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You have to love Candace Owens

Face the facts folks, it takes guts to simply be honest in today’s WOKE AF world. Candace Owens has that quality, and it takes guts to stand up to the scumbag leftists who want erase anyone that “triggers” them. Candace, again possesses such bravery. Take this tweet for example

Oh the left is so butthurt over this transgression against approved speech. Candace, is all outta fucks though. Feel their pain folks, the poor cries of snowflakes

BOY are they ever cranky, and nasty, typical leftist sheep, so infused by group think. And Candace, who is smart, tough, and sexy has….

about you snowflakes, your over inflated egos, or your perpetual fake outrage and constant whining

Will Sleepy Joe debate Trump?

Even if he truly wants to? From Bear Creek believes Biden has to, with disastrous results

I think dodging the debates will hurt the Groper Joe campaign more than in “some circles.”  I think it will hurt him with a large number of voters.  It’s an admission of weakness, and an admission that this old dotard is just not up to the task.  If his campaign people are not completely incompetent (and this assumes facts not in evidence) they have to know that the President will be looking for ways to punch Groper Joe’s buttons, to upset and distract him and to provoke a meltdown.  But withdrawing from a tradition of debate that goes back at least to the Lincoln/Douglas debates will hurt even more.

Go read it all. I know not debating would really hurt Biden. I bet his handlers know this too. But I would imagine trying to debate would do even more damage. To use a baseball analogy, Joe just does not have his best stuff any more. And his handlers have no good options