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The Left and their Perpetual Phony Outrage

John Daniel Davidson nails the leftist mouth pieces and the outrageously outrageous outrage

But elite outrage is not really about what happened at the capitol—about the “sacred citadel of our democracy being defiled” and so on. The outrage, like almost all expressions of righteous indignation from our elites in the Trump era, is performative. It is in service of a larger purpose that has nothing to do with the peaceful transfer of power and everything to do with the wielding of power.

Specifically, it’s about punishing supporters of President Trump. If the pro-Trump mob can be depicted as “terrorists” and “traitors,” then there’s almost nothing we shouldn’t do to silence them. Right? Rick Klein, the political director at ABC News, said the quiet part out loud on Thursday when he mused (in a now-deleted tweet) that getting rid of Trump is “the easy part” and the more difficult task will be “cleansing the movement he commands.”

That’s not the kind of language you use when you’re in the business of reporting the news. It’s the kind of language you use when you’re in the business of social control.

A lot of people on the right have noted the supposed hypocrisy of media elites like Klein, but it’s not really hypocrisy because Klein and his comrades don’t really have a problem with violent mobs storming into buildings and smashing windows, so long as they agree with the mob’s agenda. That’s why corporate media was so tolerant of much larger and more dangerous mobs destroying American cities for months on end last year. When Black Lives Matter rioters stormed city halls and police stations, burned down churches, and ransacked shopping districts in major U.S. cities, killing dozens and destroying livelihoods, the media offered support for the rioters’ cause, which they invoked time and again to justify their criminal acts.

Please go read it all, it hits the proverbial on the head. The leftist hand wringing and fear mongering is nothing but another attempt to “not let a good crisis to go to waste”. Everything they do, and say is geared towards consolidating more power and control into their hands.

NEVER EVER apologize to the Perpetually Butt Hurt Brigade!

The proper response to the the Outrageously Outraged is never “I am sorry”. They will only bully you more. Really, I prefer a good, heart felt “Go fuck yourself” that, I think, is the correct response

Even after the police chief at West Virginia University publicly apologized for a “Thin Blue Line” flag displayed in his home during a Zoom meeting, professors at the university are still demanding his resignation. 

In response to George Floyd’s death, West Virginia University’s Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Meshea Poore and W.P. Chedester, chief of University Police, sent out a letter to the students and faculty of WVU.

“We stand united against the violence and racism, discrimination or bias towards Black people that has plagued our country for so many years,” the letter read. “And by recognizing there is a systemic problem in many law enforcement agencies across the U.S. and taking a stand against injustice, we can begin the process of rebuilding trust within our communities.”

In order to discuss “how we can work together to foster a safe, diverse, and inclusive culture,” West Virginia University hosted a virtual Campus Conversation over Zoom. The format of the call allowed students to ask questions to university officials regarding race relations on campus. 

Visible during the video conference was a hand-carved Thin Blue Line flag on Chedester’s wall. 

Of course, the little rat bastards took his asinine apology and then demanded he resign, so, where did his apology get him? NOWHERE! So, STOP APOLOGIZING to these Stalinist wannabes! Damn, how tough is this to figure out? As a public service I will use the chiefs statement to show where he went wrong. This is his apology

Earlier today I participated in a virtual Campus Conversation with our vice president of diversity, Equity and inclusion. Our goal was to focus on how we can work together to foster a safe, diverse and inclusive culture at WVU. 

I participated from my office, and on the wall behind me was an American flag with a blue stripe that I had been given as a gift. For me personally, it has always represented a way to honor the commitment I made as a first responder to protect our community. I understand now that it represents something else to many others; something that I now know was traumatic to some of our community tuning in for our Conversation. I sincerely did not have any intent to suggest that police lives matter more than Black lives nor was I intentionally trying to cause any harm or offense.  

I apologize for how this has damaged the trust I have worked to build with the community. I am committed to rebuilding that trust beginning today. I am taking the flag down from my office wall.

