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When we are told all the “hate” is from the Right…………

Remember examples like this

According to Stacy McCain in “Lessons From an Online Lynching (Why #StandWithCovington Is Going Viral)”

One of the basic rules of political journalism is, you don’t have to comment on every controversy that comes along. And you certainly don’t have to rush to become the first to publish such a commentary. What happened over the weekend with a viral video of Catholic school boys confronted by a protester in D.C. should remind us of that rule.

On Friday, students from Covington Catholic School participated in the annual March for Life in Washington. On Saturday, a video clip was posted that claimed to show the students — many of whom were wearing red “Make America Great Again” hats — engaged in harassment of a Native American activist named Nathan Phillips. This clip went viral on Twitter, with a swarm of blue-check pundits excoriating the boys.

Remember what Leftist Tolerance is…. It is wanting to assault teens

Fritz sums this up very well

Does this not characterize our media class perfectly? Willing to promote violence against a teenager who stood still and smiled while a smarmy leftist banged a drum in his face? CNN should fire him, but won’t. And he’s not the only one. One Hollywood director suggested feeding the kids with MAGA hats through a wood chipper, Fargo style. Just kidding, I’m sure, but there was real misplaced anger behind it. That’s just like the Disney flicks I know and love!

I am sure Stalin would be proud. But this is what the Leftist Outrage Factory gives us. Threatening families that are not even related to these kids

Leftists on Twitter, hell-bent on punishing the MAGA-hat wearing student who came face to face with Native American protester Nathan Phillips, wrongly identified and targeted a Cincinnati, Ohio teenager, and doxxed and threatened his family.

The Washington Examiner reports that social media users, going off publicly available photos of Cincinnati high school students, noticed a resemblance between the student pictured with Phillips and Michael Hodges, a high school junior who was, reportedly, not present at the incident in Washington, D.C.. Taking the photo at face value, members of the Twitter mob began trying to get the hashtag “#MichaelHodges” trending, to “name and shame” the “racist” teen in the video.

Its not clear Hodges even goes to Covington Catholic High School.

But small things like facts were too difficult for the outraged mob who, according to Hodges’ brother Andrew, quickly doxxed Hodges’ parents and relatives, “spamming” them with threats of violence. The group also contacted Cincinnati University, which Hodges is expected to attend after high school as a culinary arts major, demanding the school rescind Hodges’ acceptance.

Andrew Hodges detailed the situation in a tweet-storm late Sunday.

Go read the rest folks it is truly sickening. Also it sickens me that the media covers for this garbage.

Remember folks THIS is not racism, or extremism, and never expect the media to cover it

Looks like a Stalinist starter kit would be down with killing Whitey!

A University of Georgia (UGA) teaching assistant wrote Wednesday on Facebook that “some white people may have to die for black communities to be made whole in this struggle to advance to freedom.” He added that to suggest otherwise is “ahistorical and dangerously naive.”

UGA philosophy TA Irami Osei-Frimpong made the comment during a conversation on the Overheard at UGA Facebook page. The comment has since been deleted. Osei-Frimpong claimed in May 2017 that Facebook suspended him for quoting from an article which detailed how Texas A&M professor Tommy Curry had said “in order to be equal, in order to be liberated, some white people may have to die.”

“Killing some white people isn’t genocide; it’s killing some white people,” the UGA TA explained in a Medium post. “We had to kill some white people to get out of slavery. Maybe if we’d killed more during the 20th century we still wouldn’t talk about racialized voter disenfranchisement and housing, education, and employment discrimination. This should not be controversial.”

Again, this is the Left, calling for violence

Yes, the Left, Leftism, and Leftists are EVIL

And cowardly I might add. Consider a college group attacking murdered police officer Natalie Corona

The Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commission at the University of California, Davis posted a Facebook message saying that murdered police officer Natalie Corona was racist because she posed with a Blue Lives Matter flag in various photos. UC-Davis, for its part, responded, albeit quite tepidly.

“The flag is blatantly anti-Black and disrespectful,” the ECAC stated in its since-deleted post.

“We would also like to provide resources for students triggered by this event and the circulating images of a flag that has been popularized by the ‘Blue Lives Matter’ crowd,” the group continued. “We see it necessary to call-out all community members who continue to post and disseminate images of the Blue Lives Matter flag online.”

Oh what? Does this offend you Marxists pieces of garbage?



