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DaleyGator DaleyThought Tipping is RAAAAACIST now? And other thoughts

Is cancel culture new? No! It is as old as any evil. Does the left know what they are doing? Click here to listen

Some truths of life

I may have done some of these previously, so bear with me. These truths cover many subjects, and I hope that others will share some truths of life in the comments.

There is no greater cruelty than to hurt someone who you know loves you without at the very least telling them why. The heartbreak caused by ending a relationship without explanation is deeper than any other.

It is, they say, the thought that counts, and it is the lack of thought that hurts so badly

The most essential human right is that of self-defense

Every difference between left and right can be defined by either Collectivism (left) or individualism (right)

Their is no greater form of bigotry than to teach people that their “identity”(race/gender,religion/sexual orientation) completely and absolutely defines them.

What anger radical Atheists so about America is that the very right they have to mock and deny God comes from, God Himself

It is not an accident that America, the freest nation on earth is also the most charitable, forgiving, and tolerant nation on earth.

Any nation that is unwilling, or incapable of controlling its borders will soon cease to be a nation.

Immigration without assimilation is a death sentence for any sovereign nation.

There are no greater fools than those who still embrace or long for Marxism, in any of its forms

Do not confuse wisdom and education. Many educated people never possess wisdom

Yes, some cultures ARE superior than others

The only “diversity” that matters is diversity of thought

A wise and prudent man does all he can to avoid violence, but is prepared if it cannot be avoided