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When the government insists on helping those that do not need it

Oh those scary words Reagan spoke of. We are from the government……………..

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he wants to protect “gig economy” workers, yet the workers themselves are dreading his help.

In his State of the State Address, Cuomo blasted gig companies that he says “exclude” workers from “fair pay and benefits.” His solution, in effect: Exclude them from the gig economy altogether.

That’s not much of an exaggeration: Cuomo seems to want to copy California, which forced many more independent contractors to be classified as employees under a 2019 law known as AB5, which has already cost hundreds of Left Coast freelancers their jobs.

And make no mistake: By “gig” workers, Cuomo doesn’t just mean Uber drivers. “A newspaper carrier is not an independent contractor because they ride their own bicycle,” he huffed. “A domestic worker is not an independent contractor because she brings her own broom and mop.”

Cuomo aide Richard Azzopardi argues that “employers should not avoid employee protections” by classifying workers as independent contractors.

Yet the gov would ignore the fact that workers often prefer the independent relationship, since it offers greater flexibility and requires less commitment.

The central planners and the “good intentions” ruin everything they touch. They always know a “better way” even if they have no knowledge of what they are trying to “fix”. But, they simply cannot stand for power to be in the hands of the common folks. Everyone must be a cookie-cutter creature,  never an individual. And, no matter how many times these fools fail, no mater how many times they screw up perfectly good things, they still persist.


Leftism-Destroying kids, parental rights, and freedom of speech all at the same time

Via Moonbattery

Formerly, we were asked to accept insanity for the sake of open-mindedness. We are far past that now. At this point, insanity is literally mandatory:

The British Columbia court of appeal ruled Friday that a 13-year-old girl was old enough to consent to testosterone shots despite her father’s objections that his troubled daughter had been influenced by transgender advocates and did not understand the long-term consequences of her decision.

Some of these consequences will be irreversible, forever closing the door on a normal life.

The appeal ruling released January 10 also placed the father under a “conduct order” effective until April that directs him to acknowledge his now 15-year-old daughter as a male, to use male pronouns when referring to her, and to call her by her chosen male name.

This is not about tolerance, this is about forcing people to embrace things they do not want to. And, if a kid’s life has to be destroyed………….

The War on anatomy, biology, reason, and sanity rolls on

This is what happens when deranged people start defining things

America’s largest LGBTQ coalition composed an in-depth catalogue of non-binary sexuality that includes a couple new definitions of genitalia, because penis and/or vagina aren’t self explanatory nor sensitive enough for non binary individuals.

When “front hole” is the new PC replacement for vagina, things have taken a turn for the surreal.

Besides discussion of masturbation and easy-to-read charts on how to practice safe trans sex with “sex toys, strap ons, and prosthetics,” “Safer Sex For Trans Bodies” provides its most devious assualt on reality by providing a complete rework of the penis/vagina dichotomy.

Crazy yes, but just wait

HRC’s guide explains, “We use this word to talk about internal genitals, sometimes referred to as a vagina. A front hole may self-lubricate, depending on age and hormones.” Remember, only “sometimes” is it a “vagina.”

“Strapless” is another new definition, which is explained as “the word to describe the genitals of trans women who have not had genital reconstruction (or ‘bottom surgery’), sometimes referred to as a penis.” Strapless is the term for a man-going-woman who hasn’t gotten the full procedure done. Well, at least there’s a specific term for that, it would be weird if someone called it a penis.

Go read the rest at Newsbusters

Menstrual Equality?

Via Free North Carolina

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is calling for men’s restrooms to include tampons in order to prevent discrimination against “every person who menstruates.”
“While free menstrual products are not uniformly provided in women’s restrooms, they are almost never available in men’s restrooms, even for pay,” the group said in a statement Tuesday.
Good Freaking Grief!

When the Bible says The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions…………..

It is referring to idiocy like this, Leftism strikes again………..

Check this out:  We Pioneered a Technology to Save Millions of Poor Children, But a Worldwide Smear Campaign Has Blocked It.  Read that as:  “A bunch of well-meaning but ill-informed knuckleheads are responsible for the deaths of thousands of children.”  Excerpt:

Food: everybody needs it, and many are fortunate enough to have enough, even too much of it. Food is a highly emotional subject on every continent and in every culture. For a healthy life our food has to provide energy, as well as, in very small amounts, minerals and vitamins. A varied diet, easily achieved and common in industrialised countries, provides everything. 

But poor people in countries where rice is grown often eat little else. White rice only provides energy: no minerals or vitamins. And the lack of one of the vitamins, vitamin A, is responsible for killing around 4,500 poor children every day. Lack of vitamin A is the biggest killer of children, and also the main cause of irreversible childhood blindness. 

Our project is about fixing this one dietary deficiency – vitamin A – in this one crop – rice – for this one group of people.It is a huge group though: half of the world’s population live by eating a lot of rice every day. Two of us (PB & IP) figured out how to make rice produce a source of vitamin A, and the rice becomes a golden color instead of white. The source is beta-carotene, which the human body converts to vitamin A. Beta-carotene is what makes carrots orange. Our rice is called “Golden Rice.”

