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How to FAIL at journalism a lesson from MSNBS

Hack alert!

An NBC journalist told the truth without meaning to and then quickly tried to cover his tracks during a discussion on immigration,

NBC reporter John Heilemann exposed his partisan colors on Wednesday while speaking to MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace about immigration, admitting he is a Democrat but then trying to walk back his remarks

“It is our job in the press, and it’s also the job of Democrats, to not let the president have it both ways on this issue,” Heilemann said while discussing President Trump’s enforcement of  a policy which separates families who entered the United States illegally.

“You can’t inflict this kind of policy on Americans, and not pay a political price,” the national-affairs analyst for NBC News and MSNBC said.

“We have a great chance to inflict one on him and his party in November,” Heilemann continued, but quickly backtracked.

“We, I mean the Democratic Party. I’m not part of the Democratic Party, but people who object to this policy, which I think is a lot of people,” he said.

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As an added bonus, this 

Latest MSNBS Tin Foil Hatters Brigade?

Of course I watch MSNBS

The whole summit with North Korea? Just a way to  distract from the Russian collusion non-story

“This is not just a meeting about foreign policy, this is about Donald Trump’s political survival. He has said to friends that he plans on taking a win in North Korea to the voters. That’s their midterm message; that’s all they’ve got,” MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace said.

Ah yes, the brilliant, in her own mind, Nicole Wallace, who has shredded any credibility she ever had by becoming a barking seal on MSNBS. She IS the walking talking definition of media malfunction

“That’s right,” said Gay. “I mean that’s what’s actually so terrifying in part.”

Gay added that “thinking about this realistically, we know enough about President Trump to know that he’s not going to come home and say that he failed. He’s going to call this a win no matter what.”

Wallace and her guests bantered until Gay later added, “You look at the polls, it’s really interesting because the more that we’re talking about North Korea, you know the less we’re talking about Russia, right? The less we’re talking about issues at home, and I think you see, you know that’s true for Kim I’m sure as well.”

Oh brother!


Will the media fawn over and promote these high school kids?

Are you kidding, of course not! These kids have the wrong narrative

Ever since the Parkland massacre, there have been a few names we just can’t seem to escape. Names like David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez are becoming almost household names, all because they went to a school where something horrible happened.

Through it all, the Parkland kids have pretended to be the voices of a whole generation, claiming that the young are somehow ready to throw off supposedly antiquated ideas like “rights” and make the world better.

As if.

Luckily, though, there’s another group of young people also from a part of the country touched by recent school violence that is ready to oppose Hogg and company.

A group of pro-gun Texas students is challenging Parkland survivors in their attempt to push gun control after the Santa Fe High School shooting last month.

The group, called March for Our Rights, sent a letter to Gov. Greg Abbott urging him to consider its pro-Second Amendment viewpoint. The letter came in response to another letter sent to Abbott and signed by organizers of the pro-gun control group March for Our Lives.

The letter, published as a full-page ad in the Houston Chronicle, called for policy change and asked Abbott not to pander to the gun lobby.

March for Our Rights said that while it didn’t have the money to take an ad out, it wanted Abbott to know it supported the Second Amendment:

We want to make sure you know we don’t agree with billionaire Michael Bloomberg or any of the gun control organizations and activities that he financially supports. […] A Bloomberg-affiliated group recently took out an ad in the Houston Chronicle, criticizing you and Texas lawmakers for supporting pro-Second Amendment policies for rejecting their misguided gun control schemes. While we might lack the ability to finance a similar response, we do have a voice.

The group that the letter referred to was the nonprofit “Everytown,” which received financial backing from Bloomberg.

This group is also going toe to toe with Hogg and his fellow travelers on social media, also pointing out that unlike the Parkland crowd, no one has written them a big old astroturf check. In other words, they’re legitimately homegrown.

Of course, the media will fall all over themselves, as will celebs, to completely ignore these kids. Again, the narrative is all that matters

Selective Outrage Syndrome

No matter the reasons for the media’s obsession with nailing the president for something, anything, no matter the reason so many are so perpetually outraged by the president’s every action, we need some context here. That context comes in a question. Where was their outrage from 2009-17? Tom Knighton at Bearing Arms, writing about the evils of playing politics with police shootings lays out some very harsh, yet richly deserved criticism of President Obama.

In 2010, Brian Terry, a United States Border Patrol officer was the victim of Obama Administration politics. Eric Holder’s Department of Justice walked more than 2,500 AK’s and other high-powered rifles across the border in Operation Fast and Furious. Mexican cartel members obtained one of those rifles and murdered Brian in a firefight. Neither the Obama Administration nor Eric Holder had to answer for the grief they caused Brian Terry’s mother.


Because politics were more important to Obama and his crew than the life of a Border Patrol agent. The maddening part is that Obama didn’t consider that a scandal. He said his two terms were scandal free.

The Obama Administration made law enforcement officers less safe and more hated. During his first year in office, Obama tried to make an example of a Cambridge Police Department officer who detained a subject that was seen forcing his way into a home. However, further investigation on the scene showed the suspect was the homeowner. Instead of being thankful the officers were thorough and acknowledging that sometimes mistakes do happen, the president became belligerent and continued to use this rhetoric to divide the country for the next eight years.

Black Lives Matter cheered when cops were shot or injured. The Obama White House was silent. The media would selectively pick police shootings to cover, and the White House was quick to condemned officers. Weeks later, we would learn the truth of what happened, and that most of the shootings were justified.

Obama fostered emotion that perpetuated the idea that it was acceptable to assault police officers because you felt wronged. He created this war on cops, and it is still waging. In 2017, 34% of officers were killed by gunfire.

Of course not mentioned here are Benghazi, the use of the IRS to attack Tea Party groups, or several other black marks that will forever tarnish Obama’s legacy. Odd that our media, and the left in general runs with every rumor about Trump. They mock him at every turn, they embrace every “source” with an axe to grind with the president. Yet they were silent during the Obama years. Paints a very clear picture doesn’t it?


Spinning like mad men

The jobs report showed that 223,000 jobs were added in May — more than economist predicted — and that unemployment dropped to 3.8 percent.

The MSNBC panel admitted that the numbers were great, but then quickly pivoted to criticize Trump for tweeting that he was “looking forward to seeing the employment numbers” before the report was released.

“The president, he certainly wanted us to pay attention,” anchor Stephanie Ruhle said. “At 7:30 this morning he sent out this tweet…I completely understand why the economy is a win for the president but to send this tweet out one hour before it becomes public?”

“The security around these numbers is incredible,” guest Brendan Greeley affirmed. “If I were to before 8:30 text my wife and say the job numbers look good…I would never work in financial journalism again.”

Ruhle and Greeley went on to fret over whether Trump’s “deeply suspect” and “unprecedented” behavior may have affected trading on the market.

Greeley admitted again that the economy has been good under Trump but knocked the president for “cherry-picking” data to make himself look good.

There they go again

Is April Ryan the worst journalist evah?

April Ryan is a professional hack, do not try this at home kids

The Root, of course is a mix of leftists, race baiters, and wackos, but, I repeat myself. Ryan is no journalist, she is an activist, and a damned bad one playing a journalist.