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Why would you lie, and accuse on officer, who was very cordial, and polite of racism? Especially since he did not even write you a ticket? I mean why would anyone do such a vile thing? Oh, wait, you are a big shot with the perpetually aggrieved NAACP? I understand now. Race pimps gonna race pimp!

You have seen the video, you KNOW what happened, now compare the facts to the narrative!

Moultrie’s post said, “Tonight, I was racially profiled by Timmonsville Officer CAUSE I WAS DRIVING A MERCEDES BENZ AND GOING HOME IN A NICE NEIGHBORHOOD.”

Moultrie recounted his conversation with the officer in the post.

He said the officer asked him if there were any drugs inside his car.

Moultrie said in that post the officer told him, “I am doing you a favor tonight not taking you to jail or writing you a ticket.”

Florence community activist Timothy Waters said when he saw Moultrie’s Facebook post, it made him very upset that a black person could be racially profiled for driving a nice car in a nice neighborhood.

Waters said he went to the Timmonsville Police Department to take a look at a copy of the officer’s dash and body cam video.

He added when he saw the video, he became even more upset, but not at the officer, rather at Moultrie.

Waters said the body cam video totally contradicts what Moultrie posted on Facebook.

He said the officer was very pleasant and kind to Moultrie during the entire four-minute traffic stop.

“Once I got a copy of that body cam, it’s as if he made the whole story up. And I felt like he set us back 100 years, because think about all of the racial profiling cases (that) are true,” said Waters.

Timmonsville Police Chief Billy Brown said Moultrie contacted him the morning after the traffic stop with claims that Moultrie had been racially profiled and mistreated by the officer.

“He made a comment that the officer accused him of having drugs in the car. He said that his wife and grandchild was in the car. He asked them not to move because the officer looked as if he might shoot them or something. He also made mention that the officer continued to ask him about his neighborhood. Why was he in that neighborhood? And threaten(ed) to put him in jail in reference to something dealing with the registration to the vehicle,” said Brown.

Brown said he investigated, reviewed the body cam video and determined there was nothing to Moultrie’s claims.

“When I saw the video, I was shocked that someone who is supposed to be a community leader, a pastor, and head of the NAACP would just come out and tell a blatant lie. It bothered me. It really bothered me, thinking about the racial unrest it could’ve cost in the community and it’s just troubling to me that someone who held a position like that would come out and just tell a lie.”

What a dirtbag! Is he just seeking publicity? Maybe he thinks he has some sort of, dare I say privilege that allows him to lie without fear of being exposed? If so he is not alone

Again, you saw what happened, YET this is what this race pimp said

Starbucks goes into full blown surrender mode

Greatest corporate overreaction ever? Could be

Starbucks will close 8,000 coffee shops around the United States on May 29 to conduct “racial-bias” training for its employees in another capitulation to grievance-mongering race baiters.

The workshops follow social-media outrage after two black men were arrested at a Philadelphia Starbucks for refusing to leave when told by a manager of a longstanding company policy that they must buy something in order to use the restroom or loiter inside the shop.

Let us address why they were asked to leave first. I have worked as a restaurant manager in years past, and as a bartender even longer. I have had to ask some customers to leave (usually for being loud, obscene, or loitering) establishments a few times. I have even had to call police a few times when they refused. On almost every occasion, the people I asked to leave were White. And those that refused to leave when police told them they must were arrested. These two men were asked to leave. They refused, that is why the police were called. Apparently when the police arrived, the men verbally abused them, and still refused to leave. Had they left, there would have been no arrest, period. Again, the Philadelphia Police Chief defended his officers

Now, whether or not the policy is good, or bad is subjective. The point is that these two men refused to leave, and refused direct orders by police. What did they expect would happen? Verbally abusing the officers was a stupid choice. They could have left and complained about the Starbucks policy later. Instead, they chose to be arrested.

Starbucks issued an apology, fine, but then, they went from damage control PR to full blown madness

“Closing our stores for racial bias training is just one step in a journey that requires dedication from every level of our company and partnerships in our local communities,” Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said in a statement.

