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Your Self-Defense Story of the day

Breaking and entering can get you shot

He thought breaking into a house in the middle of the day was a good idea. Homeowner fatally shoots intruder at central Las Vegas residence – Las Vegas Review-Journal

A central valley homeowner shot and killed an intruder Wednesday morning, Las Vegas police said.

Zendo Deb points put that this looks like a cse of self-defense

Your Self-Defense Story of the day

Via Wheelgun Teen defends himself against hatchet wielding relative

You could also file this under, “Don’t bring a hatchet to a gunfight.” Teen allegedly shoots his hatchet wielding uncle in self-defense

There is much in the media/Left about how only people older than 21 should have access to firearms. So what do they think this 16-year-old should have done?

“Yeah, my son defended himself. It could have been the other way around. It could have been my son, I’m the one I’m picking up and having to bury, but it wasn’t.”

The uncle apparently had a history of threatening the family, but even though his threats often included the use of things like machetes, he wasn’t in jail (or the loony bin).

An “assault rifle” can be used for self-defense?

Yes, I know, assault rifle is a manufactured term used by the Cult of  Gun Control

WEll, yes, of course it can, despite the left’s narrative of one never ever being used in home defense

A Memphis, Tenn., man’s Friday night turned gruesome when he and a family friend came home to find two gunmen rummaging through the house.

“I see my house being ransacked and the dog was still going hysterical in the cage,” the homeowner, who was not identified over fears for his safety, told WMC. That’s when one of the two intruders noticed the homeowner and his friend and said “Hey, they are here,” the homeowner told the station.

“He picked up his weapon, turned around and points them at me,” the homeowner told the Fox 13. “Two pistols.”

One of the guns jammed, however, and the intruders ran toward the back of the house, the man told WATN. By this point his friend had also run out of the home, and the intruders had gotten at least one weapon to work and were firing at the friend, the man told the station.

As the shooting went on, the homeowner pulled out a weapon of his own from a closet – a “personal” AK-47 rifle.

“I don’t know what’s going on but I know I’m going to defend my life to the best of my ability,” he told WMC. “I just let loose, not knowing it hit both of them,” the man told Fox 13.

When officials arrived, both 28-year-old Azell Witherspoon and 17-year-old Demond Robinson were pronounced dead, according to the Commercial Appeal. Police detained the homeowner but concluded that the shooting was in self-defense and did not press charges, according to the paper.

Well, no because self defense is legal. By the way, Memphis is a fairly violent city, and is run by, well, guess which political party. Hint, it is the same party that runs Chicago, Baltimore, New Orleans……….

Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

Via Bearing Arms

I’m not sure whether the Little Caesars in Holly Hill, Florida has such a policy, but at least one employee was glad he was armed.

The Little Caesars employee was closing up shop when a man in a bloody demon mask approached and attacked him. The masked man repeatedly hit the employee with a large piece of wood, knocked him to ground, and attempted to stab him. During the assault, the employee managed to draw his legally concealed firearm shoot the masked man.

The employee then called police and requested medical assistance for himself and his attacker.

“Please help me,” the employee told a 911 dispatcher. “He tried to stab me with a pair of scissors. He hit me in the face with a big piece of wood. I’m bleeding all over the place.”

Police arrived a few minutes later and rushed the masked man to Halifax Health Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. Holly Hill police Chief Steve Aldrich praised the employee for being able to effectively defend himself.

“As soon as he exited the building, he was immediately attacked by an individual that was wearing a scary clown mask and brandishing a wooden stick,” Aldrich told WFTV. “Even though he’s being attacked he’s able to pull out a concealed firearm he has and fires multiple rounds at the suspect. I’m glad that he was able to defend himself and that he’s OK. It’s just unfortunate that this whole episode occurred.”

There are no charges pending against the employee, thankfully, and the bad guy is dead as a doornail.

Shannon Watts: Idiot at large

The Cult of Gun Control always say they are not against us being able to protect ourselves. They also say, constantly, that they do not want to “take our guns”. But anytime an armed citizen uses a weapon in self-defense, they disregard it, or play it off as something that never happens or my favorite, they insist that an average person could never use a firearm to stop a potential mass shooter. Watts, one of the biggest mouthpieces for the Cult of Gun Control has blocked me, and most every other pro-gun person on Twitter, tweeted this about the recent Oklahoma case where men took out a bad guy with a gun

Hey @NRA – The two men who got guns from their cars to take out the Oklahoma shooter were: 1) A former police officer and current security guard, 2) A member of the National Guard for two decades and who served in Afghanistan.

Not. Average. Civilians. 

Why does Watts think these men are not average citizens? Tom Knighton explains

Hmmmmm. Fascinating, Shannon.

Please, tell us more.

For example, tell us all about how the police aren’t citizens, or how the National Guard trains its troops for active shooter situations with privately owned handguns.

Of course, let’s not forget that police officers have also been criticized for their accuracy in shootouts before. It’s almost like folks like Shannon are trying to have their cake and eat it too. Tsk, tsk.

Let’s be clear here. Regardless of where Juan Nazario, the former police officer, got his training, he wasn’t a police officer anymore. Brian Whittle wasn’t on duty with the National Guard either.

No, both were living as private citizens, bound by all the same laws you and I are. Nazario was kicking back after work, trying to relax when the shooting started.

What happened then is exactly the kind of thing Shannon is trying to pretend doesn’t really happen. The two men were required to become the “good guy with a gun.” So they did.

Yes, both men previously served in roles that required some amount of firearms training, that’s never been our point about civilian firearm ownership. Our point rests in the fact that both men, despite neither currently enjoying any protected status from gun carry laws, had access to guns. Period.

They could rush to their cars to get their firearms because they had their guns in their cars. Plain and simple.

People like Shannon Watts would have seen both men disarmed and as a result, people would have died in that bar. Possibly a lot of people. If not in the bar, then the killer might have found somewhere else to go and found more targets. Who knows how it would have played out?

Good old Shannon Watts, always quick to reach into her bago if stupidity


A good guy with a gun, again…………..

The Cult of Gun Control hardest hit

A man “opened fire” Thursday in an Oklahoma restaurant, leaving at least four people injured, before he was fatally shot by a bystander, police said.

The gunfire unfolded at about 6:30 p.m. local time at Louie’s on the Lake in Oklahoma City, Fox 25 News reported.

The unidentified shooter entered the restaurant and fired his gun, Oklahoma City Police tweeted, who later added that four people had been injured.

The man, police said, “was apparently shot-to-death by an armed citizen” outside the restaurant and there was “no indication of terrorism.”

Arm teachers? The Lt. Governor of Texas is right

Dan Patrick nails it

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick said Friday on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” that students and parents told him after the Santa Fe shooting that they should begin arming teachers.

Patrick said, “I was there with Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott earlier this evening and there were a lot of student friends in [the hospital visiting those who were injured]. And they all said ‘we want to arm our teachers.’ The parents all said ‘we want to arm our teachers.’”

“For those who say guns are the issue — and we want the best background checks we can have — but the answer is not taking away guns from people who can defend themselves and others,” Patrick said in response to the outpouring of support for more gun control.

True. It is common sense. Bad people are out there. More laws, especially feel good laws that target “scary guns” will do nothing to stop them. In life there are no guarantees, no full proof laws. The fact is better security is needed in schools, and there are several key aspects to better security. Arming teachers willing to carry, is one of those.