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Just remember that the left cares deeply about the “integrity” of elections

Sure they do, almost as much as they care about power

On one hand, Democrats say they are Very Concerned about the integrity of our voting system. On the reality hand, they want people who aren’t legally allowed to vote to vote for them

Democratic congressmen call for inquiry over DOJ, ICE voting subpoenas

A pair of North Carolina congressmen called Thursday on the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to abandon subpoenas seeking millions of voting records in the state and said they will call for investigations into the “legality and motivations” of the DOJ’s demand.

Democratic 4th District Congressman David Price and 1st District Congressman G.K. Butterfield said the subpoenas sent out late last week by U.S. Attorney Robert Higdon’s office, seem “clearly designed to disenfranchise and intimidate voters and to disrupt the administration of an impending election with major state and national implications.”

They said they’ll ask the inspectors general for the DOJ and the Department of Homeland Security, which houses ICE, to probe the issue. They’ll also seek committee hearings in the U.S. House of Representatives, they said.

Democrat running for Texas Governor and her DOH moment

The Dog at my pistol

Oh Lupe Valdez, poor, poor Lupe Valdez

Democrats have a long and storied history of arguing that the average gun owner is irresponsible. Why else would we supposedly need laws telling us to lock up our guns despite our personal situations?

They also have a history of projecting, such as how gun control candidates can turn right around and allegedly commit murder. With that in mind, it shouldn’t be shocking that a candidate for governor in Texas, a former sheriff, has lost her department issued firearm.

A gun used by Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Lupe Valdez when she was Dallas County sheriff has not been returned, Sheriff’s Department records show.

Valdez was supplied with the Beretta 9mm pistol in 2011 when a gun of the same model she owned “sustained a malfunction,” according to a sheriff’s department report obtained by The Dallas Morning News.

“It is likely that this weapon could have been stolen or misplaced during Sheriff Valdez’s moving transition,” the report stated.

A police report had to be generated because the weapon could be in the hands of a criminal or used to commit a crime.

Raul Reyna, spokesman for the sheriff’s department, told The News Monday in an email: “Former Sheriff Valdez has been approached about the missing weapon and is working with the Sheriff’s Department to locate the missing firearm.”

Thankfully, Texas Governor Greg Abbott will easily win re-election

Tucker Carlson eviscerates two-faced leftists


Tucker Carlson went after the city of San Francisco where illegal immigrants are allowed to vote for school board representatives, as well as similar voting laws like Boston and New York City could potentially offer, Thursday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“We have watched our leaders hyperventilate about the threat other countries pose to our democracy. Foreign nationals seek to influence our election, they have told us again and again ominously, and by the way they’re right. Some countries do do that. It’s a fair point. But with that in mind, it was a little bit surreal to watch today as Democratic politicians in California encouraged foreign nationals to actually vote in our elections,” Tucker said.

He continued, “It wasn’t treason, they explained. How could it be? Progressives are doing it. It’s a form of civil rights. In San Francisco, citizens of other countries, including illegal aliens, are now allowed to vote for school board. Other offices will not be far behind, you can be sure of that. San Francisco is the biggest city to try this, but the trend is spreading nationwide. In a number of cities in the state of Maryland, for example, foreign citizens can vote in all local elections.”

“There is a push underway in New York City and in Boston to allow the same thing,” Carlson continued. “None of this is treasonous. It’s not a hacking of our democracy, it’s nothing Putin or Donald Trump would do,” he said, adding that a New York City councilman described the new voting laws as “a restoration of rights” and that “non-citizens have been voting in this country longer than they haven’t.

Carlson stated, “Now we’re not going to pretend to understand exactly what that means. We have no idea what it means. We do know the left no longer even pretends to believe in borders or in citizenship. They’ve rejected the notion that America is even a country.”

Carlson added, “It’s an idea, they tell us again and again, though really, you get the sense they think it’s a division of Amazon, staffed by faceless replaceable drones, meaning you, for now, and then your foreign replacement if you don’t work eagerly enough or if you complain. Keep in mind, none of this is a threat to our democracy. It’s the essence of democracy, somehow.”

Go ahead stand up, applaud, and spread this around!

Trumps Justice Department drops opposition to Texas Voter ID Law

Great news via The Right Scoop

NBC DFW – An attorney for a voting rights group says President Donald Trump’s administration has told her that the federal government no longer plans to challenge Texas’ strict voter ID law.

Danielle Lang, of the Washington-based Campaign Legal Center, said Monday that plaintiffs in the case were told by the U.S. Justice Department that it will be filing documents to formally drop its opposition to the Texas law. She called the decision an “extraordinary disappointment.”

The move marks a stark reversal under new Attorney General Jeff Sessions from the Obama White House, which joined a lawsuit against Texas in 2013. The Justice Department didn’t immediately respond to an email seeking comment.

You know the Left will scream “voter disenfranchisement” over this, making utter fools of themselves

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