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Daily Benefactor News – Death Toll Rises To 58 In Iraq Church Standoff – More Articles


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Death Toll Rises To 58 In Iraq Church Standoff – CNN

The death toll from a hostage standoff at a Catholic church in Baghdad has risen to 58, police officials with the Iraqi Interior Ministry said Monday.

Seventy-five others were wounded in the attack by armed gunmen Sunday, the officials said, adding that most of the casualties were women and children. Two priests were also among the dead as well as 17 security officers and five gunmen.

The hours-long standoff ended Sunday after Iraqi security forces stormed the Sayidat al-Nejat church. Eight suspects were arrested.

“All the marks point out that this incident carries the fingerprints of al Qaeda,” Iraqi Defense Minister Abdul Qader Obeidi said on state television Sunday.

He said that most of the hostages were killed or wounded when the kidnappers set off explosives inside the church.

At least two of the attackers were wearing explosive vests, which they detonated just minutes before security forces raided the church, the police officials said.

The Islamic State of Iraq later claimed responsibility for the attack through a statement posted on a radical Islamic website. The umbrella group includes a number of Sunni extremist organizations and has ties to al Qaeda in Iraq.

“The Mujahedeens raided a filthy nest of the nests of polytheism, which has been long taken by the Christians of Iraq as a headquarter for a war against the religion of Islam and they were able by the grace of God and His glory to capture those were gathered in and to take full control of all its entrances,” the group said on the website.

Pope Benedict XVI said Monday that he was praying “for the victims of this absurd violence – all the more ferocious in that it hit defenseless people gathered in the house of the Lord, which is home to reconciliation and love.”

Survivors of the ordeal said they were about to begin Sunday night services when the gunmen entered the church, according to Martin Chulov, a journalist for the U.K.-based Guardian newspaper who was on the scene. A priest ushered the congregants into a backroom, Chulov reported that survivors said.

At one point, one of the gunmen entered the room and threw an unidentified explosive device inside, causing casualties, Chulov said.

The U.S. military spokesman said that as many as 120 people were taken hostage.

The gunmen seized the hostages after attacking the Baghdad Stock Market in the central part of the Iraqi capital earlier Sunday, police said. Four armed men entered the nearby Sayidat al-Nejat church after clashing with Iraqi security forces trying to repel the stock market attack.

Iraq’s Interior Ministry told CNN that gunmen attacked the stock market to distract Iraqi security forces who were outside the church to protect it.

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Despite 40-Year Sentence, Terrorist Khadr Likely To Go Home In A Year – McClatchy

A military jury on Sunday gave teen terrorist Omar Khadr a 40-year prison sentence for killing an American commando in Afghanistan, but the sentence was merely symbolic.

The U.S. already had agreed to limit Khadr’s prison time to eight years, and Canada has said it would allow Khadr to serve the bulk of his sentence there. Canada had been publicly cagey about its agreement to the deal.

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Tea Party Candidate Miller Outraged After Reporters Leave Accidental Voicemail Likening His Supporters To Child Molesters – Daily Mail

An astonishing message likening the supporters of a Tea Party favorite to child molesters was left on the voicemail of a member of his team by television reporters.

Joe Miller, the Republican Senate candidate from Alaska, was so stunned to hear his campaign being smeared that he released the audio footage along with a press release containing a transcription.

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Delaware TV Station “Forgets” To Run O’Donnell Paid TV Program – Gateway Pundit

What is going on here? A station in Delaware did not run the Christine O’Donnell program this morning even though the 30 minute program was paid for. They said they “forgot” to air it.

The ad was supposed to air on Sunday night. They forgot then, too. The O’Donnell Campaign released the following statement: “It’s still unclear as to why the local cable channel failed to air the half-hour long special.”

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Kid Dresses Up As Obama Joker For White House Halloween Party – SodaHead

On the bright side, at least the president didn’t have another meltdown. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama greeted kids for Halloween at the White House.

