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So, some subjects simply can never be discussed, although we are supposed to be eternally obsessed with them

So, made an ad, and it portrayed a scene that triggered some easily offended types Here is the ad

OK? What is the issue here? Does this pinhead who tweeted the above think that such things never happened? Has he ever heard of the Underground Railroad? Here is another who was stricken with Offendeditis 

Again, does this windbag think no such events ever took place? It is a compelling ad. Two people, in love, seeking to gain freedom is offensive how exactly? Some of the tweets seem to be that a White man is seen as heroic. Yeah, that is not racist at all is it?

Here is another activist race pimp trying to be the next Sharpton

Some folks just seem to be stuck on stupid. They insist, on one hand, we obsess over slavery, yet, anytime it is referenced they immediately contract severe angst. Especially if any White person, or even America is portrayed as having nay role in ending the barbarity of slavery. No, we must never allow that! All White folks are bad, and can never be credited with anything noble. Pick a side people.

OH NO! Snowflakes “triggered” by flags on police vehicles

More offendeditis!

A decision to repaint Laguna Beach police cars with an image of the American flag running through lettering on the doors will return to the City Council Tuesday after some residents deemed it unfit for the artists’ community.

Though most of the comments made by residents in recent months were about the squad cars’ new aesthetics, online reaction in recent days characterized the debate as pitting flag supporters against flag opponents. City officials say the matter is far more nuanced.

He said he received about a dozen emails of concern from residents after the council approved the design and before it decided to rehear the issue.

“Some of the words people used was that they felt it was threatening, intimidating, harassing and a symbol of racism,” Dicterow said.

At a recent council meeting, local artist Carrie Woodburn said the design scheme on the squad cars looked “aggressive.”

Laguna Police Cars

(Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register/SCNG)


Aggressive? Threatening? Harassing? And of course, Racistly RAAAAACIST!!!!!!! Give me a break. These few malcontents need to be ignored, and dismissed as the control freaks they are. And, since this story hot, the city has decided to listen to the adults

LAGUNA BEACH — After a new patriotic red, white and blue logo on Laguna Beach police vehicles became a topic of national debate, this week, the Laguna Beach City Council on Tuesday, April 16, ruled that the graphic will remain in place.

“This has made us more unified than anything I’ve ever seen in this town,” said Mayor Pro Tem Steve Dicterow, who was one of four council members who voted in support of the design.


HORROR in Virginia as Cotton attacks Snowflake!

Good Freaking Grief!! 

First lady of Virginia Pam Northam handed cotton to young African-American children on a tour of the governor’s mansion and asked them to imagine being slaves in the fields, the mother of one of the children alleged.

Leah Dozier Walker, a state employee who is the director of the Office of Equity and Community Engagement at the Virginia Department of Education, wrote to Pam Northam’s office on Monday alleging that on a tour for state Senate pages, the first lady spoke in the mansion’s kitchen cottage — where slaves used to work — and gave black pages, including Walker’s eighth grade daughter, pieces of cotton. Walker’s daughter has said she did not take the cotton.

“During the tour of the Mansion Cottage, (Walker’s daughter) and two of her (fellow) pages were asked to hold cotton that the First Lady retrieved from a bowl on a nearby table,” Walker wrote in the letter. “Mrs. Northam then asked these three pages (the only African-American pages in the program) if they could imagine what it must have been like to pick cotton all day.”

Oh dear Lord, how will this child ever survive? I mean seriously this is asinine

Walker’s daughter also sent a letter to the state’s first lady, confirming Walker’s account that Pam Northam had handed her and at least one other African-American page pieces of cotton and asked them to imagine being enslaved.”The comments and just the way you carried yourself during this time was beyond inappropriate, especially considering recent events with the Governor,” Walker’s daughter wrote to the first lady. “From the time we walked into the mansion to the time in the cottage house, I did not receive a welcoming vibe. It was very testing to know I had to go somewhere, and I had no choice as to if I went, I had to be respectful, and be on my best behaviour (sic), even when the people in positions of power I was around were not doing the same.”

OK, so, teaching history is bad now? I feel very bad for this kid. I feel bad that she has been led to be offended over such a thing. Maybe her mom is training her for a career in race pimping and professional victimhood?. Again, look at context. Being in, actually in a place where actual slavery existed, where actual slaves lived is not offensive? But a piece of cotton? OH NO OFFENDEDITIS! Sorry but spare me!



More Offendeditis

Via Moonbattery comes THIS

One advantage of leftism is that you don’t need to be big and strong to enjoy bullying. You just need to embrace the roll of the offended victim. Even kids can join in, as in the case of 9-year-old Marie Marcum, who bullied Chuck E. Cheese, game manufacturer Innovative Concepts in Entertainment, and Major League Baseball from her home in suburban Chicago.

Marie Marcum was attending a school fundraiser at Chuck E. Cheese when she stepped up to an MLB-licensed throwing game to show off her throwing skills. But after missing one of the targets the game taunted her by saying, “Hey, there’s always softball!”

As a person who plays softball, Marie took offense.

Nine-year-olds don’t really bully major corporations. Adults do it through them.

Marcum’s mother, Lisa, who teaches high school, heard her daughter’s frustrations and suggested she write a letter to Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (ICE), the game’s manufacturer. …

Marcum’s uncle then suggested that, since the game was covered in MLB logos, she should also write a letter to the league.

Sounds like this kid’s mom and uncle need to be smacked for placing the yolk of victimhood on this kid. Leftism strikes again, and of course, these bullies are being appeased

Without having received the letter, MLB was already bowing, scraping, and making compliant noises.

Bleated Joe Coppola, President of ICE,

“I completely understand where she is coming from. I get it. There is probably a greater sensitivity today than there was 10 or 15 years ago. It’s something we all need to pay attention to.”

Imagine how much sensitivity we will have in another 10 or 15 years. No one will dare open their mouths except to announce that they are offended.

Coppola said it would be easy to remove the audio clip from the game. In the meantime, Chuck E. Cheese has already muted the game in all its arcades.

Surrender monkey fools

OK let’s either never name anything for anybody ever again, or tell the whiners to go intercourse themselves

Pirates Cove has the latest outbreak of Offendeditis

This is seriously where the Perpetually Offended Left is going. There was already a freakout over the 1971 interview, and now Michael Hiltzik is melting down in the LA Times

It’s time to take John Wayne’s name off the Orange County airport

Most people familiar with the life story of John Wayne are aware that the late movie star was a dyed-in-the-wool right-winger — after all, he was still making a movie glorifying America’s conduct of the Vietnam War (“The Green Berets,” 1968) well after the country had begun to get sick of the conflict.

But the resurrection of a 1971 interview Wayne gave to Playboy magazine has underscored the sheer crudeness of the actor’s feelings about gay people, black people, Native Americans, young people and liberals.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s impossible or immoral to enjoy Westerns and war movies starring John Wayne; that’s a personal choice. But it certainly undermines any justification for his name and image to adorn a civic facility. (snip)

Wayne’s May 1971 Playboy interview has been unearthed before, notably in 2016 when his daughter Aissa endorsed Donald Trump for president. But it may well resonate more today, when iconic representations tied to racism, such as statues of Confederate war heroes, are being evicted from public spaces.