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A story that will trigger the Cult of Gun Control

Via the Zendo one

That thing the Left says “Never Happens,” well it happened again in Salt Lake City. Police: Gunman shot, killed by employee in Salt Lake club.

He had been asked to leave the bar earlier, but he apparently was able to get back in.

About 1:30 a.m., one of the patrons at Echo Nightclub, 134 W. Pierpont Ave., “decided to go out, get a gun, and started shooting it throughout the club. At one point, another person that was there, an employee who had his own gun, saw it and shot him,” said Salt Lake Police Lt. Brett Olsen.

No one else was injured, Olsen said.

A Good Guy With a……….

Gun has stopped a bad guy with a gun………..

That thing the Left says never happens… Legally armed driver shoots, kills gunman to stop fatal shooting spree in Indiana.

The would-be bad guy attacked 2 cemetery workers, and chased one into an intersection, shooting him. A bullet entered the vehicle of what the cops are calling a Good Samaritan.

That man stepped out of the car, returned fire with a legal weapon and fatally struck Hayes.

“This tragic event could have been much more disastrous,” Brownsburg Police Capt. Jennifer Barrett told WISH. “Victim three not only saved victim two’s life, but he saved potentially the lives of many others. Victim three did exactly what anybody would have wanted him to do at that scene that day.”

Little girl saved after home invader freak suffers severe buckshot allergies

THANK GOD for this homeowner, and his shotgun

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — 12 News has obtained body-worn camera video from a May shooting that left a teenager dead after he broke into a Scottsdale family’s home, naked. 

The homeowner found Cameron Yoe, 18, naked in his six-year-old daughter’s bedroom, according to Scottsdale Police, and shot him twice with his shotgun.

The video shows officers arriving at the home and being met by the homeowner, who still had the shotgun in his hand. He told police he wasn’t sure if there was another intruder. 

“There was a naked man with gloves on in my daughter’s bedroom and I put two bullets in him,” he told police.

More officers arrived, getting the rest of the family out of the house before searching for the bedroom with Yoe’s body inside. According to the police report, Yoe was “obviously” dead when they found him. 


“I was in the workshop,” he homeowner told police on the video. “I heard the dog bark, grabbed the boomstick (shotgun).”

Yoe was found naked with gunshot wounds to the stomach and chest. He was wearing a medical face mask and black latex gloves, but nothing else, according to police records

Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

These three thugs really picked the wrong house, as Cam Edwards notes

A Pasco County, Florida man who believes he was targeted after posting pictures of his gun collection online shot three men who broke into his home early Friday morning, killing two and injuring a third. Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco told reporters Friday afternoon that the victim was awake and alone in his home playing video games when he heard the sound of glass breaking coming from the rear of the home.

Grabbing his firearm, the homeowner went to check out the noise. As he was walking down a narrow hallway towards the rear of the home, he spotted an intruder armed with a gun of his own.

The homeowner shot and killed the first intruder and then took out the second one, who was right behind the first.

At some point, one of the three intruders managed to fire a gun. But, the homeowner was able to shoot him, too, before his gun jammed.

When the homeowner’s gun jammed, he went to grab another one. At that moment, the third intruder managed to get up and run away.  But, a neighbor stopped him in his tracks and held him at gunpoint outside until Pasco County deputies arrived.

Authorities say the 19-year-old surviving intruder was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. He is being charged with two counts of second-degree homicide and one count of home invasion robbery.

As I said this is a case of WRONG HOUSE THUG! And, not too shocked that a neighbor was armed and ready either. Pasco County is fairly rural, I grew up in neighboring Hillsborough County, which is where Tampa is.

A post every American should read

This comes from Mike McDaniel, who explains self-defense and gun ownership better than anyone else IMO. If people like McDaniel replaced the stale, repetitious talking heads on Cable talk shows, we would all benefit immensely. But, of course people like Mike McDaniel are not Beltway insiders, which is why he is so entertaining and informative. Enjoy

I do not advertise the fact that I carry a concealed handgun, or that I am an instructor. However, on the occasions when this comes up, people are often amazed. Not because I am a diminutive wisp of a fellow–-I’m anything but, though I’ve lost 60 pounds and am less of a man than I once was–and if I do say so myself, and I do, I’m roguishly masculine (anyway, Mrs. Manor says she likes me)–but because I am a retired English teacher and singer, and my default facial expression is a smile. The resulting conversation usually goes something like this:

Friend:  “Really?  You carry a gun?”

