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Starbuck’s war on straws, and the disabled

Why are so many corporations intent on overreacting to every perceived “injustice”?

Were Starbucks not so deserving of being made to suffer the consequences of the company’s incessant virtue signaling, one might be tempted to feel sorry for it.

The Seattle-based bean juice chain hasn’t been able to catch a break lately after the firestorm over a former manager’s calling of the police on two loiterers who refused to leave. Normally that would be called trespassing but then the men happened to be black it quickly became yet another racial incident.

Instead of just disciplining the manager and apologizing, Starbucks panicked after it was attacked by the social media mob and shortly thereafter, announced that it would be closing 8,000 stores down to conduct “unconscious bias” quack science brainwashing sessions.

Then came the cave-in when a person of color was denied use of one of the chain’s restrooms and within hours, Starbucks delighted the homeless, drug addicts and dealers as well as prostitutes by announcing that the chain’s restrooms would be open to everyone who wanted to use them.

But that just wasn’t enough for Starbucks. With the new socialist craze being the banning of plastic straws and utensils in select Democrat-controlled cities, the corporation announced that it would itself be implementing a straw ban by 2020. It felt good but soon it was revealed that the new sippy-cup lids that would replace the straws actually used MORE plastic which would seem to defeat the stated purpose of being environmentally friendly.

But the straw ban has also earned Starbucks the ire of advocacy groups for disabled people who are blasting the decision as being punitive to those who are unable to drink without a straw

Stupid on steroids! The leadership at Starbucks, and some other large companies is woke, moronic they rush to appease every leftist who raises a fuss without considering consequences, or what their customer base might think.

Papa Johns is right behind you Starbucks, racing for the Pit of Stupidity

Following the resignation of Papa John’s founder and CEO, the pizza chain has announced that it is taking steps to remedy the brand.

In a tweet sent out Wednesday, the company announced that it has hired “outside experts” and is committed to ensuring that the company’s “culture is diverse, inclusive and equitable for all.”

They just cannot fail fast enough can they?

Socialists are like really, like smart OK?

The Marxist Moron of the Day

Latest thing to trigger college snowflakes?


The University of Wyoming has come under fire for its new slogan, “The World Needs More Cowboys,” with opponents complaining that the word “cowboy” is sexist and non-inclusive.

The marketing campaign, set to launch in September, was designed to increase enrollment and attract new out-of-state students, but according to The Laramie Boomerang, the UW Committee on Women and People of Color wrote a letter to university officials demanding that they “shelve” the slogan in favor of a new one that “represents the diversity of the people and cultures” at UW.

“I am not the only person for whom the word ‘cowboy’ invokes a white, macho, male, able-bodied, heterosexual, U.S.-born person,” associate professor of kinesiology and health Christine Porter told the Boomerang.

“The history of cowboys, of course, is much more diverse than that racially, and presumably also for sexual orientation,” she conceded. “But the image—what the word ‘cowboy’ means off the top of almost everybody’s head in the U.S.—is the white, heterosexual male.”

Happily, the university is NOT going to placate the miscreants

The university, however, is undaunted by the criticism, emphasizing that the term is intended to evoke “the spirit of the cowboy that we all kind of share in.”

“The university is moving forward with the marketing campaign,” UW communications director Chad Baldwin told Campus Reform.

“The criticism of the slogan as being sexist, racist, and offensive simply does not hold water in the context of the overall campaign,” Baldwin added. “‘Cowboys’ is the university’s official mascot and nickname, and the upcoming campaign casts it in a way that we have demonstrated is effective in catching the attention of prospective students from outside Wyoming.”

BRAVO! Now if only Iowa State can get over the Tree of Oppression!

Students at Iowa State University encountered a new form of arboreal activism on campus this week in the form of a “Tree of Oppression” funded by the student government.

According to the images obtained by Campus Reform, the tree is located on campus and appeared to have several multi-colored plastic chains wrapped around its trunk and branches. The political display was also accompanied by a “tree of oppression” sign that explained the message behind the initiative

“This tree represents the countless identities that face oppression on campus each day,” the sign read. “Each color represents a different identity waiting to break the chains of bondage.”

Want the truth? The only people oppressing these whiners is their own desperate need to be victims.

Ah, the wonders of Marxism

Venezuela, a Utopian Paradise? Ah, no!

Barter has taken over, as the wreckers and kulaks in the Worker’s Paradise of Venezuela are exploring every possible alternative to the train wreck that is that nation’s “official” economy.  Excerpt:

“There is no cash here, only barter,” said Mileidy Lovera, 30, walking along the shore with a cooler of fish that her husband had caught. She hoped to exchange it for food to feed her four children, or medicine to treat her son’s epilepsy.

In the hyperinflationary South American country, where bank notes are as difficult to find as chronically scarce food and medicine, Venezuelans are increasingly relying on to barter for basic transactions.

Payment for even the cheapest of goods and services would require unwieldy piles of banknotes, and there simply are not enough of those in circulation.

But it seems the problem is just that the government is not printing money fast enough:

Economists say the central bank has not printed bills fast enough to keep up with inflation, which according to the opposition-run congress, reached an annual rate of almost 25,000 percent in May.

Once one of Latin America’s wealthiest countries, Venezuela’s economic collapse under President Nicolas Maduro’s government drove nearly one million people – 3 percent of the population – to emigrate between 2015 and 2017.

Maduro, reelected to a fresh six-year term in May in elections condemned by the United States, blames spiraling consumer prices and constant shortages of food and medicine on an “economic war” led by the opposition and Washington.

Leftism destroys everything it touches folks, everything! Yet, the left here, in America, still bleat for Marxism, Socialism, Leftism, you name it.

Jennifer Rubin completes transition into crazy cat lady

Trump Derangement is an ugly thing

MSNBC contributor Jennifer Rubin said on Sunday that White House press secretary Sarah Sanders should be made to feel uncomfortable — for life.

Face it kids, once you go MSNBS, you never go back to reality, or civility, or decency, or sanity

“Don’t play defense. Play offense. Frankly, the next time that Sarah Huckabee Sanders or the president starts in with ‘fake news’ or ‘enemy of the people,’ I would suggest one of two things: either the entire press core walk out of the briefing room — why should they put on air a coded word to every nut case in America to come after them? So, get up and leave. Or, in unison, holler back. They sit there. They take it. They record it. ‘We have to be there. We have to let them say their peace.’ No, you don’t. Your lives are all in danger. Your lives are on the line.” Rubin said.

Yep, I think we see what Jennifer got for Christmas


The latest bat guano crazy theory from the left?

Good Freaking Grief!