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Nanny State Down Under

Such BS

Doug Vickery, 36, was fishing for octopus at Two Rocks Marina [Thursday], when he said he was approached by police at the rock wall.

The officers breathalysed him and checked his license, before slapping him with a $200 fine under the Liquor Act for having an open beer.

They caught him thanks to CCTV from a nearby fishing club. Big Brother is always watching.

This happened in the Perth area, where recently a motorcyclist was fined $550 for loosening his helmet strap after being pulled over despite not speeding. Crocodile Dundee would not recognize the place, thanks to runaway statism.

Treating people like children, another way leftism erodes and eventually destroys everything it touches

Bill to allow terminally ill to try experimental drugs headed to President TRump

It is about time. The FDA needs to butt out of these decisions.

Legislation that would allow terminally ill patients to get access to experimental drugs is headed to the president’s desk.

The House on Tuesday passed a “right-to-try” bill that was approved by the Senate in 2017.

“People who are terminally ill should not have to go from country to country to find a cure,” said Rep. Michael Burgess, R-Texas, on the House floor Tuesday.

The bill, which President Trump is expected to sign, has patient advocates divided.

Patient groups including the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network and the American Lung Association opposed the bill. They say it could do more harm than good by giving patients access to drugs that may, in the end, shorten their lives.

If they are dying and want that last hope, it is their choice, nt government’s. It is called liberty!

Wisdom? Get some!

Animal lays out a very simple truth about emotion and legislation

Not all problems have  solutions.  The cry after an event is always for government to “do something!”  (More on this and its associated ratchet effect tomorrow; stay tuned) but too many of the solutions proposed are based not on reason, but on emotion.  Truth told, that’s the case for all too much legislation today; that’s the truth for plenty of policy debates and, indeed, election campaigns.

Be prepared, True Believers; another round of cure-worse-than-the-disease is in the offing.

One thing that really bothered me watching the President’s meeting on school safety yesterday was all the cries of “feeling” safe. The teens, and some of the adults kept talking about the government doing something to make the students feel safe. Talk about the ultimate impossibility. First of all government is never going to be able to legislate feelings is it? It is madness to even contemplate such a thing.

The second thing that disturbed me was how the president, or Congress needed to make sure “nothing like this ever happens again”. Sorry, this is fairytale mentality. The government cannot guarantee bad things will not happen. The big truth these kids are missing is this. Evil exists, it always has, and always will. No government can prevent all evil. No police force, no matter how well trained, can stop every evil deed.

It is a very dangerous proposition to call on government to “do something” to protect our feelings, or to stop all bad people. Not only does it abdicate our individual duty to protect ourselves, but it empowers government to a point where individual liberties are rendered null and void.

Leave it to Democrats

Animal has a tale of a Democrat wishing to trample liberty

Senate candidate from Texas wants to make year of ‘service to country’ mandatory.  My reply:  Fuck off, slaver.  Excerpts follow, with my comments:

CORSICANA, Texas – Democratic Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke hopes to introduce a bill to Congress this year that would require all young people to spend at least a year “in service to this country.”

Get that, True Believers?  Required.  No opting out.  Everybody is required, by law, to participate, or else (presumably) the Imperial government will send men with guns out to get you; compliance will be forced.  Under the law only government can legally initiate the use of force, and would-be Senator O-Rourke is proposing to do so, to use men with guns to enforce this idiotic law.

There’s a word for involuntary servitude encoded in law, Mr. O’Rourke, and it ain’t a pretty one.

O’Rourke, who currently represents the 16th District of Texas, which includes El Paso, held a town hall in Corsicana on Thursday and shared his idea with those in attendance.

O’Rourke’s idea would require “every young person,” regardless of their socioeconomic background, to serve their country in some way whether that be in military service, a medical unit, a teaching unit etc.

Sorry, but this is not how liberty works. And, I would say the same if a Republican had come up with this little slice of totalitarianism. I have heard some Conservatives say everyone should be compelled to serve in the military for a couple of years. Uh, how about no. Again, that is not how liberty works

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Statists in France: No Soda Refill for You!

Does the Left ever tire of trying to be your parents? No, but remember it is for your own good.

It is now illegal to sell unlimited soft drinks at a fixed price or offer them unlimited for free.

The number of overweight or obese people in France is below the EU average but is on the rise.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends taxing sugary drinks, linking them to obesity and diabetes.

Self-service “soda fountains” have long been a feature of family restaurants and cafes in some countries like the UK, where a soft drinks tax will be introduced next year.

The new law [in French] targets soft drinks, including sports drinks containing added sugar or sweeteners.

Well, apparently things must be going swimmingly in France, right? I mean if their biggest, most pressing issue is the menace of soda refills. I wonder what the French might ban, or limit next.

Limits on the amount of red meat a restaurant may offer on its menu? Limit the amount a consumer may buy on a trip to the grocery store? How about limiting soda purchases at stores too? Limiting the amount of salt, or sugar one may purchase? Banning bacon or sausage? Perhaps mandating certain weights for citizens? Where does this end? It ends in one of two ways. Either the people reject political leaders that pass such foolish laws, or those same people must eventually accept the government intruding into every aspect of their life.

I hope the West chooses wisely