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Daily Benefactor News – It’s Weinerpalooza Tuesday!


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Weiner Sexting Partner Reveals Her Identity, Says: ‘He Called Me On Congress Phone!’ – Radar

The woman who carried on a nine-month sexting relationship with Rep. Anthony Weiner is a 40-year-old Las Vegas blackjack dealer named Lisa Weiss.

Following a bombshell joint investigation by and Star magazine, Weiss agreed to come forward and be the first woman named of the six who the congressman admitted to sending lewd messages and photos.

You can view photos of Weiss here.

What’s more, the blonde woman has revealed details that show the liberal congressman lied during his tear-jerking confession Monday at a press conference in New York and that he DID use government resources for his extra-marital activities.

Rep. Weiner said he was “deeply ashamed” and repeated 21 times that he accepted responsibility for his actions.

But he also denied he used government resources during his online sexcapades.

Not so, according to Weiss.

Speaking exclusively to, Weiss said she shared 220 messages with Rep. Weiner beginning on August 13, last year – and they were often exchanged during work hours.

In an explicit exchange on March 3 – the same day he voted on a health care bill in the U.S. House of Representatives – Weiner bemoaned that he had to end their conversation because he was “off to class.”

The casino worker, who said she once worked as a Democratic campaign worker, also claimed she had steamy phone sex with Rep. Weiner – using a Government telephone.

Said Weiss: “After a while I said to Anthony, ‘Why are writing these messages when we can just speak?’

“I gave him my number and he called me from his office and we proceeded to talk dirty for at least 30 minutes.

“A few days later, I tried to call him back on that number.

“But the number wouldn’t connect to his office; instead there was a recorded message that it was an outgoing U.S. Congress line only.”

Weiss gave her number to him via Facebook and when Rep. Weiner realized he had missed her call, he sent her a message.

He wrote, “How did I miss this chance to rock your world by phone? Give me another chance! Stalk me baby. Very hot.”

Weiss said she had attempted to contact Rep. Weiner in the wake of the photo scandal when he posted a photograph, a close-up shot of a his privates cloaked in grey underwear, on Twitter.

“I wanted him to know that I had no intention of coming forward and our past was going to be kept hush hush,” Weiss told

“But he didn’t return my messages. I discovered that Anthony is a bad man… and a liar.”

Weiss said she decided to come forward in the past 24 hours after Weiner’s “blatant lies.”

“I knew the truth all along,” she said, adding: “I couldn’t believe that Anthony didn’t own up from the outset.”

“I am a Democrat, I think he is a wonderful congressman and I hope this doesn’t hurt his career. I am still a big supporter of his, despite all of this.”

Weiss said she confided about her experiences with just three close friends.

A stunning portrait of the pair’s long-time pen pal affair has emerged through a salacious transcript of their sexting – with more than 200 messages!

At their height, the pair traded 69 rude messages in one sitting.

Weiner used a Facebook account that he later abandoned and among other perverted things, said:

* He was a “caped crusader” who was “looking for my sidekick.”

* Claimed he was “dying of boredom over here. Plus my tights really itch, I need a distraction.”

* Entertained the idea of meeting her in Las Vegas. Weiss asked, “Don’t you ever get to Vegas? I just need to have u for one night.” He responded, “I have too.”

* Asked his online mistress to send him photos of her vagina and admitted “jerking off” to her photos on Facebook.

* Confessed to two timing her on Facebook, with another woman. “I’m guilty of that,” he admitted.

The pair’s relationship began on August 13, 2010, when Weiss sent Rep. Weiner a message to his Facebook account.

She wrote, “i am trying to find the wonderful anthony weiner who i feel in love with for yelling at those damn repubs the other day! and uu are funny as hell on the daily show! your friend requests are full…you must friend me! you are awesome!!”

In a series of stunning reports that prompted Weiner’s remarkable press conference, revealed how Weiner used an unflattering Jewish sexual stereotype to reference oral sex.

Arnold & The Maid: It Wasn’t A One-Time Thing

Earlier revealed how Rep. Weiner told the woman he had a “ridiculous bulge” in his shorts and asked if she “wanna see” it. and Star verified that the account where the messages were sent from belonged to Weiner before he began a new Facebook page.

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More Weiner Evidence Mounts, As Radar Reveals Sexts Mentioned John Boehner – Radar

While the New York congressman was away, the Weiner came out to play.

Five of Rep. Anthony Weiner’s 15 cyber-sex sessions with a 40-year-old Las Vegas blackjack dealer happened when he was in Washington D.C. representing his constituents of New York, has uncovered.

An examination of congressional records, the official bible of the proceedings and debates of the U.S. Congress, has found Rep. Weiner (D-Brooklyn/Queens) sexted blonde casino worker Lisa Weiss on the same day he debated official government business.

It’s not clear if the inappropriate messages with the woman occurred before, during or after the parliamentary sessions.

However, the shocking new evidence could undermine the embattled Democratic congressman’s claim that he did not use government resources for his extra-marital activities.

As we previously reported, Rep. Weiner is facing an ethics investigation “to determine whether any official resources were used or any other violation of House rules,” according to House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Weiner consulted Pelosi before admitting that he made “terrible mistakes” in sending lewd pictures of himself to women he met on Facebook and Twitter over the past few years.

What’s more, and Star has learned that Rep. Weiner’s first steamy session with Weiss, his Facebook mistress, came just TWO MONTHS after he married Huma Abedin in Long Island in a lavish ceremony officiated by former President Bill Clinton.

Abedin is a longtime aide to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

According to the Library of Congress, Rep. Weiner appeared in the House of Representatives on January 20, March 3 and 16, April 13 and September 20, last year – all days that we’ve conformed he engaged in online shenanigans with Weiss.

During one rendezvous, Rep. Weiner told the woman it was 9am on the East Coast.

Three hours later, he took the floor of Congress during a debate on providing funding to the department of defense, according to official documents.

On April 16, a time when the House of Representatives discussed the constitutional authority statement, Rep. Weiner asked Weiss when she was going to send him nude images of herself so he could “jerk off.”

“Go into the bathroom mirror now,” he wrote, encouraging her to snap lewd images and forward them to him. “I’m like a rock,” he added.

