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Hard truth is still truth

Zendo Deb gives us an example of this

Seems as if some people are upset, as if teens could never get up to anything bad. Resident shoots, teen during attempted home invasion: deputies.

Detectives say the boys got into the gated community, ripped through a screen to get onto a patio, and then two of them slipped through an open door.

A man and his fiancé were inside. The man was armed and opened fire on the intruders.

Other students are sure they would never do anything like that. Only they did. So.

Deb rightly points out that this is a tragedy for the kids parents. But, is the homeowner supposed to ID the intruders? Like I said, this is a tragedy. But the blame is not the homeowners.

Thug tries robbing Fed Ex driver, learns harsh lesson about attacking innocent people

Via Bearing Arms

A FedEx driver shot by an armed robber on a Philadelphia street returned fire with his own gun, killing his attacker on Tuesday evening.

CBS3 in Philadelphia reports the driver was simply dropping off a package in the city’s Lawndale neighborhood when he was suddenly facing the business end of a handgun.

“He was able to tell police that he was making a delivery on the 600 block of Unruh and right when he got done making that delivery, he was approached by at least one male and he was robbed at point of gun,” Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small said.

Police say the driver was shot once in the abdomen during the robbery. Police say as they were receiving calls about shots fired in the area, the FedEx driver was able to drive himself to a nearby parking lot away from the scene.

He was transported to Einstein Medical Center and is in stable condition.

He told police that after being shot in the stomach, he pulled out his own weapon and returned fire at the suspect.

“Initially, we did not know whether the perpetrator was struck by gunfire,” Small said.

But minutes later, police were called to the 1400 block of Creston Street where they found a 27-year-old man in a driveway suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to the chest, back and torso. The suspect died at the hospital.

I wonder if Fed Ex will fire the driver? It would not surprise me in the least.

Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

Pizza delivery guys are often targets of thugs. This one, however, was licensed to carry…………

They haven’t said, but it will likely cause him to lose his job. Dallas Pizza Delivery Driver Shoots, Kills 15-Year-Old Armed Suspect Who Tried To Rob Him.

According to police, two 15-year-old suspects allegedly tried to rob the Papa John’s pizza delivery driver at gunpoint, but the driver had a gun and shot at them to fend them off. Police said he was licensed to carry.

One of the two would-be bad-guys died. The other was taken to hospital and then charged with aggravated robbery.

Self-Defense is a beautiful thing

It is time for gun-free zones to be a thing of the past

AS Wheelgun notes

Doing the same thing, and expecting a different outcome, is one sign of insanity. A Pensacola Postscript | Power Line

President Trump has instructed military base commanders to rethink policies about allowing military personnel on bases to be armed. Like so many reforms of the Trump era, it is long overdue

Gun free zones are typical leftist nonsense, they do nothing except give sick, evil people soft targets

Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

An ex-husband strolled right through a useless restraining order,bullets though he could not walk through

GRAY’S HARBOR, Wash. – A woman fatally shot a man after he broke into her home while violating a protection order, Gray’s Harbor police say.

Detectives with the sheriff’s office responded to a shooting Wednesday around 9:25 p.m. at a home in the 400 block of Elma-Hicklin Road West.

A 60-year-old man called police after a 47-year-old man broke into the home armed with a knife. The 60-year-old man confronted him and a struggle broke out. A 36-year-old woman who was also home got a gun and fatally shot the 47-year-old man.

Once again, self-defense is a good thing

My first post as a Virginian

OK, I am not a Virginian, yet, but will be early next month, and it seems people like me are drawing the scorn of the Cult of Gun Control. Bearing Arms ha s a piece today that shows just how low the opinion of people who grasp liberty is among gun control zealots who are really bent out of shape because counties in Virginia are making clear they will not enforce any new draconian gun control measures the left is dreaming of passing

I think strategically, this was a bad move by gun control advocates. If, as they claim, these Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions are meaningless, it would be far better to ignore them than attack the movement as a “fairy tale” led by “a traveling circus of AR-15 toting white men”, which is exactly what Lori Hass, the executive director of the Virginia Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has done in a column for the Roanoke Times newspaper. For something that’s supposedly not a threat to her gun control agenda, she sounds awfully bothered.

