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Marxist Moron Time!

Another moonbatty college professor

A sociology professor at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville recently argued that calls for diversity of thought are, in fact, “a Trojan horse for white identity politics.”

Three faulty premises many conservatives believe about diversity of thought,” published Friday by Inside Higher Ed, was written by Professor Victor Ray, who teaches women’s studies and ethnic studies classes.

While supporters of viewpoint diversity say they wish to ensure that students are exposed to multiple sides of a debate, Ray ascribes more nefarious motives to their advocacy, claiming that they actually seek to promote a “reactionary status quo” of “conservative” racist and misogynistic thought.

“Conservative ideas are hegemonic. The (empty) call for so-called diversity of thought is a Trojan horse for white identity politics,” writes Ray, who cites no individual advocates or nonprofits to back-up his sweeping claim.

Ray then goes on to complain that “the majority of people advocating for [diversity of thought] are white men,” and suggests that their calls for viewpoint diversity are simply power-grabs to help them remain at the “top of the organizational hierarchy.”

In his missive, he outlines three “faulty premises” that free speech advocates and conservatives allegedly deploy to encourage diversity of thought, starting with their claim to be acting in “good faith.”

“Robust debate in the search of truth is a general academic principle. The key here is that [diversity of thought] is a political project aimed at making racist and misogynist ideas acceptable,” Ray contends.

What in intellectual and ideological coward

Nuclear Grade Stupidity anyone?

Never go nuclear grade stupid

Just when you thought we’d hit peak derp, along comes theMayor of Stockton, (of course) California.  Excerpt:

Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs says that for way too long, his city has been known for headlines about bankruptcy, violent crime and the housing collapse.

In the future, he wants it to be known as a place willing to test bold solutions.

Bold, and a little controversial.

Tubbs, a Stockton native and Stanford graduate who is all of 27 years old, wants to give at least $500 a month to a select group of residents. They’ll be able to spend it as they wish, for 18 months, in a pilot program to test the impact of what’s called guaranteed basic income.

Derp?  Sure.  We’ve seen this derp before.  But here’s where Tubbs hits peak derp:

If the very sound of that knocked you half off your chair, this next initiative might finish the job.

Stockton is about to award stipends of up to $1,000 a month to residents deemed most likely to shoot somebody. This program is called Advance Peace, and it’s modeled after a crime reduction program in the Bay Area city of Richmond.

The idea is that a small number of people are responsible for a large percentage of violence, and offering them an alternative path — with counseling and case management over an 18-month period, along with a stipend if they stay the course — can be a good investment all around.

I have no words

Marxifornia’s Governor Moonbeam strikes again

Good Freaking Grief!!!!!!!

California Gov. Jerry Brown is prodding lawmakers to add a sizable tax on citizens drinking water in a bid to fix a beleaguered water system some citizens believe is poisoning poor people in rural areas.

The tax on drinking water, if passed, would be the first in California’s history. The money would go toward addressing drinking water tainted with arsenic and other contaminants in the San Joaquin Valley. Urban water agencies are trying to kill the bill, arguing the issue is confined to California’s rural areas.

Residents and businesses would pay a tax on their monthly water bills, while the average Californian would pay an additional $11.40 per year for drinking water. The agricultural industry would be forced to contribute through taxes on fertilizer purchases and fees paid by dairy farmers. Regulators have long argued California’s water is unsafe to drink.

Officials at the Environmental Protection Agency, for instance, noted in 1995 that California needed $34 billion to clean up its drinking supplies. Nearly 269 of the state’s 3,015 independent water systems are out of compliance with state drinking water standards. Roughly 141 are found in five counties of the San Joaquin Valley.

Marxifornia, stupid, wrapped in inane, dipped in asinine, seasoned with idiocy, then deep fried in lunacy!

When you put idiots in charge of schools……….

You get this type of ham-handed buffoonery

For bringing harmless party poppers to school, a 10-year-old has been permanently expelled from the Henry County School District in suburban Atlanta:

The tiny poppers fireworks, which make noise when thrown against a hard surface, are considered explosive compounds by the school’s hearing officer, who decided to expel the child, Channel 2 reported.

“He’s 10. He had no idea he was doing something wrong,” the mother, who asked to be identified only as Noelle, told the news station. …

“I can’t pop it in my hand. It doesn’t harm you. It doesn’t hurt you,” Noelle told Channel 2. “They don’t even make a spark. They just make a noise.”

However, a school spokesmartinet barks that it says right in the rule book that the punishment for bringing explosive compounds to school is permanent expulsion.

Dumber and dumberer

Starbucks, corporate cowardice and stupidity summed up

I will allow Animal Magnetism to sum up the sheer idiocy of Starbucks

Are you a coffee drinker?  If so, I’ve got one word for you:  Folgers.  Because Starbucks, predictably, ain’t gonna be a place you want to hang out any more.  Excerpt:

In an effort rehab their image, Starbucks Corp. announced they would no longer use old guidelines that a person present in the building or wanting to use their bathroom must purchase an item, according to the Wall Street Journal:

“On Saturday, the company told its employees in a letter that “any person who enters our spaces, including patios, cafes and restrooms, regardless of whether they make a purchase, is considered a customer.”

Under the new policy, when a customer is “behaving in a disruptive manner,” employees should follow the company’s procedure on handling disruptive guests, which will contain some new guidance, a spokesman said. Starbucks didn’t say what that procedure entails or define what constitutes disruptive behavior. If a situation presents an immediate danger or threat to employee or customer safety, Starbucks employees should call 911, the company said.

Having just spent a year in the Bay Area, I can product what’s going to happen in walk-in Starbucks stores in the major cities:  They will turn into free campsites for every smelly bum in the area, and their restrooms will become shit-caked, disease-ridden hellholes.

Stupid is as stupid does.  This new “policy” will cost Starbucks customers and, maybe, the company.  And they will have had it coming.


John Legend goes nuclear grade stupid

John, John, John, never go nuclear grade stupid

See anything bad is America’s fault. My Lord this guy is a dolt.

Just a thought here I wonder if Legend considers the dehumanizing of NRA members OK?