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DaleyGator DaleyThought #80

Cancel everything? The left will if we do not take a stand. The left comes for Sacagawea, and the Alamo. Soft on Crime Chicago, and why most people shot by police earned the bullets they got! And more

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DaleyGator DaleyThought #22

Black Lies Matter, Rip Crews, Biden appoints anti-Israeli fanatic, Riots are NOT protests and more CLICK the Otter to LISTEN–Rip-Crews–Biden-appoints-anti-Israeli-fanatic–Riots-are-NOT-protests-and-more-eurmg1

DaleyGator DaleyThought Tipping is RAAAAACIST now? And other thoughts

Is cancel culture new? No! It is as old as any evil. Does the left know what they are doing? Click here to listen

Another terror test run in France?

It does not look good

Via Daily Mail:

A car filled with gas cylinders was today found parked outside a synagogue in the south of France.

The suspicious vehicle was discovered by police officers after it was left near the Bar Yohaye synagogue in Marseille.

Dozens of worshippers were inside the building and were attending a service on Saturday morning.

The discovery comes just one week after a similar vehicle – also filled with gas cylinders – was left outside the famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

A jihadi woman, 29, who is on a terror watch list, masterminded the plan and disappeared with her boyfriend, aged 34, last Sunday morning.

Her Peugeot 607 was found with its lights flashing in a no-parking zone in Paris’s Rue du Petit-Point, across the River Seine from Notre Dame, at 7.30am.

There were seven gas canisters inside – prompting fears of a terrorist attack on the ancient place of worship, which is high on a list of ISIS targets.

Three women were arrested and it was reported that they were allegedly planning to blow up the busy Gare du Lyon train station in Paris.

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The price Europe is paying for mass immigration of people incompatible with Western values

If You're Left, You Just Ain't Right
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