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Your Babbling Feminist Nonsense of the Day

Served with a extra large side of moral retardation. Sure glad she did not allow a baby to stand in her way

So, if Black people hate Jews…………

…it is the fault of White People?

University of New Hampshire physics professor Chanda Prescod-Weinstein took to Twitter on New Year’s Eve to explain why anti-Semitism is exclusively a “white” problem, and why it is inappropriate to discuss anti-Semitic acts committed by black people.

Prescod-Weinstein began her tweetstorm by explaining that it is “anti-Black” and “dangerous both to non-Jewish Black people and to Jews” to consider violent attacks against Jews by Black people “equivalent” to “white antisemitism.”

“Antisemitism in the United States, historically, is a white Christian problem, and if any Black people have developed antisemitic views it is under the influence of white gentiles,” the professor clarified.

Stupid on steroids

The professor goes on to explain how “white Jews adopted whiteness as a social praxis and harmed Black people in the process,” and that “Some Black people have problematically blamed Jewishness for it.”

“There is no systemic Black on Jewish violence,” the professor clarified before insisting that “Putting more police and people with guns outside of synagogues may make white Jews feel safer but it will endanger Jews of color, especially Black Jews and Middle Eastern Jews.”

The delusion is stunning, and, if you head over to Campus Reform, your head might explode on how deep in the Pit of Idiocy this woman is. Please take note of how she attaches no responsibility on any individual for their actions. It is all about the “group” they belong to. Again, the left dismisses any for of individualism out of hand.

Leftist Dirtbag Ana Navarro, who pretends to be a Republican lets her inner RAAAAACIST loose!

What a foul human being this hack is

Democrats, and Ana Navarro, but I repeat myself, are panicking that they may be seeing Blacks leave the Plantation of Perpetual Victimhood. 

There goes Joy Reid AGAIN

Is there a more hateful racist on TV than Reid? She REALLY hates White Conservatives, who she thinks are all like Hitler. Joy, Joy, Joy, you ignorant ass Hitler was a LEFTIST, like YOU!

Lost in the week’s news was a Sunday segment of MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” where host Joy Reid compared what she sees as benign coverage of President Donald Trump to how Adolf Hitler was treated leading up to World War Two.

“I have this old set of New York Times front covers … to show how benign the coverage was even in the 1930s, as the world was about to burn down in World War Two,” Reid said. “And the just sort of benign things, you know, it’s like a tick of wanting to see world leaders — in that case of Germany — they just want to see them as normal and I don’t know where that comes from, but it is really — and I think it wouldn’t be so if those leaders were not white men, I have to say.”

“White Republican men,” someone on the panel interjected.

Remember when the left in America bemoaned lumping people together because of race or gender? Those days are gone, as is he mask he left wore for so long. They are haters

The Left Hates America

When you hope millions of Americans have to suffer a recession, lose their jobs, their homes, go deep into debt, and have their standard of living, and yes, their children’s, all so your party can win an election, then you are trash! You are not compassionate, or feeling. You are not a champion of people, you are simply a person who cares that your party wins. 

Judiciary Chair Jaba The Hut Nadler still looking for some attention


Oh Jerry Nadler just cannot help himself

Democrats are still gonna chase rainbows and fight those windmills, as House Judiciary Chair Nadler has issued a subpoena for the Mueller report without redactions.

This is what the Democrats are wasting resources on instead of working on border security, or health care, or anything else that actually matters

Some people are just wastes of skin

A father arranging an acid attack on his 3-year-old?  

An “arrogant and selfish” father has been jailed for 16 years for organising a “monstrous” acid attack on his three-year-old son.

The boy suffered burns to his face and arms in the attack at the Home Bargains store in Worcester in July last year.

Prosecutors said the man, 40, had enlisted others in a bid to “manufacture” evidence to discredit his estranged wife during a custody battle.

Five other men were jailed at Worcester Crown Court for their part in the plot.

The father, who cannot be named for legal reasons, and the five men were found guilty after a six-week trial of plotting to spray sulphuric acid on the boy with intent to harm.

Gutter trash, pure gutter trash