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I guess not all terror attacks are equal

I wonder why this evil act is not getting the same attention as the evil attack in New Zealand? Maybe if CNN or MSNBS could somehow twist all logic and blame Trump for it it would get more coverage? But, the media is about the narrative so…………. At least 90 Miles is talking about it

A 47-year-old African bus driver was held by Carabinieri police on Wednesday after he hijacked a bus with Italian schoolchildren and set the bus on fire. The Senegalese migrant tied the hands of the children with plastic electrical ties in an attempt to kill them, sources said.

The terror unleashed by the African on the children in the bus, lasted for almost 40 minutes. The Senegalese attacker said he was angry at government migrant policy, and confiscated the phones of his passengers while telling them that no one would survive.

The attacker Ousseynou Sy, hijacked the bus with 51 pupils from a middle school in the northern province of Cremona. Sy, originally from Senegal, has a criminal record and has been Italian citizen since 2004.

He said he wanted to kill himself and “stop the deaths in the Mediterranean,” according to sources, and ordered a teacher to tie the children’s hands with plastic ties. The teacher only attached the ties to four or five of the children, and so loosely that they could easily free themselves afterwards, local sources told the media.

“No one will survive,” the attacker told his victims after hijacking the vehicle outside San Donato near Milan, according to Carabinieri Provincial Commander Luca De Marchis.


Media Bias you say……………

There they go again

Tax refunds are up from where they were this time last year by 1.3 percent following the fourth week of the 2019 filing season, according to new Internal Revenue Service data.

To be more specific, the average tax refund has increased to $3,143 from $3,103 last February, according to cumulative statistics comparing the 2018 and 2019 filing seasons.

Oddly enough, certain newsrooms have responded to this development with total silence. I say “odd,” because it was just a few weeks ago that these same newsrooms rushed to report that tax refunds were smaller this year, suggesting either implicitly or explicitly that the decrease was tied to the Republican Party’s tax reform bill.

More news our media will not report

Wheelgun has the boost a certain president’s policies are having on steel

Remember when Obama said those jobs were gone forever? Make American Steel Again.

Steel profits are up. Steel shipments are up. Steel mills are looking to expand in the US.

The Left will say all of this is a sign of end-times, or something. Anyway, they will probably try to stop the resurgence of American steel.

Americans favor free trade. Red China does not believe in it. Red China has dumped steel and other products on us in a bid to finance its military buildup while at the same time mothballing our industries that are vital to making war materiel.

That damn trump, how dare he?

More journalism fails!

Fritz exposes the Washington Post’s misleading headlines

From this morning’s WaPoo: When Trump declared national emergency, most detained immigrants were not criminals. Actual paper headline (at least in my edition), Most immigration detainees do not have criminal records, ICE figures show. Technically true, but just barely, according to the figures they give:

According to new U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement figures obtained by The Washington Post, the nation’s immigration jails were not filled with such criminals. As of Feb. 9, days before the president’s declaration, nearly 63 percent of the detainees in ICE jails had not been convicted of any crime.

Of the 48,793 immigrants jailed on Feb. 9, the ICE data shows, 18,124 had criminal records. An additional 5,715 people had pending criminal charges, officials said, but they did not provide details. ICE also did not break down the severity of the crimes committed by or attributed to detainees.

So if you take the 18,124 convicted criminals, and add the 5,715 suspected criminals, most of whom will probably plea out, be deported, and re-enter the country illegally again, like the first 18,124, you get 48.85% either already convicted, or charged with criminal acts. Certainly, some of those detained have committed crimes, and simply got away with them. Given that nearly half are known to be criminals, that would certainly push the total well over 50%.

This is supposed to convince us there is “no crisis” at the border?

“It proves this is a fake emergency,” said Kevin Appleby, policy director at the Center for Migration Studies, a New York-based nonpartisan immigration think tank. “It really shows that what the president’s doing is abusing his power based on false information.”

Tell that to the people victimized by crimes committed by the illegal aliens.

How inexcusable this media malpractice is. This would not be counted as a mistake, but rather as a deliberate move to misreport the news.

Michael Steele enters Prick Hall of Fame

What a pile of camel dung, And MSNBS pays this idiot to spout such hatred?

Seriously, who thinks anything this clown says is credible?

Well, the media will lap up anything he says as if it is gospel because, TRUMP BAD. It is odd, Trump attacked the media as fake news, and they were outraged. And, to prove they still could be journalists, they destroyed all credibility they had by becoming America’s  Bash Trump 24/7. In short they proved Trump right in his assertion. And, rather than waking up and seeing what a pit of self-destruction they had dug, they just keep digging.

For more visit Fritz and see what he thinks about the end of the line for the Mueller Fiasco

The Left’s inherent ideological cowardice

Ah, leftists. They like to talk, they love to prevaricate, they love their echo chambers where their fellow leftists will swoon over their “wokeness”. What they really do not love, is debate. They hate it so much they cry HARASSMENT when anyone tries to debate them, or tries to correct their false narratives. Kirsten Powers is a case in point

CNN political analyst Kirsten Powers announced she was deleting her Twitter application on Wednesday after she said she was harassed on the popular platform regarding her criticism of the Covington High School students’ interaction with Native American activist Nathan Phillips that went viral over the weekend.

“Every day I get up and say ‘no more Twitter’ and somehow end up back here,” Powers wrote to her more than 300,000 followers. “I always regret it. Deleting the app now.”

The decision by the former Clinton administration official and current USA Today columnist comes after she blamed the Covington High School students for “disrespecting an Indigenous elder” while criticizing some media outlets for playing “both sides” journalism.

“I agree with [Talking Points Memo editor and publisher Josh Marshall] that watching all the videos (which I did) does not change the fundamental problem: the boys disrespecting an Indigenous elder,” wrote Powers on Wednesday. “The [people] harassing me to change my mind cannot convince me I didn’t see what I saw. Learn to respect difference of opinion.”

“This ⁦@washingtonpost⁩ story captures the real lesson of this episode—don’t succumb to orchestrated harassment campaigns against journalists,” Powers wrote in another.

Translation “Even though my eyes tell me the media got it wrong, I cannot reject my beloved narrative. These boys are guilty because they are White, wearing MAGA hats, and attend Catholic school, so no should dare criticize, or even question the woke media’s take!”

Oh Ms. Powers, if you cannot take criticism………………