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Can you smell the judicial activism?

Another judge overstepping their role

One of President Donald Trump’s health-care initiatives intended as a cheaper alternative to Obamacare suffered a crucial defeat when a judge ruled the policy violates the Affordable Care Act.

U.S. District Judge John Bates in Washington on Thursday blocked new rules governing so-called association health plans, or AHPs, which let businesses and individuals band together to create group health plans that offer less expensive coverage than the ACA — but without some of its protections.

Exactly how does this help people get “more affordable” coverage? It doesn’t of course. It tramples liberty, and that is about all.

Ah, yes, the wonders of universal healthcare

Health care is a right the left tells us. A “right” sure, a right they can control, constrain, and yes, limit because the left abhors the concept of liberty

The economics of socialized medicine are simple. Being forced to pay for it whether you use it or not (for those who pay taxes) and receiving it for free (for those who don’t) have the same effect: demand becomes virtually unlimited. In contrast, supply becomes ever more limited due to a lack of free market incentives to create more supply. The inevitable consequence:

Officials say extreme seasonal pressure on Britain’s hospital system means many non-urgent procedures must be put off for weeks. …

The restrictions are set to last until at least the end of January and are predicted to affect around 55,000 operations. …

Many hospitals are operating at or near full capacity, with reports of long waits for treatment in emergency rooms.

Even if you manage to get into a British hospital, you might be disappointed:

The NHS order followed claims by senior doctors that patients were being treated in “third world conditions,” as more people flood hospitals in England with colder-than-usual winter weather bringing more cases of the flu and related issues, including respiratory illnesses.

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If the Left is so in favor of choice…………

Pirates Cove asks

There’s a movement going on in Canada, one which has seen a large expansion of private facilities where people can, get this, go in an pay with their own money to get treatment quickly. And the Fascists/Socialists who love the government to be in control are not happy

Ewww! Choice is icky!

Canada’s health system serves as model for Sanders – but faces troubles of its own
Experts warn of ‘major threat’ of privatisation and point to concerns over gaps in coverage, even as Canadians are widely proud of their healthcare system

Bernie Sanders will arrive in Toronto this weekend for a crash course in an unrivalled point of pride for most Canadians: the country’s healthcare system.

The visit – which will include roundtable discussions, facility tours and meetings with patients – is aimed at better understanding how Canada provides universal healthcare that yields a longer life expectancy and lower infant mortality rate than the US while spending about half as much per capita.

What Sanders learns will probably inform his push to provide publicly funded healthcare for every American, forming the backbone of a movement that has repeatedly cited Canada as an example to be followed. But as Sanders heralds Canada as a place where health care needs consistently trump the ability to pay, some are sounding the alarm about the inequalities that plague the Canadian system.

Some of these are blatant, thanks to the stream of for-profit medical clinics that have set up shop north of the border in recent decades.

“I think privatisation is a major threat to public health care in Canada,” said Natalie Mehra of the Ontario Health Coalition.

EWWW! Privatisation? DOUBLE ICKY!!

A threat? Sure, when people see that they can get better care and have choice? Most will go for that. Marxists hate that!

EWWW! Freedom? Triple ICKY!!!

Wanna see how totally awesome single payer health care is?

About as awesome as being devoured by ants apparently

This is what Progressives want, though, as they learned in California, there’s no way to actually pay for it. Not without drastic restrictions in service

Let’s take a brief look at the article, shall we?

One million patients a week cannot get appointments with GPs, amid the longest waiting times on record, new figures show.

Doctors said they were working “flat out” but under “unsustainable” pressure, leaving “worrying” numbers of patients without any help.

The NHS figures show the number waiting at least a week to see their GP has risen by 56 per cent in five years, with one in five now waiting this long.

The pressures left 11.3 per cent of patients unable to get an appointment at all – a 27 per cent rise since 2012. This amounts to around 47 million occasions on which patients attempted but failed to secure help from their GP, forcing them to give up, try again later or turn to Accident & Emergency departments.

And, we have six times as many people here as the UK does. So, the numbers would likely be worse here. Why do those on the left not see this? Two reasons mostly. The true believers are so infatuated with creating their Collectivist Utopia that they simply think such numbers are acceptable. They have no love for individuals, and, in fact loathe Individualism. So, some broken eggs are the price of their Marxist Omelette. 

The folks in the second group are just sheep. They are so ignorant and indoctrinated all they hear are the lies about “free” care. All they want are their “rights” which mean their right to free health care, child care, college, and so on and so on. Costs? Consequences? Those do not exist for the sheep you see. They are emotionally invested in the same Collectivist Utopian Omelette. They never realize that it will be them, and their children who become those broken eggs.

Bravo Dana Loesch!

