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What an absolute thug

This is what the Left is. Do as we say OR ELSE!

Yeah, because the left NEVER engages in divisive, hateful, radical rhetoric

The Democratic Party used to use divisive language, but they have ramped  it up, and up, and up, and…………..

In the French Revolution, leftist fanatics were known as Jacobins. Having taken power, they dragged priests, monks, and nuns to the guillotine. In the American equivalent, energy executives will be among the first targets. Washington Governor Jay Inslee, a single-issue enviromoonbat who is running for president, calls for jailing the people responsible for making our cars go and the lights stay on.

From HuffPo:

Inslee hinted Wednesday that he is open to prosecuting fossil fuel executives…

Referred to the oil, gas, and coal industry that provides the vast majority of our energy, Inslee barks,

“I do know the decisions being made are killing people in the United States.”

Sounds like the charge might be murder. Nothing is too extreme for Jacobins.

Fellow Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders concurs that it should be regarded as a criminal act to provide the country with the energy we require to sustain our population.

[Inslee’s] remark on Wednesday came a day after Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), a 2020 frontrunner, said a future administration must contend with “an industry that knowingly” earned billions of dollars by “destroying the planet.”

“I say that is criminal activity,” Sanders said.

We aren’t talking about pouring toxic sludge into rivers or poison into the air. The supposed pollutant that is the main focus of liberal hysteria is CO2, a harmless product of literally all human activity.

Speaking of Jacobins, here’s HuffPo’s take on the criminality of providing critically needed energy:

But as the death toll from extreme weather mounts and scientists’ warming projections grow more dire, industry efforts to delay climate action look increasingly like human rights violations. In a Jacobin essay published in February, writer Kate Aronoff called for investigating fossil fuel executives for crimes against humanity, using the prosecution of Nazis at the Nuremberg Trials as a potential model.

By any means necessary, right leftists?

Little Ball of Hate Ilhan Omar goes nuclear

What a vile liar this woman is. Wanna bet CNN, MSNBS, and the rest ignore her comments hateful screed?

Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar tweeted that President Donald Trump is a “racist” who wants all minorities “deported and Muslims banned.”

“You all should end this charade and accept that this racist president wants every black/brown person deported and Muslims banned,” Omar tweeted Saturday night, responding to a Vice News post criticizing the president for his contention that those who do not love America should leave.

Wanna talk over the top rhetoric? There it is, straight from Omar’s mouth. The media will be either silent, or will soft-sell/excuse he comments. Heck, they are likely to blame it on Trump and other people who, unlike Omar love America

Diogenes takes a pretentious fool to the intellectual woodshed


Personally, I’m damn tired of hearing from a plethora of wealthy, privileged daughters and sons of successful legal immigrants, blessed to be born in the freest country on the planet, bitch, moan and gripe and rip America and all she stands for! One such voice I came across is failed congressional candidate, Saria Rao. An AOC want-to-be, she believes in bringing us together by unrelenting divisiveness.

Here is a sampling of Raos’s babbling idiocy


According to her own publicity material, Ms Rao studied law at the University of Virginia and NYU, and is “one of the country’s strongest voices for social justice and inclusion.” Which may explain the self-satisfied double standards, the paranoid hyperbole, the pronounced cognitive dissonance, and the daily epithets about “white people” and their many, many faults. Social justice” is largely about judging people tribally, cartoonishly, and by different and contradictory standards, based on some supposed group identity, which apparently – and conveniently – overrides all else. And the next time you hear sweet cooings about “social justice, equity and inclusion,” you may want to bear in mind the kinds of creatures most attracted to these things. How can one be bigoted against people of a certain race and color while wearing the cloak of inclusion? You redefine the words “sexist” and “racist” until the dissonance seems to disappear.

Go read the scolding delivered to Rao is perfect and, frankly, exactly what moaners like her need. 

Leftist thugs want police off campus so they can be thugs

Why would anyone want to disarm police? Why would anyone want colleges to ban police? Because it is hard to commit violent/threatening acts when someone might stop you.

Texas State University’s student government has rejected a resolution calling for the dissolution of the school’s police department.

This comes after four students were arrested for “various charges” during a protest where a “Make America Great Again” hat was ripped off of someone’s head, as previously reported by Campus Reform.

First question, who rips off people’s hats? Besides bad guys in cheesy movies of course. Seriously, knuckle dragging thus engage in such idiocy. Knuckle draggers like Claudia Gasponi

Texas State student government Sen. Claudia Gasponi, a student arrested during the protest, authored the resolution titled “The Removal of Excessive and Abusive Policing Resolution,”

So, preventing thugs from harming/threatening other or fro stealing the property of others is excessive and abusive?

The resolution, obtained by Campus Reform, states that “over-policing specifically targets and endangers people of color.”

“In order to be truly inclusive, the needs of people of color must be set as a priority and not an afterthought, especially in an institution that historically has disenfranchised people of color,” Gasponi states in the document.

What a bunch of horse manure. Meaningless babble meant to twist logic and justify bullying others.

How did we get radicals like this elected into Congress?

This is from an elected Congressman

This is galling, and despicable rhetoric from anyone, but from a member of Congress? 

Everyone who lives in reality understands Israel wants peaceful coexistence with “Palestine”, or should I say Hamasistine. Two states? It can never work while terrorists, Hamas, controls Palestine. One side wants peace, and respects human rights for ALL, the other prefers a culture of death and barbarism.

Here, allow this tweet to sum it up

And, of course, we ca always look for ourselves and see, and hear what the “peaceful” Palestinians are in favor of. Death and barbarism