Me:  “Yup.”

Friend: “Where?”

Me:  “Everywhere.”

Friend: “Everywhere?!”

Me: “I even carry a spear gun in the shower.”

Friend:  “No!”

Me:  “No; but everywhere else.”

Friend:  “But why?”

I usually hit on a few of the high points, issues of logic, common sense, law—you know: reality–gentle persuasion enabling those that already know me to accept a side of me previously unimagined. Employing my most frequently used weapon–the keyboard–let us, gentle readers, reason together.

NOTE: I will make references to God.  Because I choose Christianity does not mean everyone must. In fact, a fundamental tenet of Christianity is willing choice: one must choose to believe. One may accept and practice moral precepts–and reason–without professing a faith, and I make no judgment about anyone’s relationship with God, or lack thereof. I merely choose God, which is a deeply rational choice.


* Evil exists and may confront anyone at any time and any place.

*God exists and expects me to protect myself, those I love, and those that can’t protect themselves.

*When God leads me into perilous situations, as He sometimes has, He expects me to be prepared, and so I am.

*Self-defense is a God-given, natural, unalienable right.

*To fail to protect God’s greatest gift, the gift of life, is inexcusable.

Please go read it all, it is refreshing to hear genuine wisdom, as Mike possesses. The same type of wisdom our founders were blessed with. The same wisdom that is so lacking today

Crazy People are a serious problem

The problem of crazy is quite serious as Dr. McCain tells us

Protesters in St. Louis are angry because . . . Well, does it really matter why they’re angry? They’re protesters. Being angry is sort of a prerequisite for being a protester. “Defund the police” is their demand, because the protesters are Democrats and Democrats hate police.

The mayor of St. Louis is a Democrat named Lyda Krewson, who apparently didn’t get the memo. She doesn’t hate police enough:

In a public briefing broadcast live on Facebook on June 26, 2020, Krewson read aloud the names and addresses of multiple constituents, including a minor, who had signed a petition in favour of budgetary changes which involved redirecting all the money spent on the police department to social services, affordable housing and Cure Violence.

The “defund the police” protesters decided that Mayor Krewson needs to resign, so they marched to her house Sunday. Problem? Mayor Krewson lives in a gated community, and the protest marchers were trespassing when they marched past the mansion owned by Mark McCloskey, who happens to be one of the richest lawyers in the state of Missouri.

Go read it all, the hordes on their property, shouting threats, led to the couple arming themselves, this, of course triggered the WOKE Brigade, they REALLY hate that second amendment.

Yes, Self-Defense is the most essential human right

Although, as Zendo Deb points out, that some DA’s might drag their feet in ruling it justified

Even if the DA doesn’t want it to be. Prosecutor closes Henderson shooting death case, ruling it self defense.

6 months to decide that shooting someone, threatening you with a baseball bat inside your own home is OK. Was this DA hoping he could charge the homeowner with something?

Nash said the prosecutor’s office believes the use of force by the homeowner in the confrontation was justifiable, legal self-defense. “We have nothing at this point to suggest otherwise in this case,” Nash said.

Six months to rule the obvious?

On This Episode of Wrong House Asshole……..

As Zendo Deb notes, ex-boyfriends who kick in their exes door……….

And the “How dare you live without me” attitude never turns out well. HPD: Woman’s boyfriend shoots ex-boyfriend after door to their apartment is kicked in.

Investigators believe a man kicked in the door to an apartment where his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend were. Police said the current boyfriend grabbed a gun and shot the ex-boyfriend, in fear for his life.

Cheating is not always bad

Great thoughts about self-defense and the use of firearms

The secret ingredient in Granny’s self-defense is that she cheats. She didn’t fight fair. Neither should you. There are legal cheats that let the good guys survive.

The truth is that most people do a pretty good job at defending themselves without much training. The truth is that you are not a gunfighter. A gunfighter wins because of speed and accuracy. You are a defender, and you survive because the particular way you fight makes you hard to kill.