During the height of the federal government shut down crisis, on April 7, Rep. Weiner also sexted Weiss and bemoaned how he hadn’t been able to share explicit messages with her because he’d been “punching the speaker” – a reference to political foe John Boehner, the speaker of the House.

That same night, Weiner appeared on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show in a live interview from the steps of Capitol Hill.

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Weiner Used Jewish Sexual Stereotype To Facebook Sexting Partner – Radar

Rep. Anthony Weiner used an unflattering Jewish sexual stereotype during another Facebook sexting session with a middle-aged woman, and Star magazine are exclusively reporting in a joint newsgathering operation.

In a salacious new transcript of a conversation the embattled Democrat had with the woman, who lives in Nevada but does not want to be identified, the shamed politico asked whether his social networking pen pal gave “good” oral sex.

“You give good head?” the embattled and married New York congressman asked the woman on March 16, this year.

She responded: “I’ve been told really good,,, and i love doing it.”

At that point, 46-year-old Weiner declared: “wow a jewish girl who sucks (bleep)! this thing is ready to do damage.”

The reference to a stereotype of Jewish women’s aversion to the sex act is sure to create more heat under a scandal that is already red hot.

Radar and Star have seen the transcripts of the conversation and verified that the account they came from belonged to Weiner. Earlier Monday, we broke the story that the woman has more than 200 messages from the pol.

The woman gave and Star access to her Facebook account and we viewed multiple sexually explicit conversations that came from Weiner’s account.

Weiner (D-N.Y.) is Jewish and one of the most ardent supporters of Israel in Congress. In a May interview, the politician said he was raised Jewish and told Moment Magazine, “We weren’t a very religious household, but we had a very strong sense of our Judaism.”

Weiner is married to Huma Abedin, a Muslim woman who is considered one of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s top aides.

The avalanche of new ‘evidence’ could undermine the Congressman’s explanation that he was the victim of an elaborate ‘prank’ that unfolded when a lewd photograph alleged to be of the Weiner’s crotch was sent to a 21-year-old student in Seattle on May 27.

A spokesperson for Rep. Weiner has not returned’s repeated request for comment.

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Weinergate Grows: Another Woman Provides Sex Messages From His Account – Radar

Weinergate is getting bigger and bigger.

Another woman has come forward to and Star magazine and provided a sexting exchange with embattled New York Representative Anthony Weiner.

The woman says she has 200 sexually explicit messages from Weiner from a Facebook account the Democratic politician no longer uses. and Star magazine verified that the account where the messages originated does belong to Weiner (see below).

He told the woman he had a “ridiculous bulge” in his shorts and asked if she “wanna see” it – almost three months before a photo of an erect penis in tight fitting briefs appeared in the pol’s Twitter stream.

It’s a sensational twist to the scandal plaguing the embattled New York congressman. This new woman is middle-aged and from Nevada.

She requested that her name not be used but Radar and Star verified that she is listed as one of Weiner’s friends on his Facebook page.

The woman provided Radar and Star with a partially redacted transcript of a private Facebook “sexting” exchange she allegedly had with married Weiner on March 16.

Weiner, 46, wrote to the woman, “ridiculous bulge in my shorts now. wanna see?”

She responded: “Yea! can u send a pic?”

“jeez, im rushing. let me take a quick pic,” Weiner answered.

After the woman asked how she was going to receive the image, Weiner allegedly told her: “It wont go away. and now im taking pics of it. making me harder still.”

The woman told us the married politician never sent her the nude photo because he “got cold feet.”

But she claimed she has long been the object of Weiner’s steamy flirtation and the pair have carried on a “long-term Facebook affair” since early this year.

“I have more than 200 messages from him and they’re all explicit in nature,” she told us.

In another missive laced with sexual overtures, Weiner allegedly wrote: “You will surely make noise when I take you (censored). I will tell you (censored)”

Responding to a message initiated by the woman, Weiner also sexted: “I like when you talk about (censored).”

The woman, who has volunteered as a Democratic campaign worker, said she never met the congressman.

But in another startling claim, she claimed she once had a 30 minute phone sex session with Weiner on his government provided telephone.

The woman said: “After a while I said to Anthony, ‘Why are writing these messages when we can just speak?’

“I gave him my number and he called me from his office and we proceeded to talk dirty for at least 30 minutes.

“A few days later, I tried to call him back on that number.

“But the number wouldn’t connect to his office; instead there was a recorded message that it was an outgoing U.S. Congress line only.”

Star and Radar have confirmed Weiner’s sexting messages originated from a Facebook account he used regularly until November 24, last year and recently abadoned. (A source close to Weiner verfied that he used that page.)

Since, he’s redirected his legion of 44,144 supporters to a second and ‘official’ Facebook presence, specifically designed for public figures.

But Weiner’s previous page remains online and lists much of Weiner’s biographical information, including that he attended Brooklyn Technical High School and is married to Huma Abedin, one of Hillary Clinton’s top aides.

Weiner’s office did not answer Star’s request for comment regarding whether the Democrat sent the messages or whether he was again the victim of the hacker, as he’s previously claimed.

Weiner defiantly insisted he did not post a photograph, a close-up shot of a man’s underwear, on his Twitter and addressed to 21-year-old college student Gennette Cordova.

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Weiner’s Women: Congressman To Single Mom – ‘You Are Not Stalking Me… I Am Stalking You’ – The Blaze

Daily Mail:

A 26-year-old single mother who claimed to have a month-long electronic relationship with disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner today revealed details of their explicit online exchanges.

Megan Broussard told how Weiner started pursuing her online after she ‘liked’ a YouTube video of one of his speeches.

She claims that they exchanged hundreds of messages and he even called her from his New York congressional office – an allegation he denies.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
ABC News:

Broussard said she wanted to come forward now out of concerns for her own image as an aspiring nurse, and that of her 3-year-old daughter, should her identity be leaked online. More than a dozen photos sent by Broussard to and a second account she believed was Weiner’s were obtained and licensed from her by ABC News.

“I have my own life, my own things where I’m from and I just wanted to go ahead with them. I thought I could just be private about it, but there’s no reason for me to hide,” she said. “I didn’t do anything wrong. I don’t know him. I’m just putting my story out there before anyone else tries to.”