They didn’t expect this… One of the kids dressed as Obama Joker. The kid forgot to write “Socialist” on his t-shirt. The president pushed the poor child on his way. Click HERE for video footage.

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Personal Income Drops For First Time In 14 Months, Spending Slows – Hot Air

Notice that the White House stopped talking about “Recovery Summer” a while ago? Today’s new releases from Commerce may help explain why. Personal income dropped for the first time since the technical beginning of the recovery in July 2009.

Not surprisingly, consumer spending slowed even with the back-to-school sales season. How did Reuters report the news? Take a guess.

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Republicans Appear Poised To Win Big On Tuesday – Gallup

The final USA Today/Gallup measure of Americans’ voting intentions for Congress shows Republicans continuing to hold a substantial lead over Democrats among likely voters.

The Republicans’ lead is large enough to suggest that, regardless of turnout, the GOP will win more than the 40 seats needed to give them the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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Hollywood To Give Honorary Academy Award To Jew-Hating French Filmmaker – NewsReal

Anti-American-Hollywood is giving an Honorary Academy Award to French filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard, an historically important director but a raving and unapologetic anti-Semite.

Godard has called a reputable French producer a “dirty Jew”; Francois Truffaut broke with him over this as did Claude Lanzmann, the great French documentarian of the Holocaust (“Shoah”).

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Once Again It’s I-Wish-It-Was-NFL-Sunday-But-It’s-Only-Full-Metal-Jacket-Reach-Around-Saturday Full Metal Jacket Reach Around Saturday

Yankee Phil provides us with video footage of GOP Senate candidate Pat Toomey sharing his Little Red Hen story with an audience of Pennsylvania voters.

Sista Toldjah resists the urge to go medieval on some sorry-assed beeotch who gave pot to her 2-year-old daughter.

Ugly, whiny, short-bus-riding, Maine RINO Olympia Snowe gets exposed for the parasitic organism that she is in our good friend Carol’s Closet.

Uncle Jimbo over at Black Five serves up a little zombie pork for everyone to choke on. Yes folks, John Murtha may be dead, but his legacy lives on.

The fine patriots over at Atlas Shrugs explain in detail why Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison is almost as dangerous to America as Barack Obama is.

The grouchy, old cripple over at Grouchy Old Cripple has posted an adult-oriented blonde joke that’s sure to bring a smile to your face… unless you’re blonde.

Some fake Tea Partiers think that a new pro-incumbency campaign finance bill currently worming its way through Congress is a peachy idea, and the Left Coast Rebel is justifiably disgusted by this state of affairs.

Drew over at Ace Of Spades HQ has dug up some illuminating information concerning spoiled RINO Lisa Murkowski’s newly announced write-in campaign for the U.S. Senate.

Doug Ross discusses an effort by “detestable Stalinist hacks” Henry Waxman and Anthony Weiner to “pick off talk radio’s advertisers, one-by-one.”

A reader of the Four Right Wing Wackos blog submits video footage of somebody blowing up a Quran. Apparently, burning one just wasn’t satisfying enough for them.

The Neo-Neocon asks the magic question “So, what about Christine O’Donnell and masturbation, anyway?” Then she answers it.

American Glob shares a video with us of Joy Behar – the kind, thoughtful and stunningly attractive host of The View – as she debates conservative talk show host Steve Malzberg over who’s really to blame for America’s problems. You’ll love the part where she brings up how Bush stole the 2000 election.

Adrienne over at Adrienne’s Corner is asking that we all take a momnet to pray for some blogger chums of hers who are currently suffering from some terrible diseases. Consider it done, my dear.

And today’s ‘You-Don’t-See-Headlines-Like-That-Every-Day’ award goes to The Other McCain for the following: Democrat Halvorson’s Nazi-Smear Aide Is Lesbian Who Brags About ‘Gigantic Boobs’. Tell me, who could resist reading a story like that?

Yes, the ‘Do It For Bieber’ political campaign continues on its relentless surge toward ultimate victory in the November mid-term elections, and Hack Wilson is right there with an important video presentation to inform and delight you.

