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RIP Bart Starr

One of the all-time greats

The quarterback who guided the Green Bay Packers to five NFL championships and was as popular as any figure in franchise history has died.

Bart Starr, who served as the extension of coach Vince Lombardi on the field during the Packers’ glory days of the 1960s, has died, his family said in a statement. He was 85.

“We are saddened to note the passing of our husband, father, grandfather, and friend, Bart Starr,” the family statement said. “He battled with courage and determination to transcend the serious stroke he suffered in September 2014, but his most recent illness was too much to overcome.

“While he may always be best known for his success as the Packers quarterback for 16 years, his true legacy will always be the respectful manner in which he treated every person he met, his humble demeanor, and his generous spirit.

The Social Justice Football League?

Oh, I love football, so I was excited about a new league playing in the spring/summer, but this? Count me out!

The Freedom Football League announced its existence on Thursday. The league is being launched by 50 former players, including Ricky Williams, Terrell Owens, Jeff Garcia and Simeon Rice.

Games are planned for the spring and summer and the league plans to be financed “by a combination of private funding and public offerings in 2019.” The league also outlined four “philosophical and operational pillars.” They are holistic health and wellness support on and off the field, amplifying the voices of players addressing issues they care about, keeping the game affordable for fans and “eliminating financial exploitation and profiteering to the benefit of the few at the expense of many.”

“The Freedom Football League is the perfect integration of my passion for social justice, economic equality and health and wellness, with my life-long dedication and love for professional football,” Williams said in a press release. “As much as I’d like to throw on the pads and play, this league is designed to bring competitive football back to the masses, providing players and fans alike with the economic benefits of owning stake in a team, while also ensuring players are empowered to use their public platform for social good.”

Ah, social good, social justice, also known as Marxist nonsense. No thanks!

So, Carrie Underwood’s new version of Sunday Night Football theme is unpopular?

So, the latest outrageous outrage has erupted over a new version of a stupid theme for Sunday Night Football

In the new version, which was played before the Week 1 matchup between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers, Underwood belts out “Game On” instead of “Ohhhhhhh Sunday night” — a line that fans have grown to know and love. Some people called for the network and Underwood to bring back the old version.

One viewer said the new song earned a “D+”

“Pros: Sang “Sunday night” on multiple occasions. Cons: Did not sing ‘ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’ in advance of saying that it was Sunday night. Grade: D+,” the viewer wrote on Twitter.

Another person said, “I’m not a fan of this new Carrie Underwood song at all.”

Apparently so, after viewing it I must say personally, I liked it quite a bit. OK I really liked it. Ok, to be honest, I really like Carrie’s shorts and her legs! WOW! This woman is smoking hot, and very talented

Where are the NFL owners balls?

No not footballs

When the NFL announced its new anthem policy, which requires players who chose to come out on the field during the playing of the anthem to “stand and show respect” during its playing, President Donald Trump celebrated the news as if it were a personal victory.

According to the depositions of Jerry Jones and Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, obtained by the Wall Street Journal, the president may have been justified. The two owners admitted that Trump’s comments on NFL player protests changed their thinking.

“I was totally supportive of [the players] until Trump made his statement,” Stephen Ross, the Miami Dolphins’ owner and creator of programs advocating for social justice, said in his deposition. Noting that owners’ conversations with Mr. Trump were relayed during a league meeting, he said: “I thought he changed the dialogue.”

Jones said he personally spoke with Trump about the issue…

“This is a very winning, strong issue for me,” Mr. Trump said in a phone call, according to a sworn deposition given by Mr. Jones and reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. “Tell everybody, you can’t win this one. This one lifts me.”

But Jones was reluctant to give Trump too much credit for influencing the league…

“Let’s [not] give him that much credit,” he said. “But I recognize he’s the president of the United States.”

However, Jones did tell Sports Illustrated last week “[Trump] certainly initiated some of the thinking, and was a part of the entire picture.”

Well, in my view, this is the owners, or at least two of them trying to deflect any negative publicity onto the president. Look folks, everyone KNEW that these protests would piss off most fans. Those fans ARE the NFL’s lifeblood. I just wish the owners would say look, this is the policy we should have had, we care about our fans. Players have every opportunity to vocalize their grievances about social issues, but not while they are working! It really is that simple, so owners quit playing CYA

NFL protests, a sane look

Mike McDaniel tells us all we really need to know about the minority of NFL players who like to pretend they are victims

But once again, the noble players and their enablers are in the news—Fox News:

A decision from NFL owners requiring players to stand for “The Star-Spangled Banner” if they are on the field when the anthem is played triggered intense reaction from supporters and opponents Wednesday, as one owner revealed that he abstained from the vote.

