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Dear Brittney Cooper, your problem is not that your fat………..

………..It is that you are mentally backasswards!

Right about now, you are asking yourself just who is this Brittney Cooper? And you are thinking why would I call this person Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs


“I hate when people talk about Black women being obese,” Cooper said on the program. “I hate it because it becomes a way to blame us for a set of conditions that we didn’t create.”

“We are living in the Trump era,” the professor said. “And look, those policies kill our people. You can’t get access to good health care, good insurance.”

Cooper said that research points to black women losing less weight and at a slower rate than do white women, claiming that public health practitioners tie increased stress to a change in metabolism.

Yeah, I mean metabolism has, like nothing like, to do with your like weight or something. Hell metabolism is just some freaking thing Trump invented to marginalize, and victimize Black women!! It is like science! Why the hell do you hate science! Now get me some more fried pork chops, and mashed potatoes with extra gravy you racists!, And put some more damn sugar in my mother fuckin’ ice tea, can’t you see my ass is on a diet!

“It’s literally that the racism that you’re experiencing and the struggle to make ends meet actually means the diet don’t [sic] work for you the same,” she adds.

See you racist, knuckle-dragging, paste-eating red MAGA hat-wearing Neanderthal mofos!

Cooper, who is definitely NOT crazy also noted, in an interview with Campus Reform that her students are woke like mother fuckers!

“What I hope my students learn in my classroom is how to be good scholars, critically informed thinkers able to come to well-researched and accurate conclusions, and discerning evaluators of what are credible versus less credible news sources.”

Yeah, OK there Brittney, sure, sure…………..

Have Is ever said why I say Nuck Few York City?

Because it is a cesspool of leftism, a cesspool which is going to criminalize speech

It’s now against the law in New York City to threaten someone with a call to immigration authorities or refer to them as an “illegal alien” when motivated by hate.

What is next? Will it soon be illegal to say to thugs trying to rob somebody that you are calling police if said thugs are not White?? Is that threatening, or RAAAAACIST?

The restrictions — violations of which are punishable by fines of up to $250,000 per offense — are outlined in a 29-page directive released by City Hall’s Commission on Human Rights.

“‘Alien’ — used in many laws to refer to a ‘noncitizen’ person — is a term that may carry negative connotations and dehumanize immigrants, marking them as ‘other,’” reads one passage of the memo. “The use of certain language, including ‘illegal alien’ and ‘illegals,’ with the intent to demean, humiliate, or offend a person or persons constitutes discrimination.”

And, of course, this is unconstitutional, but when did the left do anything except use the constitution to wipe their asses?

And then, they came for the urinals

Good Freaking Grief! H/T Moonbattery

To the many things moonbats would take away from us in the name of political correctness, we can now ad urinals. From where else but Portland, via KGW8:

The City of Portland banned urinals in the remodeled Portland Building.

The 15-story Portland Building is also known as the Portland Municipal Services Building; it scurries with bureaucrats of the City of Portland.

Urinals are wrong because their existence reinforces the difference between male and female. This undermines liberal ideology and could be hurtful to the sacred sexually perplexed.

In an email to employees last February, Chief Administrative Officer Tom Rinehart wrote:

“We will continue to have gender-specific (male and female) multi-stall restrooms that are readily available to any employee that prefers to use one. But, there will be no urinals in any restroom in the building. This will give us the flexibility we need for any future changes in signage.”

Did I say Good Freaking Grief yet? OK, I did

Praying to plants? Good Freaking Grief!

I love nature, love the outdoors, I revel in the splendor of forests, mountains, beaches, but COME ON!COME ON!

A bizarre incident at Union Theological Seminary illustrates why many Christians believe that internal forces, not external ones, represent the greatest threat to the church.

Students at this seminary prayed to a collection of plants in its chapel, which triggered a raft of criticism on Twitter. The school defiantly defended its action in a series of tweets.

“Today in chapel, we confessed to plants,” the school tweeted. “Together, we held our grief, joy, regret, hope, guilt and sorrow in prayer; offering them to the beings who sustain us but whose gift we too often fail to honor. What do you confess to the plants in your life?”

Some Twitter respondents observed that the seminary and its students have lost their minds, but I think it’s worse than that. Insanity might mitigate this sacrilege, but deliberately perverting theology is another matter.

Pastor Greg Locke tweeted, “This is utter nonsense. Absolute theological bankruptcy in every way. Your Seminary is a cemetery.” Another Twitter user quipped, “What kind of penance did the plants give after the ‘confession?’”

Fools do foolish things


So many questions about this

On Monday the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services approved a request by a company that hopes to offer the first-ever “safe space” credit union for gay people.

“Michigan on Monday approved a charter for the new financial institution designed for LGBT customers, clearing the way for online service to begin early in 2020,” Bloomberg has confirmed. “Superbia Credit Union will offer products which are often outside the scope of a more traditional lender, such as loans for transgender people in the process of transitioning.”

Hmmm, don’t most Gay or Bi, or Trans folks use banks now? Hey, if they want their own bank, fine with me. But, again, questions…………

Can straight folks use the credit union too? Or is proof of sexuality needed. Is there a test of some sort? “Yes sir, you can open an account, but, there will be a dance test”

What is “unsafe” about banks/credit unions that serve everyone?

Will Gay customers get FAAAAABULOUS rates?

Will “transitioning” folks get two free accounts?

What about Bisexuals? Or Trysexuals

How about hot college girls who are not Bisexual, but have experimented with other hot college girls? Maybe while showering, or with coconut oil.  Enquiring minds you know

Will all “57 genders” be able to bank there?

Will Pansexuals get free cookware when they open an account?

Will people who identify as rich automatically have larger account balances?

Will Heteosexuals get their own credit union next? Or would that be discriminatory? As if I have to ask………..

Yes, so many questions

Gender Bastardizing Snowflake, meet Woodshed

Diogenes goes, buoyed by her LSU Tigers beating Texas last Saturday goes DaFuck OFF on, well, those trying who hate reality

Dear Gender-Confused, Questioning, or Queer Guy with the beard wearing lipstick: I saw your open letter to parents like me with young children who stare at you when you are out fannying about in your skirt and your lipstick without bothering to shave your face or attempting to pass as a woman in any way. You think it’s rude that my kid stares at you in the mall or at the beach or wherever you happen to be defying all gender-normative behavior.

You don’t like it and you especially don’t like it when I tell my child not to stare at strangers or talk about them in public. You think I should drop whatever I’m doing at the moment to explain queer theory to my kindergartner. Let me save you the trouble of worrying about this a second longer.

That’s not going to happen.

Let me tell you what is going to happen in my house. We don’t subscribe to the current false notion that gender identity is fluid or vast. There are two genders; male and female. Your chromosomes determine your sex. Whatever mental gymnastics are going on inside the minds of people who want to believe otherwise are none of my business. However, I will never lie to my child about biology.

Do yourself a favor and GO READ THE  REST!