For the full ABC News slideshow click here.

Daily Mail:

The woman from Texas said that they immediately began messaging each other through Facebook chat and exchanged ‘hundreds of messages’, many of a sexual nature.

During one Facebook conversation, Miss Broussard said she voiced uneasiness with the ‘online relationship’, to which she said Weiner replied, ‘you are not stalking me… I am stalking you’.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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DCCC Chair, Pelosi Call For Ethics Investigation Against Weiner – Daily Caller

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi are calling for an ethics investigation against New York Rep. Anthony Weiner.

In statements released shortly after Weiner admitted to sending inappropriate messages over Twitter and Facebook, Israel and Pelosi requested the House Ethics Committee begin a formal investigation into Weiner’s actions.

“I am deeply disappointed and saddened about this situation; for Anthony’s wife, Huma, his family, his staff and his constituents,” Pelosi said. “I am calling for an Ethics Committee investigation to determine whether any official resources were used or any other violation of House rules occurred.”

Added Israel: “Congressman Anthony Weiner engaged in a deep personal failure and inappropriate behavior that embarrassed himself, his family, and the House. Ultimately, Anthony and his constituents will make a judgment about his future. To remove all remaining doubt about this situation, I agree with Leader Pelosi’s request that the House Ethics Committee use its authority to begin an investigation.”

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Weiner Calls Cops On Reporter Who Asks For An Interview

Weiner Calls Cops On Reporter Who Asks For An Interview – WFAN

Congressman Anthony Weiner said Thursday he’s finished talking about the lewd photo sent from his Twitter account.

But he still wouldn’t say whether he’s the one in the picture.

So CBS 2 political reporter Marcia Kramer decided to go to his office on Capitol Hill to try to get you some answers.

You’ll never believe what happened.

Kramer tried to get an interview with the six-term New York Democrat and as a result had the cops called on her.


Kramer walked in to Weiner’s office, announced herself as being from CBS 2 in New York City and said she’d like to see the congressman. Those few words created quite the stir. Doors slammed and people pretended she wasn’t there.

Finally, brave press secretary David Arnold arrived. The following is the exchange Kramer had with him:

Kramer: “All I want is for him to say something to his constituents, the people who have to vote for him.”

Arnold: “I don’t think you can say he hasn’t said anything to his constituents. He spoke for nine hours yesterday.

Kramer: “But not to anyone in New York. You know, this is the sort of in-the-bunker in the capitol, not to anyone in New York.”

After Kramer left Weiner’s office, his staff called the Capitol Police.

Police officers asked for identification. One cop told Kramer that if she went into Weiner’s office and didn’t leave if she was asked, she could be arrested.

“If you go to an office and are asked to leave, you can be placed under arrest,” Officer Michael Miller said.

Kramer responded, “But I wasn’t refusing to leave.”

Kramer was never asked to leave Weiner’s office, but the fact that the cops were called is a clear sign that the stress of this so-called “Weinergate” controversy is taking its toll. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor became the first member of House leadership to go after Weiner.

“I think the American people are sick of seeing their elected officials tied up in scandals like this. My advice would be to come clean and clear it up. Perhaps he’s trying, but I know there’s a lot of explaining going on, without a lot of clarity,” Cantor said.

Weiner, himself, had little to say Thursday.

“Today I’m going to have to head back to work doing a job I’m paid to do,” he said.

He refused to answer any questions and walked back into his office.

The Congressman adamantly denies tweeting a suggestive photo of a man in grey underwear to a 21-year-old woman, but was far less clear about the photo’s origin when pressed by CBS congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes.

Cordes: “Congressman, I think the main question people are asking is, was that a picture of you?”

Weiner: “Well the main question that a lot of people are asking is did I send the photograph. I did not, this was a prank, a hoax.”

Cordes: “So it sounds like it was a photo of you.”

Weiner: “Well we’re going to try to find out exactly what happened.”

Weiner is also dodging questions about why he followed the Washington State College student on Twitter, along with a bevy of other young women, refusing to answer reporters’ questions about whether he ever sent her private messages.

“Look, I’m not going to get into how I communicate with people on social media,” he said. “Did I send someone a note that says, ‘thank you for following me, tune in for the future.’ I don’t want to open the door to that.”

He said whatever the communication, none of it was inappropriate. But he’s stopped short of calling for an investigation.

On The Early Show Thursday, CBS news legal analyst Jack Ford, said the congressman may have a good reason for not involving authorities.

“It’s not against the law to lie to the media. It’s not against the law to lie to constituents. It is against the law to lie to law enforcement,” said Ford. “So if I’m a lawyer on a case like this, I’m going to be real careful before I let my client talk to law enforcement.”

Another expert told Kramer the ongoing questions could hurt his political ambitions.

“This is something that is not going to go away. It is part of his legacy whether he likes it or not,” said crisis management guru Richard Auletta of Auletta & Assoc.

If Weiner thinks this is going away anytime soon, he’s got another thing coming. There were dozens of journalists on permanent stakeout outside his door all day.

The damage to Weiner’s political future is yet to be determined.

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Mother Of Picture Recipient Furious Over Weiner Scandal – New York Post

The furious mom of the Seattle college coed at the center of Weinergate yesterday demanded that the cocky congressman come clean about the lewd photo.

“I’m really upset. I feel like he’s a person of power and influence, who can make a statement and make all this go away,” Carol Mizuguchi said, blasting Rep. Anthony Weiner for his continued snarky sidestepping.

“As her mother, I’m really upset,” Mizuguchi told The Post. “I’m pissed off at that.”

Mizuguchi’s 21-year-old daughter, Gennette Cordova, got the surprise package — a close-up of an underwear-clad crotch — over the weekend in a tweet from Weiner’s account.

After days of dodging, Weiner yesterday admitted he “can’t say with certitude” that the photo isn’t of him.

But he continued to deny he sent the picture.

The pol’s refusal to clarify things has made a bad situation more difficult for her daughter, Mizuguchi said.

“It’s a distraction [for Gennette],” she said. “It’s during her finals and she’s 21 years old.”

The aspiring journalist even dropped one of her classes in the wake of the scandal, according to a faculty adviser.

“She’s just trying to have a normal life,” Cordova’s mom said.

