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Remember kids crazy, bitter and racist is no way to go through life

This is where Racial Obsession Syndrome will lead you kids, STAY AWAY! The First Street Journal looks at noted bigot Saira Sameera Rao

We have thrice previously mentioned Saira Sameera Rao, the American lady of Indian extraction and her constant fears that white women, even those who had been her friends, just wouldn’t give up their ‘whiteness’ and agree with every last thing she said about race. Well, thanks to the other Dana who writes on Patterico’s Pontifications, I found this on The Guardian:

Why liberal white women pay a lot of money to learn over dinner how they’re racist

A growing number of women are paying to confront their privilege – and racism – at dinners that cost $2,500

by Poppy Noor | Monday, 3 Feb 2020 | 09.51 EST First published on Monday, 3 Feb 2020 01.00 EST

Freshly made pasta is drying on the wooden bannisters lining the hall of a beautiful home in Denver, Colorado. Fox-hunting photos decorate the walls in a room full of books. A fire is burning. And downstairs, a group of liberal white women have gathered around a long wooden table to admit how racist they are.

“Recently, I have been driving around, seeing a black person, and having an assumption that they are up to no good,” says Alison Gubser. “Immediately after I am like, that’s no good! This is a human, just doing their thing. Why do I think that?”

This is Race to Dinner. A white woman volunteers to host a dinner in her home for seven other white women – often strangers, perhaps acquaintances. (Each dinner costs $2,500, which can be covered by a generous host or divided among guests.) A frank discussion is led by co-founders Regina Jackson, who is black, and Saira Rao, who identifies as Indian American. They started Race to Dinner to challenge liberal white women to accept their racism, however subconscious. “If you did this in a conference room, they’d leave,” Rao says. “But wealthy white women have been taught never to leave the dinner table.

Rao and Jackson believe white, liberal women are the most receptive audience because they are open to changing their behavior. They don’t bother with the 53% of white women who voted for Trump. White men, they feel, are similarly a lost cause. “White men are never going to change anything. If they were, they would have done it by now,” Jackson says.

Please go read it all, it is as case study in the damage done by the Leftists Maladies I speak of. Racial Obsession Syndrome, Eternal Bitterness Syndrome are both at play with Rao. Of course, there is also the fact that Rao is, like too many leeches these days, making a living off of dividing people, spreading hate, in Rao’s case, making money off of fools who are also beset by the aforementioned disorders. That anyone falls for the asinine rantings of Rao is very sad. And, yes, it is yet another example of how Leftism destroys everything good. 

FINALLY! Punctuality is, wait for it………..


The pathologies of the left are now apparently hellbent on radicalizing just about everything. And will seemingly perform any contortion to that end. From Tulane University, the very heart of White Devil Babylon – uptown New Orleans – student Shahamat Uddin (pronouns “he, him, his”) howls in protest:

“Punctuality centers whiteness. It is far easier for white men to get to work on time than Black people who are having to change their hair to fit the workplace’s professionalism stand Freaking Grief!!ards.”

Good Freaking Grief! Where do these buffoons come up wit these inane ideas? There is, of course, nothing about being on time that is racist. Frankly, punctuality is becoming a lost standard among many people, of all races. But apparently race is now a cover all excuse. The fact is employers all have rules about appearance, tardiness, conduct, and so on. Many of them are, to me stupid, but, if you want a paycheck… Many of them are enforced inconsistently, and usually race has nothing to do with that. Allow me an example Worked as a bartender for several years at a nice, casual Mexican restaurant. The staff, except for kitchen people, had to wear black slacks, long sleeve black dress shirts, and no one was supposed to roll up their sleeves. 

The waitresses, and female bartenders started wearing yoga pants, or similar type pants, and the management cracked down on that. OK fine. But, one server, who was Ethiopian, and gorgeous, continued to wear yoga pants, and management said nada. Now, she was a great server, but, no doubt because of her looks, was allowed to flout the rules. Did she have Black privilege? Ethiopian privilege? Maybe she enjoyed incredible booty privilege. Other workers there flouted other rules, for many reasons. Everyone one of us enjoyed some type of privilege. Me? I would roll up my sleeves. Mainly because washing glasses through a shift does not work well with wearing long sleeves. The rule was idiotic, and I broke it. My privilege? Being the fastest bartender, and also working shifts no one else wanted to work. Privilege? YEP! 

It is how the world is, and how it will always be. That is realism, not racism. And the fact is whining like a little bitch, and pretending to be a victim like Mr. Uddin does, is not going to help him. Pretending he is beset by RAAAAACISM, is not going to help him either. The fact is he is trying to gain privilege by making himself an entitled pain in the ass to everyone. He wants to be special, not by earning it or excelling at work, but by being a distraction, and an activist for some fake “social justice”.

Leftism is evil, period

Daniel Greenfield points to just how evil

The other was put into foster care when she was only 8, by the age of 13 she was being raped by a Muslim sex grooming gang, and by 15, Victoria Agoglia was already dead of a heroin overdose injected by the 50-year-old Muslim pedophile who had been abusing her. Today, she would have been a woman.

Unlike Meghan Markle, Victoria never got the opportunity to marry a prince or even grow up. And while the media weeps for Markle, who is departing for Canada because of some tabloid tales, the story of Victoria, once again in the news because of the release of an independent report on the sex grooming gangs of Manchester, shows what true social injustice looks like. It’s not bad publicity for a celebrity.