What Chief No Nuts should have said was this

To those “offended” by my Blue Lives Matter flag:

The flag that hurt your feelings represents the lives, and sacrifices of police officers who have fallen in the line of duty. Anyone who would suggest they need an apology because they saw that flag deserves no apology and will receive no apology from me. Further, anyone who suggests that flag represents racism, or police brutality is either a fool, or harbors hatred towards law enforcement, and, again will never receive any apology from me.

Leftism is evil

Big Hat Tip to Zendo Deb. Considering all the vile things done in the name of Marxism, and all the bastard “isms” it has spawned since it sprang from the twisted minds of Marx, Engels, and others it is really not surprising that the true nature of the “Woke” is showing. Take the hate being directed at a kid who is making teddy bears for children of fallen officers

She’s just a kid trying to help make peoples’ lives a little easier.  A little less painful.  And now she’s under attack for it – and her family is facing death threats.

You’ve probably heard of Megan.  Her non-profit is called Blue Line Bears.  She, with the help of her family, takes the uniforms of fallen police officers and turns them into teddy bears for the surviving family members.

In an episode of Behind the Uniforms from season one, she shared the story of how she started her non-profit to help them.

“The hate comments never truly disappeared, but they became less frequent until these past couple of weeks. I posted something that was pro-police on my own personal social media and got attacked by my own classmates calling me all sorts of things.

“People who I saw as friends blocked me and called me toxic. I watched the increase in police injuries in New York and wondered if those were officers I’ve given a patch to. I scrolled through social media posts to be met with nothing but anti-police rants

Go read it all on Facebook. It is so awful to see such mindless cruelty, but we need to grasp what we are up against. People blinded by hatred and rage, people who believe they are fighting for “justicecan easily excuse any act can’t they? That is the very essence of evil.

So, where is that money we are holding back from China’s bitches going?

By China’s bitches, I mean the World Health Organization. Where are those funds going now? The Right Scoop reports…………

Holy moly. After shutting down the funding for the World Health Organization, el Presidente Trumpo then redirected that money to organizations like Samaritan’s Purse and the Red Cross! From the New York Post:

The White House budget office has told federal agencies to redirect World Health Organization funds to groups that do similar work, indicating a 60-day suspension of WHO funding ordered by President Trump will be permanent.

The funds will flow instead to outfits such as the Red Cross and Samaritan’s Purse after Trump said Tuesday the WHO needed reform after failing to vet coronavirus data from China, contributing to a pandemic that infected more than 650,000 US residents.

The US provided roughly 10 percent of the WHO’s $4.8 billion annual budget. Most US contributions were “voluntary.” Annual US dues were just $58 million, with the next installment not expected until September.

That is startling. Those are both expressly Christian organizations, and you can bet that Democrats and liberals are going to scream bloody murder about that.

I can hear the Leftists hyperventilating already. Especially over the money going to Samaritans Purse. I am sure they are foaming at the mouth already, accusing Trump of murdering innocent  people while also pushing Christianity. I mean it is run by Franklin Graham, and the left loathes him almost as much as they loathe Trump. Recall that the leftist scumbags raised Hell when Samaritans Purse opened up in New York to treat Covid-19 patients. Real quality people those Trump haters are

University of Maryland students are not big fans of Matt Walsh

Just remember the left is the “tolerant” reasoned side folks. OH BOY!

As conservative commentator Matt Walsh was about to address a student audience Monday at the University of Maryland, one leftist student group made it clear that he was “not welcome” on campus.

Not Welcome to them, you see, they will tell you and I who is welcome, who we should listen to, etc.

The Prison Resistance Project, whose stated mission is to “foster, strengthen, unite, and sustain intense resistance to the criminal punishment system,” is listed on UMD’s website as a student organization.

Well, I know I know that anyone opposed to punishing criminals, especially violent ones, is, how should I phrase this, BATSHIT KRAZY! 