Weiner first claimed his Twitter account was hacked, which is a federal crime. He later backed off and referred to the incident as “a prank.”

Cordova is one of 198 people, many of them pretty young women, that Weiner follows on Twitter.

She has said she is a fan of Weiner’s but has never personally met the pol.

“It’s a terrible thing that this poor woman got dragged into it,” Weiner said yesterday on MSNBC.

But Weiner hardly oozed sympathy for Cordova, and almost seemed to cast doubt on her role in the drama while clearly concerned with his own damage control.

“She says she knows nothing about it,” Weiner said of Cordova.

“And I obviously don’t know anything about it.”

Sheltered by her close-knit family and friends, Cordova has kept a low profile since the scandal broke.

She initially pulled down her Twitter and Facebook accounts but has since returned to Twitter. Yesterday, she tweeted her thanks to several well-wishers.

She also vented her frustration, noting, “If u recede from the public, you’re accused of hiding something. If u face down your accusers, you’re accused of being an attention whore.”

In an e-mail to The Post, Cordova said the controversy has taken its toll.

“It’s only getting worse with the stress,” she wrote.

Cordova’s mom said she’s worried about her daughter.

“I just spoke to her,” Mizuguchi said.

“She said sarcastically, ‘I’m just great, mom. I feel wonderful.’ ”

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Hot Dog Anthony Weiner: “I Can’t Say With Certitude” The Image Is Not Of Me

Hot Dog Anthony Weiner: “I Can’t Say With Certitude” The Image Is Not Of Me – Gateway Pundit

Weinergate Heats Up…

Rep. Weiner reportedly sent a shot of his erection to a young coed last weekend who he followed on Twitter.

Help bring the Weinergate hacker to justice.

Reward offered.

Rep. Weiner told CBS today that he’s can’t say with certitude that the image was not of him.


CBS News reported:

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) said today that he did not send a lewd photo to a college student from his Twitter account, but he evaded questions as to whether the photograph was of him.

“Well, the main question that a lot of people are asking is did I send the photograph,” Weiner said in an interview with CBS News. “I did not. This was a prank, a hoax.”

The congressman avoided answering the question directly to CBS News. In an interview with NBC, Weiner said, “I can’t say with certitude” that the picture is not of him.

He told CBS News, “Photographs can be inserted, photographs can be manipulated — we’re trying to get to the bottom of it, but the important thing here is this was a prank made on me.”

The photo in question was a close-up shot of a man’s underwear, which was tweeted from Weiner’s account Friday night. The picture, addressed to a Seattle college student’s Twitter handle @GennetteC, was visible to all of the congressman’s followers.

Weiner’s office over the weekend said the congressman’s Twitter account was hacked, but on Tuesday, Weiner resisted answering questions about the incident.

Weiner will be on with Brett Baier later today to stall some more.

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Daily Benefactor News – European Unions Stage Day Of Action Over Spending Cuts – More Articles


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European Unions Stage Day Of Action Over Spending Cuts – CNN

Unions planned a day of demonstrations across Europe on Wednesday to express anger at austerity measures being adopted around the continent and to demand plans for more jobs and growth.

The day of action was being organized by the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), which includes trade unions from 36 European countries and says it has a total of 60 million members.

“Cutting in a recession is crazy, and we must fight it,” said John Monks, ETUC’s general secretary. He said he expected 100,000 people to turn out for a demonstration Wednesday in Brussels, Belgium.

Rallies were also planned in Portugal, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Serbia, Romania, Poland, Ireland and France. The protests coincide with a general strike in Spain, which analysts said could have a huge impact if unions disrupt commuter trains and subways used by millions of Spaniards.

Unions and officials have discussed minimum services for rail transport, but massive traffic jams are expected as people try to get to work. They had already disrupted rail transport in the country’s capital Wednesday morning. And CNN affiliate CNN+ reported that a protester was hit by a bus and injured in Barcelona.

Spain’s labor minister told reporters that, overall, the day had gotten off to a peaceful start throughout the country. But he noted that the government would do what was necessary to ensure the rights of all citizens.

“We understand that the union pickets have a purpose of informing people, and they can exercise this right. We don’t have anything against that,” Labor Minister Celestino Corbacho Chaves said. “But we think that another right is just as important, that any citizen who wants to go to work can do so in a normal fashion.”

Corbacho declined to give a figure for the strike turnout. Unions were claiming initial success.

“This is the worst economic crisis in the post-war history of Western Europe,” Monks said earlier this week. “We call for a rethink and a change – in Spain and in Europe – on September 29. We are mobilizing; they will have to listen to us.”

In Spain, unions are upset with the government’s labor reforms, which freeze pensions and cut the salaries of government workers. The government says the changes will ease Spain’s deficit and recession and make for a more competitive economy. Unions, however, say the reforms will lead to more temporary and low-paying jobs.

What led Spanish unions to call for a strike Wednesday was that the reforms make it easier for companies to lay off workers, especially higher-paid ones.

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Obama Refers To Illegal Aliens As ‘Us’ As He Renews Call For Amnesty – CNS

President Barack Obama referred to illegal aliens in the United States as “us” on Tuesday while renewing his call for giving them a “pathway to citizenship” – an amnesty – and castigating opponents of such an amnesty as demagogues.

Obama’s made the statement at what the White House billed as a “backyard discussion” at a private home in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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Massive Terrorist Plot Targeting Europe Foiled In Pakistan – Business Insider

U.S. drones firing on targets in Pakistan have just foiled a massive terrorist attack that would have struck at the heart of Europe, according to the UK Guardian newspaper.

The attacks were meant to occur in the UK, Germany, and France and, potentially, the U.S. Plans were similar to the attacks conducted in Mumbai in 2008, where armed terrorists fired on the public.

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GOP Staffer And Iraq War Vet Assaulted With Hot Coffee At Dem Rally – First Things

Once again, a conservative is assaulted by a violent liberal. This attack occurred at Gov. Strickland’s campaign event in Ohio. The Ohio Republican Party is asking for help in identifying the assailant who attacked a GOP staffer and Iraq War vet.

The staffer had hot coffee poured down his back by a Strickland supporter while trying to videotape the Governor’s remarks at a campaign event.

