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Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

Via Zendo Deb comes another story to give Nanny Bloomberg the blues

Armed gas station clerk shoots perp in the leg to stop attempted knifepoint robbery, police say.

“Surveillance video showed a black male run into the Shell, with a red shirt covering his face armed with a knife,” a release said.

Police described how the “male continued to run in the store towards the cashier area still armed with the knife,” before he was stopped in his tracks by the store’s armed cashier.

Overly possessive ex learns a tough lesson

Via Zendo Deb

He ended up being shot. RCSD: Man went to Irmo home threatening to shoot ex-girlfriend and her family, shot by homeowner.

Joseph James Harkless, the suspect, went through a break up with his girlfriend earlier in the day Saturday. He then threatened to shoot her and her family, deputies said

Officials say Harkless went to the home of one of his ex’s family members and shot a glass patio door at the back of the house. But as he went inside, the homeowner shot him, deputies said.

Serves him right

Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

Another hero that noted Statist Shorty Bloomberg would joyfully disarm stops a violent thug

An armed citizen in Florida was in the right place at the right time to help a group of strangers in desperate need of a Good Samaritan. According to WINK-TV, the group was hanging out at Rusty’s Bar in Cape Coral, Florida last Thursday when a man identified as Henry Lesniak, Jr. began buying them drinks. Ashley Gallagher was there with her daugher-in-law Emily, and says the encounter turned from harmless to terrifying in the blink of an eye.

“I think he was trying to hit on my daughter-in-law and definitely get her to go home with him, or whatever it was. And I think when he realized that wasn’t going to happen, that’s when he said we were taking advantage of him by spending his money,” Ashley said.

“All of a sudden, like, ‘boom,’ he turned violent, angry,” Emily said.

The group tried to leave and get in their car and that’s when, investigators say, Lesniak chased after them.

“That’s when we saw the white pickup truck and honestly, like, he had no choice but to say, like, yes. We kind of just screamed, ‘help,’ begging him to let us into his truck,” Emily said.

Amir Rossi was the driver of the pickup truck. He says he wasn’t sure what was happening when the women suddenly appeared by his truck shouting for help, but he quickly responded.

“It just got heated and it got heated so quick,” Rossi said. “They ran in front of my car, they jumped in my truck and they were just like, ‘Go! Go! Go!” And the next thing I know, this guy’s reaching in my car trying to grab me up and that’s when I got my firearm and at that point, he realized that I had a gun and he backed off the car and he disappeared.”

But the story doesn’t end there. Police say Lesniak then rammed the good Samaritan’s truck several times.

That’s when Rossi pulled out his gun, fired several shots into the back of Lesniak’s truck and held him at gunpoint until police arrived.

Shorty Bloomberg should have to explain why he would have good people disarmed. I imagine this family, and so many others saved BECAUSE of an American carrying a firearm, and yes, I am one of those who has defended myself with a firearm would not grasp why Bloomberg prefers helpless victims to self-defense.

A genuine hero’s take on Nanny Bloomberg

Via Townhall

Jack Wilson, the heroic volunteer security guard who stopped the shooting at West Freeway Church of Christ in December, criticized long-time gun control advocate and Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg for the gun laws he is pushing on the campaign trail.

Wilson told “Fox & Friends” that if Bloomberg had his way, then more people would have died in the shooting he stopped, within six seconds, because police arrived two minutes after 9-1-1 was called.

“Mr. Bloomberg, had we operated by his standards or his wishes, the carnage would have been significantly greater because the individual still had, after the shooting, still had seven live rounds in his gun and three more in his pocket,” Wilson said. “Even though the police department did arrive in roughly two minutes from the time the first call went in, by that time, you know, the carnage would have been much, much worse.”

Hard truth is still truth

Zendo Deb gives us an example of this

Seems as if some people are upset, as if teens could never get up to anything bad. Resident shoots, teen during attempted home invasion: deputies.

Detectives say the boys got into the gated community, ripped through a screen to get onto a patio, and then two of them slipped through an open door.

A man and his fiancé were inside. The man was armed and opened fire on the intruders.

Other students are sure they would never do anything like that. Only they did. So.

Deb rightly points out that this is a tragedy for the kids parents. But, is the homeowner supposed to ID the intruders? Like I said, this is a tragedy. But the blame is not the homeowners.

Thug tries robbing Fed Ex driver, learns harsh lesson about attacking innocent people

Via Bearing Arms

A FedEx driver shot by an armed robber on a Philadelphia street returned fire with his own gun, killing his attacker on Tuesday evening.

CBS3 in Philadelphia reports the driver was simply dropping off a package in the city’s Lawndale neighborhood when he was suddenly facing the business end of a handgun.

“He was able to tell police that he was making a delivery on the 600 block of Unruh and right when he got done making that delivery, he was approached by at least one male and he was robbed at point of gun,” Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small said.

Police say the driver was shot once in the abdomen during the robbery. Police say as they were receiving calls about shots fired in the area, the FedEx driver was able to drive himself to a nearby parking lot away from the scene.

He was transported to Einstein Medical Center and is in stable condition.

He told police that after being shot in the stomach, he pulled out his own weapon and returned fire at the suspect.

“Initially, we did not know whether the perpetrator was struck by gunfire,” Small said.

But minutes later, police were called to the 1400 block of Creston Street where they found a 27-year-old man in a driveway suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to the chest, back and torso. The suspect died at the hospital.

I wonder if Fed Ex will fire the driver? It would not surprise me in the least.

Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

Pizza delivery guys are often targets of thugs. This one, however, was licensed to carry…………

They haven’t said, but it will likely cause him to lose his job. Dallas Pizza Delivery Driver Shoots, Kills 15-Year-Old Armed Suspect Who Tried To Rob Him.

According to police, two 15-year-old suspects allegedly tried to rob the Papa John’s pizza delivery driver at gunpoint, but the driver had a gun and shot at them to fend them off. Police said he was licensed to carry.

One of the two would-be bad-guys died. The other was taken to hospital and then charged with aggravated robbery.

Self-Defense is a beautiful thing