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The Hypocritical Hypocrisy of the Cult of Climate Change

One of the most insightful bloggers out there is Animal, of Animal Magnetism. Read his latest, exposing the rank hypocrisy of the “carbon footprint” crowd

I can’t abide hypocrites.

And national treasure  Ann Althouse has found a doozy.  Excerpt:

This is one of my longtime issues — the hypocrisy of those who purport to care deeply about carbon footprints yet enthusiastically imprint their feet all over the world and encourage (and even pressure) others to do the same.

I like to see how the NYT deals with this subject — the NYT, with all its concern-mongering about climate change and all its travel articles and ads and its need to serve the emotions and vanities of its readers. What are we having today? A little shame, spiced with humorous self-deprecation, along with the usual self-esteem boosting about our progressivism and our love of the good life?

For this article, the author is by Andy Newman. Let’s read:

[T]hese are morally bewildering times. Something that seemed like pure escape and adventure has become double-edged, harmful, the epitome of selfish consumption. Going someplace far away, we now know, is the biggest single action a private citizen can take to worsen climate change. One seat on a flight from New York to Los Angeles effectively adds months worth of human-generated carbon emissions to the atmosphere. And yet we fly more and more….

What’s morally bewildering? If you believe what the consensus of climate scientists and the proponents of the Green New Deal are telling us, you should never travel. Everything else is morally wrong. If you are bewildered, you’re just bewildered about whether you — as opposed to those other people — want to center your life on morality.

But here’s the giggle line:

How does Newman bring this thing in for a landing? He’s still taking his family to Greece and Paris this summer. His reasoning is pathetically emotional: “We’re going because last year we canceled vacation to come home and watch our dog die. We’re going because the New York City public high school application process was an ordeal.” Why not rent a car and drive your spouse and teenager to a state park in upstate New York? You can hike and sleep in tents.

Mostly we’re going because of things we saw last time we were there. The tiny beach at the base of the towering cliff. The playground where the little children played past midnight while their parents and grandparents sat chatting. Chubby partridges pecking around the ruined temple of Poseidon.

So you’ve already gone, but you want to re-see what you’ve seen, because somehow the way they do it in Europe is more to your taste. I’m sure there’s a tiny beach with a towering cliff at one of those state parks I linked to.

So, the loudmouthed climate panic monger says, on one hand, that travelling is, well, basically evil. Funny how the left defines evil. Travelling? EVIL! Calling MS-13 gang members animals? EVILY EVIL! Killing babies as they are born? Not evil, in fact the left embraces such atrocities as “empowerment” 

This Newman – what an asshole.  He whines about the “carbon footprint” he produces, but then blithely announces he’s going to take his family to Europe anyway.  His reason is, effectively, because “fuck you, that’s why.”

I suppose it is OK, even saintly for the left to scream about how we are destroying the earth by travelling while travelling themselves. Maybe they believe their fake moral outrage causes them to be immune from ideological and intellectual consistency? Or, maybe Animal is right, maybe they are just assholes

Useless Nations hits bottom of the Pit of Idiocy, keeps drilling

Via Moonbattery

It’s a good thing that the voices for AI assistants like Alexa and Siri always seem to be female. If they were male, moonbats would shriek that it constituted sexism by implying that men have all the answers. Since the voices are female… moonbats shriek anyway.

It turns out the feminine voices are a patriarchal scheme:

The revelation about this digital plot for male dominance comes in a 146-page report from the U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in cooperation with the German government and the EQUALS Skills Coalition, a partnership of governments, businesses and nonprofits. …

The report says that these voices send “a signal that women are obliging, docile, eager-to-please helpers, available at the touch of a button or with a blunt voice command like ‘hey’ or ‘OK.’”

Have I mentioned lately that it is no longer possible to parody the left?

Nuclear Grade Stupidity explained

Mike McDaniel sums up the intellectual incompetence of the Left

For those tuning in for the first time, the “Too Stupid to Survive” series showcases the rampant, and arguably worsening, stupidity that might give a reasonable person pause about the survival of America in particular and western civilization in general.  A reasonable person might also argue that California proves the point, as The California Globe, in an article about spending obscene amounts of money to address California’s “homeless problem,” will actually help.  See what I mean?

