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Your Cold, Hard Truth of the Day

Comes from Red Pill Jew, who makes the same point I have been making for years about the left

This is why the Left cannot be argued with.  It cannot be reasoned with.  It can’t be bought, or appeased.  And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are enslaved and love your slavery.  Because they’re MISSIONARIES.

Amen. Leftist are the new crazy religious zealots fanatics. And yes, they are all about making everyone “believe” as they do. And, nothing is off limits. This explains the rise of increasingly hateful rhetoric and behaviors from the left. Frightening? Yes, but, the truth, no matter how sobering, can help patriots stem the tide. Pray, stay informed, stay active, and yes stay armed and aware. If this tide of leftist fanaticism continues, there will be greater risks for those who dare oppose it.

Remember also that as the current war on police gets worse, more officers will quit, or not be able to do their jobs as is needed. We already see rising violent crime rates, that will also worsen. As this happens more Americans, who are buying and carrying firearms will be forced to defend themselves, and loved ones. This will, of course, lead to new calls for more “common sense” gun laws. Never forget that of all your liberties that of armed self-defense is the one the left loathe the most. That liberty is the one that will keep our liberty, without it……………….

Noted White guy trashes White people

The Other McCain notes that a certain bloated Leftist carnival barker is barking up a storm

His ego is nearly as bloated as his belly:

Michael Moore declared that white people “are not good people” and that you should “be afraid” of them in an interview on “The Rolling Stone” podcast “Useful Idiot.” Moore warned people that if they see a group of 3 white men approaching them that they should cross the street because at least 2 of them voted for Trump.
“I refuse to participate in post-racial America,” Moore said. “I refuse to say because we elected Obama that suddenly that means everything is okay, white people have changed. White people have not changed.”
“Two-thirds of all white guys voted for Trump. That means anytime you see three white guys walking at you, down the street toward you, two of them voted for Trump. You need to move over to the other sidewalk because these are not good people that are walking toward you. You should be afraid of them,” Moore warned.

No, you should fear Marxist agitators and propagandists like Moore, who will say anything to benefit their agenda

Beto has been eating that New Mexico dirt again

When I say the truth is meaningless to the left…………. Listen to this fool babble and rant, all the while KNOWING he is lying, and unfairly smearing so many Americans. throwing the word racist around like there is no tomorrow. 

The ugly bigotry of Rep Ayanna Pressley

The left wants conformity. It divides people along racial/religious/gender lines first. Next it teaches these people that their entire identity is their color, gender, sexual orientation etc. Then it demonizes, belittles and attacks any member of these groups that dares think as an individual. Consider these remarks by Democratic Rep Ayanna Pressley

Got that!  Ayanna will tell you what your identity is, and what you should think and say, based on that identity. In sort conform or else. Well, Jon Miller is not feeling Massa Ayanna, not at all

“Well by being black, my voice is automatically a black voice. That’s how it works,” he wrote. “What she ACTUALLY means is we don’t need minorities who don’t want to be a progressive voice.”

“And that, my friend, is the true definition of discrimination.”

“She just handed me this one on a platter,” Miller later added. “What an idiot.”

Again, Massa Ayanna is really acting like a modern day slave owner. She is demanding members of certain groups think as they are told, or else

Pressley’s comments are essentially a purity test. The elected Democrat is suggesting black, brown, and queer people who don’t think like her — people like Miller — need to shut their mouths; they are of no use to their identity group, but a hindrance, and perhaps traitors.

As Matt Walsh explains Massa Ayanna is a damn bigot

Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), now known as the Ringo Starr of the so-called “Squad,” is, like the other members of her far-left girl group, a raging bigot. While they go into spasms of outrage over President Trump’s stupid tweet, we must bear in mind that, when it comes to denouncing bigotry, none of these four have a leg to stand on — especially Pressley, who now proudly owns one of the most absurdly bigoted statements we’ve heard from an American politician in decades.

