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No, that is NOT how self-defense works

Via Zendo Deb, who explains what self-defense is, and is not!

That is not the criteria for self-defense. Truck theft suspect shot, Longmont homeowner arrested

A Longmont man faces charges including attempted second-degree murder after he shot a 13-year-old who was among several people he spotted attempting to enter his truck, according to Longmont Police Services (LPS).

You are gonna kill someone, take a human life over “stuff”? Call the cops, let them handle it, stuff is not worth killing someone, especially a kid.

Is Indiana the next state to pass Constitutional Carry?

Oh I hope so, this should be the law in every state. Cam Edwards brings us up to speed

After passing out of a key legislative committee last week, the Indiana House of Representatives is poised to vote on Constitutional Carry legislation as early as Monday, and Second Amendment supporters sound pretty positive about the bill’s chances for passage.

2A activist Guy Relford says that this year’s legislation is an improvement over the permitless carry bill introduced last year, which passed the House but failed to get a vote in the state Senate. Gone is the requirement that the state develop a new database that would allow police officers to access the criminal history of individuals pulled over for traffic offenses, which several Second Amendment organizations had objected to. But something else has changed since the defeat of the permitless carry legislation introduced last year: five states have adopted Constitutional Carry laws of their own, bringing the total number of permitless carry states to 21.

Go read it all

Ah, Self-Defense is a wonderful thing

Don’t break in someone’s hoe and assault them, don’t get shot That is Zendo’s Debs advice

Oklahoma has a robust version of the Castle Doctrine, so self-defense is a thing. Man shot, killed after assaulting homeowner in Bokoshe, OSBI says.

Ken Cosgrove, 49, entered a home on Missouri Street in Bokoshe and assaulted the homeowner, the OSBI reported in a press release. After the initial altercation, Cosgrove left the home, then turned around and tried to go back inside.

During that time, the homeowner had retrieved a gun, and when Cosgrove attempted to come back inside, the homeowner shot him, the OSBI said.

The MOST essential Natural Right!!

SelfDefense strikes again!! Zendo Deb has the story

He was held at gunpoint, but still ended up “winning” the confrontation. Homeowner shoots intruder inside Butler County home

The police chief confirmed the suspect, who had a gun, forced his way into the home where the homeowner was inside with a woman.

The homeowner got his own gun and shot the intruder, who was taken to a Pittsburgh-area hospital by medical helicopter.

Police have released very little information, besides saying that no charges have been filed, and that the homeowner is cooperating with the investigation.

Self-Defense, is not a right, according to the Cult of Gun Control thank God our Founders understood natural rights!!

Ah Self-Defense

Zendo Deb has another tale of a thug selecting the wrong target

He was given the opportunity to walk away. He didn’t take it. Detectives believe Tranquillity shooting that killed one was self-defense

How would you deal with an intruder who refused to leave, and then threatened you? This all took place in the middle of the afternoon.

Mark Castro, 27 of San Joaquin, was shot and killed Wednesday after detectives believe he had forced his way into a trailer and was confronted by the homeowner. Investigators say the homeowner told Castro to leave and instead of complying, Castro “presented a threat to the homeowner.”

Another news story of a good guy/gal with a gun stopping a violent threat

When things that never happen, happen

Via Bearing Arms

Here’s a story with a happy ending from my state, reported by WSYR-TV at

This is one of those stories that the likes of Everytown, Moms Demand, and Giffords likes to pretend doesn’t happen.

Onondaga County District Attorney: Man ‘saved the lives of several individuals’ after fatally shooting man who fired at crowd

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Demetrius Jackson, the man killed in the Lodi Street shooting on Tuesday, was in possession of a loaded 9mm handgun while outside of 1808 Lodi Street, District Attorney William Fitzpatrick said.

Jackson threatened multiple people at the location and fired the loaded handgun in the direction of those people, officials said.

Give him a medal, and New York, maybe change your restrictive gun laws!

DaleyGator DaleyThought #112

Self-Defense GOOD! Bravo to the TSA? Is it time for Joe to go? The Most Offensive college mascot it….. and MORE!


