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How long until we take George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, etc. off of money, universities, streets…………?

Clearly that day is coming

The George Washington University student body voted Thursday to “remove and replace” its mascot, the George the Colonial.

According to the GWU Joint Elections Commission, 54 percent of students who voted in this spring’s Student Association elections supported the removal of the Colonial as the school’s mascot. It was not immediately clear what students plan to replace the Colonial mascot with or even if school administrators will act on the results of the referendum.

The original push to change the mascot started last spring with an online petition, which garnered over 500 signatures.  Ashley Le, who served as GW Student Association President at the time, encouraged university administrators to listen to students’ concerns on the matter. The total number of signatories that the petition has amounted to less than 2 percent of the GW student body.

So clearly, universities like James Madison, George Mason, George Washington will have to change their names soon right? I wrote more than 20 years ago, that the attack on Confederate symbols would be only a beginning, well, sad to say I was right. 

Your Quote of the Day

Go read this whole piece by Victor Davis Hanson, it is brilliant. This first bit, though, is a point those who are down with tearing down monuments should really consider

The 21st century is in danger of becoming an era of statue smashing and historical erasure. Not since the iconoclasts of the Byzantine Empire or the epidemic of statue destruction during the French Revolution has the world seen anything like the current war on the past.

In 2001, the primeval Taliban blew up two ancient Buddha statues in Afghanistan on grounds that their very existence was sacrilegious to Islam.

In 2015, ISIS militants entered a museum in Mosul, Iraq, and destroyed ancient, pre-Islamic statues and idols. Their mute crime? These artifacts predated the prophet Mohammed.

The West prides itself on the idea that liberal societies would never descend into such nihilism. Think again.

Think again indeed. No one should support the current historical and cultural cleansing that the left is engaged in

On this episode of Wrong Monument Asshole……………

These Leftist agitators are many things, violent, lawless, thuggish, trash. malcontents, etc. Smart? No they definitely missed that train

Or the fact that no one studies history anymore. Confederate monument vandals take aim at wrong Lee statue in Dunn.

They thought they were protesting General Robert E. Lee of Civil War fame. They were off by a little.

“I was surprised that anybody would do that to this museum statue,” Johnson said. “This is not a Civil War museum and this is not Robert E. Lee. This is General William C. Lee from United States Army Airborne from World War II, so I was hurt and surprised that somebody would actually do this.”

Of course, anyone who think defacing a monument to Robert E. Lee is somehow noble is historically and intellectually defunct frankly. No one who has studied Lee would think him worthy of such disdain. In fact any Conservative who would not defend General Lee is clueless. But remember this, when all the R.E. Lee monuments are gone, and all the Stonewall Jackson monuments are gone these miscreant activists will not be sated. They will simply seek out the next target, and every monument to US veterans will be targeted next.

Today in Cultural Stalinism

There are several steps in destroying a nation. Destroying its history, and heritage is one of those

A George Washington University student senator hosted a panel Wednesday to discuss school spirit and the true connotation of the school’s Colonial mascot.

Titled “Is the GW Colonial Inclusive School Spirit?”, student Sen. Hayley Margolis planned the event. Margolis told The GW Hatchetbeforehand that the school’s current mascot, the “Colonial,” could interfere with inclusion at the school, claiming that it encourages oppression and hatred of different races.

GW is “a very diverse institution,” Margolis said, expanding on her remarks. “There are students that, if we were back in Colonial times, wouldn’t have been represented or treated equally. School spirit is something that should be based on equality.”

Student Association president Ashley Le noted in a January interview with The GW Hatchet that Jordan West, GW’s Inaugural Director of Diversity & Inclusion Education, is supportive of the students who are pushing to change the name of the mascot. West met with leaders of the student government in 2018 to discuss both the mascot as well as buildings named after whom they believe are objectionable historical figures.

Again, be very sure that this goes beyond “snowflakes” this is about destroying this nation. Don’t think so? Them ask yourself what area of America is not being attacked? The border? the language? History? Culture and heritage? Judeo-Christian values? Self-defense? Freedom of speech/religion/association? The family? Please find one area where America is not being attacked?

Marxifornia, AGAIN!

When did the left decide to eradicate pronouns? Moonbattery wonders

Once again, we can watch our dystopian future unfold in California. There, the pronouns “he” and “she” are regarded as hate speech that cannot be spoken during State Senate committee hearings.

It is required to use the plural pronoun “they” instead, in order to demonstrate reverence for the sexually perplexed and compliance with their deranged agenda.

Senate Judiciary Committee chair Hannah-Beth Jackson’s announcement that the pronouns had been banned included this comic exchange:

“The world is a different place. My grammar teacher is long gone and we won’t be hearing from her,” the senator said as someone quickly corrected her. “— from them! From they!”

So, now singular people are “they” WTF?

Spiked Online editor Brendan O’Neill comments:

“They now want to control not just hateful language and racist language, which we all agree is a bad thing, but everyday speech. ‘He’ and ‘she.’ The words that people use all the time in everyday conversation to describe men and women. They want to dig down so far into how we speak, and ultimately into how we think, that they are willing to ban the most common words in the English language.”

That’s what you get for letting them ban “hateful language and racist language.” Those who define what “hateful” and “racist” mean will soon ban every thought in your head.

Frankly, every member should say NOT being referred to a “she” or he” offends them. Then they should walk out. But, this is Marxifornia, so………..