“We are first and foremost a prison abolition group, which means that we educate and agitate for the politics and goals of this movement and apply its many principles to all of our work,” the description of the group states.

Yes, like I said BATSHIT KRAZY! But I do ponder what an anti-prison advocacy group has to do with transsexuals


Well that is convenient right? Just allow little brown shirts to tell you what to think. Just shut your brain off kids. Let these knuckle draggers dictate your opinions. Sheesh!

Student Government of Dickinson College bans Hummus made in Israel

This, to these fanatics is inclusive

Late last year, the student senate at Dickinson College in Pennsylvania passed a ban against Sabra Hummus on campus as part of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement against Israeli products.

In the student resolution titled “A Resolution To Endorse the Banning of Sabra Hummus from the Devil’s Den” students moved to cease the sale of Sabra Hummus on campus once the existing product sold out. The students argued that such a ban would follow the “College’s commitment to sustainability and inclusivity.”

Again, being exclusionary is inclusive somehow. So, why do these fools think Israeli hummus is bad?

“Sabra Hummus is a brand partially owned by the Strauss Group, which is a company that financially and morally supports the Golani and Givati bridge of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF),” stated the resolution.

“These brigades of the IDF commit human rights abuses against Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza and the support of Sabra products helps the Strauss Group support the Israeli Defence Force brigade which maintains a cycle of oppression for Palestinian people in violation of international law,” it continued.

In reality, of course, the IDF defends innocent Israelis against terrorists, and is not oppressing Palestinians. Israel is a free nation that honors the rights of all people who live there. But, again the left still loathes Israel, and, the college itself told the student Nazis, ah government to pound sand

Despite the student’s decision, the college took a firm stance against the boycott.

“Dickinson encourages students to voice their opinions and affect change through our governance structure. We are pleased that the discussion about this issue at the Student Senate meeting was civil and that competing opinions were articulated,” Dickinson clarified in a statement on the matter.

“As an institution that deeply values global diversity and civil discussion and debate, Dickinson opposes this boycott. In 2014, we rejected the call from the American Studies Association to boycott Israeli universities and instead maintained our ongoing relationships with three Israeli institutions,” the university continued.

Great to see the school did not cave to the mouth breathers



Your Dirty Commie of the Day

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (Communist) does not like America, AT ALL. How can I know she hates the USA? Well, you cannot wish to completely remake a nation you claim to love

Only four days before the 18th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, anti-Semitic Muslim Rep. Rashida Tlaib posted a tweet calling for a “revolution” that would “transform” America.

“We have to make the tough, courageous changes that completely transform a political and economic system that is now built for corporations (and profits), not people,” she tweeted Saturday. “Choosing the status quo means doing nothing and giving up. We need a political revolution.”

Despite her Twitter account boasting over three-quarters of a million followers, as of Sept. 11, 2019 — four days after she’d posted the tweet — the tweet had only slightly over 1,300 likes.

So, in fact, she is calling for “revolutionary change” to the most tolerant, prosperous, and charitable nation on earth. You simply cannot male such a call and love this nation

Rashida you little Marxist you

Then they came for Mt. Rushmore

Let me state this right off. If you want to understand the motives behind such intolerance from leftists, then understand these two facts. First the left loathes America because more than anything else, America was founded on individual liberties, or natural rights. The Left, are collectivists, and despise the very ideal of natural rights. Therefore, the left wishes to destroy America. 

Secondly, one of the ways you destroy a nation is by destroying its history and heritage! This is yet another step in the war to eradicate American heritage, culture and history. Mike McDaniel picks it up here

The Minneapolis Star Tribune, however, does not agree.  To the enlightened, woke, socially just sensibilities of one Ron Way, Mt. Rushmore is racist, a monument to–what else these days?–white supremacy.  He writes in The real History of Mount Rushmore:

A tourist mecca cut from stone and a sinister delusion of destiny.