Another bill, Assembly Bill 46 by Assemblywoman Wendy Carillo (D-Los Angeles), would enact legislation ‘to replace derogatory terms with more culturally sensitive terms’ when referring to individuals with mental illness – terms such as ‘insane’ and ‘mental disorder.’ It is unclear how this will effectively address the homeless crisis.

One can only imagine what sort of terms such insane—ooops!—crazy—darn!—people would think proper.  The next is a glimpse at the future Leftists envision for America.  The British have all but entirely banned guns, so criminals who don’t use guns use knives!  Who coulda thunk it?  This is a photo British police proudly displayed of dangerous weapons they’ve taken off the street:

And it gets worser and worser


Notice, gentle readers: most of these are kitchen knives, including multiple kitchen forks, and they’ve even included a sport fencing foil.  But my favorite is the deadly spoon.  Obviously, there’s a great deal of spoon violence across the pond.

Please go read it all Mike McDaniel is, I believe more insightful, and possesses more wisdom than about 99.9999% of all the talking heads we are subjected to on CNN, MSNBS, and even Fox every day. 

Terry Bradshaw tells joke, Offendeditis outbreak ensues

It was a joke, and Bradshaw, who seems like a good guy, should have never grovelled

Terry Bradshaw has apologized for “an insensitive remark” he made about Ken Jeong during the Fox upfront presentation Monday morning.

“I made an insensitive remark today about Ken, who I’ve known for some time. I’ve spoken to him about the importance of cultural respect and apologized for my offensive comments,” Bradshaw said Monday night in a statement first published by Variety. “I would like to also apologize to the Asian-American community for my insensitivity”

Bradshaw appeared at the Fox upfront presentation Monday morning in order to promote “Thursday Night Football,” but during some off the cuff remarks making fun of his time on “The Masked Singer,” the former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback also called his network colleague, Ken Jeong, “the little short guy from Japan.”

If Bradshaw actually offended Jeong, then he should have apologized to Jeong. But this coerced public blanket apology is a farce.

Jeong is Korean, and yes, Korea and Japan are different. But I find this odd. It is the left which pushes such speech codes. And, it is also the left that insists we use the term “Asian-American” which includes Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, Filipinos, Vietnamese, etc. Using the lefts standards, shouldn’t the term Asian-American be verboten?

Don Lemon hit with Racial Obsession Syndrome

What a buffoon

During a rally last weekend in Green Bay, Wisconsin, President Donald Trump praised NFL player Nick Bosa for being drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in second place.

Though Trump chose to praise Bosa because the 21-year-old player happens to be a loyal fan of him and his policies, according to CNN host and purported “journalist” Don Lemon the real reason the president praised the ascendant NFL star is because of racism.

“Bosa is a supporter of Trump. [Bosa] doesn’t like Kaepernick. It’s everything this President is about,” he said Monday evening to TMZ, adding that Trump should have praised Kyler Murray instead.

Why Murray? Partially because he’s black: “I think we should be congratulating the #1 person, because the #1 person made history, and don’t forget — the #1 person is black,” Lemon said.

Oh shut up Don, get over it. The fact is this, Bosa dared to support Trump, and dared to have views that are not approved by the left. Views that have caused the left to deem Bosa a racist

See! Bosa does not dig Beyonce’s music, so RAAAAACIST! He does not march to the drums of discontent and fake victimhood like Kaepernick, so RAAAAACIST! This is what the left does, it assassinates the character of anyone who does not march in lock step and chant the left’s mantras. They can scream bigot, or racist all day long, while ignoring the actual bigots that peer back at them everytime they look in the mirror. 

So, some subjects simply can never be discussed, although we are supposed to be eternally obsessed with them

So, made an ad, and it portrayed a scene that triggered some easily offended types Here is the ad

OK? What is the issue here? Does this pinhead who tweeted the above think that such things never happened? Has he ever heard of the Underground Railroad? Here is another who was stricken with Offendeditis 

Again, does this windbag think no such events ever took place? It is a compelling ad. Two people, in love, seeking to gain freedom is offensive how exactly? Some of the tweets seem to be that a White man is seen as heroic. Yeah, that is not racist at all is it?

Here is another activist race pimp trying to be the next Sharpton

Some folks just seem to be stuck on stupid. They insist, on one hand, we obsess over slavery, yet, anytime it is referenced they immediately contract severe angst. Especially if any White person, or even America is portrayed as having nay role in ending the barbarity of slavery. No, we must never allow that! All White folks are bad, and can never be credited with anything noble. Pick a side people.