Texas embraces liberty

The media, and the left, especially the Cult of Gun Control is all aghast because Texas Governor, Gregg Abbott has signed constitutional carry into law

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed two bills this week that will allow Lone Star State residents to carry handguns without a permit and loosen regulations surrounding suppressors.

The Republican signed permitless carry legislation on Wednesday after it cleared the state Senate in early May by an 18-13 vote and the state House with an 84-56 vote. The law, which implements what is commonly referred to as “constitutional carry,” allows Texans over 21 to carry their firearms if they’re not precluded from owning weapons due to prior criminal history.

The second bill, which Abbott signed on Tuesday, according to the state Legislature’s webpage, exempts Texas-made suppressors, also known as silencers, from the National Firearms Act, a body of laws that in part require gun owners to register NFA items, including suppressors and short-barreled rifles, with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives before paying a $200 tax.

God Bless Texas!! Twenty other States have similar laws. The gun control fanatics, of course, are predicting doom, mass deaths, wild west shootouts, blood in the streets, disaster, destruction, and so on. They have predicted such things in every state which has voted for constitutional carry, concealed carry, open carry, stand your ground laws, and so on, and on, and on…………… and the dire predictions have yet to become reality

Why yes, violent people getting shot by their intended victims is great news!

Via Zendo Deb

It was a good thing there was a good guy with a gun on hand. Sheriff’s office: ex-boyfriend shot while breaking into home

Just before 1 a.m. Saturday, deputies responded to a shooting on Cooper Estates Ln NW, KOMO-TV reported. The sheriff’s office says the man had forced his way into his ex-girlfriends home armed with a metal pipe. The woman, her children, and her current boyfriend were inside the home at the time.

Police say the woman’s boyfriend allegedly shot the man as he was breaking into her home.

I love good news!

Armed citizen uses weapon to stop a hate crime

Again, Zendo Deb reminds us that SELF-DEFENSE GOOD!

The haters want defenseless victims. Jewish family harassed in Miami area, get help from gun owner: reports | Fox News

A family was walking on a sidewalk after leaving the synagogue when they were accosted by a bunch of idiots in a vehicle.

Eric Orgen said he, his wife, and his daughter, 16, had just left a synagogue in Bal Harbour and were walking on the sidewalk when a group of men driving by started shouting and throwing garbage at them.

That went on until an armed citizen decided to intervene.

“The guy in the car behind them saw everything go on,” Orgen told WPEC-TV. “I saw him pull a gun and get in between – I mean he was almost there as our guardian angel, just protecting us. I think once they saw him they just took off.”

Woman saved by Gun Control activist?

Ah, NO! Zendo Deb has the real story

 Edinburg man shot, killed during dispute in Mount Jackson

A man was assaulting a woman in the street. She ran to a home for help. The homeowner ended up shooting the attacker.

[Sheriff Timothy] Carter wouldn’t say what specifically led to the shooting, but said everything indicated that the homeowner fired the gun as an act of self defense for himself and his family. The Sheriff’s Office has no information that the homeowner was acquainted with Romick or the woman, Carter said.

Ah, self-defense is a good thing

Armed citizen (Good Guy with a gun) stops mass shooting, Cult of Gun Control’s narratives hardest hit

Via Bearing Arms

A shooting in Fort Smith, Arkansas that left an elderly woman dead could have had many more victims, according to neighbors, if an armed citizen hadn’t stepped up and put down the killer on Saturday morning.

Police say that 87-year old Lois Hicks was shot and killed in her apartment by 26-year old Zachary Arnold, who then continued to fire rounds from a rifle at other apartments in the complex on the city’s south side, targeting other residents.

Neighbors who witnessed the shooting say Arnold was trying to persuade people to come outside of their apartment buildings.

“He was yelling and screaming, “You guys get out here, come out here, everyone get out of this building right now,” says Janey Peugh, a resident of the apartment complex.