This offends you?


This triggers you? How about this?


Or maybe this makes you feel “Victimized”?


Good! I hope these do trigger you?! 

Here is the picture you referred to as racist, the picture officer Natalie Corona posted


This beautiful, heroic woman laid down her life to protect and serve. Yes, even ungrateful moral retards like you social justice warriors! You are too stupid and consumed with hatred to grasp that without people like this officer, and so many more that serve, you would not have the privilege of living in this nation that allows your the freedom to trash it, and those heroes that protect such freedoms. But, I imagine you would be quick to call an officer if you needed help wouldn’t you, you self-consumed little parasites?

Angela Davis is an evil, twisted soul, which is why the Left idolizes her

Yes, she is evil

You can tell a lot about people by looking at their heroes.

When the Women’s March honored the Stalinist cheerleader Angela Davis in 2017, there was almost no pushback from Jewish or liberal groups. You can forgive members of the Resistance, concerned with the impending Trumpian dystopia, for not yet comprehending the bigoted and extremist positions of those leading the Women’s March.

Go read it all, but consider this

When human rights activist Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, who knew a thing or two about the “prison industrial complex,” gave his Voice of Freedom speech in 1975, he relayed a story about manufactured heroism and hypocrisy that surrounded Davis.

There’s a certain woman here named Angela Davis. I don’t know if you are familiar with her in this country, but in our country, literally for one whole year, we heard of nothing at all except about Angela Davis. There was only Angela Davis in the whole world and she was suffering. We had our ears stuffed with Angela Davis. Little children in school were told to sign petitions in defense of Angela Davis. Little boys and girls, 8 and 9 years old in schools, were asked to do this. Well, they set her free. Although she didn’t have a rough time in this country, she came to recuperate in Soviet resorts. Some Soviet dissidents — but more important, a group of Czech dissidents— addressed an appeal to her: ”Comrade Davis, you were in prison. You know how unpleasant it is to sit in prison, especially when you consider yourself innocent. You now have such authority. Could you help our Czech prisoners? Could you stand up for those persons in Czechoslovakia who are being persecuted by the state?” Angela Davis answered: ‘They deserve what they get. Let them remain in prison.’ That is the face of communism.

Solzhenitsyn was referring to Jiri Pelikan, one of the supporters of the Prague Spring, who had asked Davis, as she was vacationing in Russian resorts and collecting honorary degrees, if she would advocate for political prisoners. She would not.

Alan Dershowitz, in his 1992 “Chutzpah” book, relays a similar incident in which Davis, a woman who went on to be a professor in the “History of Consciousness” at the University of California, not only refused to stand up for prisoners of conscience in the Soviet Union but argued that their imprisonment was justified.

I also worked as an unpaid consultant on an aspect of the Angela Davis case in California. Davis, who was one of the leaders of the American Communist party, was charged with murder in connection with a 1970 shoot-out at a Marin County courthouse. She claimed that as a black, a woman, and a Communist, she could not receive a fair trial in any American court. She was acquitted, so maybe she was right! After her acquittal, she announced that she would be devoting the remainder of her life to defending political prisoners like herself. A short time later, I read that she was going to Moscow to receive some human rights prize from the Soviet Union. I called her office and gave them a list of Jewish prisoners of conscience in the Soviet Union – Jews who had been imprisoned because they wanted to emigrate to Israel or to learn about their heritage. I asked if she would be willing to speak up on behalf of these political prisoners. Several days later, I received a call back from Ms. Davis’s secretary informing me that Davis had looking into the people on my list and none of them were political prisoners ‘They are all Zionist fascists and opponents of Socialism.’ Davis would urge that they be kept in prison where they belonged.

Yes, I called her evil, because she is

Your Daley Gator Political Picture O’ The Day



Colorado Civil Rights Stalinists still persecuting baker

Via Moonbattery

Liberalism is not so much a coherent ideology as a form of decay, like rust. Like rust, it does not quit. You never definitively beat it; you just hold it off for a while. For example, cake maker Jack Phillips was targeted by militant deviants for his Christian beliefs. They tried to force him to betray his religion by participating in a blasphemous parody of holy matrimony. When he resisted, the State of Colorado did its best to ruin him. He took his case all the way to the Supreme Court and earlier this year he won. So now the twisted fiends comprising the Orwellian Colorado Civil Rights Commission demand that he bake a cake celebrating a grotesque transsexual conversion. Phillips is back in court:

In a hearing Tuesday, lawyers for Jack Phillips argued that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission is harassing him after he refused to bake a gender transition cake for a Denver attorney.

