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Are Dems looking to “reign in” media?

Via Weasel Zippers

Via Fox News:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said that Congress is “looking into” media literacy initiatives to help “rein in” the press to combat misinformation in the wake of last week’s deadly breach of the U.S. Capitol.

During a lengthy live stream on Instagram on Tuesday night, the leader of the so-called “Squad” discussed the aftermath of the Capitol riot, how she feared for her life during the chaos and what needs to be done going forward.

At one point, Ocasio-Cortez read a question from a viewer who asked if there is discussion in Congress on “truth and reconciliation or media literacy initiatives” to help with healing.

“I can say, there is absolutely a commission being discussed but it seems to be more investigatory, in style rather than truth and reconciliation, so I think that’s an interesting concept for us to explore

I think it safe to say that the left wants complete control of the media. And, they will get it unless the media realizes they are helping sow the seeds of their own slavery to the left. Right now, much of our media are helping the Democrats willingly, before long it will not matter if they willingly go along or not

The Left and their Perpetual Phony Outrage

John Daniel Davidson nails the leftist mouth pieces and the outrageously outrageous outrage

But elite outrage is not really about what happened at the capitol—about the “sacred citadel of our democracy being defiled” and so on. The outrage, like almost all expressions of righteous indignation from our elites in the Trump era, is performative. It is in service of a larger purpose that has nothing to do with the peaceful transfer of power and everything to do with the wielding of power.

Specifically, it’s about punishing supporters of President Trump. If the pro-Trump mob can be depicted as “terrorists” and “traitors,” then there’s almost nothing we shouldn’t do to silence them. Right? Rick Klein, the political director at ABC News, said the quiet part out loud on Thursday when he mused (in a now-deleted tweet) that getting rid of Trump is “the easy part” and the more difficult task will be “cleansing the movement he commands.”

That’s not the kind of language you use when you’re in the business of reporting the news. It’s the kind of language you use when you’re in the business of social control.

A lot of people on the right have noted the supposed hypocrisy of media elites like Klein, but it’s not really hypocrisy because Klein and his comrades don’t really have a problem with violent mobs storming into buildings and smashing windows, so long as they agree with the mob’s agenda. That’s why corporate media was so tolerant of much larger and more dangerous mobs destroying American cities for months on end last year. When Black Lives Matter rioters stormed city halls and police stations, burned down churches, and ransacked shopping districts in major U.S. cities, killing dozens and destroying livelihoods, the media offered support for the rioters’ cause, which they invoked time and again to justify their criminal acts.

Please go read it all, it hits the proverbial on the head. The leftist hand wringing and fear mongering is nothing but another attempt to “not let a good crisis to go to waste”. Everything they do, and say is geared towards consolidating more power and control into their hands.

The Good Kid Narrative

The left thrives on narratives and messaging, not facts. Using this strategy allows the left to paint reality as they want you to see it, not as it is. When it comes to “racial justice the left paints America as, say it with me, systemically racist. The narrative of the good kid comes into play in a major way here. Every time a police officer shoots, or “profiles”, arrests or even pulls a young person of color over that person is automatically is transformed into a good kid, and, therefore a victim of America’s “systemic racism”. No matter what the facts show, the “good kid” narrative negates it because AMERICA RACIST!

Zendo Deb gives us a great example here

“I do not think it means what you think it means.” 3 Teenagers Killed After Minneapolis Police Chase

Actually in this case, it is two words: Good kid.

“My son was a good kid, my nephew was a good kid, the other little fellow that was in the car he was a good kid but how can they show the society that they was good kids if they don’t have nothing to do,” he said.

So. Three “good kids” carjack a woman “with force” and then run from police, though maybe they were only just driving in a stolen vehicle. Just exactly how would you define a “bad kid?”

The definition, of course is whatever furthers the leftist narrative. Think of all the narratives we have seen this year, ever since George Floyd’s death. Every single one took a legitimate news story and created a narrative, facts be damned, context be damned. The media, naturally, should be digging into these stories to provide context, facts, and insight, but should be is long gone it seems. The narrative is all the matters now. And that narrative has led to looting, violence, destruction, arson, and yes, to deaths. But, again, the narrative reduced the lawlessness to “mostly peaceful protests”, and to a “fight for justice”.

