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You know, there is a reason people like me stress gun safety

Two deaths, both needless, both tragic, and both due to people disregarding the Four Rules of Gun Safety. First Bearing Arms has this

Honestly, while I see so many great things come out of our species, I also see so much stupid too. I have to remind myself of the George Carlin bit, “Think of how stupid the average person is, then remember, half of the people are even dumber.”

That really applied when I read the story of a man killed while he and his buddy decided to test the 21-foot rule.

Spencer Warren told investigators he and Splichal has been debating the “21-foot rule” and were going to see how close Splichal could get to Warren before Warren could fire his gun. Warren says he emptied his .387 revolver but did not fully clear it. When Splichal lunged toward him to test the theory, Warren squeezed the trigger twice, firing 1 round into Splichal’s chest.

Warren was arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

Good Freaking Grief, I don’t know how to describe how stupid this was. Tom Knighton tries

However, the basic rules for firearm safety alone should tell you that something like this is a bad idea. At best, you use training weapons or airsoft guns, things were any injury is likely to be minor. You don’t use a real damn gun.

“Oh, but he thought it was unloaded.”

No, the only thing unloaded was his mental capacity. Rule one is to always treat a firearm as if it’s loaded. That rule exists explicitly to prevent crap like this from happening. If you follow those rules, you don’t end up shooting your buddy while trying to test a rule that’s been tested before by people who actually know how to test these things. They’ve videoed it so you can watch it, for crying out loud.

Now, two lives are destroyed due to stupidity. One is ended and another will likely land a man in prison.

Then, there is this tragic story about country music singer Justin Carter

Up-and-coming country singer Justin Carter died at age 35 after a gun accidentally fired while he was filming a music video.

Carters’ mother Cindy McClellan told Fox News her son was filming a music video in Houston, Texas on Saturday when a gun in his pocket “went off and caught my son in the corner of his eye.”

“He was a wonderful artist,” McClellan said. “He was the voice, he was the total package and we’re trying to keep his legend [alive].”

Carter leaves behind two young daughters, Dixie and Kaylee.

I am going to assume the pistol, in his pocket, was not in a holster that would guard against the trigger being pulled accidentally. The fact is many things in your pocket can snag an exposed trigger, with tragic results. Please people, please never carry a “pocket pistol”, or any pistol unless it is in a good holster. 

Ruger issues safety bulletin

If you own a Ruger American Pistol chambered in 9mm, listen up

Ruger has discovered that some Ruger American® Pistols chambered in 9mm may exhibit premature wear of the locking surfaces between the slide and barrel which, if ignored, can result in a crack developing near the ejection port of the slide. This typically does not occur at round counts below 10,000 rounds. The condition is easily identified during routine maintenance and cleaning, and the crack should be visible long before the pistol becomes unsafe to shoot. Ruger is committed to safety and is asking owners of Ruger American® Pistols chambered in 9mm to inspect their pistols for excessive wear or cracks and, if necessary, sign up for this retrofit. View Retrofit PDF

Inspecting your firearms is important, take some extra time when cleaning them to check for unexpected wear. 

I do not own an American Pistol, although it seems like a nice affordable firearm, and Ruger makes great guns. I do own a SR9C which I love. For me the sights, trigger, and my eye and trigger finger work very well together. In fact I need to get that out to the range again soon, I am off work tomorrow, so…………..