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So, how soon can we just start sending diapers to “woke” college students?

File this under Good Freaking Grief!

Indiana University Southeast is encouraging students to say “ouch!” to others who use “offensive” language, in order to convey that the words “had a negative impact” on them.

The university publishes and maintains a guide instructing students on how to “reduce bias in language” and offers some tactics for responding to others who use language they find offensive. One of these  tactics is to “say ‘ouch!’” to others who utter “stereotypes, offensive or biased comments.” The university asserts that saying “ouch!” in these situations is an effective tool “simply to convey what was said had a negative impact on you, regardless if it was directed toward you.”

The university offered examples of language that may require such a response including phrases like “man and wife” or simply “wives,” as well as “mothering. These phrases can supposedly “imply one group dominating over another group.” The university suggests instead that students use phrases like “husband and wife,” “spouses,” and “parenting.”


College pushes Perpetual Victimhood Syndrome and Eternal Bitterness Disorder because “social justice”

College sucks right now, and has for years. It is a huge money grab that indoctrinates rather than educates. It leaves many with massive student loan debt, hatred for “Whiteness”, “Toxic Masculinity” America, diversity of thought and an addiction to pretending to be a victim. Take this latest example at Campus Reform


The University of Rhode Island sponsored a “Social Justice in Higher Education” conference, with speakers discussing topics such as “White Accountability,” “Addressing Microaggressions,” and more.

The conference was put on Wednesday by the New England College Personnel Association, with the University of Rhode Island being a co-sponsor. The focus of this year’s conference is specifically promoting “social justice education” and giving schools tips on how to educate students better on “anti-oppressive, liberatory, and critical frameworks,” according to the description.

The conference hosted various sessions based on social justice education, such as the following:

  • “The Cost of Inclusion: Addressing the Class Struggle When Engaging Students Outside the Classroom”
  • “Supporting a Culture of White Accountability on Campus”
  • “When the Conversation Gets Quiet — 10 Ways to Facilitate Discussions on Sensitive Social Justice Issues with First Year Students”
  • “Enacting Racial Justice on Campus by Effectively Addressing Microaggressions”
  • “What is our social justice responsibility in teaching white students to become civically engaged?”
  • “Lessons in Allyship: Engaging White Colleagues in Anti-Racist Professional Development Efforts”

FINALLY! Donors balk at sending money to university of Georgia over radical racist remarks by teaching assistant

Campus Reform has itCampus Reform has it

Some University of Georgia alumni say they will not donate to the school again after administrators didn’t take any disciplinary action against a teaching assistant who made controversial comments such as “some white people may have to die for black communities to be made whole in this struggle to advance to freedom.”

Irami Osei-Frimpong, a UGA teaching assistant on whom Campus Reform has reported multiple times,  previously made comments such as “some white people may have to die for black communities to be made whole in this struggle to advance to freedom” and “fighting white people is a skill.” The TA was accused of intentionally omitting a 2011 trespassing arrest from his admission application and not disclosing his attendance at the University of Chicago, which led to a university investigation.

However, as reported by Campus Reform, the judiciary panel, which dealt with Osei-Frimpong, ruled there were no “facts which are material” left out of the TA’s application to the school. As a result, Osei Frimpong faced no disciplinary measures.

And finally, we see some backlash from alumni, parents, and donors

“UGA won’t get a donation from me! NO! I will send my money directly to my niece on campus,” Dr. Catherine Sullivan, a graduate of UGA, told Campus Reform. “UGA has some major explanations to give and I don’t want to hear them! This is totally unacceptable!”

Sullivan also accused UGA of having “double standards,” when it comes to issues regarding conservative and liberal speech.

Another donor who told Campus Reform he wishes to be unnamed said that he hasn’t donated to the university since the Osei Frimpong incident began: “I haven’t donated to the university and don’t intend to until he’s held responsible for his actions. The university is trying to sweep this under the rug and judging by the lack of coverage in the mainstream media they were successful.”

The Left and their insidious schemes to disarm police

These people are demented

The student senate at the University of California-Davis recently decided against disarming its campus police force by a narrow 6-5 vote.