So, now, we look at narratives, and facts? They are no longer allowed. The narratives must be groomed and allowed to grow and replace objectivity, and truth. And, yes, this is the tactic the left uses to “cleanse” America. And by cleanse, they mean cancel.

Since we are talking hate crimes, RAAAAACISM, let’s remember they must fit the narrative

And this story, does not fit the narrative Via The Lid

The Aurora Police Department arrested 30-year-old Steve Sinclair, a black man, earlier this week for and are charging him with a hate crime and attempted murder after he allegedly stabbed a white man while yelling, “Black Lives Matter.” The white man, 29-year-old Michael Conner, was trying to run away from him at the time.  stabber yelled Black Lives Matter

Folks, these are the kind of violent miscreants that are involved in Black Lives Matter. They are dangerous, and they won’t think twice about putting a bullet or a blade in you. Be prepared to defend yourself at all times. That’s why the Second Amendment exists.

via Daily Wire:

“An arrest affidavit says Sinclair used a knife to stab 29-year-old Michael Conner who was transported to the hospital for his injuries and a collapsed lung,” 9News reported. “Conner, a white male, told police while at the hospital that Sinclair, a Black male, shouted ‘Black lives matter!’ prior to stabbing him.

Move along, nothing to see here, CNN might refer to this as a “mostly Peaceful” stabbing

Chris Wallace should know better

There is a simple rule all should follow when commenting on any issue. If you do not understand it, shut up! I try to use this strategy here. Notice I do not comment on hunting. Why? Well, having been deer hunting once, and never elk or bear or moose hunting. I have Been rabbit hunting, squirrel hunting, but am certainly no exert, so, I use the SHHH Rule! Chris Wallace should follow my lead

Wallace’s analysis of the Democrats’ convention went off the rails when he turned to the topic of Joe Biden and gun control.

Earlier in the hour, Wallace praised an address by former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords — whose husband, astronaut Mark Kelly, is seeking to unseat Sen. Martha McSally, R-Ariz., in November — as “enormously powerful” and called her “a living embodiment of the concern” most Americans have about gun violence.

“In a shopping center, some twisted nut to came up with a gun and shot her and then shot a number of other people as well,” Wallace said, recalling the 2011 mass shooting that killed six people and wounded 13 others, including Giffords.

“I understand that Republicans will say that Joe Biden wants to take away your Second Amendment rights,” Wallace added. “The only problem with that is, Biden has made it clear over and over [that] he’s not interested in taking away Second Amendment rights, he’s interested in taking away weapons of mass destruction like assault weapons.”

See, Wallace both injected his opinion, which is based on false information, an showed his ignorance of firearms. Calling an AR-15 an “assault weapon” is bad enough, but to compare it to weapons of mass destruction? Just stop, really, just SHHHHHH.

Mr. Biden does not, in fact support the right to keep and bear arms, Biden, at best, supports his view of the second amendment

When it overturned California’s 10-round magazine limit last Friday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit emphasized what Americans commonly do when they exercise their constitutional right to armed self-defense. Joe Biden, by contrast, thinks the relevant question is how many shells Americans are allowed to have in their shotguns when they hunt migratory birds.

“I respect the Second Amendment,” Biden insisted last March while arguing with a Detroit autoworker about gun control. But the evidence he offered was not exactly reassuring.

“I have a shotgun,” Biden said. “My sons hunt.” He notably omitted any mention of the right to self-defense, which the Supreme Court has recognized as the Second Amendment’s “central component,” or of handguns, which the justices described as the “quintessential self-defense weapon.”

In explaining his plan to ban “high-capacity magazines,” Biden also talks about hunting. “Federal law prevents hunters from hunting migratory game birds with more than three shells in their shotgun,” his campaign says. “That means our federal law does more to protect ducks than children.”

Go read the rest of that piece, it is good, and illustrates Biden’s “belief” in the second amendment. As Cam Newton notes, “journalists” like Chris Wallace fail to ask what politicians believe the second amendment actually protects

It’s easy for a politician to claim that their gun control laws are in line with the Second Amendment, but too few reporters ever actually bother to dig deeper and ask what exactly those politicians think the Second Amendment actually protects. Sure, Joe Biden has said that he’s not interested in taking away anyone’s right to keep and bear arms, but what does the Second Amendment mean to Joe Biden? We’ve already pointed out that Kamala Harris appears to believe the Second Amendment doesn’t protect an individual right to keep and bear arms. Maybe Chris Wallace can ask Joe Biden what he thinks the Second Amendment is all about the next time he interviews Biden from his basement.

