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Yes, even in Texas the Leftist Totalitarians are trying to trample liberty

I say Texas, but this is Austin, and Austin is Leftist epicenter of, well, Karens

Just when you thought the Coronavirus snitching outbreak couldn’t get any worse, the societal virus continues to spread. Austin Mayor Steve Adler decided to channel his inner Kim Jong Un on Monday when he announced an extension of the city’s shelter-in-place orders.

But it was the decision to urge Austinites to rat out their neighbors that raised eyebrows. As you might imagine, the Karens of the city took Adler’s exhortation to heart.

Of course they did, busy bodies are never sated in their desire to lord their “values” over others

Adler then stated that they are hoping for Austinites to “self-police,” and affirmed that “these kinds of orders carry with them criminal penalties and the force of law.” At this point, he urged residents to report those who are not complying with the order. “If you see violations in the community, construction sites, restaurants, it’d be good to call 311 and let the city and the county know that that’s happening.”

A reminder that those trying to silence debate, dissent, freedom of speech, and any hint of an opinion that offends them deserve two words

Want to guess those two words? I think you can figure that out as you watch this

I know, I know, we are better to be “above” coarse language, but, it is past time those who would erase freedom of expression were met with some tough words, and tougher people.

Now for something so stupid only an intellectual could think it up

Via Campus Reform comes this bit of bilge from the Pit of Leftist Idiocy

Sophie Lewis, a scholar at the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research and a frequent speaker at American universities, wrote an article suggesting that the coronavirus pandemic should push Americans to abolish the family.

In an opinion editorial published by Open Democracy in late March, Lewis argues that “the private family qua mode of social reproduction still, frankly, sucks. It genders, nationalizes and races us. It norms us for productive work. It makes us believe we are ‘individuals’…

Wow such revealing language as to how the left “thinks”. Note that besides the usual obsession with “identity” the author also mocks “productive” work. What does fool think work is designed to do? What does she imagine the purpose of work is? The truth is Leftists often use such nonsensical babblings to sound smart. Scholars are very adept at this, and they are betting that college students might be swayed to adopt Leftism despite its continuous failures in the real world. Here is more from Lewis

“We deserve better than the family. And the time of corona is an excellent time to practice abolishing it,” she adds.

“As feminists for decades have excavated, the nuclear family functions as a kind of technology for producing and reproducing human beings along the lines of binary sex, national identity, racial loyalty, and heterosexual subjecthood,” Lewis told Campus Reform.

Yes, this is complete nonsense. I wonder how this woman would bring the destruction of families to reality? Oh, of course first we must, comrades, kill capitalism!

“The pandemic is no time to forget about family abolition. In the words of feminist theorist and mother Madeline Lane-McKinley; ‘Households are capitalism’s pressure cookers. This crisis will see a surge in housework – cleaning, cooking, caretaking, but  also child abuse, molestation, intimate partner rape, psychological torture, and more.’ Far from a time to acquiesce to ‘family values’ ideology, then, the pandemic is an acutely important time to provision, evacuate and generally empower survivors of – and refugees from – the nuclear household,” she adds.

See capitalism creates a “pressure cooker” that causes abuse, rape, child abuse, psychological torture, and likely even ingrown toe nails, and who knows what else! The only solution, therefore is to kill the family by killing capitalism! Folks, I leave you with yet more cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs rantings

“we do not know yet if we will be able to wrench something better than capitalism from the wreckage of this Plague and the coming Depression. I would only posit with some certainty that, in 2020, the dialectic of families against the family, of real homes against the home, shall intensify.”

Crazy? Oh yeah! Crazy on steroids!

Shouldn’t a Health Commissioner focus on health?

Daniel Greenfield takes a look at how “social justice” might have caused more deaths in New York

Last year, New York City Health Commissioner Oxiris Barbot was warning that “even brief contact with the police or indirect exposure is associated with lasting harm to people’s physical and mental health”.

“We as a public health department have really been trying to frame criminal justice system involvement as an exposure,” Barbot’s epidemiologist, Kimberly Zweig, claimed.

So, the police, doing their job, are like a deadly virus according to this genius? Good Freaking Grief!

Why was New York City so badly unprepared for the arrival of the coronavirus? The answer was radical politics. And Barbot and Zweig embodied the public health mismanagement of a radical administration.

Commissioner Oxiris Barbot, the disgraced figure at the center of the city’s coronavirus meltdown, had graduated from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in 1991. She had worked as a pediatrician, before being selected as the Medical Director for the Office of School Health in New York in 2003. Her qualification for the job was unclear and her bio doesn’t list any administrative degrees.

Barbot succeeded Mary T. Bassett: a 17-year veteran of the University of Zimbabwe. Bassett had launched the Center for Health Equity and spent her time warning of the public health threat from racism in talks, “Why Your Doctor Should Care About Social Justice”, articles, “How Does Racism Affect Your Health”, and research papers, “Uprooting Institutionalized Racism as Public Health Practice.”

As Health Commissioner, Barbot’s bio boasted that “she uses a racial equity lens” and credited her with “spearheading the creation of the Center for Health Equity which operationalizes the Department’s commitment to racial justice.”

I  believe we can see where this will lead can’t we?

As the coronavirus bore down on New York City, Barbot and the Health Department were busy operationalizing social justice while remaining oblivious to the scientific realities of the pandemic. The department’s focus on health equity required it to discourage recent arrivals from Wuhan from going into self-quarantine or avoiding large public gatherings like the Lunar New Year celebrations.

“We are very clear: We wish New Yorkers a Happy Lunar New Year and we encourage people to spend time with their families and go about their celebration,” Barbot insisted.

Go read the whole thing, trust me it gets far worse with Barbot encouraging New Yorkers to get out, ride the subway, in short she used her position to give awful advice because SOCIAL JUSTICE!