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William Shatner turns his phaser on Myopia Censorship Club over banning of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”

Bless Bill Shatner for taking a stand, and winning!

When radio stations began banning the classic Christmas song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” because of complaints by social justice warriors, they never considered the consequences.

One of those consequences was a war that was launched by legendary Hollywood actor William Shatner — who played Capt. James T. Kirk in the TV series “Star Trek” — against one of those very same radio stations that had bowed to the politically correct mob.

“Call in to CBC radio all day and get them to play “Baby It’s Cold Outside” over and over until midnight!” the anti-PC warrior (or captain, if you will) tweeted Tuesday in response to a report that CBC Radio was slated to ban the classic song at the end of the day.

Of course this brought out the ButtHurt Brigades! Shatner, destroyed them, by, wait for it, standing up to them and putting them in perspective.

“Congrats Bill, never let sex assault victims get in the way of your fun,” one particularly exasperated follower named “Wiggin” wrote in a sarcastic tweet.

And, again, allow me to stress, when you stand against the Cultural marxists, you win!

“Last week, we decided to press pause to consider the different points of view on playing ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside.’ Because we value our audience input, which was overwhelmingly to include the song, we have put it back on the two playlists where it had been removed,” CBC Radio announced Tuesday.

It’s unclear whether the announcement was issued before or after Shatner’s tweet. What is known is that CBC Radio is one of numerous stations that initially banned the classic song but later reversed their bans after outcry from a public fed up with political correctness.


Anti-gun England encounters some sanity

Via Bearing Arms

However, England, a country that’s ready to ban everything, has found a line too absurd even for them.

The Silhouettes of world war soldiers, due to be installed in green spaces throughout the country, were snubbed by Brockenhurst Council after they decided that the rifles the Tommies were holding could ‘upset families’.

Instead of the installations, they decided to cover the town’s lampposts in poppies as this would be seen as a less violent alternative.

However, their suggestion caused outrage among residents and they were forced to backtrack on their plans after they were slammed with a petition in favour of the silent soldiers.

Councillor Harry Oram told the Daily Echo that he voted in favour of the soldiers but others were against the statues because they had rifles depicted in them.

Wow, sanity wins, for now, the madness of the left will not stop

And then the Cultural Stalinists came for…………

Prospector Pete

California State University, Long Beach has agreed to ditch its mascot, “Prospector Pete,” because some find 49er imagery “offensive”.

In a statement issued on September 20, CSULB announced it will “retire” its mascot, “Prospector Pete,” a fictional character who represents the California Gold Rush era.

The decision comes after a decades-long debate over the political correctness of the figure, spurred by complaints that he represents a historical time and place that included violence against Native Americans.

While Prospector Pete is not representative of any one particular person with a history of violence, he is a character meant to represent a caricature of the typical Gold Rush prospector, or “49er.” “Prospectors are believed to be responsible for the killing of indigenous peoples of California,” according to the university.

The mascot originates from a statue, formally named “The Forty-Niner Man,” erected on campus in 1967.  The university notes that the statue was erected before the Equal Opportunity Program existed at CSULB and “brought about a more diverse student population,” a population the college says “found the prospector offensive.”

In other words these “diverse” students found that California history must be cleansed and censored to be truly “diverse” according to the Marxists.

Then they came for the Alamo

Ah more from the Cultural Stalinists

he concept of defenders of the Alamo being heroic is engrained in the history of this state—and in the psyche of most Texans. The Alamo has been compared to the ancient Battle of Thermopylae, in which an outnumbered Greek army fended off a much larger Persian army for several days before being annihilated. But a committee streamlining the state’s history curriculum standards has removed the word “heroic” from a proposed revision of the curriculum because it is “a value-charged word.”

Last month, the advisory group, called the State Board of Education Social Studies TEKS Streamlining Work Groups and made up of educators and historians, voted to approve a final recommendation making a number of changes to the state’s history curriculum standards. The paragraph in the seventh-grade curriculum, in which Texas history is taught, currently reads as follows:

explain the issues surrounding significant events of the Texas Revolution, including the Battle of Gonzales, William B. Travis’s letter “To the People of Texas and All Americans in the World,” the siege of the Alamo and all the heroic defenders who gave their lives there, the Constitutional Convention of 1836, Fannin’s surrender at Goliad, and the Battle of San Jacinto.