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Sunshine State Poll: Grayson In Trouble – Real Clear Politics

The latest Sunshine State/VSS poll shows controversial Democrat incumbent Alan Grayson trailing former state Senator Dan Webster by seven points, 43 percent to 36 percent.

A majority of respondents – 51 percent – disapprove of the job that Grayson is doing. Independents have an unfavorable view of him as well, by a 36/47 margin. RCP currently rates the race as Leans Republican.

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Controversial STD Drug Tied To 16 More Deaths – WorldNetDaily

The case report is terse about the 19-year-old woman who was given Gardasil, a vaccine intended to guard against a sexually transmitted disease, and reported, “Headache, nausea, dizziness, chilling, tiredness, shortness of breath, complained of chest pain, severe cramps.”

She died of “acute cardiac arrhythmia.” Said the report, “Attempts to resuscitate her resulted in a sternal fracture, but were unsuccessful.”

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Democrats Accused Of ‘Stalling’ In Ethics Trials – Yahoo News

All five Republicans on a congressional ethics committee called on the Democrat-led panel to “stop stalling” and hold public trials for two Democrats before the November 2 congressional elections.

The Republicans accused the committee’s chair, Democrat Zoe Lofgren, of having “repeatedly refused” to schedule the proceedings for Representatives Charles Rangel and Maxine Waters.

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FBI Investigating Former SEIU Leader Andy Stern – Washington Examiner

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Labor Department are investigating prominent labor leader Andy Stern in a probe of corruption at the Service Employees International Union, according to two people who have been interviewed by federal agents.

The two labor officials met with federal agents this summer to answer questions about a six-figure book contract that Stern landed in 2006.

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Man Calls British Emergency Line Over Cat In His Kitchen – Herald Sun

A panicked man called a police emergency line for help because there was a cat in his kitchen in just one of thousands of inappropriate calls. The call to Britain’s 999 line starts with the man, saying:

“There’s a cat in my kitchen I don’t know how to deal with him.” The bemused operator asks “You’ve got a what in your kitchen?”, and the man responds: “A cat, cat, cat.”

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Clown Close To Winning Seat In Brazil Parliament – London Telegraph

Detractors have filed a dozen lawsuits against Tiririca – whose real name is Francisco Everardo Oliveira.

While most attack him for ridiculing Brazil’s legislative institutions, the most serious suit seeks to invalidate his bid for a federal seat by claiming that he is, like 20 per cent of the population, illiterate. The commotion around Tiririca would be minor in other circumstances.

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Couple Arrested For Having Sex In Front Of Convenience Store – Weekly Vice

George William Pomfret Jr, 49, and Brenda Carole Prothero, 48, were arrested Sunday after they allegedly decided that a full-out sex romp in front of a ‘Good To Go’ convenience store was just what the doctor ordered.

According to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, deputies were called when a couple became engaged in sexual intercourse underneath a tree next to the store.

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Monkeys To Guard Athletes – The Sun

A crack team of monkeys have been deployed to provide security for athletes at the Commonwealth Games in India. Athletes have been plagued by packs of wild rhesus monkeys breaking into buildings and stealing from their rooms at the games.

Organisers have now hired a team of 40 large grey langur monkeys to chase off their smaller cousins in an effort to keep buildings safe.

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Daily Benefactor News – New Maxine Waters And Barney Frank Scandal Documents – More Articles


————————————— TOP STORY —————————————

New Maxine Waters And Barney Frank Scandal Documents – Big Government

Remember at the outset of the financial crisis when the government told us only “healthy banks” were going to receive bailout funds? Well apparently that requirement does not apply to banks with friends in high places.

Judicial Watch received new documents from the U.S. Department of Treasury about the controversial $12 million bailout grant provided to Boston-based OneUnited Bank.

We got the documents through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit we filed against Treasury. Included are internal Treasury emails describing the substandard condition of OneUnited prior to the taxpayer funded bailout, which allegedly occurred at the behest of Reps. Maxine Waters and Barney Frank.

Here’s what we found out in a nutshell: OneUnited Bank was in deep trouble due to incompetence and mismanagement. Government officials knew all about it. And yet, they bent the rules for Waters and Frank and “invested” taxpayer funds in the floundering enterprise.

Consider this September 15, 2008, email from former Treasury Senior Advisor Michael Scott to Director of the Office of Financial Institutions Mario Ugoletti. It includes a Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) evaluation administered by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) noting serious issues with OneUnited’s lending practices:

2004 CRA Public Evaluation: While the institution received a CRA rating of “Low Satisfactory” on an overall basis, OneUnited Bank’s CRA rating for Massachusetts was “Needs to Improve” for both the Lending Test and the Investment Test. Under the Lending Test, the report stated that “OUB has done a poor job of meeting the credit needs of its [Boston, MA] assessment area. A review of the 2002 and 2003 HMDA data revealed a total of one loan. There were no reported Community Development Loans (CDL) and any innovative or flexible lending programs were apparently ineffective.”

For the Massachusetts Investment Test, the report stated that “the level and complexity of investments within the Boston assessment area is less than satisfactory there were no equity investments or qualified deposits within the assessment area. The low volume of qualified investments within the assessment area is a concern.”

In Florida, the institution received a CRA rating of “Substantial Noncompliance” which also represented the subordinate rating for the Lending Test…

A subsequent 2007 CRA evaluation noted continued problems with OneUnited’s lending program, particularly in Florida.

The documents also include a January 3, 2009, email from Brookly McLaughlin, Treasury’s Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, to former Assistant Treasury Secretary Neel Kashkari highlighting Barney Frank’s intervention in the OneUnited Bank bailout and calling attention to significant concerns about the OneUnited transaction:

According to the WSJ [Wall Street Journal] Barney Frank told them that he specifically put section 103-6 in the bill in order to help this particular bank. Apparently this bank also had an issue with a Porsche that the regulators had made them get rid of. The story will run later this week and will highlight three banks that they think raise questions and are not “healthy” banks…

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FBI Says It Supplied Fake Bomb In Chicago Plot – Associated Press

A man arrested for allegedly placing a backpack he thought contained a bomb near Chicago’s Wrigley Field got the fake explosive from an FBI undercover agent, authorities say.

