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When You have Lost the Vagina Monologues……….

Whe Leftism is through devouring everything good about the West, it will begin to eat itself……….. Moonbattery

Moonbats are forewarned that no matter how tastelessly “cutting edge” they are today, tomorrow they will be regarded as reactionary bigots and relegated to the Memory Hole. This has already happened to Eve Ensler, feminist author of the appalling Vagina Monologues:

Eastern Michigan University’s Women’s Resource Center will no longer host productions of “The Vagina Monologues,” noting that the play’s version of feminism excludes some women.

Specifically, it excludes women who are not women and consequently do not have vaginas. The play therefore “lacks diversity and inclusion.”

Barks the Women’s Resource Center:

“We feel that making this decision is in line with the WRC mission of … challenging systems and structures that perpetuate inequities … [I]t is important to center our minoritized students and this decision is in line with this mission driven value.”

The Vaginal Monologues has previously gotten nixed by feminazis at Mount Holyoke College and American University. At Columbia, white women have been forbidden from taking part, despite the author being white.

Another Democrat plays the Ultimate Victim Card

This is what the Democratic Party has become folks. Sore losers, whiners, and pretend victims

Failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams personifies today’s Democrats!

“As I thought through what would be next, we were considering a contest, essentially saying once the election was certified, we would challenge the veracity of that decision. But looking at the law, looking at our claim, I realized that it wouldn’t be appropriate to fight in that way because then it becomes about me. And there was a larger conversation to be had, which was about the erosion of democracy in Georgia,” she continued. “The machinery had broken. People were being denied access to the right to vote across the state, across parties, across region. And that was wrong.”

“Was the election in Georgia statewide a free and fair election?” Hayes asked.

“It was not a free and fair election. We had thousands of Georgians who were purged from the rolls wrongly including a 92-year-old woman who voted in the area since 1968, a civil rights leader,” Abrams added. “It was not fair to the thousands who were forced to wait in long lines because they were in polling place that’s were under resourced, or worst, they had no poling places to go to because more than 300 had been closed. It was not fair to the thousands who had been put on hold with their registrations. And interest was not fair to those who filled out absentee ballots.”

Lies, more lies, coated with exagerations and misrepresentations. Excuses, race baiting, wash, ronse, repeat.

Yes, yes, yes the Left is evil

Red Pill Jew lays out the facts

Under the Treaty of Umar non-Muslims had to wear identifying markings to make them easier prey.  For example, per Brigitte Gabriel*, Christians had to wear belts.  Jews had to wear yellow badges.  Hmm.  Yellow badges. Sounds… familiar.

Then again, the Nazis were good at copying ideas – they copied a LOT from America’s Left.  Race laws. Eugenics.  Sterilizing and even killing “undesirables”.  Dinesh D’Souza has done a yeoman’s job documenting this in The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left  which shows how Democrats and Nazis taught each other.  Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Change is another critical book to understand the shared DNA of the Progressives and Fascists.

And don’t miss D’Souza’s movie, Death of a Nation!


In his seminal work, The Gulag Archipelago, Soviet dissident Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote a critical phrase:

“[I]n order for men to do great evil, they must first believe they are doing good.”

Consider this quote about conservatives, adopted from its original wording about Jews and Nazis to apply today (bolding added):

“Don’t be fooled. this has not been an accidental strategy. It has a clear purpose. The purpose is not criticism of Conservatives nor a discussion of the issues; the purpose is to paint Conservatives as the ultimate evil. … If Conservatives are the ultimate evil, then shouldn’t people of good will do something to make sure that that evil is erased from the face from of the earth? … Their minds [are being] prepared to [… accept…] that by eliminating Conservatives, they [… will be] ridding it of a disease. So, if you think about it and history, the greatest atrocities have been preceded by the preparation of people’s minds. This is what we’re seeing today. This is the nature of this war.”

Only someone who had been conditioned to see their targets as evil, and thus worthy of elimination, could do this:

Go read the whole thing folks. And make sure to VOTE this November

Why yes, Antifa is a dangerous, radical violent group of thugs

Via Trevor Loudon comes a wake up call

One of the sites you should visit regularly is Far Left Watch. They do terrific work at uncovering radical leftists. And Debra Heine has done a fantastic job on an article she just wrote for PJ Media: “L.A. Antifa Group Calls for ‘Revolutionary Violence Against the Enemies of the People.” I wanted to give credit where it is due before I step into this with my own opinion.

Antifa is a violent communist menace not only here in the United States, but in Europe as well. If you want to watch an excellent documentary on Antifa, watch Trevor Loudon’s “American Under Siege: Antifa.” You will have no doubt after watching it just how radical and violent Antifa truly is. You’ll also know where it came from and what they plan. That video is one of my all-time favorites and Trevor did a masterful job on it.

There is an Antifa group in Los Angeles that calls itself Serve the People. Serve the People — Los Angeles (STP-LA) is a Maoist-inspired chapter of the Serve the People organization, a nationwide revolutionary collective active in five other US cities as of September 2017. Formed in April 2015, STP-LA is based in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles, California where it operates as a “community service and political empowerment” group according to their website.

The mission of STP-LA is “to organize and develop the masses to build revolutionary people power.” They are now calling for a “sea of armed masses” to use “revolutionary violence against the enemies of the people” and ultimately “take power” in America, according to Far Left Watch. Those enemies would be you and I by the way. They called for this during a recent demonstration in South Central Los Angeles, where “dozens of protesters” wearing red bandannas over their faces and carrying STPLA flags, banners, and a Trump piñata-effigy, “rallied the masses” to demand the release of Gladis Hernandez, an illegal immigrant woman who is being detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Can I get a BRAVO?

Via Wheelgun

Gotta say, the left is simply getting worse, and worse, nastier, and nastier it seems.

The new “civility” is anything but

Here is a brilliant piece by Daniel Greenfield on the left and civility. Once again, the left is redefining meanings of words. 

“When you attack a Black woman for speaking out about injustice, and when you call for ‘civility’ in the face of blatant racism, you invoke a long history of white supremacist power.”

So reads a letter in defense of the call by Rep. Maxine Waters to harass Trump administration officials.

“The concept of respect is culturally mediated; there is no single, objective standard,” it concludes.

There are clear objective standards. They include not harassing the people you disagree with in their private lives. The only people who think that standard is “culturally mediated” are leftist thugs.

But standards, when applied fairly and evenly are now somehow  RAAAAACIST. But of course, they are. This is what the left does to mask their lies and justify their true aims

A New York Times op-ed declares that civility is the “misguided obsession” of “white America.” According to a CNN analysis, not being harassed while you’re having dinner is a form of “privilege”.

“Civility is a tool of white supremacy,” a Samantha Bee writer tweeted.

According to Simran Jeet Singh, a Henry R. Luce Post-Doctoral Fellow at NYU’s Center for Religion and Media, civility is a “power play by those who feel that white supremacy is under threat.”

See you racistly racist right winger! You are bad if you call for civility because, WHITE PRIVILEGE!

If civility and manners are racist, then rudeness must be the new civil rights movement. But no amount of citing Martin Luther King in defense of harassing Trump staffers having dinner will change his speech to, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day be rude, obnoxious and entitled snowflakes.”

How odd that the left, which lionizes King has completely bastardized and perverted his words. Please go read the rest