But, another resident put a stop to the shooting

That neighbor who “put an end to the shooting” apparently grabbed a rifle of his own and fatally shot Arnold, though police haven’t released many details of the incident. While we don’t yet know what motivated Arnold to kill his elderly neighbor, it’s clear that, as resident Amber Lane told local media, there could have been many more victims were it not for the quick response by the armed citizen.

Don’t expect the national media to give this story the same type of wall-to-wall coverage it gives to shooting incidents with higher body counts. The Washington Post and New York Times won’t be editorializing about the need for more armed citizens, like they regularly opine about the need for more gun control after high profile shooting incidents. Instead, this story will be quickly forgotten by the media. Heck, I can’t find any mention whatsoever of this attack in the local paper, though a couple of the Fort Smith television stations had coverage of the shooting over the weekend.

The lack of coverage highlights a serious problem within the news media. When evil individuals successfully carry out their murderous plans, the press is eager to spread the news far and wide. When a good guy with a gun puts a stop to an attack, however, the story is relegated to a brief mention on the local news.

How true. Of course if the media just did their job, it would be a different story. But their agenda comes before fact-based reporting

Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

Bad day to be an abusive ex I guess Zendo Deb has the story

She had the right to defend herself. EXPLAINER: Use of deadly force in Texas

Police say 26-year-old Selena Carrion was punched in the face before her ex left her apartment and came back. The boyfriend, 26-year-old Leroy Hammond-Williams, is said to have kicked in the door and grabbed her as she ran upstairs.

That is when, police say, Carrion shot and killed him.

He will not hurt any woman again, good riddance to bad rubbish

On this episode of Wrong Truck Moron……

Self-Defense, the ultimate human right Via The Zendo One

He Thought Breaking into the Truck Was a Good Idea

He was wrong. Man shot while trying to break big rig’s windows, dies

The trucker was inside the cab of the big rig, when this guy thought he would try to break in.

Deb also has this news about another “good kid”

We are supposed to ignore the fact that he just shot at 3 police officers. He missed. NYPD cops shoot graffiti vandal after he opens fire on them – New York Daily News

“My son’s not a bad kid,” he said. “He’s finding his way, you know? Me and him got into it. I feel a little guilty because I told him to leave . . . And he didn’t come back. And I thought he got a hotel room, because he left with his girlfriend.”

What were you doing when you were a teenager? I’m guessing it didn’t include shooting at cops.

And of course the father doesn’t believe what the police are saying about his perfect son. I mean just because he kicked his son out of the home doesn’t mean he isn’t Father-of-the-Year Material. And it doesn’t mean that the son isn’t a choirboy. Or something.

Why yes, being a moron can get you killed

A “Prank robbery”? Not too swift

A Tennessee man was shot and killed Friday night after a “prank” robbery went wrong, police said.

The Metro Nashville Police Department is investigating a claim of self-defense in the death of Timothy Wilks, 20, Friday.

Investigators say witnesses told them that Wilks and a friend approached a group of people, including Starnes, with butcher knives while participating in a “prank” robbery for a YouTube video, but Starnes was not aware of the prank and shot Wilks.

Tragic that someone was killed over a stupid prank, but, if people threaten you with butcher knives, all for a YouTube video, what are you supposed to do exactly?

Today’s Self-Defense Story of the Day

The Zendo has young thugs making VERY bad choices

They thought carjacking an 80-year-old man in Florida would be a good idea. They were wrong. PPD: 15-year-old suspect shot in attempted carjacking, search continues for second suspect

Investigators say the homeowner was in his driveway around 11pm, locking his cars for the night when two men approached him and tried to steal his car. One of the suspects pulled out a gun. The victim then pulled out his own gun and shot at the suspects.

Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

Yes, even in Chicago!

A gun owner with a concealed-carry permit shot and killed an armed robbery suspect at a Chicago cell phone store on Saturday night, according to police.

It was not immediately clear whether the 29-year-old gun owner was the business owner, an employee or a customer, FOX 32 of Chicago reported.

The gun owner shot the armed suspect at least two times in the 7 p.m. incident

Again, a good guy………………