Sami Samir Hassoun, 22, a Lebanese citizen living in Chicago for about three years, was charged Monday with one count each of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction and attempted use of an explosive device.

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Proof: New Records Show DOJ Lied About New Black Panther Dismissal – Pajamas Media

Judicial Watch made an explosive announcement today about the Obama Justice Department’s stonewalling in the New Black Panther voter intimidation case dismissal.

Forced to bring a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit after DOJ rebuffed its public records request (so much for transparency), Judicial Watch obtained a privilege log from the DOJ last week.

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Reid Calls Gillibrand The “Hottest” Member At Fundraiser – Politico

Senator Harry Reid had an unusual form of praise for New York’s junior senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, this morning at the fundraiser Mayor Bloomberg hosted for him at his townhouse – referring to her as “the hottest member” as she sat just a few feet away.

The comment prompted Gillibrand to turn red, according to the sources, and created a bit of stir among the small crowd there.

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UK Proposes All Paychecks Go To State First – CNBC

The UK’s tax collection agency is putting forth a proposal that employers send employee paychecks to the government, after which it would deduct the appropriate tax and pay employees by bank transfer.

The proposal stresses the need for employers to provide real-time information to the government so that it can monitor all payments and make a better assessment of whether the correct tax is being paid.

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Household Net Worth Fell By $1.5 Trillion From Last Quarter – All247News

Federal Reserve data showed a drop of $1.5 Trillion in the household net worth of American citizens in the second quarter of 2010 compared to the first quarter of this year.

This was attributed to declined value of stocks, mutual bonds, real estate property and the increasing unemployment rate. Total household net worth was recorded at $53.5 trillion.

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Obamas Go To Church… To Hear Muslim Speak – Post & Email

On Sunday, September 19, 2010, the Obama family attended church for only the third time in a year. They went on foot to the St. John’s Episcopal Church situated across the Lafayette Park.

But what is widely not reported is that on that particular Sunday in that particular church, Dr. Ziad Asali, M.D., a Muslim, founder and president of the American Task Force on Palestine, was the guest speaker.

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Plane Makes Emergency Landing On Atlanta Highway – NewsMeat

Authorities say they’re trying to determine what caused the engine problems that prompted a small plane to make an emergency landing on a busy stretch of Interstate 85 northeast of Atlanta.

The plane landed smoothly and without hitting any cars on a southbound stretch of the interstate Monday afternoon a few miles from Peachtree DeKalb Airport. Television shots showed traffic snarled for miles.

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Barbara Boxer Subsidizing Relatives With Campaign Contributions – RedState

Senator Barbara Boxer (Communist-CA) has diverted nearly half a million in contributions from her political action committee to her son’s political consulting firm from 2001 to 2009, according to Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings.

Boxer and Associates, owned by son Douglas Boxer, has in the last 8 years profited to the tune of $497,409.17, $36,000 of which was from last year alone as the politically-vulnerable Boxer readies for a contentious reelection campaign in the fall. These $36,000 in fees are supplementary to the $141,000 Boxer’s leadership PAC awarded her son in 2008 for fundraising consulting.

The subject of a 2007 Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) exposé on the practice of politicians using campaign funds to employ relatives, Boxer insists on keeping it in the family–with expenditures to her son’s firm the highest among all others for the 2010 cycle–despite concerns from constituents and watchdog groups.

Renewing interest in Senator Boxer’s family emoluments, the young Boxer Tuesday sent an email requesting supporters donate to his mother’s campaign “because she always wanted to make things better for our family.”

Carly Fiorina campaign spokeswoman Julie Soderlund sounded the alarm and questioned if the young Boxer was once again profiting from his mother’s sizable campaign war chest.

“Doug Boxer wasn’t kidding when he signed off this letter to donors by saying ‘our entire family is so grateful for your strong support’ – he’s grateful more than anyone since he’s been lining his pockets with hundreds of thousands of dollars thanks to his mother’s long career in politics,” Soderlund said in a statement.

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Floridian Calls 911, Hoping For Ride To Bar – MSNBC

Authorities say a Florida man who called police dispatchers claiming that he had been beaten and shot at was hoping the tale would get him a ride to a bar.

Instead, 37-year-old Gregory J. Oras is facing charges of misusing the emergency call system and battery of a law enforcement officer.

The St. Petersburg Times said an arrest report says Oras called police dispatchers three times before his arrest early Tuesday in Oldsmar, northwest of Tampa. He told the dispatchers he had a broken nose and bleeding ears, and claimed people were shooting at him.

Authorities say he was actually looking for a ride to another bar.

The report also says Oras kicked a Pinellas County sheriff’s deputy in the knees and a Taser was used to subdue him before he was arrested.

This Is What Happens When You Accept A Bribe For Your Vote

Health Care Vote Puts Nelson 30 Points Down in Reelection Bid – Rasmussen

The good news for Senator Ben Nelson is that he doesn’t have to face Nebraska voters until 2012.

If Governor Dave Heineman challenges Nelson for the Senate job, a new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey shows the Republican would get 61% of the vote while Nelson would get just 30%. Nelson was reelected to a second Senate term in 2006 with 64% of the vote.

Nelson’s health care vote is clearly dragging his numbers down. Just 17% of Nebraska voters approve of the deal their senator made on Medicaid in exchange for his vote in support of the plan. Overall, 64% oppose the health care legislation, including 53% who are Strongly Opposed. In Nebraska, opposition is even stronger than it is nationally.

Fifty-six percent (56%) of voters in the state believe that passage of the legislation will hurt the quality of care, and 62% say it will raise costs.

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Well Isn’t THAT Special?

Huge Bonuses For Failed Fannie, Freddie Mortgage Chiefs – New Media Journal

The two chief executives of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could get paid up to $6 million each for 2009, despite the companies’ dismal performance this year, which cost US taxpayers more than $100 billion.

Fannie’s CEO, Michael Williams, and Freddie’s CEO, Charles “Ed” Haldeman Jr, each will receive $900,000 in salary, $3.1 million in deferred payments next year and another $2 million if they meet certain performance goals, according to filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission yesterday.

The pay packages were approved by the Treasury Department and the Federal Housing Finance Agency, which regulates Fannie and Freddie.

