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Boy, the Leftists really hate Chick-fil-A

Here the whiners go again

The student government at a Texas Christian college passed a resolution to remove Chick-fil-A food from the campus dining hall because of the restaurant’s stances on LGBT issues.

Trinity University is a private school affiliated with the Presbyterian Church.

The resolution states that Chick-fil-A donated to “anti-LGBT+” organizations including the Salvation Army, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Paul Anderson Youth Home, and that students in the LGBT+ community have expressed “the drastic assault on their identities and beings as a result of Chick-fil-A’s ideals and actions.”

So now the Salvation Army is anti-LGBT+? Good Freaking Grief!

Maxine Waters is a professional buffoon, do not try this at home


To get an idea of what it means to be ruled by Democrats, consider that Maxine Waters (D-CA) chairs the House Financial Services Committee. She explicitly encourages unruly mobs to harass Republican officeholders, and has been creditably accused of bank fraud. She recently indicated how much she knows about financial services while grilling bank CEOs regarding what they plan to do about the student loan crisis:

“Who would like to answer first? Mr. Monahan, big bank?” Waters said to Bank of America CEO.

“We stopped making student loans in 2007 or so,” BoA CEO Brian Monahan replied.

So, Waters went down the line. “Mr. Corbat?” she said to Citigroup CEO Michael Corbat.

“We exited student lending in 2009,” Corbat responded.

Waters still hadn’t caught on, and asked J.P. Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon the same question. Dimon finally explained the situation to her.

“When the government took over student lending in 2010 or so, we stopped doing all student lending,” Dimon told Waters.

The federal government’s socialist seizure of the student loan industry was supposed to help fund Obamacare. Waters has threatened to do the same thing to the energy industry, which would leave us shivering in the dark. If she makes good on her threat, afterward she will search for the CEO of Exxon, to make him explain why her limousine won’t go with no gas in the tank. To put it politely, Maxine Waters suffers from cognitive disability.

Dirt-eating empty suit calls leader of Israel “racist”

Beto, the Buffoon

Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke slammed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday, calling him a “racist” and saying his promise Saturday to annex Israeli settlements in the West Bank if he wins re-election Tuesday “will make peace in the long term impossible.” O’Rourke told a town hall at the University of Iowa that he supports a two-state solution, and he criticized Netanyahu for joining forces with “far-right parties who are inherently racist in their speech and the way that they want to treat their fellow human beings in that part of the world.” Later, O’Rourke told reporters Netanyahu is a “racist” and said Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has also “not been faithful in pursuing peace.”

Beto, Beto, Beto, go eat some more dirt. 

Noted Fake Indian Update! Liz Warren targets family businesses because TAXES!

Liz Warren, who is not just another poser, she is also an economic idiot

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is the latest presidential candidate to propose a massive increase in the death tax to finance government policies that have failed in the past. Warren’s Senate Bill 787, the “American Housing and Economic Mobility Act,” would resurrect several housing policies that many economists agree accelerated the housing crisis and compromised the financial future of thousands of American family business owners and their employees.

Warren’s goal is admirable in seeking to make it easier for Americans to rent or own homes, but the means she would use to achieve this end are many of the same policies that led to last decade’s housing crisis. Warren’s proposal would expand the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) by increasing the number of loans banks are required to extend to unqualified borrowers.

Do Marxists ever learn from history? Of course not. And how would this walking brain donor fund this debacle?

The bill summary available on Warren’s website lists roughly $500 billion in new spending financed by hiking the death tax to the highest levels in two decades. But according to a Tax Foundation analysis, a similar plan proposed by Sen. Bernie Sanders to hike the death tax would raise only $310 billion in ten years. To raise the revenue required to finance Warren’s long list of priorities, housing included, would almost certainly require raising taxes on the middle class.

But of course, more taxes, more taxes, more failed ideas. Good Freaking Grief

So, just how far left has the Democratic Party gone?

This far

A conference featuring eight prominent 2020 Democrat presidential hopefuls kicked off in Washington, D.C,. with the fiery rallying cry of a fugitive cop-killer on Monday, as the labor and political groups in attendance shouted in unison, “We have nothing to lose but our chains.”

Jamal Watkins, the Vice President of Civic Engagement at the NAACP, began by telling the audience at the We the People conference that he would invoke the words of Assata Shakur, also known as Joanne Chesimard.

Shakur was convicted of the 1973 murder of a New Jersey state trooper when she was in the Black Liberation Army. After escaping from prison in 1979, Shakur fled to Cuba, which granted her asylum even as she remains on the FBI’s list of most-wanted fugitive terrorists.

Watkins then quoted Shakur, pausing to let attendees repeat after him: “It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win. We must love each other and support each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains.”

Shakur’s words, in turn, were appropriated from the final sentences of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels’ Communist Manifesto: “The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Proletarians of All Countries, Unite!”

Among the groups in attendance were the Sierra Club,, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, SEIU and Communications Workers of America.

Straight up Marxism folks. The mask slipped completely off on this occasion. Moonbattery adds this context

If the quote does not sound alarming, remember that leftists speak in cloyingly fake euphemisms that are often Orwellian. By freedom, they mean the slavery of collectivist totalitarianism. To “win” is to destroy American society. To “support each other” is to impose communism.

Having nothing to lose but their chains was lifted from the Communist Manifesto, which could virtually serve as the Democrat Party platform now — provided you throw in a few pages about killing babies, suppressing economic output in the name of the weather, punishing white people, and promoting sexual perversion.

Yes, these people are dangerous folks.

Why Christiane Amanpour, you little brownshirt you

I am glad she has no real power

FINALLY! NY Times addresses the most important issue of our times!

Yes folks, yes, the NY Times is finally covering Emoji Justice!

Many people connected to the African diaspora have Afros. And like anyone else, they send emojis to their friends — a zombie, say, or a mermaid or a genie.

But which emoji can they use to represent themselves?

Right now, 2,823 emojis are recognized by the Unicode Consortium, the nonprofit that provides standards for text on the internet and oversees emojis. Fifty-nine additional emojis are on the way, including a deaf person, interracial couples, a mechanical arm and falafel.

Yet there are still no emojis of any person with an Afro, even though symbols exist for women and men with long and short hair, curly and straight hair, and blond, black and red hair.

Rhianna Jones, 28, is on a mission to change that.

Yes, really! Some folks are so into their “identity” that they need to have an emoji with hair like them. 

Not that I have an issue with someone coming up with an afro emoji, knock yourself out, but really, this is not going to impact anyone in any type of significant way is it?