For the record, Starbucks did not hold similar sensitivity training when a loyal customer said she was bullied and harassed by a group of baristas for wearing a Trump t-shirt in June 2017.

So, Starbucks is basically throwing all its employees under the bus because two guys could not comply with a police order? This is madness. And Starbucks will now have to walk on eggshells or else be savaged by the leftist bullies. And, in the process, has driven many customers away because of the asinine reaction to this event. Even worse, it is bringing in race baiting Eric Holder to help demean and indoctrinate Starbucks employees

In response, the company announced the upcoming training program and tapped far left groups such as the Anti-Defamation League and the NAACP as well as former Attorney General Eric Holder to help create the program, according to CNBC.

Working with Starbucks to create the program, along with former President Obama’s “Fast and Furious” Attorney General Holder, will be Bryan Stevenson, founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative; Sherrilyn Ifill, president and director-counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund; Heather McGhee, president of Demos; and Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, according to CNBC.

Frankly, I wish a lot of Starbucks employees would say screw this and quit. This is an absurd example of corporate cowardice. The left, of course, will use this as a way to shame, demean, and indoctrinate as many of Starbuck employees as possible.

There goes the BLM types, smearing police for doing the right thing

I am deeply sorry that Saheed Vassell was shot and killed by the NYPD. It is a tragedy. But, those pretending the police were unjustified are simply lying to everyone, especially themselves

Pretty cut and dry. Even Mayor Bill de Blassio is defending the police

On Thursday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio defended the actions of the officers, said that the city would be as transparent as possible in this situation, and even hypothesized as to what might have happened if Vassell had actually been carrying a gun.

“Let’s play out the scenario had it been different,” de Blasio said. “If this individual with a loaded weapon, who for whatever reason, including a mental health challenge, was ready to use it, that’s a split-second matter of trying to save lives right then and there.

“How you get the full facts of what the person has in their hand, and what their mental health condition might be, and are they known to anyone, in something that’s playing out in seconds and minutes, that’s a very tall order,” he continued.

Again this is sad, but the police did their jobs. Even the NY Times sees that

He strode up and down a busy Brooklyn street on Wednesday, lunging at passers-by — someone pushing a cart, someone holding a young child’s hand — with a curved silver pipe resting on his fingers like the barrel of a gun.

Neighbors and police officers knew the man, Saheed Vassell, as the broom handler for a local barbershop, an idiosyncratic fixture on the block who was mentally ill and liked to drink outside. Patrol officers chatted with him and sometimes bought him Jamaican food. They had taken him to the hospital to be treated for mental illness a number of times in recent years.

But the plainclothes anti-crime officers who answered a smartphone alert for someone waving a silver gun on Wednesday didn’t know him at all, the police said. Given nothing more than what 911 callers told a dispatcher — that a black man with a brown jacket and bluejeans was pointing at people with something that looked like a gun — they screeched to a stop at the corner where Mr. Vassell spent most days and, after he crouched and aimed the pipe at them, almost instantly shot and killed him.

Police officials argued it hardly mattered which officers answered the call or what training they had. Any officers facing what appeared to be a gun aimed at them would have little choice but to fire, these officials said. Security camera videos from nearby businesses showed Mr. Vassell, 34, just moments before his death, startling people on the street and jabbing the pipe into one man’s chest.

The comments on some of the stories about this are stunning. Several folks are saying the police should only be able to return fire, an idea that is as foolish as it can be. It is sad, depressing actually, that some people will blame the police no matter what. Rational thoughts? No, emotional responses, based on false narratives.

Yes, I am actually going to defend Joe Scarborough

Look, I think Joe, and his hair are phony. He never was a Conservative, he pretended to be something because he wanted to be elected to Congress. Now he wants to be a bitch for MSNBS, and Mika so, he has gone over to being a lefty, whatever. But I must say Scarborough, while being a gigantic tool, and a douchebag, is not a racist

MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough is drawing fire for using what the left is describing as a “racial epithet” to dismiss Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a viable candidate for president.