Of course, Newton is dead on here, the media typically allows politicians like Biden give vague, meaningless answers without following up. That is not journalism, it is lazy.

Jim Acosta wins Biggest Douche Bag Award

Pretend tough guy Chris Cuomo gets taken to the woodshed

Via The Lid

Whatever White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is getting paid, it’s not enough. After Chris Cuomo mocked President Trump for taking hydroxychloroquine, McEnany eviscerated him by pointing out the Cuomo took a less safe version of hydroxychloroquine.

Amazing that the media has gone this deep into a noncontroversial issue. It is a medication with possible side effects. Some people will not be helped, some will NOT. And this medication is prescribed by doctors. Odd, in their blind quest to bash President Trump, the media, has once again exposed how biased they are.

Yes, Chuck Todd does deserve to be fired, yesterday

The Right Scoop did a nice job covering Todd’s, or NBC’s, or maybe both gross misquoting of AG Bill Barr. Maybe, wink, wink, it was an accident, maybe it was deliberate, whichever the case he Todd should be kicking rocks already. Either he is incompetent, or just a hack, either way……

The official Department of Justice Twitter account for Attorney General Bill Barr spokesman Kerri Kupec not only called out NBC’s Chuck Todd for a deceptively edited clip of the AG, but retweeted others doing the same. He made an airtight, devastating case.

Without hair-on-fire griping, he calmly dismantled Todd’s ‘Meet the Press’ fake news, simply saying he was “very disappointed” and allowing the facts (and retweets) of Todd’s own words shred him. The video is below (after the spox’s tweets) in a share from Daily Caller’s Greg Price that was retweeted by Kupec.

How bad was it? Observe

This is clearly not journalism, and it is almost unfathomable to believe it was not just a hatchet job by NBC and Todd. And that type of hatchet job should get Todd he axe

For anyone blaming President Trump for Corona Virus

Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas sets the record VERY straight

Great job by Rep. Crenshaw cutting through the BS, we need more like him. In a sane world, the media would be reporting facts instead of chasing ratings and bashing the president, but, the media cannot be accused of sanity any longer.

CNN Redifining fake news

Tough talker Chris Cuomo should be ashamed of cheap stunts like selectively editing video

Pathetic. If you have to lie, deliberately lie, to “prove your point”……………..

Why the media is failing, miserably, at covering the Corona Virus pandemic

The media gets a hard time from critics, and, usually rightfully so. They slant their coverage and spin everything into a left vs right debate, and yes, they take sides. And the side they take is almost always the side the left takes. Yes, Fox does it from the other side, and that bugs me too, so someone over there might shut Brian Kilmeade up. News, as it was, is dead. It is no longer about imparting information, it is a few headlines, followed by spinning talking heads, and for the most part they suck too. Seriously, can any of them make any original arguments rather than parroting the same worn out lines?

This virus though, the Chinese Virus, that originated in China, gave the media a great opportunity to amend for their failures. It was really a simple thing, just report the facts, and leave commentary out of it. But, no, they were not about to do that. Sure they report facts, but it is not their first, second, third, or even fourth priority. Facts might not even make the top ten. Take a peek at things the media has pushed far more than facts.

DOOM! PANIC! The media has done their best to cause panic for weeks now, Bold headlines dominate your TV screen, hacks, with agendas telling us this is worse than Ebola, the Spanish Flu, Cancer, and so on. Many of these are doctors, so they should be more measured in their time on TV. Some are anchors, no doubt hoping to further their careers, and some are just your garden variety nuts who just want to bash Trump.

RAAAAACISM! Anyone calling the Chinese Virus, that originated in China, the Chinese Virus is a RAAAAACIST! And they are causing Asian people allover America to be attacked. Do not expect one shred of evidence that such attacks are happening because facts are not part of the agenda. Feelings, not Facts!

The Chinese Bat Soup Flu has certainly clarified some of the blurred lines between what is important and what is frivolous garbage. Yet, in a time when millions of Americans are at risk of dying as a direct result of ChiCom conspiracies and the bizarre need of its serfs to eat any weird thing that crawls or slithers within reach of their chopsticks, our useless elite is fixated on making sure we don’t hurt the feelz of the very people who stuck us in this predicament.