Commissioner Roger Goodell said the change was approved unanimously at the league’s spring meeting in Atlanta. NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told Fox News in an email that San Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York was the only abstention.

‘I want to work with my team to make sure everything we do is about promoting the right types of social justice reform and getting to a better America,” said York, who added that he planned to meet with his players to discuss the new policy.

Well of course, because what’s the primary reason for being of professional football if it’s not “getting to a better America,” and “promoting the right types of social justice reform”?  I’m sure that’s why fans attend games and watch the NFL on TV:

Announcer:  “There’s the snap, and quarterback Cornelius Selfabsorbed drops back, and throws a long bomb to wide receiver number 29, Galufus Washington, and HE DROPS IT!  HE HAD IT IN HIS HANDS, BUT JUST STOPPED AND DROPPED IT!  WHAT COULD HE BE THINKING?!

Second Announcer:  “Wait, he’s kneeling…yes, HE’S KNEELING ON THE FIELD TO PROTEST MICRO AGGRESSIONS!  The referees are indicating a virtue signal, wait…yes, IT’S A MICRO AGGRESSION VIRTUE SIGNAL! That’s going to be a ten-yard gain for the San Francisco Only Our Lives Matters!  AMAZING!  WHAT A BLOW AGAINST NORMALALITY!

Announcer:  Isn’t that “normalcy”?

Second Announcer:  Shhh!  Don’t grammarsplain.

Color Man:WHOOOEEEE! That’s the tenth virtue signal for Washington already this season.  He’s already gained 120 social justice yards, and I believe that means he’s leading the league!

Announcer:  And listen to that crowd!  They love social justice here in San Francisco!

Second Announcer:  That’s right!  These San Francisco fans are the greatest in the Strive Against White Privilege and Oppression League!

Funny stuff, and important because the outrageously outrageous outrage over this decision needs to be exposed for what it is. Another case of fake victimhood. These players are working, working their job on game day. I cannot protest at work, nor can anyone else. That is not an infringement on the right to free speech. These players can advocate for, or against anything they like when they are not at work! Surely there will be plenty of social justice media types to give them air time.

The fact is simple. The NFL is a business. Its customers, the fans, largely do not like seeing the protests during the anthem. It is disrespectful to many, and any message behind that protest is forgotten because you are showing disrespect for the flag. So, they, to a large extent showed their displeasure with their wallets last season. The NFL, listened, and wants its employees, the players to cease their publicity stunts during the anthem so their business does not decline further. Oh, by the way, if the NFL as a business suffers, so will the players. DUH!

My best advice to the players, or at least the small minority that are insistent on parroting the social justice diatribes, is stand respectfully, play the game, and do whatever you wish after the game, when you are NOT on the job. Heck you might even find that more people listen when you are not spitting in their faces. And yes, that is how they feel when you kneel during the anthem.

Oh, wait, one more thing. Before you go all SJW, you might want to look at the facts, not leftist talking points, but all the facts. Those facts will be of great help in deciding if you really think your cause is justified.

Why does the NFL want to kill itself by embracing social justice?

Mike McDaniel notes the NFL’s very poor decision making

ESPN, which is in a death spiral of its own–it just laid off another 150 employees–reports on the NFL’s most recent game of Russian Roulette:

The NFL and a group of players reached an agreement in principle late Wednesday night to partner on a plan to address social justice issues considered important to African-American communities, sources told ESPN.

The unprecedented agreement calls for the league to contribute $89 million over seven years to projects dealing with criminal justice reform, law enforcement/community relations and education

Keep in mind, gentle readers, 75% of NFL players are black. Apparently, they are now fully “woke” and rather than spending their own money–well, very much of it anyway–on their favorite political causes, they’ve talked the NFL into doing it for them.

During a conference call Wednesday night, Malcolm Jenkins and Anquan Boldin, who lead roughly 40 players who have negotiated with the league office about demonstrations during the national anthem, guided the group through the highlights of the package, which represents the NFL’s largest contribution to a social issue, surpassing that of Salute to Service or Breast Cancer Awareness/Crucial Catch.

The partnership came a day after some players broke away from the Players Coalition because of their dissatisfaction with how Jenkins and Boldin have handled negotiations. Commissioner Roger Goodell, believing that an agreement was at hand, was furious when ESPN reported that players were breaking off, according to one source. But during an afternoon call, Jenkins asked that the commissioner and the owners continue to stand with the players and allow them to do important work in the community.

