – USC vs Stanford

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Ed’s NCAA Football Week 1 Picks – 10 Best Games

Friday, August 31st
9:00 PM – San Diego State vs Stanford

9:30 PM – Colorado vs Colorado State

Saturday, September 1st
12:00 PM – Ole Miss vs Texas Tech

3:30 PM – Washington vs Auburn

3:30 PM – Tennessee vs West Virginia

3:30 PM – Northern Illinois vs Iowa

7:30 PM – Michigan vs Notre Dame

8:00 PM – Louisville vs Alabama

Sunday, September 2nd
7:30 PM – Miami (FL) vs LSU

Monday, September 3rd
8:00 PM – Virginia Tech vs Florida State