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Relatives of thug who was killed while trying to rob store are big mad!

I feel deep sympathy for these two people’s loss. I grieve for them. But their blaming an innocent person for defending their self? No, Zendo Deb is having none of it

They didn’t think that the clerk should have defended himself from an armed robber. Who just happened to be their brother.

What would they have the man do? Die? Watch others die? Sorry but pointing a firearm at innocent people is a lethal threat, and engaging in such behavior can very well cost you your life. Their anger should be towards their brother.

Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

I just know the media will do their usual worst and completely ignore this story, because GUNS BAD NARRATIVE GOOD!

Authorities in Redding, California are praising a concealed-carry holder who stopped a kidnapping and helped police put the suspect in a series of violent crimes behind bars on Thursday afternoon.

Carl Hulsey allegedly attacked his wife and her sister at a home in Redding before taking off in a car with his sister-in-law. When officers arrived a few minutes later, Hulsey’s wife told police that he had assaulted them both, but had fled with her sister. As police were scouring the nearby neighborhoods for Hulsey, they received a report of a man at a gas station holding an individual at gunpoint.

Officers rushed to the scene and upon arrival, they learned the person with the handgun was actually a good samaritan who had confronted Hulsey after seeing victim #2 in the vehicle in distress.

RPD says Hulsey fled from the Mini Mart location after the samaritan pointed his handgun, and began heading southeast in a field towards the Sacramento River, and was eventually apprehended.

The woman who was kidnapped confirmed to police that she had been taken against her will, and also said that Hulsey attempted to sexually assault her while in the car. He’s now behind bars on multiple felony charges, including domestic violence, assault with a deadly weapon, carjacking, kidnapping, sexual battery, and resisting arrest.

Again, the Cult of Gun Control often uses “death by gun” as their only criteria to dismiss the hundreds of thousands to millions of defensive gun uses annually. In the vast majority of the time, the legal gun owner does not shoot, much less kill the attacker. The left, of course, would never share that fact. It is pretty clear that if Statists like Rep. Beto had his way, violent crime would go way up if those law-abiding Americans were to be disarmed.

Elderly woman shoots, kills intruder

Self-Defense is a human right

I would love for the gun-hating Left to tell me what should happen in a case like this, since they hate self-defense. Elderly Woman Shoots And Kills Intruder In LeFlore County.

Investigators said the man who died entered the home on Jenson Road. Once inside, investigators said they believe the man was asked to leave but advanced towards the homeowner. He was shot and killed.

Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

If she had not been armed………………..

Deputies responded to reports of a shooting at the Showboat Drive-in theater located at 22422 Farm to Market 2920 around 2:30 a.m.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office told ABC13 two managers were finishing up their shift when they spotted some motion inside the concession stand.

Deputies say one of the managers decided to go check it out and was confronted by two men One of the suspects pulled out a bat and started beating the manager, while the other suspect ran.

The manager reportedly pulled out a gun and shot and killed the man who was beating her.

Thank God she was carrying a firearm

Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

Via Zendo Deb

Also don’t get drunk and pick a fight. He threatened two people with a knife, then was shot and killed, Merced deputies say.

He got into an argument, and decided it would be a good idea to brandish a knife. In the words of the cops, that’s when things went sideways.

The 48-year-old man was drinking during the party and got into an argument with a woman, Allen said.

According to investigators, the man then turned the knife toward another man who was defending the woman. The second man, “in fear for his life,” took out a gun and shot the 48-year-old man.

The moral of the story. Don’t be stupid; because there is always a bigger fish.

I have had someone, who was drunk, and maybe high too, pull a knife on me. I was 19 then, and he was an uninvited “guest” at a party I was picking a couple of friends up at. I was lucky he chose not to try and stab me. I was unarmed, and had yet to buy my first firearm. So, again, I was very lucky, and blessed that he went on to threaten someone else. I am so grateful for that. And, to be honest, hopeful, very hopeful I am never in such a situation again. Today, I would not be unarmed, and he would likely not survive his threatening rampage.

As I have noted before, I did have to pull a gun on a would-be robber in 1998, as I left the restaurant I managed at the time. Had I not been armed, God only knows what might have happened. And, I was very satisfied that this guy in a ski mask chose to run, and that I never had to pull that trigger

That is what the Cult of Gun Control, and the media, do not get. The last, the very last thing people who carry, or who have guns in their homes want to ever do is to use that weapon, even in self-defense. We see that weapon as one to be used to defend our lives, or the lives of loved ones. The Left, of course, see us as “trigger happy rednecks”, just salivating for a chance to shoot a “bad guy”. Nothing could be farther from the truth


Teen defends his life with rifle

Wonder if a the left would go after this boy’s parents for violating a “safe-storage” law? Wheelgun has the story

Because the Left thinks there is a lower limit. 17-year-old shoots two males breaking into his mobile home.

Police said the 17-year-old shooter came home from a dispute with a 15-year-old acquaintance. After the 15-year-old and his 22-year-old brother forced entry into the subject’s mobile home, officers said he shot both of them with a 30-30 rifle.

The 22-year-old is in critical condition, the 15-year-old had “non-life-threatening injuries.”

So in the absence of a firearm, this kid is just supposed to be beaten. And yes, you can die from a beating. It is called blunt force trauma.

I do not know what “intent” these two had, but violently breaking into someone’s home can, and will get you shot. If you do not want to get shot, then, well, do not break into someone’s home