Of course, the money will go to groups that likely are looking only to their agenda, rather than actually seriously addressing any actual problems. But, do not expect to hear where this money goes, because the media is not interested in reporting as much as they are in social activism. The fact is the term “social justice”is largely misunderstood, and,  in fact has nothing to do with any justice. Rather it is about spreading Leftism as Mike McDaniel explains

Let’s review, gentle readers. Just what is “social justice?” It is the antithesis of the rule of law. Above all, it is progressive ideology acted out in the streets, the legislatures, Hollywood and the media. And it is not just slightly left of center ideology. It is fully blown socialism and communism, with the occasional garlanding of anarchy thrown in for good measure when social justice explodes into riot, arson, assault and murder, including the assassinations from ambush of police officers.

Social Justice is blaming the police for the death of Trayvon Martin, a drugged, wanna-be gangsta-thug and burglar who picked the wrong man to try to kill in an unprovoked attack, who forced that man to kill him in lawful self-defense. It’s Michael Brown, the drugged strong-arm robber who beat a police officer, tried to take his handgun, and died in a berserker charge on that officer, having never raised his hands–“hands up; don’t shoot”–in surrender. It’s torching Baltimore to protest the accidental death of drugged petty criminal and drug dealer Freddie Gray. It’s the torching of Ferguson, riots in Portland, every act of political, anarchical violence and stupid rage, uninformed by reason, or even a coherent policy goal.

Frankly, the most egregious;y offensive element of the “take a knee” protests has been the fact that the whole protest is based on lies. Not half-truths, not different perspectives, but lies. Lies perpetuated by Leftists to destroy actual justice, and yes, individual liberty, and ultimately America itself. The target is not injustice, the aim is not correct racism, or police brutality. The goal is to destroy American values

Social justice is the opposite of American constitutionalism, the principal that has held America together since the founding. It exalts tribalism, baseless racial grievance, and identity politics. It divides and agitates. It scorns due process, equal justice, and the rule of law, because social justice means only the judicial and political outcomes favored by progressive/socialist/communist/anarchist social justice warriors, regardless of the circumstances or evidence. While those outcomes change from time to time and place to place, one thing does not change: none of them are in accordance with the Constitution. The Constitution is the primary impediment to the realization of a social justice utopia.

This is what the NFL has decided to back, and, sadly most of the players involved are likely too foolish and ignorant to even grasp what they have aligned themselves with. The owners are too cowardly, apparently to say to players that they can be activists on their own time and with their on dime. And the owners are likely hoping that will all go away now. They have effectively turned their backs on the game, and is fans, and whether or not they know it, they have sown the seeds for their own downfall. Fools

NFL legend Rocky Bleier sets kneelers straight

All I can say is BRAVO!

Via Yahoo Sports “Steelers icon, Vietnam vet Rocky Bleier on NFL protests: ‘It should have never gotten to this point’”:

Few people involved in the NFL’s ongoing national anthem debate are as qualified to discuss the subject as former Pittsburgh Steelers halfback Rocky Bleier.

Bleier, 71, served in the U.S. military during the Vietnam War. He lost part of his right foot due to a combat injury and had to fight his way back into the NFL after returning from the battlefield.

For Bleier, a four-time Super Bowl champion, the situation is very much cut and dry, and he sees a “simple” solution to the issue that has plagued the NFL for the past 14 months.

“It’s very simply this: This is a workplace, you are at the stadium, you are working that day, this is not a platform for protest,” Bleier told Yahoo Sports. “The American people, they can’t go to their workplace and start to protest about whatever may be happening in their life. That wouldn’t be allowed and that shouldn’t be allowed in the NFL.

“It’s not a violation of the First Amendment at all. You have off days, you can do it outside of the stadium or on other platforms, but not the gameday platform. It’s a very simple question and people are making it more complex than it really is.”

While Bleier’s opinion on the subject tends to lean toward supporting the stance of team owners like Jerry Jones and fans who are openly critical of anthem protesters, he acknowledges that there is plenty of blame to go around on this issue.

“The was a lack of leadership there on the owners’ side as well as the Players Association long before to nip whatever was coming down the road after the Colin Kaepernick situation a year ago, in the bud,” Bleier said. “It should never have gotten to this point, nobody has stepped up to say ‘No, this is not what we do on gameday.’”

Yes, it really is that simple