Leftists like Pressley feel perfectly entitled to issue directives of this sort, authoritatively instructing the plebes as to what they may and may not say and think based on the demographic and identity groups to which they belong. Her talk of “brown voices” is telling. She doesn’t see brown, black, Muslim, and “queer” people as distinct individuals with their own opinions and perspectives. Rather, she, like any modern leftist, sees racial and ethnic groups as monoliths — and every member is a mindless, faceless “representative” of that whole. And the whole, Pressley has decided, must vote Democrat, support things like affirmative action, universal health care, and abortion, and affirm every last leftist doctrine without exception. Any member who falls outside of the box Pressley and her ilk have created is anathema. At best, useless. At worst, a heretic who should be burned at the stake (or bludgeoned with a crowbar, as is Antifa’s preferred method).

An ordinary bigot may simply feel that his race or ethnicity tends to be superior to other races and ethnicities. That is a stupid and harmful view, to be sure, but it’s child’s play compared to the sort of bigotry Pressley has promoted. She wishes to erase the individual and live in a world consisting only of homogenous, amorphic “identities,” where every person is but a mere mouthpiece for an ethnic hive mind. It is a bigotry far more insidious and horrifying than the sort of bigotry she constantly (and often fallaciously) finds in the hearts of others.

Nailed it!

Illinois State Fair cancels concert by Confederate Railroad

It never ends does it. Not until enough people make a big enough stink over this crap

The culture jihadists are targeting our faith, our families and our heritage. They want to finish the fundamental transformation of our Republic that was started by President Obama.

The latest conflict involves the state of Illinois and Confederate Railroad, a popular country and southern rock band.

It seems that Confederate Railroad has been booted from an upcoming appearance at the DuQuoin State Fair Grandstand, according to television station WSIL.

The Pinckneyville Press reports that the band’s August 27th performance was canceled over “racial sensitivity concerns.”

In other words, somebody was triggered by the band’s name. And to be even more specific, they were triggered by the word “Confederate.”

“While every artist has a right to expression, we believe this decision is in the best interest of serving all of the people in our state,” State Fair manager Josh Gross told the newspaper.

More vomit inducing, CYA excuses for sheer gutlessness. Who wants to bet far more people are offended over this decision than letting the band play? The issue is fear, fear of the Leftist Outrage Machine. Frankly we need more business owners, CEO’s and others who will do the right thing. Take this story for example

“Guy wears MAGA hat at my favorite restaurant. I say ‘hey are you from dc?’ He says ‘no.’ I say ‘we don’t tolerate racism in this city,’” TJ Helmstetter wrote on Twitter. ” His girlfriend then physically jabs fingers into my chest and starts threatening me. Management tells me to leave, not woman who assaulted me.”

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Sweet mercy, America. Now, that’s funny.

It sounds like this intolerant jerk tried to pull a “Maxine Waters” and was shown the front door. Dude picked the wrong barbecue joint.

Go read it all. Basically, it would seem, a leftist agitator tried to bully someone and was A. stood up to, and B tossed for disturbing everyone else with his tantrum

Google emails label Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, Dennis Prager as Nazis

The demented left keeps sinking further into absolute madness. Via Wheelgun

In what has to be THE most bone-headed view of the year (maybe of the century)… Google Calls Ben Shapiro A Nazi.

In a Facebook post, Ben Shapiro, editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire, described the email as “UNBELIEVABLE.” Shapiro is a practicing Orthodox Jew and a graduate of a Yeshiva high school.

What they really mean is, “Ben Shapiro doesn’t agree with us, and we can’t counter his arguments, so let’s just censor him.”

The best quote comes from Rep. Dan Crenshaw, see the link below, where he asks, “What kind of education do the people at Google have?” To label an Orthodox Jew, who is routinely attacked by the alt-right, a Nazi is the stupidest position Google has had in a long time. And that is saying something.

