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Debbie Whatshername Schultz Caught Trying To Deceive Reporters About Identity Of Rubio Critic

DNC Caught Trying To Deceive Reporters About Identity Of Rubio Critic – Daily Caller

“My name is Annette Capella. I’m a senior citizen living in St. John’s County, Florida.”

That’s how a Florida woman trotted out by the Democratic National Committee on Monday to criticize Republican Sen. Marco Rubio introduced herself during a DNC-sponsored call.

In press advisories promoting the call, the DNC referred to Capella solely as “a Medicare recipient from Florida.”

The purpose of the conference call was for DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Democratic Rep. Chris Van Hollen and Capella to slam Florida Sen. Marco Rubio before he gives the Republican response to the State of the Union this week.

“As his constituent, I sincerely hope he decides that America’s seniors are more important than Tea Party politics or protecting generous tax loopholes for Donald Trump and Big Oil,” Capella said during her remarks.

But it turns out that the DNC was hiding pertinent information about Capella’s background: She is not just your average senior citizen in Florida. She is a former leader of the St. Johns Democratic Party and a state Democratic committeewoman.

When a reporter busted the DNC and asked Wasserman Schultz during the call asked whether Capella is the same person who served as a Democratic Party official in the state, the DNC chairwoman responded, “Annette can answer the … question.”

“I stepped down as chair,” Capella explained. “I’m now a state committee woman.”

Reacting to this on Monday afternoon, Republican National Committee spokesman Tim Miller tweeted at DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse with the phrase, “Smooth move.”

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Leftist Radio Host Ed Schultz Admits Using ‘Fake Callers’ Coached By Congressional Democrats

Leftist Radio Host Ed Schultz Admits Using ‘Fake Callers’ Coached By Congressional Democrats – The Blaze

In trying to get his progressive talk radio show off the ground at the start, host Ed Schultz candidly admitted Wednesday to using fake callers to fill air time. In addition, Schultz admits congressional Democrats coached callers on what to say:


Schultz’s shocking admissions comes as a George Soros-funded publication baselessly accuses conservative radio titans Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck of the same practice. As we reported Tuesday, all three hosts flatly deny the accusations.

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