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So, China wants to put what in our, asses?

Fucking Communists!

CHINA has brought back its “undignified” anal Covid swabs just two weeks before the Beijing Winter Olympics begin.

The Communist regime claims the virus test — which involves insertinga 5cm long saline-soaked swab up a patient’s bum and rotating it — is more accurate than other on-the-spot virus tests.

Here is more. With illustrations because we all need to understand how degrading people is cool with the Commies.

Remember this the next time someone suggests that China is anything less than a Communist nation. One that puts certain religions into concentration camps, forces abortions on parents, seeks to enslave the sovereign nation of Taiwan and oppresses its people in innumerable ways.

Perhaps “celebrities” like Lebron James and John Cena will one day, stop looking past Chinese atrocities, and trampling of liberty. Sadly, it is more likely they will continue to “bend over” for China as long as they are paid well by China’s Communist thugs.

The first anniversary of that day, that is so terribly terrible……………. least to the left which has declared January 6th 2021 the worst, most horrific thing that has ever happened anywhere, anytime, to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes January 6th is looming, and prepare yourself for the most despicable lies, exaggerations, and hyperbole to pour forth from the media and virtue signaling Democrats! Fritz attempts to prepare us for the onslaught of an outbreak of Fake Outrage Syndrome this world has ever seen.

Stacy McCain, Democrats Continue J6 Insanity

This is Day Three of Insurrection Anniversary Week, brought to you by Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) who have latched onto the Jan. 6 Capitol riot (“J6”) as their permanent campaign strategy:
. . .
In a related development, “Republican” Rep. Liz Cheney told CBS that “the single most important thing” about the Select House Committee investigation of J6 “is to ensure that Donald Trump is not the Republican nominee and that he certainly is not anywhere close to the Oval Office ever again.” She actually said that. In an interview. On television.

Cheney probably thinks we are too stupid to notice her clumsy admission of the real purpose of Nancy Pelosi’s witch hunt “investigation.”
. . .
Democrats have become obsessed with the “insurrection” narrative because they think it will help them win elections; therefore, it will continue until Democrats lose elections. Act accordingly.

The NewNeo, January 6th anniversary: the invented coup lives on… “But how many people other than the leftist core care anymore?” Breitbart, One Year Later: Democrats’ Planned January 6 ‘Remembrance’ Exhibit Fails to Materialize. JD Davidson at Da Fed, Corporate Media’s Jan. 6 Anniversary Coverage Is All About Silencing Republicans. Jim Newell at Slate backs him up, What I Got So Wrong on Jan. 6 “From a room inside the Capitol, I thought the insurrection might be a breaking point for Republicans in Congress. How naïve.” Wapoo, cited by Haut Hair, Fear, anger, and trauma: How the Jan. 6 attack changed Congress. Jeff Lord at Am Spec, The Real Insurrection: The BLM Riots, “The corrupt January 6 Committee ignores it.” Ace, in Quick Hits ,”By the way, Democrats are admitting — bragging, really — that they’re just using their bullshit January 6th propaganda as leverage to “supercharge” their push for “voting rights.”  In other words, this is all crude political theater to help them avoid a wipeout next year. Nothing more than that.” From The Year of Living Stupidly by Bruce Thornton at Front Page, 

. . . The bipartisan ruling elite found the straight-talking, braggadocios celebrity plutocrat a gross insult to their technocratic pretensions and guild “norms.” The depth of his challenge was especially obvious in the corporate legacy-media, which colluded with the progressive Democrats to inflate preposterous rumors of “collusion” with Russia into existential crises endangering “our democracy.”

Please go read it all, Fritz has done a great job cataloging the loads and loads of BS the left has spewed about Jan. 6th. But they are seeking total power, so, they will stop at pretty much nothing to sell this atrociously false narrative!

DaleyGator DaleyThought

What the Left excels at, and what they suck at! A Message from Trump! What is Liberty anyway…. And Much More!!