The truth is that crime happens all the time and everywhere. Of course, we want to stay away from a riot, but a third of us are violently attacked at home. The other two-thirds of violent attacks occur away from home. No place is absolutely safe, not at work, not at the store, and not as we travel. That is why you want your defensive tools with you all the time. Those tools include a firearm, a phone, and most importantly, the knowledge of how to use them. Your attackers expect an unarmed victim, but you cheated.

The truth is that you must be awake to defend yourself. That is why you lock your doors and windows. That way, the bad guys make noise as they try to get to you. You want an alarm. It can be an electronic alarm, or a dog, or both. Your dog is an alarm, but you are the defender. You need a plan that works when you’re only half-awake.

The truth is that people are irreplaceable. You want to leave the lights on in the center of your house. Let the thugs take your TV and your computer. Let them steal your bottles of booze. Hide your family behind you as they huddle in the far corner of a dark room. You survive because you shoot the bad guys as they come down your bedroom hallway with the light behind them. You survive because only a gun barrel and a small part of your face is exposed, but maybe the bad guys can’t even see that. You’re effectively invisible if you stay away from the door frame and stay hidden in shadows. You and your family survive an attack because you made the bad guys come to you. You survive because you can see them and they can’t see you. That said, you must see them so you don’t shoot your neighbor who is knocking at your door to tell you that thugs lit your fence on fire. Good guys identify their target before they shoot, and you want to be one of the good guys.

Go read it all. And think about your home, how you would defend yourself and loved ones make a plan, talk to law enforcement, and people who do security, and yes, feel free to cheat

Yes, you might shoot someone you know if you own a firearm, so?

Zendo Deb offers clarity to a stupid leftist talking point

 Man shot, killed near Birch Tree, Mo.; sheriff considers death ‘justifiable’

The Left loves to prattle on about how if you own a firearm, you might shoot someone you know, but that might be exactly what you need to do. In this case, it was a relative who posed a very real threat.

Sheriff Darrin Brawley says the shooting involved two men of the same family.

He says at this time, the shooting appears to be justifiable homicide.

Brawley says that’s because the deceased man showed up at the home and began firing shots at the home.

Possible mass shooting stopped by armed American

Via Bearing Arms

On the morning of May 16, 19-year-old Brian Nicolai allegedly broke into the public safety building in the remote Alaskan village of Kwethluk near the state’s southwest coast. According to authorities, Nicolai donned body armor and a helmet, staged several rifles, and pulled the fire alarm. When local village police officers responded to the alarm, Nicolai opened fire.

Village Police Officer Tiger Lee was the first to respond to the scene, but when Nicolai shot at him, Lee couldn’t fire back. That’s because none of the VPO’s in Kewthluk are authorized to carry firearms. Instead, an armed citizen named Casey Thompson was ultimately able to get Nicolai to drop his gun before anyone was hurt.

The story reminds us of the idiocy of unarmed police officers, which, of course the left supports. Luckily, some there DID have a firearm

That resident was Casey Thompson, according to the trooper’s report. Thompson, armed with a rifle, was able to get the shooter to drop his weapon, the report said. Thompson declined to talk with KYUK about the incident.

Lee said that he’s glad Thompson had a gun, and believes VPOs should be able to carry them.

“If we had access to firearms, we’d be able to handle more of these scenarios on our own,” Lee said.

Of course, you have not heard anything about this on the news, do I really have to note why?

Soooo, you say you want to get shot

Zendo Deb has the best way to reach that goal

Home invaders are still getting shot. Deputies: Intoxicated man shot after kicking in Fulshear homeowner’s door, telling homeowner to shoot him.

He got what he asked for.

An intoxicated man was shot twice after Fort Bend County deputies said he kicked in the door of a home in Fulshear Wednesday.

Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

Zendo Deb, patriot, shares a story from the great state of Georgia

He didn’t count on the neighbors coming to the old-man’s defense. Neighbors run to man’s aid, shoot intruder, Bartow sheriff says.

The old man was attacked with a board. He was flown to a trauma center in Atlanta.

The suspect had been shot several times by the man’s neighbors, who heard the commotion and rushed over to help, police said.

