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Your Marxist Moron of the Day is………..

The most obnoxious woman on planet earth, AKA Arianna Huffington

Let the spin begin. Arianna Huffington used progressive logic to deny what’s patently obvious to anyone over the age of two. She responded to Dick Armey’s assertion that the people are at the point where we’re telling the government it’s time they start listening to us, that it’s time we get back to the foundational roots of this country. Arianna would have none of that. Oh no. (H/T Smitty)

Dick Armey is making the mistake that a lot of people are going to make on Tuesday night, which is over-interpreting the results. This victory by Republicans, which I fully expect — I fully expect them to take over the House — does not mean that the nation is rejecting Democrats and affirming Republicans. It means that they are rejecting the way our institutions are working, that they have deep mistrust of all establishment, that basically our system has not worked for them.

Spin like a top  Arianna, go ahead. This election is FIRST and FOREMOST about Americans rejecting government corruption, waste and fiscal insanity. And Arianna, let me enlighten you a bit, if that is possible, Democrats are far more corrupt, wasteful, and fiscally insane than Republicans. Arianna, you are not this stupid. Stupid yes, but no one is THIS stupid, well, OK there is Jimmy Carter and Meghan McCain, but no one else is THIS stupid. This election is more about rejecting the inanity of Liberalism than it is anything else and you know it.