Yes, certain “Republicans” need to go, but the Freedom Caucus are not among them. President Trump should not be talking about “fighting” them, he should work with them. As Dana notes in the video, there are seven bills that could have been brought back up for a vote, SEVEN! But Trump trusted in Paul Ryan, the Conservatives were left out of writing a new bill, and we got an awful health care bill that kept far, far too much of ObamaCare. The Freedom Caucus was right not to vote for it.

Why were Conservatives left out of writing Ryancare?

Twilla Brase, a certified public health nurse and the co-founder and president of the Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom (CCHF) in St. Paul, Minnesota, rips into how the GOP screwed up repealing Obamacare

“Their bill, the American Heath Care Act, just pulled from the House last Friday did not repeal Obamacare. It didn’t even replace Obamacare.”

Instead, Ryancare continued government-run health care with mandates, guaranteed-issue requirements and more, she says. “Nothing [in it would have] guaranteed prices will go down or access will go up” for patients, she says.

As for what went wrong, Brase says conservatives were never really welcomed and included in the policy discussions leading to this package. In fact, she says some speculate that the Republican establishment thought they didn’t need to consult conservatives, but could just use Trump to bully his base into agreeing to the concocted replacement bill.

We know that Steve Bannon tried to bully memebers of the Freedom Caucus into voting for the Ryan’s healthcare bill Crap Sandwich, and failed miserably

White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon told a group of House conservatives they had no choice but to back the GOP’s ObamaCare repeal bill days before the bill was pulled, according to a new report.

Bannon confronted members of the House Freedom Caucus earlier this week during the White House’s push for the American Health Care Act, Axios’s Mike Allen reported Saturday in his newsletter.

“Guys, look. This is not a discussion. This is not a debate. You have no choice but to vote for this bill,” Bannon reportedly said.

If that is true, then at least of of those Republicans should have told Bannon to go intercourse himself, except in more garphic language frankly. In any case Ryancare collapsed because it sucked in a most sucktacular fashion, can you say 17% approval? So now, it is time to go back and REPEAL Obamacare. Then get a bill that gets government OUT, regulations OUT, and address health freedom. Here is a link to Twilla Brase’s group and their ideas  Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom and here is a pdf on things Congress can do to help  

Restore Affordability The high-cost of insurance and medical delivery today are a result of heavy third-party involvement in every medical decision…and burdensome regs, reporting, measurement –

TRUE INSURANCE – Expand/Restore major-medical indemnity policies. –

COST CONSCIOUS – Require individual skin in the game, even Medicaid. –

BLOCK GRANTS – Provide Medicaid block grants that allow states to direct contract with doctors and hospitals, bypassing costly managed care PMPM payment/contracts.

CUTS COSTS – End costly overhead, bureaucracy, “quality” reporting, contracts, regs,

End Pre-Existing Conditions Pre-Ex conditions are typically “acquired” when a child with a condition ages out of a family policy or when an employee with a condition loses employer-sponsored coverage, sometimes because the employee cannot work due to the health condition.

OWNERSHIP – Expand individual lifelong ownership of health insurance.  

PRE-BIRTH – Encourage parents to buy individual health insurance policies for their children pre-birth, and transfer responsibility for payment to the child at adulthood.

TAX REFORM – End tax deduction for employer-sponsored coverage.

GRANTS – For those stuck with Pre-Ex conditions, give temporary financial support to states to establish high-risk pools, NOT for reinsurance (Health Plan subsidies).

Set Medicare Recipients Free The Clinton administration imposed a Social Security rule in 1997 without public notice or comment. In 2008 a lawsuit, including plaintiff Dick Armey who wanted to keep his insurance, was filed. SCOTUS refused to hear the case in January 2013.

RESCIND – The SSA requirement that individuals enroll in Medicare Part A to receive their Social Security Retirement benefits.

RESCIND – The SSA requirement that forces senior citizens to pay everything back, including Social Security benefits, if they disenroll from Medicare Part A.

EXECUTIVE ORDER – President Trump can issue an Executive Order to rescind the rule and strip the prohibition from SSA Procedure Operations Manual System (POMS).

Restore Catastrophic Coverage Health plans are an aberration pushed by Ted Kennedy (HMO Act of 1973). SCOTUS in Pegram vs Hedrich said Congress’s purpose for the law was to ration health care. –

REPEAL ACA §1302(e) – Repeal Obamacare prohibition on catastrophic coverage

EXEMPT FROM TAXATION – Exempt indemnity major medical non-interference policies (new or returning entrants) from federal taxes for 10 years

REPEAL HMO ACT – Repeal approved merger of financing/deliver to end health plan control over federal/state policy decisions and patient/doctor treatment decisions.

DISFAVOR MANAGED CARE – Health plans are the problem, not the solution.

NO MANDATES – Do not require EHB or insurance, or prohibit health-sharing.

FAVOR HSA – Large HSAs; Sen. Paul S.222 HSA section; Delink HSA from HDHP

They have may more ideas please go check them out at the link, and check out The Wedge, a free trade zone for healthcare