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Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

Wrong store, wrong weapon

The owner of Discount Tobacco & Beer in La Vergne, TN had closed up his store as usual Monday night.  While taking the trash out around 10:35pm, he says a man came from behind the store and asked if they were still open.

When he said the store was closed, the man immediately pulled a box cutter and cut the owner’s neck. The store owner, who has a concealed carry permit, drew his gun and shot the attacker and would-be robber.

The suspect ran from the scene and was found dead a short distance away by a K9 Unit, said Kathy Tyson, a La Vergne Police Department Spokesperson. The suspect’s name is not being released pending notification of his family and the store owner was treated on the scene.

This man’s ability to defend himself would have been severely limited if the Cult of Gun Control ever had their say. Disarming this store owner would have served no purpose but to benefit the armed thug that targeted him