It’s a girl who was abandoned to the worst imaginable abuses because intervening would have been politically incorrect.

The report chronicles how Operation Augusta was launched and then scuttled after her death in 2003, despite identifying 97 suspects and 57 victims. The victims were, “mostly white girls aged between 12 and 16”, and the perpetrators were, “mostly men of ‘Asian heritage’”. By ‘Asian’, the report means “predominantly Pakistani men” though at least one of the perpetrators was apparently Tunisian.

Constable B, the anonymous cop responsible for some of the most revealing quotes in the report, said, “What had a massive input was the offending target group were predominantly Asian males and we were told to try and get other ethnicities.”

Mohammed Yaqoob, the pedophile who had forcibly injected Victoria with heroin and was cleared of manslaughter charges, was not the sort of pedophile the Manchester cops were supposed to find.

A meeting at Greater Manchester Police headquarters “acknowledged that the enquiry was sensitive due to the involvement of Asian men” and worried over “the incitement of racial hatred.” There were concerns about “the damaged relations following Operation Zoological.” Those were the police raids targeting Iraqi refugees involved in an alleged Al Qaeda plot to bomb a soccer stadium in Manchester.

Go read it all, it will haunt your soul, and illustrate jut how evil “social justice” is. Yes, this is in England, but the left is trying so hard to bring such evilness here. Just one more bit from Greenfield, who is doing the job CNN, MSNBS, ABC, etc. will not do

Some in the GMP didn’t see the point to stopping the rape of young girls because of cultural differences.

“There was an educational issue. Asian males didn’t understand that it was wrong, and the girls were not quite there. They were difficult groups to deal with. We can’t enforce our way out of the problem,” Constable B said.

You might have to read that very last part many times, but even then, you will never grasp such evil. Like I said go read it all, read it and get mad, get damned mad. And REMEMBER this in November, remember where “social justice” leads. And vote accordingly!

When the government insists on helping those that do not need it

Oh those scary words Reagan spoke of. We are from the government……………..

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he wants to protect “gig economy” workers, yet the workers themselves are dreading his help.

In his State of the State Address, Cuomo blasted gig companies that he says “exclude” workers from “fair pay and benefits.” His solution, in effect: Exclude them from the gig economy altogether.

That’s not much of an exaggeration: Cuomo seems to want to copy California, which forced many more independent contractors to be classified as employees under a 2019 law known as AB5, which has already cost hundreds of Left Coast freelancers their jobs.

And make no mistake: By “gig” workers, Cuomo doesn’t just mean Uber drivers. “A newspaper carrier is not an independent contractor because they ride their own bicycle,” he huffed. “A domestic worker is not an independent contractor because she brings her own broom and mop.”

Cuomo aide Richard Azzopardi argues that “employers should not avoid employee protections” by classifying workers as independent contractors.

Yet the gov would ignore the fact that workers often prefer the independent relationship, since it offers greater flexibility and requires less commitment.

The central planners and the “good intentions” ruin everything they touch. They always know a “better way” even if they have no knowledge of what they are trying to “fix”. But, they simply cannot stand for power to be in the hands of the common folks. Everyone must be a cookie-cutter creature,  never an individual. And, no matter how many times these fools fail, no mater how many times they screw up perfectly good things, they still persist.


Leftism-Destroying kids, parental rights, and freedom of speech all at the same time

Via Moonbattery

Formerly, we were asked to accept insanity for the sake of open-mindedness. We are far past that now. At this point, insanity is literally mandatory:

The British Columbia court of appeal ruled Friday that a 13-year-old girl was old enough to consent to testosterone shots despite her father’s objections that his troubled daughter had been influenced by transgender advocates and did not understand the long-term consequences of her decision.

Some of these consequences will be irreversible, forever closing the door on a normal life.

The appeal ruling released January 10 also placed the father under a “conduct order” effective until April that directs him to acknowledge his now 15-year-old daughter as a male, to use male pronouns when referring to her, and to call her by her chosen male name.

This is not about tolerance, this is about forcing people to embrace things they do not want to. And, if a kid’s life has to be destroyed………….

The War on anatomy, biology, reason, and sanity rolls on

This is what happens when deranged people start defining things

America’s largest LGBTQ coalition composed an in-depth catalogue of non-binary sexuality that includes a couple new definitions of genitalia, because penis and/or vagina aren’t self explanatory nor sensitive enough for non binary individuals.

When “front hole” is the new PC replacement for vagina, things have taken a turn for the surreal.

Besides discussion of masturbation and easy-to-read charts on how to practice safe trans sex with “sex toys, strap ons, and prosthetics,” “Safer Sex For Trans Bodies” provides its most devious assualt on reality by providing a complete rework of the penis/vagina dichotomy.

Crazy yes, but just wait

HRC’s guide explains, “We use this word to talk about internal genitals, sometimes referred to as a vagina. A front hole may self-lubricate, depending on age and hormones.” Remember, only “sometimes” is it a “vagina.”

“Strapless” is another new definition, which is explained as “the word to describe the genitals of trans women who have not had genital reconstruction (or ‘bottom surgery’), sometimes referred to as a penis.” Strapless is the term for a man-going-woman who hasn’t gotten the full procedure done. Well, at least there’s a specific term for that, it would be weird if someone called it a penis.

Go read the rest at Newsbusters