DaleyGator DaleyThought #96

Lying Leftists defending Lying Leftists for being Lying Leftists? Stinky beer talk. SHOCKING NEWS ALERT! Megan Rapinoe is not happy? And more


Megyn Kelly reminds us we can push Leftism back, and also verbally bitch slaps noted Marxist


Nikole Hannah- Marx-Engels-Jones of course did not take such news very well

Kelly, who IS an actual journalist, unlike Jones-Marx-Engels took the gloves off

Jones-Marx-Engels figured her handy Race Card would save her, but….

Kelly does not play by the lefts rules, she just presents hard facts and lets the leftist make an ass of themselves. Miss 1619, of course is used to media tongue baths and super soft interviews. She cannot deal in facts, and it shows

Then they came for your showers……

Ah yes, the national nannies they wanna be in our showers now

President Joe Biden is ditching showerhead rules put in place by former President Donald Trump that allowed more water to flow out of a shower per minute.

After reviewing Trump’s policy for months, Biden has decided to revert to the 2013 Obama-Era standard on water flow, which allows for 2.5-gallons-per-minute.

Biden is also attempting to eliminate the definition of “body spray” Trump adopted, which was described as a “shower device for spraying onto a bather other than from the overhead position.” Trump argued a “body spray” should not fall under the umbrella of a showerhead, hence, it should not be subject to the 2.5 gallon limit.

Of course slice of Statism will allow us to “save more money” AND, as an added bonus liberate us to buy crappy shower heads

“As many parts of America experience historic droughts, this commonsense proposal means consumers can purchase shower heads that conserve water and save them money on their utility bills,” Kelly Speakes-Backman, acting assistant secretary for the department’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, said Friday. 

What? People could not buy weak, nearly useless shower heads before? The bs the left spews is so pathetic. By the way, these wimpy shower heads mean you spend more time showering as it takes longer to rinse off and get the shampoo out of your hair. In fact, I would not be shocked if they end up causing us to use more water, but, again, this will never occur to a central-planner

Yes, Joy Behar really is that stupid!

We all know that Leftists lie, they know they are lying, we know they are lying, yet they do it anyway. They are not stupid, they are just evil. When the left says things like “by any means necessary”, they damn well mean it. They lie and then the truly stupid, woke college students, Hollywood dunces, well-intended fools, and people who specialize in being stupid. People like Joy Behar

Your Marxist Moron of the Day

Vote for Democrats and you put people like this idiot in positions of power

Parody the left? No longer possible

No matter how we parody these morons, they have already exceeded it

The College Fix reports:

A construction company building a parking structure at Central Connecticut State University had hoisted an American flag at the end of one of its steel cable loops to mark Memorial Day — but a complaint that the cable was a noose prompted campus officials to apologize and pledge to take down the cable as soon as possible.

The proximity to Old Glory — flag of a systemically racist nation — must have clued in social justice warriors that the loop in the cable was actually a noose. Nooses and things that vaguely resemble nooses can have but one purpose: to oppress blacks.

CCSU President Zulma Toro admitted that it was “not a noose but a standard steel cable loop hanging from a crane.” Being an educrat, she denounced it as racist anyway.

“Quite frankly, I think it is reckless and tone deaf behavior,” Toro [squawked] in her email to the campus. “We have been in contact with the construction company and demanded that the cable be lowered tonight. We have a team on site tonight monitoring the situation.”

STUCK in the Pit of Leftist Inanity, and digging as fast as they can

I wonder if Mark Cuban grasps how much it takes to drive fans away?

I really do not care about NBA players politics. That is their business, but to insult our flag is to spit in my face Frankly, it seems Mark Cuban has more respect for China than for America

After years of heated debates and criticism from all corners of the sports world, the Dallas Mavericks have found a solution.

The team is done playing the national anthem before games.

The Mavericks, owner Mark Cuban told The Athletic on Monday night, have not played the anthem during any of their 13 home games at the American Airlines Center so far this season by design. Only one of those games — Monday’s 127-122 win against the Minnesota Timberwolves — had limited fans in attendance, something that likely allowed the decision to slip under the radar.