Those planning a trek to South Dakota’s Mount Rushmore these last several weeks of summer will be among 3 million who annually visit the world-famous sculptures of U.S. presidents. Most will swell with patriotic pride as they stand on a marbled deck under flowing flags at the ‘shrine to democracy.’

The place brings Americans ‘face to face with a rich heritage we all share,’ says the National Park Service.

The carved visages are iconic Americana, appearing in a gazillion media photos and books and travel features, in advertisements and promotions, on U.S. postage stamps in two eras, and on South Dakota’s license plate (‘Great Faces. Great Places.’).

But the back story of Mount Rushmore is hardly a rich history of a shared democratic ideal. Some see the monument in the Black Hills as one of the spoils of violent conquest over indigenous tribes by a U.S. Army clearing the way for white settlers driven westward by a lust for land and gold.

As it was in colonial America, the young country’s expansion was fueled by “Manifest Destiny” — a self-supreme notion that any land coveted by Euro-Americans was, by providence, rightfully theirs for the taking.

In the Star Tribune’s narrative, Mt. Rushmore is a symbol for all that is wrong with America, which is pretty much everything.  Of course, they rely on the opinion of the United Nations:

In 2012, a United Nations human rights official endorsed returning the Black Hills (‘Paha Sapa’) to resident Lakota [the Lakota Sioux], reviving a debate over whether eligible tribes should accept a cash settlement that tops $1 billion in an interest-bearing account. A prevailing response is that tribes want the land, a basis of the 1973 occupation of nearby Wounded Knee by the Minneapolis-based American Indian Movement.

The rest of the article draws a line of supposed evil beginning with Jefferson’s Louisiana Purchase, continuing through the settlement of the West, including the Indian wars, the various treaties with Indian tribes, General Custer, Wounded Knee, and ending with Mt. Rushmore, the repository of all western settlement, and before, evil.  I’ll mention only one of the many historical errors in the article. Way states it was a local tourism official that inspired Borglum to come to South Dakota, but it was actually the state historian, impressed with his work at Stone Mountain, Georgia.  For an essentially non-politicized version of Borglum and Mt. Rushmore, visit this article by the National Park Service.

Go read it all, this is more than extremely important because the left is, actively trying to destroy this nation, and this is one of their favored attack strategies. Sadly too many of us have looked the other way and allowed the miscreant whiners to get their way, as monuments, flags, holidays, street names, etc, have been “cleansed” by the leftist agitators and bullies. Hell, some fools on the right even agreed that men like Jefferson Davis, Stonewall Jackson, and Robert E. Lee should be erased from history. Well, as anyone who has any grasp of how the totalitarian left works knew, they would not stop with Confederates. And, so, here we are, fighting a new front in the war to reshape America, and it is a war we must not lose, if we do, we lose all of our nation

What an absolute thug

This is what the Left is. Do as we say OR ELSE!

Yeah, because the left NEVER engages in divisive, hateful, radical rhetoric

The Democratic Party used to use divisive language, but they have ramped  it up, and up, and up, and…………..

In the French Revolution, leftist fanatics were known as Jacobins. Having taken power, they dragged priests, monks, and nuns to the guillotine. In the American equivalent, energy executives will be among the first targets. Washington Governor Jay Inslee, a single-issue enviromoonbat who is running for president, calls for jailing the people responsible for making our cars go and the lights stay on.

From HuffPo:

Inslee hinted Wednesday that he is open to prosecuting fossil fuel executives…

Referred to the oil, gas, and coal industry that provides the vast majority of our energy, Inslee barks,

“I do know the decisions being made are killing people in the United States.”

Sounds like the charge might be murder. Nothing is too extreme for Jacobins.

Fellow Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders concurs that it should be regarded as a criminal act to provide the country with the energy we require to sustain our population.