The “Morning Joe” crew was discussing Johnson’s interview with Rolling Stone, where the half-black, half-Samoan actor talked about a run in 2020, only to concede the country needs qualified candidates experienced in policy and lawmaking to run.

Republican analyst Steve Schmidt argued that Johnson may be better qualified than President Trump, in part because of his kindness and humility, which he described as “qualities of character.”

“That’s like saying you let the lawn boy do brain surgery on your mother,” countered Scarborough.

For emphasis, the MSNBC co-host repeated the phrase several more times.

“And [Trump] was kind of a nasty lawn boy, didn’t know how to do brain surgery and he killed your mother,” Scarborough added. “But there’s another lawn boy across the street who is nice and has a better way about him when he’s mowing your lawn and collecting payment for mowing your lawn.”

So, of course, the RAAAAACISM dog whistlers went into convulsions

The phrase “lawn boy” draws comparisons to a “lawn jockey,” which is considered a racial slur, as documented by the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia at Ferris State University:

“Moreover, to call an African American a lawn jockey is to insult him or her. When used by a Black person against another Black person, lawn jockey is synonymous with Uncle Tom. […]  When used by a White person against a Black person, lawn jockey is a racial slur somewhere between darky and [the N-word].”

Stop it! Get some damn help folks. We have got to stop freaking out and screaming RAAAAACISM at the drop of a hat. Hyper sensitivity gets us nowhere and eggs on the Snowflakes, so just stop. Again, Scarborough is a noted douche, but a racist?

Noted race pimps and agitators rally to support noted Anti-Semitic race baiter

Racists, Anti-Semites, and Leftists oh my!

Several black activist groups are holding a protest on Monday in defense of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, a notorious anti-Semite and racist revealed to have close ties to prominent Democratic politicians and activists.

Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panther Party and the National Action Network are among the groups spearheading the protest, the organizers said in a press release.

The groups are protesting a House resolution, introduced by Republican Indiana Rep. Todd Rokita, that formally condemns Farrakhan’s anti-Semitism. The activists instead want lawmakers to pass a resolution condemning President Donald Trump.

Rev. Al Sharpton has been NAN’s president since he founded the group in 1991. Sharpton is also a contributor on MSNBC and hosts “PoliticsNation,” a one-hour weekly show on the network. The NAN and MSNBC did not return requests for comment.

So, they will not only condemn Farrakhan’s fanaticism, and that of his cult of a “church” but they oppose anyone else condemning it? What else should we expect from this bunch of camel dung? The Left, is evil, never forget that.

What if activists stopped whining and started fixing problems for a change?

Take this clown for example

A parent wants “To Kill A Mockingbird” banned because racial slurs give “power over people of color,” according to a Thursday report.

Tujama Kameeta, who has a son at Monona Grove High School in Monona, Wisc., is trying to get the school to ban the book due to its racial slurs, reported Madison 365. The school will conduct a formal review process of author Harper Lee’s classic book.

“The n-word is used so many times that it numbs the readers to its potency,” said Kameeta in a statement obtained by Madison 365. “Reading the book just perpetuates racists thoughts and attitudes in a school district that actively discriminates against children of color.”

The book is a classic, and, is in no way racist. I wonder if Tujama speaks out against rap music? If hearing the word nigger, which is used repeatedly in rap is so potent then certainly rap is a bigger danger to Black youth is it not?

Kameeta believes that Atticus Finch “reinforces the Hollywood stereotype of the white savior” and complained about what he perceived to be a lack of black agency in the book. The parent claimed the existence of racial inequality in the 83 percent white Monona Grove School District, noting that white student literacy increased while black student literacy decreased in the region from 2016 to 2017.

Well, Tujama, it seems working to teach Black kids to read, which would be a wonderful thing would yield far more positive results than seeking to ban a book. Imagine that idea, teaching kids to read rather than telling what they can read. But activists are going to be activists, and all too often that means promoting division, anger, and false narratives rather than actually fixing problems.