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NY Governor Andrew Cuomo hates science!


Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo blamed climate change for damaging floods in upstate New York, and claimed that natural disasters didn’t happen before climate change.

“Ali, anyone who questions extreme weather and climate change is just delusional at this point,” Cuomo told MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi. ” We have seen in the State of New York and we have seen — it is something we never had before.”

Why does he hate science? And history? And reality?

Your Marxist Moron of the Day

Edward Stack is the CEO of Dicks Sporting Goods,  and, it would seem, a virtue signalling  fool as well

Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Edward Stack wants you to know he is not anti-Second Amendment. He is, however, against having his stores associated with any more mass shootings.

So, he took guns off the shelves.

And, to keep them off the streets, he destroyed them. Lots of them.

“I said, ‘You know what? If we really think these things should be off the street, we need to destroy them,’” Stack said in an interview with CBS News.

Reality #1 evil people commit evil acts. Evil people. And no amount of bumper sticker mentality will change that

He turned the $5 million of AR-15s he had in stock into scrap metal.

Then, following the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Stack learned the shooter purchased a shotgun from one of his stores. It’s then, he said, that he had enough. He changed store policy, limiting firearm purchases to people over 21 years old.

He said the move has cost his company about $250 million.

Reality #2 making laws or rules that punish good people does nothing to change the behavior of bad people.

Stack said he isn’t expecting to change the world, just to do his part to save a life.

“So many people say to me, you know, ‘If we do what you want to do, it’s not going to stop these mass shootings,’” he told CBS. “And my response is, ‘You’re probably right, it won’t. But if we do these things and it saves one life, don’t you think it’s worth it?’”

Surely! Of course if we banned stairs in homes, or climbing trees, or swimming, lives could be saved. If we mandated everyone wear a helmet all the time we would save some lives. What if we banned cars? Or designed them to be unable  to exceed 25 MPH? That would save at least one life right? Hey, why not ban anyone from ever eating solid food, thus preventing choking! That would save some lives right? 

Yes, all of those ideas would be seen as moronic. But Stack’s Folly is even more foolish

Stack himself admits that no, his “look at me and how much I care” stunt will not stop any mass shootings, and he admits it will hurt his business. Yet, he persists digging in the Pit of Eternal Stupidity! And yes, doing something that you yourself admit will not solve the issue you are so concerned with solving is the epitome of stupidity!

Dicks, of course has every right to sell what they wish, and, I have every right to not shop there. But the idiocy of embracing policies and laws that will do nothing to stop evil people from slaughtering innocents is the height of foolishness.

Praying to plants? Good Freaking Grief!

I love nature, love the outdoors, I revel in the splendor of forests, mountains, beaches, but COME ON!COME ON!

A bizarre incident at Union Theological Seminary illustrates why many Christians believe that internal forces, not external ones, represent the greatest threat to the church.

Students at this seminary prayed to a collection of plants in its chapel, which triggered a raft of criticism on Twitter. The school defiantly defended its action in a series of tweets.

“Today in chapel, we confessed to plants,” the school tweeted. “Together, we held our grief, joy, regret, hope, guilt and sorrow in prayer; offering them to the beings who sustain us but whose gift we too often fail to honor. What do you confess to the plants in your life?”

Some Twitter respondents observed that the seminary and its students have lost their minds, but I think it’s worse than that. Insanity might mitigate this sacrilege, but deliberately perverting theology is another matter.

Pastor Greg Locke tweeted, “This is utter nonsense. Absolute theological bankruptcy in every way. Your Seminary is a cemetery.” Another Twitter user quipped, “What kind of penance did the plants give after the ‘confession?’”

Fools do foolish things

Your Idiotic Rambling Idiocy of the Day

From AOC!

Then they came for the musicians

UH-OH the band Confederate Railroad has triggered more folks with Racial Obsession Syndrome

Following outcry from residents in Ulster County, Grammy-nominated country band Confederate Railroad has been removed from the music lineup at the Ulster County Fair.

John Fitzpatrick, head of the Ulster County Agricultural Society, told the Daily Freeman that the band was being removed due to concerns raised by County Executive Pat Ryan. Ryan had called for the performance to be removed due to the band’s name and use of the Confederate Flag in its logo.

“It’s racist to have a band called ‘Confederate Railroad’ play at the Ulster County Fair,” wrote Rashida Tyler on Facebook. “What were organizers thinking when they booked an act that had been booted by the Illinois State Fair because of not only their name, but their use of the confederate flag? Guarantee no folks of color were at that table.”

RAAAAACIST! You see Here is more ignorance from these buffoons. Tyler wrote this on facebook


So, I Hate Rap, and She Took it Like a Man offend poor Rashida? Here is the video of She Took it Like a Man

What is offensive about that video or song? Has Tyler ever even heard it? Or did the title trigger her?

What about I Hate Rap? Maybe no one is allowed to even criticize certain musical genres? Bigotry concerns her it seems. Then maybe she should look in her mirror and correct her own bigotry first?