Since famously turning down the homosexual wedding cake, Phillips has also declined to bake cakes “celebrating Satan, featuring Satanic symbols, depicting sexually explicit materials, and promoting marijuana use.” But Colorado will not allow him to refrain from celebrating transsexual freakafication, which is a sacred rite in the liberal religion on a par with abortion.

A local lawyer calling himself Autumn Scardina targeted Phillips with a demand for a special cake. There are plenty of other bakers in the Denver area, but you know why he chose Masterpiece Cakeshop.

According to a lawsuit Phillips filed against Colorado,

“Phillips declined to create the cake with the blue and pink design because it would have celebrated messages contrary to his religious belief that sex — the status of being male or female — is given by God, is biologically determined, is not determined by perceptions or feelings, and cannot be chosen or changed.”

If I ran a bakery, I would pretty much bake any cake, but, this man has the right to say no if he chooses. If a bakery owner wanted to refuse to bake cakes for herterosexual marriages, that is their right. This is nothing short of a lynch mob trying to destroy this man and offer his sacrifice as proof that no one better stand against their agenda.

Rewarding idiocy and ignorance Harvard style!

When did we start celebrating the uniformed as worthy of praise and accolades?

Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick was among eight people saluted by Harvard University on Thursday for contributions to black history and culture.

All eight recipients of the prestigious W.E.B. Du Bois Medal were honored in a ceremony held Thursday afternoon by the Hutchins Center for African and African American Research at Harvard “in recognition of their contributions to African and African American culture and the life of the mind.”

As requested by Kaepernick, his speech at the ceremony was not broadcast live (there was a live stream of the event available). In his speech, Kaepernick encouraged further protests against racial inequality.

“I feel like it’s not only my responsibility, but all our responsibilities as people that are in positions of privilege, in positions of power, to continue to fight for them and uplift them, empower them,” Kaepernick said. “Because if we don’t we become complicit in the problem.”

The issue here is what Kaepernick is saying, not the veracity of his words. He won this honor not for telling the truth, but for furthering a false narrative. And the narrative, not facts,or truth is what matters today in many cases. Kaepernick is saying what the left wishes to hear, so, forget the facts. In short we are rewarding ignorance, and setting knowledge aside. That is how social justice works.

The narrative is that police not only shoot Black people “disproportionately”, but actually hunt them down in America. The narrative also dictates that we believe police officers are never charged when they shoot Black people without cause.  That is not only false, it is irresponsible, and frankly, no more than propaganda. Note please that the left never mentions the violent crime rate among Black men, especially young Black men. 

Last year the total number of murders committed by Whites was 5,125. 29.7% of the total Blacks committed 6,444 or 37.4% of the total. Considering that Blacks are 13 % of the population we can say that Blacks commit a disproportionate percentage of murders. Of those murders 4,560 were committed by Black men under 35. To be fair of the murders committed by White men under 35 was 3,069.

Citing such stats is not racist. Stats are stats, nothing more. The same stats show that White men commit about twice as many sexual assaults as Black men. Is that racist? No, again, stats are stats. 

Yet, Kaepernick has been claiming that cops in America are targeting Black men and getting away with murdering them without any punishment. That is not supported by stats, and is, frankly irresponsible. So why should Harvard celebrate and honor Kaepernick? If he was trying to address the fact that most victims of the disproportionate rate of violent crimes committed by Blacks are, in fact Black people, then maybe we could say good job.

If he addressed the devastating effects of the nearly 75% out-of-wedlock birth rate among Blacks then we could applaud him. If he started blaming the absence of fathers in Black communities, he would be worthy of praise. But he ignores this, and, frankly, if he did mention this, he would be savaged by the left. If he did not continually demonize law enforcement, or attempted to urge that evidence be weighed before the media and activists blasted police made a judgement when police shoot a suspect, he would do a great deal of good. Again, of course, he would be ridiculed by the left if he used his celebrity to urge facts over emotional responses.

The sad fact is Kaepernick might be the most well intended person on the planet. But as long as he continues to parrot false narratives he is not helping anyone or accomplishing anything worthwhile. And, the left will continue to lionize him because he is spreading their propaganda.