Fannie and Freddie, which were seized by regulators in September last year, have needed $111 billion in taxpayer money to stay afloat, one of the most expensive aftershocks of the financial crisis.

News of the chief executives’ pay could spark new criticism about the government’s numerous bailouts.

Freddie Mac hired Haldeman, a former mutual fund executive, in July. At the time, the company disclosed his annual salary of $900,000 but did not disclose other incentive payments. In September, the company hired a new chief financial officer, Ross Kari, and said his pay package would be worth up to $5.5 million.

Williams, formerly Fannie Mae’s chief operating officer, took over as CEO in April after the first government-appointed CEO, Herbert Allison, took a job at the Treasury Department. Williams earned a base salary of $676,000 last year, plus a retention award of $260,000.

Payoffs For States Get Harry Reid To 60 Votes – Politico

(Comrade) Ben Nelson’s “Cornhusker Kickback,” as the GOP is calling it, got all the attention Saturday, but other senators lined up for deals as Majority Leader (Comrade) Harry Reid corralled the last few votes for a health reform package.

(Comrade) Nelson’s might be the most blatant – a deal carved out for a single state, a permanent exemption from the state share of Medicaid expansion for Nebraska, meaning federal taxpayers have to kick in an additional $45 million in the first decade.

But another Democratic (Communist) holdout, Sen. (Comrade) Bernie Sanders (C-Vt.), took credit for $10 billion in new funding for community health centers, while denying it was a “sweetheart deal.” He was clearly more enthusiastic about a bill he said he couldn’t support just three days ago.

(Comrade) Nelson and Sen. (Comrade) Carl Levin (C-Mich.) carved out an exemption for non-profit insurers in their states from a hefty excise tax. Similar insurers in the other 48 states will pay the tax.

Vermont and Massachusetts were given additional Medicaid funding, another plus for (Comrade) Sanders and Sen. (Comrade) Patrick Leahy (C-Vt.) Three states – Pennsylvania, New York and Florida – all won protections for their Medicare Advantage beneficiaries at a time when the program is facing cuts nationwide.

All of this came on top of a $300 million increase for Medicaid in Louisiana, designed to win the vote of Democratic (Communist) Sen. (Comrade) Mary Landrieu.

Under pressure from the White House to get a deal done by Christmas, (Comrade) Reid was unapologetic. He argued that, by definition, legislating means deal making and defended the special treatment for (Comrade) Nelson’s home state of Nebraska.

“You’ll find a number of states that are treated differently than other states. That’s what legislating is all about. It’s compromise,” he said.

It was (Comrade) Nelson who proved that he who plays hardest to get, gets the most.

He forced (Comrade) Reid to redraft the bill’s restrictions on federal funding of abortion. And while most insiders were focused on that deal, (Comrade) Nelson was quietly ensuring that his state would never have to pay for the Medicaid expansion being written into the bill – an agreement that had been in the works for weeks.

Medicaid is usually paid for with a mix of federal and state funding, but (Comrade) Nelson’s carve out means that any Medicaid beneficiaries who join the program under the bill will be fully paid for by the federal government.

It’s an important deal considering that many governors are worried that the Medicaid expansion will further strain already stressed state budgets – and one that came after Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman called on (Comrade) Nelson to vote against the bill.

“The State of Nebraska cannot afford an unfunded mandate and uncontrolled spending of this magnitude,” the governor wrote to (Comrade) Nelson.

(Comrade) Nelson deferred all questions on the provision to (Comrade) Reid, saying only that he was “comfortable” the deal that took care of Nebraska.

But (Comrade) Nelson’s deal could be a pittance compared to where the Nebraska compromise might ultimately lead – to 49 other states demanding that the feds pick up their share of health reform’s new Medicaid burden when it kicks in during 2017.

“When you look at it, I thought well, God, good, it is going to be the impetus for all the states to stay at 100 percent [federal funding]. So he might have done all of us a favor,” Sen. (Comrade) Tom Harkin (C-Iowa) said of (Comrade) Nelson’s dealings.

(Comrades) Nelson and Levin also pushed a provision that exempts non-profit insurers in Nebraska and Michigan from an annual multi-billion dollar excise tax on insurance companies.

Not surprisingly, both states are home to non-profit insurers who control a high-percentage of the industry’s profits. In Michigan, non-profit insurers control 76 percent of the industry’s profits – one of the highest percentages in the nation – while Nebraska non-profits control 46 percent of their state’s profits.

And in an example of how closely senators guarded details, (Comrade) Levin’s office did not answer any questions about the proposal when asked about it on Friday.

Republicans, meanwhile, expressed outrage at the wheeling and dealing, as if their party had never cut a legislative deal in its 150-year history.

“This bill is a monstrosity, a 2,100-page monstrosity full of special deals for people who are willing to vote for it,” said Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell. “And they’re playing these kind of games with the nation’s health care. This is an outrage.”

But (Comrade) Sanders didn’t sound outraged when he talked about the extra Medicaid funding Vermont will get for six years. Massachusetts, meanwhile, received three years worth of additional Medicaid funding. Under the original bill, neither state had qualified for the money.

Republican Sen. Mike Enzi accused Democratic (Communist) leaders of favoring Medicare Advantage beneficiaries in Pennsylvania, New York and Florida at the expense of seniors in other parts of the country.

“The Democrats (Communists) are playing ‘Let’s make a deal’ with trillions of your hard-earned tax dollars. You and all the American people should know that the majority leader is buying his votes with your money,” said Enzi (R-Wyo.) “The Reid bill gives sweetheart deals to a few states and the rest of the country will foot the bill. Making unfair deals like this is the wrong way to legislate and the American people know it.”

And while there were plenty of state-specific deals, some of the changes were clearly aimed at pleasing specific Democratic (Communist) factions. For instance, tightened insurance regulations went a long way toward putting a smile on the faces of liberal senators who have lost their much-loved public option.

The amendment mandates that insurers spend no less than 80 percent of their premium revenues providing medical care. Currently, insurers spend about 70 percent of their premiums paying for health care. The bill also eliminates insurers’ ability to cap annual coverage amounts.

In brief remarks at the White House, President (Chairman) Barack Obama also highlighted some new provisions, including penalties for insurers who “arbitrarily jack up rates” and an immediate prohibition on insures’ ability to deny children coverage.