The handful of counties in Virginia that have passed these symbolic gestures are mostly rural, conservative areas. They have been bombarded with Van Cleave and his followers, armed to the teeth demanding sanctuary from policies that are supported by 90% of Virginia citizens. Requiring universal background checks or establishing an Extreme Risk Protection Order in Virginia will do nothing to infringe on the rights of law-abiding, responsible gun owners in the Commonwealth. All of the bills in the governor’s package presented this past summer have been upheld by courts across the country.

None of them have been upheld by the Supreme Court, though the Court certainly hasn’t heard every challenge to a gun law that’s come before it. More importantly, Haas is wrong when she says that universal background checks and a red flag law won’t infringe on the rights of legal gun owners. That’s exactly who these laws target. It’s criminals who illegally possess firearms that are ignored by virtually every one of Ralph Northam’s proposals.

Haas also conveniently leaves out bills that would turn Virginians into felons if they hang on to their semi-automatic rifles. As the National Shooting Sports Foundation points out:

Virginia Democrat State Sen. Richard L. Saslaw, who represents portions of Alexandria, Fairfax County and Falls Church, all suburbs of Washington D.C., sponsored S.B. 16, which would prohibit the sale, transfer and possession of so-called “assault firearms” and certain magazines. Violating the measure would be a state felony.

The text of the proposed legislation goes further than the states with the strictest of gun control laws. If passed, Virginia’s lawmakers would instantly turn lawful owners of America’s most popular-selling centerfire rifle into instant felons, unless they dispossess themselves of their legally purchased modern sporting rifle. There are way more than 16 million modern sporting rifles in private ownership in America. While the exact number of these popular rifles in Virginia isn’t known as state-specific estimates don’t exist, it’s important to note there is no proposed grandfather clause to exempt the likely several hundreds of thousands of rifles already in legal possession or even to register them.

In short, Saslaw and his ilk seek to replace natural rights with their “values”. And, as Cam Edwards notes those values certainly do not include self-defense

State Sen. Dick Saslaw, who represents a blue district in the D.C. suburbs of Fairfax County, has introduced SB 18, a gun control bill that not only imposes universal background checks on firearms transfers, but makes it a “Class 1 misdemeanor for any person knowingly to authorize a child under the age 18 to use a firearm except when the person is under the supervision of an adult.”

When I was in Amelia County last night, I heard several folks in the crowd talking about their kids not being able to go hunting or plinking on their own property if this bill passes, and by my reading, that’s exactly right. In fact, the bill would prohibit juveniles from being able to access a firearm in self-defense, even if you’ve taught your daughter how to use a firearm and believe she’s responsible enough to use one if necessary. If she’s home alone, she better not have access to a gun. If she uses one in self-defense against a burglar, Sen. Saslaw wants the state to argue that the girl would’ve been better off not being able to protect herself, and to charge mom and dad with a misdemeanor.

Miscreants like Saslaw and Hass do not believe in liberty in any meaningful form. They are of the left, and, as such are Collectivists. Collectivists, are, of course, the mortal enemies of Individualism, which embraces natural rights. No natural right is more essential than a right to self-defense. Thus, no natural right more is detested by the left than that right. This is why we cannot sacrifice such a right, or any portion of it on the false altar of “common sense legislation”. Never forget this folks. 

Your Self-Defense Story of the Day- Wrong Van Thug!

Via Bearing Arms

A 60-year old concealed carry holder in Miami, Florida says he was forced to defend himself and his family when a man armed with an AK-47 tried to break into the van where his family was sleeping in order to rob them.

Donovan Stewart says he was prepared to act on Monday morning when the door to his van suddenly opened and a stranger appeared.

“I am from Kingstontown in Jamaica,” he said, “and I am not going to go out like a punk. So I emptied my Glock in his chest. This man tried to get in my van while I was sleeping and he was surprised to see what I did.”

He demonstrated what he did for CBS4.

“Well, he opened the door like this and pointed his AK-47 and I reached around like this and got my gun. That is how I did this to him,” he said.

“So I thought you are you going to kill me so now I have to act quickly because I am trained,” he said. “You know I have a security license, I have a Gun license and I have a state firearms license and a concealed weapons permit and I have a gun and I am a member of the NRA.”

One silly question the Cult of Gun Control always throws out is that no one licensed to carry could ever use a pistol to stop a mass shooting by someone armed with an AR-15 or AK-47. Perhaps they think carrying a scary-looking rifle makes an evil person bullet-proof. As this story illustrates, that is not true