The decision, per the report, was not something that the team announced internally. Both Cuban and the Mavericks denied comment to The Athletic about the change. An NBA spokesperson said that “under the unique circumstances of this season, teams are permitted to run their pregame operations as they see fit,” per The Athletic.

Now Acronyms are RAAAAACIST

And thus must be cancelled

Diogenes rips into this latest bit of idiocy

Just Days after the San Francisco Unified School District board (SFUSD) moved to rename 44 schools, including those named after Presidents George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson, because their namesakes were “inappropriate”,  the School District’s art program decided to drop its former name, “VAPA,” because…………..”acronyms are a symptom of white supremacy culture.” I shit you not.
As reported in the WFB, according to district art department director Sam Bass, the acronym, which stood for “visual and performing arts,” could “alienate” non-native English speakers. Alienate???
The decision to change the art department’s name was one of a handful of so called feel good antiracist measures the district voted to implement. The art department is working to prioritize “antiracist arts instruction.” San Francisco school board president Gabriela López said the board is “committed” to dismantling “symbols of racism and White supremacy culture.”

Oh for fucks sake, why the hell does anyone take this load of BS seriously? WE have somehow empowered morons and whiners to positions of power, and they are busy erasing this country bit by bit Diogenes points out that the left is not Big Brother pushing censorship, oh no. They are, instead “Harm Reducers” Yes, really

Note how Stelter paints anyone that warns of looming censorship as loony somehow. A tried and true leftist tactic. Demonize your opponent, and seek to paint them as dangerous. Useful idiots like Stelter is all too happy to be used in such a way. Useful idiots always are, until they say the wrong thing of course, then when the monster they helped create comes for them, they might get it. If they ever studied history, they might see their own foolishness, but how can you read history when you have helped erase it? People like Stelter and Nicholas Kristof of course are eager to let us know they LOVE free speech, then label anyone who says what they do not like an evil terrorist who should be prevented from “harming”

Leftism, Marxism and the Useful Idiots that help drive them

Great piece by Mike McDaniel Read it, pass it around, share it

What is it about D/S/Cs and their fetish over Communist symbols/fashions?  Throughout the Cold War and thereafter, D/S/Cs have delighted in wearing not only Communist military clothing, but its symbols, particularly the Soviet hammer and sickle.  Soviet propaganda posters decorated their apartments and homes, and they often flew the flags of murderous communist regimes. And of course, there is always the ubiquitous Che t-shirt, which remains, to date, the height of revolutionary chic.

Part of it was certainly these people are committed Marxists, prototypical useful idiots.  They actually believe in the ideology that slaughtered more than 100 million innocents in the last century, and continues to murder even more today.  Others may not have been wanna-be Marxist monsters, but bought into “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” aphorism.  Their enemy was, of course, America, so they celebrated anyone, the more blood-thirsty the better, that hated America.  And for many, it was mere juvenile rebellion.  They gleefully adopted whatever gesture they believed most outraged the “squares,” engaged in revolutionary theater like defacing statuary, pissing on or burning the American flag, and screamed revolutionary slogans and other clap trap just to piss off the Normals and think themselves virtuous.

Today we see a mixture of the above as dimwitted adolescents in nominally adult bodies, bereft of actual knowledge of history, but marinated on campus in socialist propaganda, celebrate their idea of the bold, new arc of history, of re-invention of man through the destruction of every democratic ideal that has rescued man from socialism at great human cost.


You want Idiots? Here ya go

Animal devotes blog space every Wednesday to mock idiocy It is a MUST READ, meaning of course that I give it two thumbs up. Go read this weeks for yourself

This Week’s Idiots:

Washington Monthly’s Timothy Noah is an idiot.

Bloomberg’s Cass Sunstein is an idiot.

Vox’s Ian Millhiser is an idiot.

Vox’s Nate Sloan and Charlie Harding are both idiots.