Here’s the frustrating bit:

The anti-GMO crop campaigns, and especially anti-Golden Rice campaigns, have been extraordinarily effective. If so much regulation by governments is required, surely there must be something to be suspicious about: ‘There is no smoke without fire’. The suspicion pervades research institutions and universities, the publishers of scientific journals and The World Health Organisation, and UNICEF: even the most scientifically literate are fearful of entanglement in activist-stoked public controversy.

The equivalent of 13 jumbo jets full of children crashes into the ground every day and kills them all, because of VAD. Yet the solution of Golden Rice, developed by national scientists in the counties where (Vitamin A deficiency) VAD is endemic, is ignored because of fear of controversy, and because poor children’s deaths can be ignored without controversy.

Go read the rest, it will sicken you. Leftism, is, in fact, evil, this is really indisputable frankly. Of course, leftist love to point to their “intentions”. “Look how much I care! Look at my bumper, see all the stickers?”. But, intentions, no matter how noble, or well intended, are meaningless. Results, not intentions are what truly matter. Good intentions which lead to the death of millions of children are  evil. Once more we see that Leftism is the most destructible force in the world.

Latest worst thing ever? Charity!

The left exposes its collectivist beliefs once more. You, or me, choosing to give a donation to help the needy is an individual act, a choice. Collectivists, like the nutty speaker referenced at Campus Reform, cannot tolerate such an act. Charity must be forced, by the state, to be meaningful to this evil man.

A guest lecturer at Harvard University told students that philanthropy is inherently problematic, calling generosity the “wingman of systems of injustice.”

Anand Giridharadas, author of Winner Takes All: The Elite Charade of Changing the Worldspoke at the Harvard Institute of Politics in November. Giridharadas began his speech by noting that the venue, named for John F. Kennedy Jr. “may be the only space at Harvard not named after a random rich guy who gave a lot of money,” and joking that it would soon be named after Jeffrey Epstein.

Almost all the rest of the spaces at Harvard, he lamented, are named after large donors to Harvard. He went on to observe that “hyper-rich” people are always doing “everything they could to change the world,” and asked, “Why is this happening?”

Giridharadas explained that the more an individual or entity is harming the public, the more it will advertise what they are doing to help the community. Harvard, he claims, is enabling this flaw within society by accepting money from countless donors without looking into where the money comes from.

“What if all the generosity is the wingman of systems of injustice?” asked Giridharadas, before going on to explain to the students that the only way the millionaires and billionaires are able to exist is because of the “surplus virtue” created by positive entities like charities and universities. He explains that bad people have a moral “virtue deficit,” which causes them to “make a trade” with entities that hold “surplus virtue” in order to keep their name clean.

Twisted ideology anyone?

Yale and other universities are being destroyed by Snowflakes

And, I would add by the cowards who cave to the snowflakes, left.ists, and other agitators. Great piece at Never Yet Melted

Esteban Elizondo is only a senior at Yale, but he’s indignant enough to be an alumn.

Last weekend, 148 students stormed the field at the Harvard-Yale game to protest climate change, causing a 50-minute delay and forcing the players to finish in the dark. The Post editorial board called it “the college-version of a toddler’s meltdown,” and that is exactly right. As a current Yale student, I am constantly stunned by the childish behavior of my peers, who are voting-age adults attending what is supposedly one of the most prestigious colleges in America.

At Yale, there is seemingly a new protest every week. Each protest carries the same juvenile self-righteousness, enabled by a university administration that never dares to challenge its student body.

Yale “first-years” arrive on campus curious and mostly capable, but the university quickly proceeds to bubble-wrap their young minds, eliminating any trace of discomfort from their college experience. Rather than allowing students to learn through adversity, the administration creates a safe space where students are never told “no.” Instead, they’re provided with amenities ranging from therapy puppies to sandboxes — more fitting of a day-care center than a university.

Rather than confront its student body with uncomfortable truths, the university creates an alternate reality, where the only opinion that matters is yours, especially if you’re a leftist. Earlier this month, a group of students painted their faces white and began wailing outside a classroom as part of a protest against professor Emma Sky, whom they lazily branded a “war criminal” because she once served as an advisor to the commanding general of US forces in Iraq and the commander of NATO’s International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan.

To be clear, professor Sky has dedicated her entire adult life to peace in the Middle East, and her calming influence during the war no doubt saved countless lives. But the students made no legitimate attempts to academically engage with her and claimed this was “interdisciplinary research” on the “ethnography of power.” Incredibly, this antic was part of a student’s senior project that was awarded both funding from a residential college and school credit.

Go read it all folks. This nation is suffering great harm from the snowflakes, but they could never cause such harm without the cowards who grovel and seek to appease those snowflakes.