The burglary suspect was shot after trying to attack the man’s neighbors with a metal post, Rogers said Friday. He was held at the scene until deputies arrived.

Lucky for this man, the left has not transformed America into a super-safe gun-free panacea

Ah yes, self-defense

Via Zendo Deb

He thought breaking into an occupied home was a good idea. MSP: Suspect accused of breaking into home shot by homeowner.

And apparently Michigan is also not New Jersey. At least some of the residents are armed for their own defense.

The investigation shows a man broke a home’s window, and once inside, was shot in the stomach by the homeowner, MSP Lt. Dave Kaiser said.

Do not break into other people’s homes, and they will not be forced to shot you. Seems pretty simple

Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

A story that shows defending others from criminals counts as self-defense, via, the Zendo One

You would think the bad-guys would have gotten the memo by now. Intruder shot and killed by homeowner in Fredericksburg, GCSO says.

A 19-year-old man was shot and killed after he broke in to a Fredericksburg house early Saturday morning, according to the Gillespie County Sheriff’s Office.

The homeowner, a 73-year-old man, told police he woke up to a “loud banging noise” outside of his home near the back patio around 12:45 a.m. Saturday.

The 19-year-old attacked the 73-year-old, and the 19-year-old ended up being shot in the head by another person in the house.

That person was apparently the fiance of the homeowner. Imagine how this would have turned out if not for that firearm in the would be victims hands

Home invader dies from gunshot, misogyny

OK mainly from the gun shot

His smart mouth cost him his life. RCSD: Man shot, killed by homeowner during break-in.

The homeowner told deputies the man was attempting to get into her home through a window.

When she told him she had a gun, she said he threatened to come in and use it on her. She then fired her gun, striking the man.


Armed citizen shoots, kills, active shooter

The Cult of Gun Control will be heart broken, their poor, poor false narrative

A woman was shot and killed at a Tulsa, Oklahoma shopping center Friday night after she opened fire on customers. While police are still investigating a possible motive and haven’t released the woman’s identify, the Tulsa World reports that the woman’s rampage was apparently stopped by a concealed carry holder before she was able to inflict any injuries

Video reportedly showed the woman was involved in an earlier altercation in the parking lot. The woman left the shopping center and returned about three minutes later, when she pulled a gun and opened fire, according to the news release.

The concealed carry permit holder reportedly returned fire and was later questioned and released at the department’s detective division.

Yes online dating can be dangerous for men too

Remember fellas, bad people come in both genders. Luckily for this man, he was prepared

An Atlanta man thought he was going to meet a woman for a date, but instead found himself in a shootout with strangers in his home Wednesday morning. According to Fox 5 in Atlanta, Tikoyo Lamonz Reeves connected with a woman on an online dating site, and invited her over to hang out. When she got there, she had brought along two uninvited guests; a woman who came in the front door with her, and a man who snuck in the back of the home armed with a rifle.

Atlanta Police Captain F. Turker says the Reeves’ dog began barking at the armed man, alerting the homeowner to the fact that there were actually three strangers in his home, and he grabbed his gun and exchanged fire with the home invader.

This man was very lucky for several reasons. He had a dog that alerted him of a third person, and he had a firearm close at hand. He was also foolish, very foolish to meet a first date at his house. And he should have never allowed his “date” into the home with an uninvited guest. Criminals will use any avenue to victimize their intended targets. Using online dating is no different, and men can be targets as well as women. 

Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

Wrong store!

An armed robbery at a North Carolina convenience store turned deadly for the teenager who held up the family-owned business when a customer and concealed carry holder drew their own gun and fired several shots.

18-year old Malik Harris entered the store on Saturday morning armed with a gun, and began threatening workers and customers.

“There were three or four customers in the store. And the guy came in and put the gun on all the customers, made everyone come [behind the counter] at gunpoint,” said Adil Khawaja.

While the store employees and customers were huddled behind the register, another unsuspecting person walked into the store.

“He grabbed her by the neck, brought her back [behind the counter] at gunpoint,” Khawaja said.

As the robber was distracted, one of the customers pulled out his own gun and fired at Harris four to five times, striking the would-be robber and ending the threat. Harris was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.