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Johnathan Turley sets Jabba the Hutt Nadler’s Brigade of Douchebags straight

Oh Jabba Nadler


Via The Right Scoop

FOX NEWS – House Democrats are “heading into a world of hurt” if they escalate their fight with Attorney General Bill Barr over access to the full Robert Mueller report, according to constitutional law expert Jonathan Turley.

Turley, a George Washington University law professor, issued the warning during testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. As lawmakers grilled him and other legal scholars on issues having to do with executive privilege and congressional oversight, Turley stated that while he generally tends to give weight to congressional power, they are sure to lose if they go to court for the purpose of holding Barr in contempt for not releasing the full Mueller report.

You are heading into a world of hurt if you go to the D.C. Circuit,” Turley warned.

The D.C. Circuit recently ruled on this very issue, stating in the case of McKeever v. Barr that, outside of the specific exceptions outlined in Rule 6(e), courts do not have authority to order the disclosure of grand jury information. Since any legal action taken against Barr for contempt would likely end up before the D.C. Circuit, Turley made it clear that going down that road is a bad idea for Congress.

“There’s no question that he cannot release this Rule 6(e) information,” Turley said, calling Barr’s position “unassailable.”

Turley made no bones about it in suggesting that the House Judiciary Committee was asking AG Barr to commit a CRIME.

Poor, poor Democrats! Chin up there Rep. Nadler, yes, all six of them


Kamala Harris trails in polls, blames RAAAAACISM!

Diogenes, however points out that Harris’s issue is neither her skin or her gender. No, Kamala, it is you

According to Sen. Kamala Harris, it’s no coincidence that the top three Democrats leading in 2020 Democrat primary polls are white guys.  According to her, it’s the result of biased media pundits shaping black folks views with discussions on who is electable in today’s america.  In her case, I’m sure her lack of perceived electablity has nothing to do with the Creepy Voodoo Witch persona she sometimes projects.

Speaking to the folks at the NAACP’s Fight for Freedom Dinner in the democrat run paradise of Detroit, the 2020 contender pathetically whined about her lack of popularity, saying that the media’s discussions about “electability” are leading minorities to believe that only a white man can defeat Donald Trump.  I don’t know, kinda sounds like Kamala is calling black folks stupid and can’t think for themselves. According to The Washington Post, her message to her predominantly black audience was to “stop believing the pundits’ take and get behind the candidates you align with personally.  Or, can’t you see I’m black and a women dammit!

Liz Cheney unleashes truth on noted idiot

Rep Omar bit off more than she can chew

GOP Conference chair Liz Cheney had some strong words for Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar on Friday after the freshman congresswoman accused Cheney, without evidence, of lying.

“Liz Cheney is accusing a committee investigating Russian election interference of…helping Vladimir Putin,” Omar tweeted. “This is an impressive lie even for the Cheney family.”

Here are Cheney’s words

“If you look at what we know and what we know from the Mueller report and other places, it’s absolutely clear the Russians have attempted. A number of them were indicted for attempting to influence, to undermine our democratic processes,” Cheney said during a press conference on Wednesday. “The Democrats on the Judiciary Committee are doing exactly what Vladimir Putin would do if he could.”

Yep, pretty much true. Then Rep. Cheney told Omar to, well, piss off

“No surprise [Omar], an anti-Semitic Socialist who slanders US troops and carries water for Hamas and Maduro, doesn’t recognize the truth when she hears it,” Cheney tweeted.


Democrats gone wild

Diogenes looks at the Democrats and their inner Stalins

Even as the little fat man Nadler is demanding the Attorney General of the United States break the law for the purpose of his committee’s grandstanding for the leftist droolers, according to Breibart, House Committee on Oversight and Reform chairman, Rep. Elijah “Bullet Head’ Cummings (D-MD) is now bringing newsroom debate into his House Oversight Committee for investigation. He wrote to former Fox News reporter Diana Falzone demanding that she turn over any documents relating to Trump’s alleged extramarital affairs.

An article in the New Yorker last month alleged that Fox News executive Ken LaCorte spiked the story to protect Trump — a claim LaCorte has vehemently denied, saying the story lacked corroborating evidence and that the network was merely practicing responsible journalism, as were other outlets who declined the story. That article seems to have motivated Cummings’s letter — a letter that not only seeks personal dirt on the president, but seeks information that might be used to review Fox News’ editorial decisions.

SHOCKER! Leftist airhead compares Trump to Hitler

Of course, she is the one that inserted “White heritage” Trump did not mention race, not at all. But since truth is meaningless to leftists like Vinograd, it will not matter to CNN. Hell, the “anchor” on CNN cued her as to the “darker”origins of such talk

She is a professional hack, nothing more

*VIDEO* Congressman Jim Jordan Delivers Blistering Opening Statement Against DemoNazis At Hearing Featuring Crooked Lawyer Who Will Soon Be Imprisoned For Perjury ( 02/27/19)