It must be noted that Dennis Prager is also Jewish, yet, his site PragerU is also smeared as being one step from Nazism somehow

The email, written by a Google employee reads as follows:

“Today it is often 1 or 2 steps to nazis. If we understand that PragerU, Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro et al are nazis using the dog whistles you mention in step 1. I can receive these recommendations regardless of the content of what I’m looking at, and I have recorded thousands of internet users sharing the same experience..”

Rep. Dan Crenshaw lays it out very well, video at Breitbart please go listen to that five minutes

*VIDEO* Congressman Jim Jordan Delivers Blistering Opening Statement Against DemoNazis At Hearing Featuring Crooked Lawyer Who Will Soon Be Imprisoned For Perjury ( 02/27/19)



Disgraced bigot Marc Lamont Hill: I had plenty of support……

Yes, he did, he certainly is not the only leftist who hates Israel, and Western values

Former CNN commentator and current Temple University professor Marc Lamont Hill got fired from CNN after calling for “a free Palestine from the river to the sea.” But he insists his comment received vast support, including from academia.

“If I had a dollar for every progressive member of Congress, for every progressive faculty member, for every progressive cable news or otherwise TV commentator who sent me a private message saying, ‘I agree with you,'” Hill told The Intercept in a conversation published Thursday, “I’d have so much money.”

Yes, I imagine the “progressives” agreed with Hill’s pro terrorist rantings. They hate Israel too, so what? Hill is just like them, anti-Western, Anti-American, Anti-Israel, etc. Hill simply outed his own bigotry, and CNN decided to boot his worthless ass. Good riddance

Your Daley Gator Political Picture O’ The Day



Why Due Process Matters

Welcome to the age of #MeToo folks. Men, beware, and boys too. H/T Wheelgun

Mean girls got him charged with sexual assault because they didn’t like him. Lawsuit accuses Seneca Valley ‘mean girls’ of targeting boy with false allegations.

In a tape-recorded interview with school officials in 2017, the lawsuit alleges K.S. said she made the sexual assault claim against T.F. because “I just don’t like him.”

She wanted him expelled, and #MeToo Nazis handed her the means.

Even though everyone now knows that the accusations were false, his record hasn’t been cleared, and the girls – multiple, all friends – have suffered no consequences.

The 26-page lawsuit — filed in Pittsburgh on the eve of Mean Girls Day — alleges that T.F. “was forced to endure multiple court appearances, detention in a juvenile facility, detention at home, the loss of his liberty and other damages until several of the girls reluctantly admitted that their accusations were false” this summer.

The lawsuit names the District Attorney – he hasn’t expunged the record – and the school – for taking no action.

“(T.F.) was basically being tortured in school by the other students and investigators, but the administration was only focused on protecting the girls who were lying,” Fishman said. “Once the allegations were proven false, they really didn’t care one bit about T.F. and there has been absolutely no repercussions against the girls.”

How much damage has been done to this kid? Do social justice warrior idiots like Alyssa Milano care that his life has been wrecked? Or would she tell this kid that this is the price males must pay to suit her. Maybe she would tell him he somehow deserved his “hard time’

Go read it all here

National Embarrassment Mazie Hirono blasts Senator Susan Collins

Is Senator Hirono anti-woman?

Via The Daily Caller

Hirono responded, “She said she thinks that Dr. Ford thinks she was assaulted, which is even more insulting than saying she gave a very credible account. I certainly believe Dr. Ford. Anyone watching her testimony would conclude she was being very truthful. One thing she recollects with 100 percent accuracy is that Judge Kavanaugh, Brett Kavanaugh assaulted her.”

Guest host Dana Bash pressed Hirono further, asking, “You think that Senator Collins is insulting to Professor Ford?”

