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The Left’s War on Dissent

The Left Loves freedom of speech, but only as long as they get to define what is acceptable.

A North Carolina State University administrator is encouraging student leaders to censor speech they don’t like in a tunnel dedicated to free speech on campus.

In an email sent to all student group leaders Friday evening that was obtained by Campus Reform,Eileen M. Coombes, Director of Student Involvement, encouraged students to be creative while fighting against “social injustices and other forms of hate.”

“Hate”, of course, being defined as anything the special sunflower want to hear, anything else? HATE!!!!!!

“One way to do so is through the new ‘State not Hate’ stencils now available in Student Involvement,” Coombes said in her email. “If you see hate speech or offensive language in the Free Expression Tunnel, cover that speech with the stencil, indicating that you, as a member of this community of scholars, will not stand for any form of hate at NC State.”

Someone ought to teach these buffoons what freedom of speech is. Freedom of speech, when practiced, will always lead to controversial opinions, and yes, to hurt feelings. It can also lead to healthy debate, and to thinking about the views of others. The Left, it would seem does not want anyone thinking about other viewpoints. They want conformity of thought, period.