An Obama OFA (Organizing For America) staffer is caught on tape holding a poster of Glenn Beck with a Hitler mustache, during some psycho-leftist gathering in Chicago. The fine bloggers at I Own The World have posted the video for your viewing pleasure.

Apparently the Saber Point blog has been designated the ‘Dumbest Website Ever’ by a bunch of atheists at something called The Skeptics’ Dictionary, and Saber Point’s owner Stogie could not be more proud.

Normally I would never consider posting a link to a video of two squirrels fighting, but since the footage has been posted on the otherwise insanely interesting Socialist Squirrel blog, I’ve decided to make an exception just this once.

Say, did you know that Great Britain has its very own Ukulele Orchestra? Neither did I before I happened upon a video of it over at Maggie’s Farm.

Daily Benefactor News – Obama Goes On Incredible $192 Million Splurge-Fest – More Articles


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Obama Goes On Incredible $192 Million Splurge-Fest – WorldNetDaily

House Republicans are collecting photos from citizens showing how the Obama administration is using nearly $200 million in taxpayer money to plaster every possible highway with signs touting how stimulus cash is “Putting America to Work” with infrastructure projects.

Rep. Darrell Issa, the ranking Republican member on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, published a new video today inviting citizen watchdogs to send in photos of the green “Projects Funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” popping up around the country.

Entitled “Signs of a Failed Stimulus: Be a Citizen Watchdog,” the video seeks the investigative help of Americans “fed up with both President Obama’s failed ‘stimulus’ programs and the taxpayer-funded propaganda signs used to promote this $862 billion boondoggle which has not fulfilled its job-creation promises.”

In a statement released by his Washington office, Issa put out the challenge: “Seen a sign? Take a picture and send it with the address and location to”

Issa’s office released an interactive map that allows readers to click on geographical locations around the country to view photographs citizens have taken of the nearly ubiquitous green American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) signs the Obama administration has been posting to advertise the “jobs created or saved” the White House likes to tout have resulted from deficit-spending stimulus projects.

Issa’s charge is not just that the stimulus spending has failed to create jobs, but the additional spending on stimulus roadsigns amounts to nothing more than a “propaganda” effort by the White House to convince Americans the stimulus has been successful, despite evidence to the contrary.

“This project harnesses the American public’s help in getting answers about why the administration has insisted on wasting potentially $192 million taxpayer dollars on pro-stimulus advertising even as the spending splurge has failed to meet the president’s own sales pitch: that the stimulus would keep unemployment below 8 percent and generate more than 4 million private sector jobs by the end of 2010,” Issa’s statement said.

“Today, unemployment stands at 9.6 percent, 14.9 million Americans cannot find work and more than 2.5 million people have lost their jobs since the stimulus became law.”

WND previously reported that a scathing Oversight Republican Staff Report has charged that the White House has “used the machinery of the Obama Campaign to tout the president’s agenda through inappropriate and sometimes unlawful public relations and propaganda initiatives.”

Under President Obama’s watch, some 3 million jobs have been lost, according to the Heritage Foundation. With 3 million jobs lost since Obama became president and the 3.5 million jobs Obama promised would be created if the stimulus plan were passed, Heritage concludes the Obama jobs deficit for 2010 stands at 7.6 million jobs.

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Harry Reid: Chris Coons Is ‘My Pet’ – Hot Air

An auspicious opening to Team O’Donnell’s campaign: Already, Democrats are making unforced errors as dumb as the ones Martha Coakley made in Massachusetts.

Reid said Coons would have won even if Rep. Mike Castle (R) had prevailed over O’Donnell. “I’m going to be very honest with you – Chris Coons, everybody knows him in the Democratic caucus. He’s my pet.” Reid said.

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U.S. Homes Lost To Foreclosure Up 25 Percent On Year – Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Lenders took back more homes in August than in any month since the start of the U.S. mortgage crisis. In all, banks repossessed 95,364 properties last month, up 3 percent from July and an increase of 25 percent from August 2009.