Vox seems to employ a lot of idiots.

CNN’s Don Lemon is an idiot.

MUCH more at the link folks GO! ENJOY!!

Why Yes Leftists do care more about control than stopping violent crime

Zendo Deb uses noted idiot Bill De Blasio as an example

Because apparently all the other crime in NYC is under control. At least as far as de Blasio is concerned. Blue Lives Matter NYC founder slams de Blasio, Cuomo after report suggesting cops enforce indoor dining

“Politicians like him pick and choose when they want officers to enforce the law,” Imperatrice said. “What happens is they pit the officers against the community which is never good.”

He blamed de Blasio for making police officers enforce mask rules amid coronavirus lockdown orders after promising to defund $1 billion from the NYPD budget and reassigning roughly 600 plain-clothes anti-crime officers.

And, of course violent crimes are rising in New York City, but De Blasio has his own priorities so………….

FINALLY! Racialized Vegans!

Racialized Vegans? Sounds like a interracial porn title but, in reality it is just the latest way the left has found to divide people. Pirates Cove has specifics

See, on one hand, you have the same people talking about diversity and multiculturalism. That we’re all humans, that we should be color blind. On the other hand, how dare vegans eat something not of their own race! So, we get #CancelCulture infighting

Dear White Vegans, Stop Appropriating Food

When Afia Amoako became a vegan five years ago, she said she didn’t see herself reflected in the community, which was dominated by wealthy white women.

They often touted recipes—”African peanut stew” or “Asian stir fry”—that rely on racial stereotypes, said Amoako.

“One, they don’t look like you, and, two, they are appropriating your food. Those are ways to turn racialized people away.”

“Racialized people”? These leftist moonbats come up with idiotic “identities” faster than I can count. Why anyone would “identify” to the point of driving themselves nutty but…………There is good news, at least for race-obsessed nuts like Afia

Amoako, 23, is a vegan Instagrammer and blogger based in Toronto (@thecanadianafrican). She said the weeks and months following the killing of George Floyd have been marked with an onslaught of support for Black creators, particularly from white-run accounts. It’s a stark departure from the white norm.

“These white women, they are the gatekeepers of the vegan movement,” Amoako said. “We Black creators have been here this whole time.”

White women are starting to acknowledge Black and racialized vegans now, following a string of racial reckonings happening in several sectors and communities, Amoako said, but “I’m not gonna lie to you, some of us are still skeptical.”

OH BOY! Wouldn’t you love to hang out with some racialized vegans? MORE at Pirates Cove

What does Shakespeare have to do with RAAAAACISM?

Everything, according to today’s Cultural Stalinists

Be sure to read it all, here is a snippet

In 1932, the Folger Shakespeare Library was dedicated on Shakespeare’s birthday with President Herbert Hoover and Robert Frost in attendance. The Library would house the world’s largest collection of Shakespeare First Folios, and and hundreds of thousands of volumes gathered across the centuries.

“In almost unbelievable fullness and richness, we assembled books, pamphlets, documents, manuscripts, relics, curios,” James Quincy Adams Jr, its first director, wrote. “The library is thus more than a mere library; it is also a museum of the Golden Age of Elizabeth, and a memorial to the influence that Shakespeare has exerted upon the world’s culture.”

These days, the Folger Shakespeare Library has a new mission. And it isn’t Shakespeare.

After George Floyd died during a confrontation with police, the director of the Folger Shakespeare Library declared that, “the fight against racial injustice is essential to what we do as an institution.”

What does Floyd have to do with Shakespeare and what does racism have to do with the Folger Library?

In the Soviet Union or Mao’s China, every subject, no matter how abstruse, had to be studied through the lens of Marxism-Leninism or Maoism. Shakespearean characters, according to the Communists, were revolutionary figures, and were trying to solve the “central problems” of a “bourgeois society.”

Again go read it all, pass this around. It illustrates how bat shit KRAZY these modern day Bolsheviks are, and how dangerous