TRUMP BAD! TRUMP IDIOT! TRUMP HATE SCIENCE! And, of course TRUMP RAAAACIST! Again, do not expect any actual proof of such spin. The media will bring on some leftist hack to ensure us Trump is a the worst person ever!

Swallowing then spreading Communist propaganda from China, where the Chinese Virus, that originated in China started. Anything to bash Trump!

The list goes on, and on, Mike McDaniel notes the bias

Whatever credibility they had left after more than three years of fake news in the service of the ongoing coup attempt is circling the drain, and they’ve only themselves to blame.  The more they attack President Trump during the current crisis, the more popular he becomes.

Exactly right. They are like addicts who will never accept they have a problem.

They are actually arguing that all media should refuse to carry President Trump’s regular pandemic briefings: These are the people who, for years, have complained that Trump is not holding regular press briefings.  Now that he is, they’re complaining because when they behave like self-important idiots, when they call him racist for presenting facts, when they try to stir up panic, he calmly puts them in their place

Addicts seeking that next fix. Rather than proving that Trump was wrong to call them fake news, they have proven him right. And serious stories? Ignored!

New York City is now the U.S. epicenter of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, with more than 8,000 cases and 60 deaths from the disease. The most shocking fact is how deeply the city’s school system is implicated in this outbreak. People need to go to prison for this:

One after another, sick Brooklyn Technical High School teachers called union chapter leader Nate Bonheimer last week, to tell him they’d tested positive for COVID-19.
By Friday, five of them had shared the devastating news. But after being notified about each one, the city Department of Education still ordered the 6,000-student school’s 350 staffers to show up for work last week, saying the building had been cleaned.
“The DOE did not close the school for any of the cases,” said Bonheimer, who worries that inaction exposed others to the dreaded infection.
The city failed to follow a March 9 directive by the state Education Department that “requires an initial 24-hour closure, in order to begin an investigation to determine the contacts that the individual may have had within the school environment.”
DOE did not attempt to identify close contacts, Bonheimer said. “They did not alert the people who needed to know the most to protect themselves, their families and everyone else they came into contact with.”
One infected teacher was so torn by the secrecy he took it upon himself to personally let all his students know his condition.
Around the city, teachers and administrators are outraged that Mayor Bill de Blasio and Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza resisted a drum beat to close the public schools in the name of safety. . . .
Some DOE employees believe de Blasio and Carranza deliberately kept the lid on the COVID-19 cases popping up, putting kids and families at risk.
“The blood is on their hands,” one said.
DOE staffers think the two city leaders tried to cover up the cases because they wanted to keep the 1.1-million-student system running despite increasing pressure to shut it down. Finally, with Gov. Andrew Cuomo about to do it, the mayor relented and closed the schools for students on March 16. . . .

The media had one job……………….



Maybe the media should stick to actual news?

Rather than panicking everyone and bashing Trump for RAAAAACISM? Robert Stacy McCain has some knowledge for them



Two words you should add to your vocabulary — zoonosis and zoonotic:

zoonosis (plural zoonoses, or zoonotic diseases) is an infectious disease caused by bacteria, viruses, or parasites that spread from non-human animals (usually vertebrates) to humans.
Major modern diseases such as Ebola virus disease and salmonellosis are zoonoses.

The Wuhan coronavirus is a zoonotic disease. In January — before the liberal media decided Trump was to blame for this pandemic — it was widely reported that the outbreak originated in China’s Wuhan province, specifically in so-called “wet markets,” where live animals are kept and slaughtered on the spot for sale. The Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market was linked to 41 of the first cases of COVID-19 identified in China by early January. In addition to seafood, this market in Wuhan was known for selling meat of “exotic animals”:

The South China Morning Post reported on 29 January 2020 that the market had a section selling around “120 wildlife animals across 75 species.”