“To say that she thinks that Dr. Ford thinks that she was assaulted, what is that?” Hirono fired back. “Is she mistaken? She, herself, said she spoke to so many survivors from her state and elsewhere. All of us have been hearing stories and accounts from survivors going back many, many years where they kept all these painful, traumatic accounts to this is what happens with sexual assault survivors. They do not come forward.”

Hirono spouts this view that many sexual assault victims do not “come forward”. How would anyone be able to verify that? They cannot of course. The claims that a certain percentage of victims never come forward also is impossible to prove isn’t it? Without a total number, we can never say how many go unreported, it is an impossibility. Yes, certainly some victims do not report their stories. But how many no one can say. And blindly believing any woman, or man for that matter, that makes a claim they were assaulted is a fool’s course. To pursue such a course is fraught with danger and will lead to a time when accusations can be used as weapons. The left of course, do not mind to such a time coming, as long as they can destroy anyone that dares oppose them. 

I predicted a year ago, when the #MeToo movement started, that the left would soon weaponize it to target enemies. Sad to say, I was right. And this is terrible for everyone, including women who actually are sexually assaulted or raped. But, to the left, no price is too high for others to pay for social justice

Another lying Democrat? NOOOOOOOO

Oh YESSSSSSS Senator Chris Murphy lets the BS fly

While discussing Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins’ decision to vote yes on Judge Kavanaugh, Murphy said, “I have a great amount of respect for Senator Collins, but I just think she is going to be sorely disappointed when a year from now Brett Kavanaugh writes the decision overturning Roe v. Wade.” Murphy continued, “It’s going to be pretty embarrassing when Brett Kavanaugh is the deciding vote to criminalize abortion in this country.”

Murphy’s claim that abortion would be “criminalized,” even shocked Liberal host Chris Matthews, forcing him to clarify his comments.   Matthews asked, “Let’s talk about that strong language, criminalize means you put a women in jail for having an abortion right? Is that what you are saying?

The Senator replied, “Yeah.” After being talked over by Matthews, Murphy went on, stating, “Listen, this idea that he is going to respect stare decisis, that he is going to respect the precedent of that court, that’s ridiculous. He was vetted by these conservative groups, Heritage Foundation and others to make sure that ultimately he would be that deciding vote to overturn Roe v. Wade . That’s just what’s going to happen.”

Shameless, really. This is the left this is what happens when someone does not value truth, morals, or decency

Some people need their ass kicked

Am I advocating for anyone who ID’s this little bitch to assault him? No, of course not. But it amazes me how this “pro-woman” guy assaults a woman for her opinion. Sounds like a misogynist bully and abuser to me. But, he is on the left, the  far left apparently, and abusing women is OK with trash like him because he is advocating for social justice so bitches better know their place.

Here is more on the story

According to the source he has lost his job as a hairdresser. And the woman he assaulted is going to press charges.

Occupy ICE trash shuts down food cart that fed the needy

The Left is EVIL!

A Portland non-profit food cart was shut down after the owners faced alleged harassment from Occupy ICE protesters Friday.

The Happy Camper Food Cart, founded by Scott and Julie Hakes in 2017, raised funds to help the homeless through the project Operation Off The Grid. The stand was across the street from the Portland Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) building, where protesters have held demonstrations since June.

“Unfortunately over the last month, we have been threatened and verbally attacked for not backing the immigration agenda at the DHS location and wanting to stay neutral and serve all who are hungry,” said the The Happy Camper Food Cart Facebook post on July 20.

It started when one of the protesters yelled at his daughter with a mega-horn because they thought the daughter was making fun of them. The daughter is overheard saying, “Do you hear them? They think I am laughing at them,” in video footage provided to KATU2 by Scott.

“They’re constantly cussing at her and screaming at her,” Scott said to KATU2. “She finally had enough. She called me up on the phone, crying. I said ‘Breanna, shut the doors, we’re done.’”

The protesters threatened to burn down the cart “at least three times,” Scott told Fox 12 on Sunday. Harassment toward the customers also got so bad that business went down by 80 percent.