[Inslee’s] remark on Wednesday came a day after Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), a 2020 frontrunner, said a future administration must contend with “an industry that knowingly” earned billions of dollars by “destroying the planet.”

“I say that is criminal activity,” Sanders said.

We aren’t talking about pouring toxic sludge into rivers or poison into the air. The supposed pollutant that is the main focus of liberal hysteria is CO2, a harmless product of literally all human activity.

Speaking of Jacobins, here’s HuffPo’s take on the criminality of providing critically needed energy:

But as the death toll from extreme weather mounts and scientists’ warming projections grow more dire, industry efforts to delay climate action look increasingly like human rights violations. In a Jacobin essay published in February, writer Kate Aronoff called for investigating fossil fuel executives for crimes against humanity, using the prosecution of Nazis at the Nuremberg Trials as a potential model.

By any means necessary, right leftists?

Little Ball of Hate Ilhan Omar goes nuclear

What a vile liar this woman is. Wanna bet CNN, MSNBS, and the rest ignore her comments hateful screed?

Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar tweeted that President Donald Trump is a “racist” who wants all minorities “deported and Muslims banned.”

“You all should end this charade and accept that this racist president wants every black/brown person deported and Muslims banned,” Omar tweeted Saturday night, responding to a Vice News post criticizing the president for his contention that those who do not love America should leave.

Wanna talk over the top rhetoric? There it is, straight from Omar’s mouth. The media will be either silent, or will soft-sell/excuse he comments. Heck, they are likely to blame it on Trump and other people who, unlike Omar love America

Diogenes takes a pretentious fool to the intellectual woodshed


Personally, I’m damn tired of hearing from a plethora of wealthy, privileged daughters and sons of successful legal immigrants, blessed to be born in the freest country on the planet, bitch, moan and gripe and rip America and all she stands for! One such voice I came across is failed congressional candidate, Saria Rao. An AOC want-to-be, she believes in bringing us together by unrelenting divisiveness.

Here is a sampling of Raos’s babbling idiocy


According to her own publicity material, Ms Rao studied law at the University of Virginia and NYU, and is “one of the country’s strongest voices for social justice and inclusion.” Which may explain the self-satisfied double standards, the paranoid hyperbole, the pronounced cognitive dissonance, and the daily epithets about “white people” and their many, many faults. Social justice” is largely about judging people tribally, cartoonishly, and by different and contradictory standards, based on some supposed group identity, which apparently – and conveniently – overrides all else. And the next time you hear sweet cooings about “social justice, equity and inclusion,” you may want to bear in mind the kinds of creatures most attracted to these things. How can one be bigoted against people of a certain race and color while wearing the cloak of inclusion? You redefine the words “sexist” and “racist” until the dissonance seems to disappear.

Go read the scolding delivered to Rao is perfect and, frankly, exactly what moaners like her need. 

Leftist thugs want police off campus so they can be thugs

Why would anyone want to disarm police? Why would anyone want colleges to ban police? Because it is hard to commit violent/threatening acts when someone might stop you.

Texas State University’s student government has rejected a resolution calling for the dissolution of the school’s police department.

This comes after four students were arrested for “various charges” during a protest where a “Make America Great Again” hat was ripped off of someone’s head, as previously reported by Campus Reform.

First question, who rips off people’s hats? Besides bad guys in cheesy movies of course. Seriously, knuckle dragging thus engage in such idiocy. Knuckle draggers like Claudia Gasponi

Texas State student government Sen. Claudia Gasponi, a student arrested during the protest, authored the resolution titled “The Removal of Excessive and Abusive Policing Resolution,”

So, preventing thugs from harming/threatening other or fro stealing the property of others is excessive and abusive?

The resolution, obtained by Campus Reform, states that “over-policing specifically targets and endangers people of color.”

“In order to be truly inclusive, the needs of people of color must be set as a priority and not an afterthought, especially in an institution that historically has disenfranchised people of color,” Gasponi states in the document.