From a Jan. 20 report by CNN:

A new Chinese coronavirus, a cousin of the SARS virus, has infected hundreds since the outbreak began in Wuhan, China, in December. Scientist Leo Poon, who first decoded the virus, thinks it likely started in an animal and spread to humans.
“What we know is it causes pneumonia and then doesn’t respond to antibiotic treatment, which is not surprising, but then in terms of mortality, SARS kills 10% of the individuals,” Poon, a virologist at the School of Public Health at The University of Hong Kong, said.
It’s not clear how deadly the Wuhan coronavirus will be, but fatality rates are currently lower than both MERS and SARS. . . .
Coronaviruses are a large group of viruses that are common among animals. In rare cases, they are what scientists call zoonotic, meaning they can be transmitted from animals to humans, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Please go read the whole thing, and pass it around, and just imagine how our media has pretty much abandoned actual journalism, forsaking it for attacks on the president and spreading panic. When we first heard of this virus, the media was doing their job, proving they can actually impart knowledge and facts. But, we also see what they have turned this into.  They ought to be ashamed, but…………………TRUMP BAD!


Went to the store yesterday to buy some food for my niece who is staying over since her school was cancelled for two weeks. Apparently the only way to survive the CORONA PANFREAKINGDEMIC is to buy every last bag of sugar, ground beef, and bananas, and of course toilet paper. Come on people! Animal takes a look at the panic, and who is pushing it

Meanwhile, the pants-shitting over COVID-19 continues, all out of proportion; The New Criterion‘s Heather Mac Donald tells us why.  Excerpt:

The number of cases in most afflicted countries is paltry. As of today, 127 countries had reported some cases, but forty-eight of those countries had fewer than ten cases, according to Worldometer. At this point, more people have recovered from the virus than are still sick. But the damage to people’s livelihoods through the resulting economic contraction is real and widespread. Its health consequences will be more severe than those of the coronavirus, as Steve Malanga shows in City Journal. The people who can least afford to lose jobs will be the hardest hit by the assault on tourism. Small entrepreneurs, whether in manufacturing or the service sector, will struggle to stay afloat. Such unjustified, unpredicted economic havoc undermines government legitimacy.

President Trump has been criticized for not being apocalyptic enough in his press conferences. In fact, he should be even more skeptical of the panic than he has been. He should relentlessly put the coronavirus risk into context with opioid deaths, homicide deaths—about sixteen thousand a year in the United States—flu deaths, and traffic deaths. One might have thought New York governor Andrew Cuomo a voice of reason when, a few days ago, he tried to tamp down the hysteria in a press conference, saying: “This is not Ebola, this is not sars, this is not some science fiction movie come to life. The hysteria here is way out of line with the actuality and the facts.” And yet since then he called a state of emergency in New York, and he and Mayor Bill de Blasio have all but shut down the New York City economy. They, like most all U.S. politicians nowadays, have shown an overwhelming impulse to be irrationally risk-averse.

Go read, the rest of our media, YES you too Fox, should be doing actual reporting like Heather MacDonald is doing.

Why yes, the Corona Virus IS being over-hyped

The Other McCain offers some wise words

Students at John Hopkins University have created a COVID-19 (Wuhan coronavirus) outbreak map, from which we may learn that, as of this morning, the disease has caused nearly 5,000 deaths worldwide, of which more than 4,000 were either in China or Italy. Likewise, of the 134,700 COVID-19 cases identified worldwide, four nations (China, Italy, Iran and South Korea) account for approximately 114,000 cases, about 85%. What percentage of COVID-19 cases are in the United States? A tiny fraction. We’ve had about 1,700 cases identified, with 41 deaths.

EVERYTHING IS CLOSED! No more NBA games, major league baseball has proposed postponing Opening Day, and my college-age kids have had their campuses closed down for the rest of the term. In New York, the governor has banned any gathering of more than 500 people, and the debate scheduled for Sunday between Democratic presidential candidates Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders will take place without a live audience. Nine members of Congress have declared themselves in “self-quarantine” because they may have been exposed to the virus, and Democrats are trying to wedge all their pet projects into an emergency legislative package to deal with the outbreak. All this because of a contagion that has, so far, killed fewer Americans than gunfire in Chicago.

Did I mention that about three-quarters of U.S. coronavirus deaths have occurred in Washington State? Or that nearly all U.S. cases can humerbe traced to those who have traveled abroad? President Trump banned travel to China six weeks ago, and this week banned travel from continental Europe. Suseo between those travel bans and the shutting down of everything — no school! no sports! — we might reasonably expect the spread of the virus to soon begin dwindling. Yet as the actual risk to Americans is decreasing, it seems panic is conversely increasing.