Several individuals who voted against the measure did not disagree with the principle but did have issues with the resolution’s wording, according to The California Aggie.

So, who are these fools that support such idiocy?

One supporter of the measure, sociology Ph.D. candidate Blu Buchanan, told the California Aggie that “university police officers frequently do violence to people of color, folks with disabilities and queer and trans folks on our campuses.”

The issue of police has been a contentious one in the UC-Davis community during this past spring semester.

UC-Davis English professor Joshua Clover garnered national media attention for anti-police tweets that he has made in the past, which have included messages such as,  “I mean, it’s easier to shoot cops when their backs are turned, no?” and, “I am thankful that every living cop will one day be dead, some by their own hand, some by others, too many of old age #letsnotmakemore.”

Lots more at Campus Reform, go read it, and do not be surprised if you find that the radical leftists of Black Lives Matter are behind much of this

A student petition demands that Yale University disarm its police officers and make a donation to Black Lives Matter in response to “state-sanctioned violence”.

petition circulating Yale’s student body and addressed to Yale University President Paul Salovey calls for the immediate disarmament of campus police in the wake of a shooting on Tuesday

“Armed campus police are a risk to the students they are sworn to protect and to the communities in which schools reside,” the petition states. “There is an epidemic of police violence and police brutality in this country, and this shooting all too tragically shows that Yale is not immune to this issue. We will not allow the Yale Police Department to contribute to this epidemic by acting violently against members of the community that we have chosen from all over this country and the world.”

Ah yes, the  police are shooting Black people in the streets with impunity narrative. It is a false narrative, easily disproved, but the BLM leadership is us to get social justice power and money, and to further leftism. 

Loyalty Oaths?

Animal notes that professors are being required to prove their loyalty, to “diversity”

Remember when the idea of a university requiring a loyalty oath would have been abhorrent to… well, almost everyone?  Well, not any more.  Excerpt:

The University of California has published a loving, celebratory  timelinedescribing the reaction among faculty and the ultimate repeal of the loyalty oath.  Loyalty oaths were very, very bad, back then.

But loyalty oaths are back again, and this time, according to the progressive deep thinkers, they are good. Because it is not loyalty to the United States, but rather loyalty to the ideology of “diversity” that is being demanded. Christian Schneider writes in the New York Post:

Consider the University of California, Los Angeles. To be considered for tenure-track positions, applicants are required to write a full statement outlining their commitment to diversity. According to UCLA guidelines, the extent to which a professor promotes equity, diversity and inclusion is a key factor in making progress on the tenure track.

Promoting these ideals “is inseparable from how the University of California conceives of ‘merit,’ ” the school says. UC Riverside, UC San Diego and UC Berkeley all require similar diversity statements.

Of course, in reality they are not looking for “diversity”, or “inclusiveness” They are looking for, conformity

One of the worst things about this particular species of idiocy is the shallow falseness of their commitment to “diversity.”  What UCLA is looking for is not “diversity” in any meaningful sense; the very concept of a loyalty oath illustrates that very plainly.  They are looking for diversity in melanin content and sexual preference, but what they absolutely will not tolerate under any circumstances is the one thing a university should take great pains to provide:  Intellectual diversity.


Beware the Gender Unicorns

You can no longer parody the left, volume 322

Students received a “gender unicorn” and “LGBTQ-Inclusive Language” at a University of North Georgia “safe zone training” on Tuesday.

The school invited students to a “university-wide training program committed to making the University of North Georgia a safer, more inclusive environment for members of the LGBTQ+ community” earlier in March, according to an email obtained by Campus Reform. The email went on to describe the March 22 through April 3 trainings as opportunities for students to “examine prejudice, assumptions, and privilege.”

Notice how the leftists have bastardized the word safe? This is something they consistently do, they change the meanings of words to suit their goals

Campus Reform attended one of the training sessions held on March 26 on the UNG-Dahlonega campus.

During the training, attendees were given handouts that featured a “Gender Unicorn,” which was used to differentiate one’s “gender identity,” “gender expression,” “sex assigned at birth,” and how they were “physically” and “emotionally attracted.” All categories had an “other” option.

Good Freaking Grief!