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When You have Lost the Vagina Monologues……….

Whe Leftism is through devouring everything good about the West, it will begin to eat itself……….. Moonbattery

Moonbats are forewarned that no matter how tastelessly “cutting edge” they are today, tomorrow they will be regarded as reactionary bigots and relegated to the Memory Hole. This has already happened to Eve Ensler, feminist author of the appalling Vagina Monologues:

Eastern Michigan University’s Women’s Resource Center will no longer host productions of “The Vagina Monologues,” noting that the play’s version of feminism excludes some women.

Specifically, it excludes women who are not women and consequently do not have vaginas. The play therefore “lacks diversity and inclusion.”

Barks the Women’s Resource Center:

“We feel that making this decision is in line with the WRC mission of … challenging systems and structures that perpetuate inequities … [I]t is important to center our minoritized students and this decision is in line with this mission driven value.”

The Vaginal Monologues has previously gotten nixed by feminazis at Mount Holyoke College and American University. At Columbia, white women have been forbidden from taking part, despite the author being white.

Because a woman being forced to touch a man’s penis is tolerance

Leftist Tolerance at work again

In Canada, LGBT militants sue to force women to provide them with Brazilian wax jobs on the grounds that they too are women, if only in the grotesque funhouse dimensional of progressive ideology.

As noted previously, a transsexual bully shook down a waxing spa in Windsor. He raged when a woman declined to provide the highly intimate service,

claiming that his genitals are irrelevant to his gender, and that this Muslim woman should have absolutely no problem handling his penis, seeing that in his point of view, it was a female penis.

Then came a guy known only as J.Y.…

A transgender “woman” began calling spas in British Columbia, asking that they give him a “Manzillian” wax, and then taking careful note of those who refused. He then filed 16 human rights complaints against sixteen women who refused to handle his penis, claiming that he had been discriminated against. In fact, he claimed that having these women refuse to wax his genitals “really got to me…it hurts.”

Cower in fear when freakazoids brandish their anguish — especially in Canada, land of the Orwellian Human Rights Tribunals.

Adopting the pose of the belligerently oppressed pays cash benefits:

One of the estheticians, a single mom who works out of her home, already paid J.Y. $2,500 to withdraw his complaint so she could simply get on with her life. Two and a half grand, it turns out, is the amount of money that a single mom, seeing her livelihood threatened, has to pay to a man for not touching his genitals.

Evil, leftism, same thing

*VIDEO* “White House Press Briefing” – A Bad Lip Reading



Soon no one will be brave enough to speak in public

Here we go again, hypersensitivity is killing our right to speak. No, the government is not coming after us, but what good is liberty if you are afraid to use it?

In light of accusations that his use of a racial slur led to the abrupt end of his four-decade long radio career, the former voice of the Indianapolis Colts, Bob Lamey, released a statement Tuesday night that acknowledged his use of “an inappropriate word.”

The statement comes in response to a report on that claims Lamey used a racial slur during the retelling of a story last week after a radio interview at Colts training camp. A complaint from a radio employee, reports, was made to the human resources department at Emmis Communications, which then contacted the Colts.

The team announced Lamey’s surprise retirement on Sunday. He had decided to return for what would’ve been a 32nd season earlier this spring.

“Bob Lamey, the former Voice of the Colts, retired from the Indianapolis Colts on August 18 following a career that spanned over four decades,” Lamey’s attorney, James Voyles, said in a statement.

So, now we are no longer allowed to say “inappropriate” words, even when quoting someone or recounting a story? It sounds like the man simply recounted a story and some social justice warrior contracted Offendeditis, and well, goodbye career. Very sad. Again, what good is liberty if you are afraid to use it?

Why screaming RAAAAACISM is not always correct

Another case of Racial Obsession Syndrome with a touch of Hyper Sensitivity Disorder thrown in for affect

OUMOU KANOUTE is a black student at Smith College with a summer job on campus. This is what happened as she ate lunch in a mostly empty dining hall one day last week:

A college employee saw her “laying on the couch” alone, mistook her for an unfamiliar male who “seem[ed] to be out of place,” and phoned the campus police. An unarmed officer was sent to check things out. He spoke politely to Kanoute, saw nothing was amiss, and left her in peace.

Here’s what didn’t happen:

Go read the rest, it shows how the left’s constant message of victimhood has driven some to scream racism, or sexism, or some other yet to be discovered “ism” over nothing

UK judge: Knives are like, sharp and pointy

Via Pirates Cove

The UK has already pretty much banned most privately owned firearms, but, they’ve never had anything like a 2nd Amendment (and Britain is rather the reason the U.S. has said Amendment). Now they are working hard on knife control

Judge calls for 10in pointed kitchen knives to be ground down to a rounded end after hearing three serious stabbing cases in last three months

A judge has called for a drastic rethink on the way we use knives in kitchens in a bid to reduce the number of young men dying on our streets because of knife crime.

And he has come up with an idea for a scheme that could be rolled out across the UK where members of the public could take their kitchen knives to be ‘modified’ and the points ground down into rounded ends.

This comes from Judge Nic Madge, who last month jailed Jordon Worth, of Stewartby, Bedfordshire, for seven-and-a-half years after she inflicted a catalogue of injuries on her boyfriend Alex Skeel.

Judge Madge has now come out to say that the use of headline grabbing Rambo knives and samurai swords was relatively rare and it was was the points of ordinary kitchen knives that was causing the soaring loss of life among youngsters.

‘But why we do need 8′ or 10′ kitchen knives with points? Butchers and fishmongers do, but how often, if at all, does a domestic chef use the point of an 8′ or 10′ knife? Rarely, if at all,’ he said.

At the moment police forces hold ‘amnesties’ where bins are placed outside police station and members of the public can get rid of lethal weapons – no questions asked.

Take this as a lesson on how leftism works. They ban guns because “violent crime”. Violent crime does not decrease, rather in the UK it is going up. So, what does the left do, they began “knife control”. This of course will not work, but will the left ever reverse course? No, of course not, to do so would show they grasp the failures of leftism. One day, do not be stunned to see self-defense/martial arts classes banned in the UK.

What? You thought the utter destruction of the Boy Scouts was over?

If so, you just do not understand the Leftism

Now that the Boy Scouts have completely succumbed to the bullying of social engineers by dropping the word “Boy” from their name so as to be more “inclusive,” their motto “Be prepared” has a new meaning. They will pass out condoms at the World Scout Jamboree to be held in West Virginia this summer.

The theme of the jamboree is “Unlock a New World.” This new world is nothing that you would want your kids to be a part of.

An alternative to the defeated Boy Scouts is Trail Life USA. Its Chairman of the Board is Florida Family Policy Council President John Stemberger, who issued a response:

“The fact that they are requiring that condoms be ‘readily accessible’ and are communicating this to everyone– including youth participants–shows that the BSA is both anticipating and facilitating sexual conduct between minors at this event. These policies are both outrageous and completely irresponsible.”

Another word for Leftism is Progressivism, and boy how it progresses. Sorta like a malignant tumor