Typical media over hyping, and sadly, typical political ass hats, hi Senator Schumer, using such things as tools to demonize a Republican president because it might win elections. Rather than imparting useful information and urging steps to avoid further spread of the virus, the media is in panic mode, again, because ratings. 

I am not sure about the sporting events, maybe postponing seasons, or post-season tournaments would be better than just scrapping them altogether? Again, follow the advice of doctors/scientists, and not panic mongers. And do not get me started on the stock selling knuckleheads……………….

Noted pinhead Lawrence O’Donnell still stuck on RUSSIA RUSSIA…………..

Is a bigger tool on TV than this carnival barking buffoon?

LAWRENCE O’DONNELL: The president is a Russian operative. That sounds like the description of a bad Hollywood screenplay, but it is real. It is Vladimir Putin’s greatest achievement. Decades after America’s victory in the Cold War and collapse of the Soviet Union, the president of the United States is now helping the president of Russia help the president of the United States to get re-elected. [?]

So that the president of Russia will have four more years of the president of the United States who he wants in the Oval Office. This is one of those shocking news days if you retain the capacity to be shocked in the Trump era by the Trump regime, which might be better labeled the Trump-Putin regime.

Sources? Sure! Credibility? Not so much

he MSNBC host touted new heavy-breathing stories from the liberal Washington Post and New York Times, loaded with the usual anonymous suspects. The Times began:

Intelligence officials warned House lawmakers last week that Russia was interfering in the 2020 campaign to try to get President Trump re-elected, five people familiar with the matter said, a disclosure to Congress that angered Mr. Trump, who comThere are at least five sources leaking classified information in this story…crickets.plained that Democrats would use it against him….

The Russians have been preparing — and experimenting — for the 2020 election, undeterred by American efforts to thwart them but aware that they needed a new playbook of as-yet-undetectable methods, United States officials said.

Tool level 47!

NY Times columnist tries to understand Virginia gun right rally…. Utter failure ensues

Racial Obsession Syndrome strikes again

RICHMOND, Va. — Around 22,000 people came here on Monday to protest potential new restrictions on guns under consideration by the new Democratic majority in the General Assembly. Most of the protesters were outside the grounds of the State Capitol, and most appeared to be carrying weapons: handguns, shotguns, carbines and semiautomatic rifles. There were armed men in camouflage and military-style equipment threatening insurrection if the state’s elected representatives acted contrary to their wishes.

They were threatening insurrection? Oh the drama! And, they dared request that their representatives not trample their rights and instead obey the Virginia constitution as well as the US constitution? That IS the job of representatives is it not?

Walking through the crowds, I saw Gadsden flags emblazoned with “Don’t Tread on Me” and “Come and Take It” banners alongside “Blue Lives Matter” patches sewn into vests and T-shirts with oft-used quotations like Thomas Jefferson’s famous claim that “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

The rhetoric may have been violent, but the overall event was calm — a “peaceful protest,” Brian Moran, the Virginia secretary of public safety, told The Washington Post. A model of democratic assembly.

Yes, imagine the shock of 22,000 gun rights advocates protesting, many while armed, LEGALLY armed, and not acting in any manner that could even be called violent? An open-minded person might ponder if the media narratives about the “dangerous” gun owners might be wrong.  But, open-minded is the opposite of woke! So, even when Americans defend their natural rights to be armed in a definitively non-violent fashion, they are still violent!

But that “peace” can’t be separated from intimidation ; progressive groups urged members not to go to the Capitol to avoid violent confrontation with extremists. There were no counterprotests or rival demonstrations. The Second Amendment had effectively limited the First.

See! There was no actual violence because the left was “afraid”. Afraid of non-violent Americans peacefully protesting? Oh yes, of course, those protesters were actually crushing the first amendment according to the woke folks like Bouie who, sees only RACISM!!

In Virginia and many of the 30 other states that allow open carry, Americans have a right to mass, armed protest. But that right, and the right to bear arms in general, is informed by the settler history of the American nation and structured by hierarchies of race and gender, despite our collective pretense to universalism. Or put another way, every American has a right to gun ownership, but the paradigmatic gun owner is still a white man.

Please go read the rest, and behold the leftist spin which, of course focuses o RACISM! America is RACIST! Gun ownership is RACIST! and so on.