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Gun Review Time! Springfield Armory XDM Compact in 9mm

I have not done a gun review or late because, well, I have not bought a new firearm recently. But, I decided to get a pistol I have wanted for a while now, and decided to do something I have never done before, that is buy a gun online. I have always been a person who has to handle something, or see it “in person” before I buy it online. But I was familiar with the XDM so, when I saw a great price at Buds Gun Shop, I went for it.

I used Bud’s law a way system, just because I have always enjoyed lay a way, it is just a thing with me. Anyway, Buds shipped my firearm to a local FFL dealer, and I went, did the background check, and bought some ammo, including some personal defense rounds, these to be specific,


I also got some rounds for the range of course.

At home, I found the gun to be, like my Springfield XD Mod 2 subcompact to be stiff, yes, that includes the magazines as well, it come with a 13-round, and a 19-round with a grip extension. But a quick disassembly and light cleaning and oiling, with CLP and the firearm loosened up very well. It is also super easy to disassemble.  As easy as my Sig. Lock the slide back, flip up the takedown lever and release the slide and there you go.

At the range, Shoot Smart, I found the Springfield a blast to shoot. My first shot was a dead center bullseye. Of course after that, I got cocky and had to slow myself down. But in all, I found the trigger excellent, not quite as good as My Ruger SR9c’s trigger, but excellent to me. The sights, fiber optic, were pretty much spot on, and I had a very easy time being accurate, and getting super tight groups when I slowed down just a hair.

Overall, I love this pistol

Gun Review, FN 509

Hickok45 puts it through its paces. FN makes fine firearms, after watching this video, I might have to go test fire one

As Hickok notes, there are a lot of really good polymer, striker fired pistols out there. I like Sigs the most, but I also realize that Springfield, Smith, FN, H&K, Beretta, Ruger, Walther, and yes Glock make awesome semi-auto pistols. It come down to personal choice. Why do I shoot my Ruger SR9C so well? The trigger/sights, just works with my trigger finger/eye. My point? If you are going to buy a first pistol, go do your research, rent them and test fire them at your local range. There are great options, take your time, and then, train, learn, practice, and most of all learn and live by the Four Rules of Firearm Safety. Remember a firearm is a deadly weapon, it can save your life. But if you are careless, well…….