Typical ham handed Leftist idiocy and hatred. Because the food cart would not announce solidarity with radical leftists, they were hounded, intimidated out of business. the Left is evil!

Jennifer Rubin completes transition into crazy cat lady

Trump Derangement is an ugly thing

MSNBC contributor Jennifer Rubin said on Sunday that White House press secretary Sarah Sanders should be made to feel uncomfortable — for life.

Face it kids, once you go MSNBS, you never go back to reality, or civility, or decency, or sanity

“Don’t play defense. Play offense. Frankly, the next time that Sarah Huckabee Sanders or the president starts in with ‘fake news’ or ‘enemy of the people,’ I would suggest one of two things: either the entire press core walk out of the briefing room — why should they put on air a coded word to every nut case in America to come after them? So, get up and leave. Or, in unison, holler back. They sit there. They take it. They record it. ‘We have to be there. We have to let them say their peace.’ No, you don’t. Your lives are all in danger. Your lives are on the line.” Rubin said.

Yep, I think we see what Jennifer got for Christmas


Insufferable Douchebag Donny Deutsch

Assholes gonna be assholes

Ah, the left and their fascination with Nazi comparisons. But, again, when truth does not matter, and morals are inconvenient, you get jackasses like Donny Douche here. This is who MSNBS is, so, take Donny boys advice in November folks. Remember who the wackos and extremists are. Remember who the folks fomenting violence are

Nutty MSNBS guest goes nuclear grade stupid

Oh good freaking grief!

“We have homophobic psychopaths running the United States government today,” Wolf said.

“We have a secretary of state, as was mentioned, that believes that gay people are sinners based on who they are. If Mike Pence, God bless him, ended up in the White House, sitting behind that desk in the Oval Office, he would have us all in concentration camps hoping to pray away the gay.”

The statement was delivered after Joy Reid’s opening segment in which she apologized for homophobic blog posts from years ago. However, she still claimed that she didn’t think she wrote them.

What an absolute glue sniffing lunatic. And what a perfect place for such assbackwards hate, Joy Reid’s show. Joy Reid, might apologize, but really now. The comments she made, or maybe made, or did not make, are tame compared to what she and her guests say on everyone of her shows. Reid is a hater yes, but i would say let her keep spewing her BS, let her expose herself for the bigot she is. I want the left to speak freely, because I want America to hear how wacko the left is.

Democratic Rep. Danny Davis still loves him some anti-Semitism


Democratic Illinois Rep. Danny Davis appears to have changed his position on Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, a notorious anti-Semite, after facing a public backlash for praising him.

Davis previously called Farrakhan an “outstanding human being” and said he wasn’t bothered by Farrakhan’s position on the “Jewish question” in a pair of interviews with this reporter. Davis’s office contradicted his previous statements on Farrakhan in a statement released to Jewish website Forward on Thursday evening.

No, he did not really change his position, he is playing word games, and he knows the media will never hold him to account. This is not ike he has discovered something new about Farrakhan. Everyone who has listened to or reda the garbage Farrakhan spews knows what he, and his foul religion teach. This is what Davis said before he felt a little heat

“I personally know [Farrakhan], I’ve been to his home, done meetings, participated in events with him,” Davis said.

“I don’t regard Louis Farrakhan as an aberration or anything, I regard him as an outstanding human being who commands a following of individuals who are learned and articulate and he plays a big role in the lives of thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of people,” the congressman said. He added that “it wouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary” for him to meet with Farrakhan.

“I don’t have no problems with Farrakhan, I don’t spend a whole lot of my time dealing with those kind of things,” Davis told The DCNF. “I’m a pretty global individual. So I know Farrakhan, I know the Middle East question, I know the Jews and Farrakhan — I know all that, but that’s not what I spend all my time focused on,” he continued, breaking into a laugh.

Yep, anti-Semitism is funny to Davis I guess.