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California teen shoots father to save mother

This poor kid had to make a tough choice, but it seems it was the right choice

But in California, one teen appears to have made a tough choice, and his mother may well be alive right now because of it.A 16-year-old boy shot and killed his father in California on Saturday after, officials say, the 54-year-old man began violently choking his mother.

Sheriff’s deputies were called to the scene in west Fresno County to find Javier Vera shot and killed by his son, who has not been identified.

Though the teen is being questioned, he is not under arrest and not facing any charges, as detectives believe the incident may qualify as self-defense.

He may have prevented his mother from getting seriously hurt or killed, authorities said. According to detectives, an argument turned violent and the father started choking his wife.

“The dad was drinking, and he’s been known to get more violent once he has alcohol in his system,” said Tony Botti of the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office. “Shortly thereafter their 16-year-old son approached them with a gun and ended up shooting the father and killing him.”

California is not a stand your ground state so, as Tom Knighton points out……

If California had a Stand Your Ground law, this would probably all be over, but because they don’t, this young man has to deal with the trauma of not just killing his own father, but also being interrogated like a common crook. While I get that the police are doing their job, more or less, this is something for the legislatures to address.

It’s just too bad that partisanship will continue to prevent California from enacting common-sense reform such as passing a Stand Your Ground law that will protect people like this young man from being treated like criminals for saving the life of another.

Oh California

Ah, self-defense!

Good guys with guns, self-defense, these things really tigger the gun grabbers

What were they thinking? This is Texas, after all. Homeowner shot alleged burglars in southeast Bexar County.

If you break into homes you will eventually find an armed homeowner. If you are breaking into homes in Texas, your odds probably increase.

SAPD was initially called for shots fired and a burglary in progress at a home near Stuart Road. Two suspects allegedly fled the scene.

A few hours later around 3:45 am, a man and woman showed up to the Mission Trails Baptist Hospital with gunshot wounds. Hospital workers noticed bullet holes in their car and notified police.

Self-Defense is a good thing. Guns are simply tools, which can be used for good or bad purposes. Yet the left rejects this basic truth and continues to pursue foolish measures

Yet in San Antonio, it seems the city council is considering similar regulations for gun stores.

A public safety initiative aimed at reducing gun violence has City Council members divided.

District 6 Councilman Greg Brockhouse pointed to a yearly decline in gun violence in the Alamo City as part of the reason he opposes regulations.

“The problem, though, with regulating gun sales or gun control, is: We don’t need it,” Brockhouse said. “Let’s not penalize responsible gun owners and gun sellers and make their lives more difficult.”

Under the proposal, gun shops wouldn’t be allowed to open within 1,000 feet of a school or church, and they would only be allowed to open in areas designated for general commercial use. Existing shops would be grandfathered in.

District 2 Councilman William “Cruz” Shaw supports the proposal.

“We aren’t trying to take guns away from lawful gun owners. Our intentions are solely to address gun violence by looking into any and all possible local angles,” Shaw said in a statement.

Tom Knighton describes the stupidity of  such an ordinance

This won’t be about taking guns out of people’s hands, but it is about gun control. Frankly, it’s a brain-dead way to combat violence, even if you somehow believed gun control somehow reduced crime. I mean, does Shaw mean to tell me that if a store is a few hundred feet to the left, those who may use illicit means to buy a gun through legal channels would suddenly be unable to find the store?

This is typical of the mindset of so many. Just do something, anything, whether or not is will accomplish anything at all.

Armed mom 1 pedophile 0

Some stories just make your day

Some crimes are so disgusting that we should all be able to get together on the fact that they’re evil. Child rapists fall into that category. Even the vilest criminal in prison has no use for this kind of scum, and they take delight in making prison a “special” experience for these individuals (I can’t think of them as “people”).

However, that won’t be necessary for one pedophile who had a close encounter with a shotgun after his victim’s mother caught him in the act.

A notorious pedophile has been found dead by police after he was shot dead during the attempted rape of a 12-year old girl at a property in Morgantown, West Virginia.

The 42-year-old mother of the girl told investigators that she woke in the early hours of the morning after hearing a commotion in her daughters room. She grabbed a shotgun from her closet and rushed to her daughter’s room, where she was confronted by the sight of an unidentified man attempting struggling with her daughter.

Startled, the man turned around to face the mother, at which point she fired directly into his face, blowing off most of his head. The rapist – a 53 year old sex offender known to police for a series of crimes on young victims – died instantly.

Good riddance to evil

Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

Free advice for thugs. Even trying to commit armed robbery with a bb gun can earn you a bullet

A man, armed with a BB gun, attempted to rob a Waffle House in Villa Rica. But he was the one who ended up getting shot, authorities said.

The suspect entered the restaurant on Ga. 61 around 12:30 a.m. Thursday and pointed his weapon at employees, Villa Rica police said in a Facebook post.

A customer then shot the suspect, who dropped what turned out to be a BB gun and ran away, the post said.

Witnesses told police the suspect left in a small, dark-colored vehicle.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Villa Rica police at 678-840-1320.


Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

Being a hot head will cost you.

An Uber driver in Florida shot and killed a man who chased him and threatened him with a pistol in what authorities are calling a “classic stand your ground case.”

Early Tuesday morning, the Uber driver picked up a woman from a bar in Dundee, Fla., according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities say Jason Boek, 34, saw the Uber pickup and mistook the woman in the Uber as his on-again, off-again girlfriend, and texted her claiming he was going to beat up the Uber driver, identified as 38-year-old Robert Westlake.

A dashcam video from Westlake’s vehicle shows a Ford pickup truck veer in front of the car, attempting to slow it down. Both cars stop, and the driver of the truck, later identified as Boek, jumps out threatening the Uber driver. “You know i got a pistol, you want me to f**** shoot you,” said Boek.

As Boek approached Westlake, holding an object in his hand, Westlake shot Boek once in the chest. The Sheriff’s Office later confirmed Boek had a cell phone in his hand.

Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

Via Wheelgun

I’m sure he believes that he loves her. Man shot by girlfriend, woman claims self defense.

He had apparently assaulted her earlier in the day. He then shows up and forces his way into her apartment.

It is also believed that the man tried to force his way into the home, and in the process assaulted the woman as well as her 17-year-old son.

The woman said that she fired a single gunshot into the man’s torso in defense of her son and herself.