What a bunch of horse manure. Meaningless babble meant to twist logic and justify bullying others.

How did we get radicals like this elected into Congress?

This is from an elected Congressman

This is galling, and despicable rhetoric from anyone, but from a member of Congress? 

Everyone who lives in reality understands Israel wants peaceful coexistence with “Palestine”, or should I say Hamasistine. Two states? It can never work while terrorists, Hamas, controls Palestine. One side wants peace, and respects human rights for ALL, the other prefers a culture of death and barbarism.

Here, allow this tweet to sum it up

And, of course, we ca always look for ourselves and see, and hear what the “peaceful” Palestinians are in favor of. Death and barbarism


And the Angry Asshat of the Day is……..

Zack Ford, who is Gay, bitter, angry, an atheist, super bitter, triggered, and another whiner who has a victimhood fetish, observe 

Ok let us break this down

I’m an atheist. I don’t pray. Not even on the “National Day of Prayer.” Not ever.

OK, who cares. And why does others faith bother you?

Many people don’t pray. Many people don’t believe in prayer. A National Day of Prayer erases and stigmatizes many of us.

Again, many do not pray, so what? And no, you are not erased or stigmatized by a National Day of Prayer. Again, stop fantasize about being a victim

But we are here, and we will keep fighting for freedom FROM religion.

Yes, you have freedom from religion it is in the Constitution, so why are you bitching about having to “fight” for a right you are perfectly free to exercise every day? I have a theory. You live in  a country that honors your natural right to embrace, or to reject any religion you wish. But the catch for you is that this nation also embraces natural rights, rights that come from your Creator. So, is that what chaps your ass so? The very right you are so defensive of, the right not to believe in God, comes from God. See angry atheists ar pretty easy to figure out.

Don Lemon hit with Racial Obsession Syndrome

What a buffoon

During a rally last weekend in Green Bay, Wisconsin, President Donald Trump praised NFL player Nick Bosa for being drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in second place.

Though Trump chose to praise Bosa because the 21-year-old player happens to be a loyal fan of him and his policies, according to CNN host and purported “journalist” Don Lemon the real reason the president praised the ascendant NFL star is because of racism.

“Bosa is a supporter of Trump. [Bosa] doesn’t like Kaepernick. It’s everything this President is about,” he said Monday evening to TMZ, adding that Trump should have praised Kyler Murray instead.

Why Murray? Partially because he’s black: “I think we should be congratulating the #1 person, because the #1 person made history, and don’t forget — the #1 person is black,” Lemon said.

Oh shut up Don, get over it. The fact is this, Bosa dared to support Trump, and dared to have views that are not approved by the left. Views that have caused the left to deem Bosa a racist

See! Bosa does not dig Beyonce’s music, so RAAAAACIST! He does not march to the drums of discontent and fake victimhood like Kaepernick, so RAAAAACIST! This is what the left does, it assassinates the character of anyone who does not march in lock step and chant the left’s mantras. They can scream bigot, or racist all day long, while ignoring the actual bigots that peer back at them everytime they look in the mirror. 

Joe Biden is a liar, and unfit for office

Joe Biden launched his presidential run with a video that was nothing more than lies, smears, and more lies. Biden took the rhetoric to despicable lows that should make every American vow never to vote for such a loathsome man. Biden could have just taken a high road unlike the other 20 Democratic presidential candidates. Instead, he went lower

These are the same damnable lies that the left has used to falsely accuse the president of defending White nationalist trash after Charlottesville. The president never, not once, defended or excused these racist knuckle dragging buffoons. Yet, the left continues to push their vile lies because that is what the left does. The president’s words in the following two videos are explicitly clear. So, watch them, listen, and then understand how low Biden, and his fellow leftists will go to gain power.

This is what happens when a political party stops valuing the truth. Their entire platform, it seems, is based on smears and lies and promises that cannot be kept. Here are Trump’s own words