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*AUDIO* Mark Steyn: Syphilis, Transgender Waxing, And Emotional Support Hedgehogs



Just a note I am blogging while injured today

It seems I am very brave, and have a high threshold for pain, and by pain, I mean painful pain, that is, well, painfully painful. See I have a strained uterus. Now, wait, before you get all high and mighty and sciency on me and say I do not have a uterus because I am a man, let me assure you that Planned Parenthood says I do

See! You haters!

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The government can fix everything right?

The idiocy of over regulation

At this point, the whole country is about one senseless regulation away from ending up like fired Pasadena bus driver Margarito Ayala.

Ayala liked to adjust the bus mirrors before driving, so as not to bash into other vehicles or run over pedestrians…

Then suddenly he was told to stop. Only a mechanic can touch the mirrors.

So Ayala called maintenance to adjust the mirrors for him, resulting in a letter chastising him for creating a “work stoppage.”

They warned him once and after the second time he called up maintenance to adjust his mirrors, he was fired…

EGADS! I have driven large delivery trucks when I was younger, and the mirrors allow you to see and are essential to safety. And no one is better suited to adjust those mirrors than the person driving the bus/truck. But, I realize that I am using common sense here so……………

*AUDIO* Mark Steyn: Trump Vs. The Global Warming Lunatics