August makes the ninth month in a row that the pace of homes lost to foreclosure has increased on an annual basis.

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Christine O’Donnell Raises Almost $1 Million In 24 Hours – Millennial Pundit

Christine O’Donnell started a fund-raising push after winning the GOP nomination on Tuesday. Her goal: $50,000. When I checked Wednesday morning, she already had 210% of that goal.

So, like any smart campaign, O’Donnell and co. raised the ante to $200,000, then $350,000, $500,000, $750,000, and now she’s going for a cool million. As of 11:00 Wednesday night she’d brought in $840,000.

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Retirement Fund Trillions Lure Government Grabbers – American Thinker

Is the government making plans to confiscate your retirement money? The Obama administration is certainly exploring the idea.

This question no longer seems far-fetched when the group-thinkers in Washington unabashedly promote a doctrine of wealth redistribution and central planning. These Keynesian socialists know they will need vast new sources of revenues to fund their relentless spending binges.

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Poll: Rubio Now Leads Crist By 14 Points – Reuters

Republican Marco Rubio has opened a clear lead in a Florida Senate race, becoming the latest Tea Party favorite to benefit from voter anger at leftists, a Reuters/Ipsos poll has found.

Six weeks before November 2 congressional elections, Rubio leads state Governor Charlie Crist by 40 percent to 26 percent among likely voters, the poll found. Democrat Kendrick Meek trails at 21 percent.

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Illegal Alien Child Molester Awarded $4.3 Million In California – Daily Caller

California is so broke it is being compared to Greece. But the Orange County Board of Supervisors gave away 4.3 million dollars to an illegal Mexican alien who is also a child molester. Why did the supervisors do it? Answer: “The lawyer made me do it!”

The first chapter in this distasteful story begins with Fernando Ramirez, a 24-year-old illegal alien, being caught molesting a 6-year-old girl in a park.

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Canada Police Find 7 Tons Of Hashish – The Age

Police in Montreal, Canada have found seven tons of hashish wrapped in laptop-sized bricks in an abandoned container, the CBC news network said late on Wednesday.

“It’s a big one,” a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) spokesman told the network about the drug haul, which one reporter estimated would be enough to intoxicate everybody in Canada.

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Man Tries To Have Sex With Landlord’s Dog, Twice – APP

An Australian man pleaded guilty to charges of attempted bestiality and stealing after trying twice to have sex with his landlord s Great Dane.

Cairns Magistrates Court heard yesterday that Bradley Whitehead was staying with a Endearour Valley couple, who had agreed to help him in exchange for work on their property, when he was caught attempting to mount their dog Missy.

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Alleged Police Impersonator Pulls Over Detective – Breitbart

A Long Island man faces impersonation charges after police said a driver he pulled over for a traffic stop turned out to be a legitimate detective.

Detective William Zambito was driving home from work at about 4:30 a.m. when an unmarked car with flashing lights and sirens stopped him. When Zambito told Victor Alfaro-Marquez he was an off-duty officer, the impersonator fled the scene.

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Drunk Man Crashes Two Cars, Then tries To Tow Them – Yahoo News

A 54-year-old man has been arrested after police say he crashed two cars while intoxicated, then got in his tow truck and tried to move the vehicles.

Tommy Ryser was arrested and booked on three counts of driving under the influence Monday. Ryser crashed his truck into a utility pole Monday night, abandoned it and got in his wife’s Volkswagen but crashed that car into a guardrail.

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Police: Naked Woman Steals Louisiana Cab – Houston Chronicle

Police in Louisiana say a woman stripped in the back seat of a cab, demanded the driver take her to Michigan and when he refused, stole his cab.

Covington Police Capt. Jack West said the driver picked up 29-year-old Jennifer Gille at about 1 a.m. Sunday. West says Gille refused to get out when they reached their destination, stripped and demanded the cabbie take her home.

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