(Comrade) Obama, too, talked of the deals as just the cost of doing business in Washington.

“As with any legislation, compromise is part of the process,” (Comrade) Obama said. “But I’m pleased that recently added amendments have made this landmark bill even stronger.”

Fistgate IX: Kevin Jennings Suggested Reading Included Porn Books For Kids With Images Of Men Having Sex While Boy Scouts Watch; Media Silent – Big Government

(Big Warning On Content)

We all know how the state-run media feels about Barack Obama but still you’d think there would be someone in the democrat-media complex who would be outraged over these Fistgate reports on Obama’s Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings.

Or, maybe they think that handing out fisting kits (or dental dam kits) and pushing children’s books that show adult men having sex while boy scouts watch to junior high students is acceptable? Maybe that’s just how they roll? It is strange.

Yesterday we reported that Barack Obama’s Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings was promoting a children’s book that detailed first-graders having sex. But, it didn’t stop there. As founder and executive director of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) Jennings approved of and promoted several filthy sex books for children. Scott Baker from and Co-Host of ‘The B-Cast‘ submitted a shocking report to Gateway Pundit blog back on December 4, 2009. The report detailed the reading list promoted to 7-12 grade students by Kevin Jennings’ GLSEN organization. This material has not been reported in detail at Big Government website.

Remember as you read this that Kevin Jennings is today the nation’s Safe Schools Czar.

Here is what Scott Baker had to say about this vile material being pushed on children.

Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings was the founder, and for many years, Executive Director of an organization called the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). GLSEN started essentially as Jennings’ personal project and grew to become the culmination of his life’s work. And he was chosen by President Obama to be the nation’s Safe Schools Czar primarily because he had founded and led GLSEN.

GLSEN’s stated mission is to empower gay youth in the schools and to stop harassment by other students. It encourages the formation of Gay Student Alliances and condemns the use of hateful words. GLSEN also strives to influence the educational curriculum to include materials which the group believes will increase tolerance of gay students and decrease bullying. To that end, GLSEN maintains a recommended reading list of books that it claims “furthers our mission to ensure safe schools for all students.” In other words, these are the books that GLSEN’s directors think all kids should be reading: gay kids should read them to raise their self-esteem, and straight kids should read them in order to become more aware and tolerant and stop bullying gay kids. Through GLSEN’s online ordering system, called “GLSEN BookLink,” featured prominently on their Web site, teachers can buy the books to use as required classroom assignments, or students can buy them to read on their own.

According to GLSEN’s own press releases from the period during which its recommended reading list was developed, the organization’s three areas of focus were creating “educational resources, public policy agenda, [and] student organizing programs”; in other words, the reading list (chief among its “educational resources”) was of prime importance in GLSEN’s efforts to influence the American educational system.

The list is divided into three main categories: books recommended for grades K-6; books recommended for grades 7-12; and books for teachers. (The books on the list span all genres: fiction, nonfiction, memoirs, even poetry.)

Out of curiosity to see exactly what kind of books Kevin Jennings and his organization think American students should be reading in school, our team chose a handful at random from the over 100 titles on GLSEN’s grades 7-12 list, and began reading through.

What we discovered shocked us. We were flabbergasted. Rendered speechless.

We were unprepared for what we encountered. Book after book after book contained stories and anecdotes that weren’t merely X-rated and pornographic, but which featured explicit descriptions of sex acts between pre-schoolers; stories that seemed to promote and recommend child-adult sexual relationships; stories of public masturbation, anal sex in restrooms, affairs between students and teachers, five-year-olds playing sex games, semen flying through the air. One memoir even praised becoming a prostitute as a way to increase one’s self-esteem. Above all, the books seemed to have less to do with promoting tolerance than with an unabashed attempt to indoctrinate students into a hyper-sexualized worldview.

We knew that unless we carefully documented what we were reading, the public would have a hard time accepting it. Mere descriptions on our part could not convey the emotional gut reaction one gets when seeing what Kevin Jennings wants kids to read as school assignments. So we began scanning pages from each of the books, and then made exact transcriptions of the relevant passages on each page.

For today’s report we give you another of GLSEN’s recommended books for 7-12 graders. This one had pictures–
Revolutionary Voices – Page 103
An illustration about the change from “boy to man,” showing two Boy Scouts pointing at and looking at two adult men engaging in anal sex.

In Revolutionary Voices – Page 104
A work of art shows a Boy Scout giving a salute behind two men kissing passionately.

This book is promoted at the GLSEN website and can be purchased there. Could there really be any logical reason for recommending this book to children? Is this material really suitable for children? Is this supposed to build tolerance? Does this book really belong in our schools? Kevin Jennings thinks so.

Today Jennings is Barack Obama’s Safe Schools Czar.

There’s more to come.

Linktastical Saturday!

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Bailing out the Kennedys!

THIS is why we needed to hurry up and pass massive spending packages? GOOD GRIEF!

More than one out of every five dollars of the $126 million Massachusetts is receiving in earmarks from a $410 billion federal spending package is going to help preserve the legacy of the Kennedys.

The bill includes $5.8 million for the planning and design of a building to house a new Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the Senate. The funding may also help support an endowment for the institute.

The bill also includes $22 million to expand facilities at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum and $5 million more for a new gateway to the Boston Harbor Islands on the Rose Kennedy Greenway, a park system in downtown Boston named after Kennedy’s mother and built on land opened up by the Big Dig highway project.

A spokeswoman for Sen. Kennedy, who at 77 is battling brain cancer, said he hadn’t requested the money for the library and institute, and that there are dozens of other earmarks in the spending bill for homeless services and community health centers.

So, the defense is that there is money for other projects too? That is not the point of course. The point is that NONE of OUR DAMNED money should go for that stuff! Not one freaking penny!

It is like giving a friend who needs clothes for a new job your credit card to help them out. They return with a few clothes, but also an MP3 player, some video games, a receipt for a steak dinner they bought, and a case of beer, something good like Fat Tire or Newcastle, and a stack of books a CD’s from Borders! Yes, they DID buy some clothes, but they also went apeshit,(uh-oh, I used the word ape, I must be a racist) with your money! Congressional pork is no different!

H/T Michelle Malkin