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Parents should really forgo sending their kids to college

Pay tens of thousands of dollars, or more, to send your kids to indoctrination camps where they will be taught to hate people who are the wrong color?? REALLY?

The Graduate English Center at the City University of New York is set to host an event on March 22,  titled, “Refusing Institutional Whiteness: Possibilities, Alternatives, and Beyond.”

The event’s description states that “whiteness continues to be a crucial problem in our English department.” The Graduate English Center brought “together a group of scholars and thinkers in a range of disciplines in order to help us imagine, discuss, and produce new ways of resisting whiteness and envisioning alternatives in institution settings.”

Truly disgusting. We are allowing demented hate mongers to spew this garbage?

No Tide Pods No Justice?

Apparently there is now a “right” to laundry products…………

Useless moonbats attending Sarah Lawrence College (annual tuition: $55,900), no doubt at someone else’s expense, have issued a long list of demands. Like a lot of greedy, arrogant nonsense, the demands are justified by the preposterous lie that the supposedly marginalized (which mostly means nonwhites but also includes militant sexual deviants) are somehow put upon. From the list:

• Free winter housing with a “communal kitchen” containing “dry goods from the food pantry”
• Free laundry detergent and fabric softener for all students
• Special housing for students of color
• On-campus jobs prioritize the hiring of international students
• Prevent students of color from being educated about history by “racist white professors”
• Reject funding from the Charles Koch Foundation and review the tenure of “racist” professor Sam Abrams
• All students have unlimited access to therapy sessions
• Permanent funding for minority student unions that is not paid for by the student body

Why would “students of color” need “special housing”? They are people, no different from other races, so…. Of course, I am forgetting that seeing all people as equal regardless of skin color is now RAAAAACIST!

Cops do their job, snowflakes triggered!

Via Bearing Arms

However, after seeing this, I’m glad the University of Chicago isn’t on his list of preferred schools.

On Monday, Chicago police apprehended several suspects involved in an armed robbery who had fled from officers onto the University of Chicago’s campus.

The crisis, which prompted an alert from the university urging the campus community to shelter in place, also prompted some students to go into hysterics on social media.

They weren’t worried about the dangers of gun violence—no, they were furious at police.

From calling them “pigs” to demanding their disarmament, some students expressed fury at both the Chicago and University of Chicago police forces, who had come to protect and serve.

What’s more, even though no students were harmed and the suspects were arrested without a single shot being fired, some students began calling for the abolition of police.

“there were militarized cops (literally carrying assault rifles) crawling all over campus looking for armed, african-american men. a black student could’ve worn a striped shirt (like one of the robbers)… reached for a phone at the wrong time… etc. and could have been shot,” one student tweeted. “Anywho … disarm/abolish the police.:

“UCPD is absolutely worthless thank you for coming to my ted talk,” tweeted another student.

A third offered this on social media: “dear god we’re gonna have to listen to c*llege r*publicans talk about how this proves we need more cops.”

This reporter reached out to several of the commenters regarding what kind of solution they would support instead of the police, but only received the following answer from one student: “We should arm the working class, disarm the pigs.”

Ah, young leftists speaking truth bull shit to power. Who wants to bet that these pinheads would be railing against police had one of these thugs the cops were chasing would have hurt a student?

Well this school is taking security seriously

They are not playing around

Another Florida school is actively taking precautions against shooters by hiring armed combat veterans to patrol its campus, a year after the tragic Parkland shooting.

The Manatee School for the Arts, a charter school, will employ two combat veterans to protect the school and prevent any persons attempting to shoot up the school, according to HuffPost. The guards will both carry a handgun and military-style long gun, WWSB TV reported.

“If someone walks onto this campus, they’re going to be shot and killed,” said school principal Bill Jones, according to the Bradenton Herald. “We’re not going to talk with them. We’re not going to negotiate. We are going to put them down, as quickly as possible.”

One guard with 15 years of infantry experience has patrolled the campus for a number of months, HuffPost reported. A second guard will patrol the campus starting at the end of February.

When will students be able to get a degree in WTF?

Given the prevalence of classes like “eco-feminism”, it will not be long

The University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth has an online “ecofeminism” course in which students can learn about topics like “the oppression of nature.”

“Ecofeminism: Philosophy & Practice,” a three-credit course, is being offered by the university during the 2019 spring semester and the school is charging students $1,218, not including a term registration fee, to take the course, which seeks to study different ecofeminist theories

Wow, indoctrination ain’t cheap is it?

The course covers the “study of ecofeminism as systems of oppression based on race, class, gender, sexuality, and ethnicity that stem from a cultural ideology that enables the oppression of nature,” according to its description. “The course explores ecofeminist theories, literature, and practice, including ecofeminist ethics, and the applications of ecofeminism to the lives of individual men and women, as well as cultural institutions and organizations.”

WT actual F?

Teacher fired for refusing to butcher English language

It has come to this

A Virginia high school teacher who refused to use a transgender student’s new pronouns has been fired.

News outlets report that the West Point School Board voted unanimously Thursday to dismiss Peter Vlaming after a four-hour hearing that drew an overflow crowd. The school system said in a statement that Vlaming was fired for insubordination.

Over the summer, the ninth-grade student’s family informed the school system of the student’s gender transition to male. The student wasn’t involved in Thursday’s hearing.

It’s not suggested that the 47-year-old West Point High School French teacher deliberately referred to the student using female pronouns in the student’s presence, but in conversations with others.

Yes, it has come to this

If you like your White male professor then you are a RAAAAACIST!

Good Freaking Grief!

A University of California, Berkeley professor suggested scrapping end-of-semester student evaluations for hiring, promotion, and tenure decisions after claiming that the grades and evaluations are biased against female instructors and people of color.

“Over the next few weeks, students will get the chance to evaluate their professors and TAs. They’re going to get it wrong,” UC Berkeley history professor Brian DeLay tweeted on Sunday. “They’ll be harder on women and people of color than on white men. Tenured white male faculty, in particular, should help their students understand this.”

Oh blah, blah, blah. same old tired rhetoric from the left. Go read it all, and make sure you have some Excedrin or Tylenol nearby