But the committee is recommending to the state board that it delete several of these passages and add one so now the standards, if adopted, would read like this:

explain the issues surrounding significant events of the Texas Revolution, including the Battle of Gonzales, the siege of the Alamo, the Constitutional Convention of 1836, Fannin’s surrender at Goliad, and the Battle of San Jacinto and Treaties of Velasco.

“‘Heroic’ is a value-charged word,” the group explains in recommending the elimination of the word. The group went on to explain that  “all ‘defenders’ is too vague.” Similarly, the ten-person group recommends deleting the current standard that requires students be able to explain Travis letter from the Alamo. The streamline committee said the letter can be mentioned as context for lessons about the siege of the Alamo so that “teachers will spend less time on the analysis of the letter.” There are fewer than 250 words in that letter, but they go to the heart of what Texans think about themselves and about this state. Sometimes called the “Victory or Death” letter, it has been compared to Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s “Charge of the Light Brigade,” which immortalized a British battle in its defeat by Russians in the Crimean War.

And now, more Cultural Stalinism

One way to destroy a nation is to erase its history

The last remaining memorials to Confederate President Jefferson Davis have been removed from New Mexico rest areas along Interstate 10, the main east-west route across the state, New Mexico officials have said.

The state Department of Transportation announced last week all memorials to the U.S. Civil War-era Confederacy were removed after people posted messages about them on social media, The Santa Fe New Mexican reports .

“We believe that they have all been removed, but we encourage anyone with knowledge of any others to let us know and we will have them removed immediately,” said department spokeswoman Emilee Cantrell.

See IMMEDIATE removal for all history that is inconvenient, complicated. “offensive”, etc.

Even in Kentucky, which is the birth land for Davis, and Lincoln, a Davis plaque was “cleansed” from existence. So, how long until we ban battle reenactments? What about removing any reference in history books to the War Between the States? Or the Confederacy? Think it will not happen?

The campaign of cultural and historical Stalinism continues

These fools actually think they are on the right side of history? Soon there will be no history left

So, what good will actually be done here? Do these folks think people actually care that much what a road is called? Have they done any in depth studying of Jefferson Davis? Have they thought what else $27,000 might be used for? I would surmise all three questions would get a resounding no! The Mayor, of course, wrapped herself in a cloak of glory for this action

Alexandria Mayor Allison Silberberg, however, supported the highway name change.

“It speaks to who we are. That we are a city of kindness and compassion, a city where we’re not just tolerant but embracing and accepting where diversity is a core value,” Silberberg told WJLA-TV.

Hmmm, so excluding a famous, and key historical figure in “inclusive”? It is “diverse”? An act that offends many Southerners who ancestors fought in the War Between the States honors “core values”?

“Hopefully when it does change people will be aware of how offensive it is because it’s built on slavery. We’re trying to move past the racial barriers of everything. Maybe this can be a start,” Mitchell said.

What is “built on slavery”? The road? The state? The city? Perhaps Mitchell has that leftist attitude that everything in America is “built on slavery”? I would pose this question to her. Will she support removing the names of Washington, or Jefferson from roads, schools, etc.? I ponder this. Is she aware that this type of historical erasure does not stop once it is commenced?

Now the Cultural Stalinists are gunning for Patrick Henry

Remember, to destroy a nation, you must destroy its history H/T Moonbattery

You didn’t think they would stop at Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson did you? Or even with George Washington and Thomas Jefferson? The campaign to erase all the “racists” in American history is a campaign to erase American history, period. Without it, we won’t know who we are. That way progressive social engineers will have an easier time transforming this into a very different country. Every great person in American history must be discredited and destroyed — including Patrick Henry. From New Mogadishu, formerly known as Minneapolis:

Students at Patrick Henry High School are organizing to change the name of their school.

“#ChangeTheName” is picking up steam, and now alumni and members of the community are joining the movement.

Like many prominent Virginians of his time, Henry owned slaves. Ergo, he is bad and must be erased.

By the same logic, the entire Roman Empire needs to go down the Memory Hole.

[Students] Janaan Ahmed and Farhiyo Hassan [say] change comes by educating their peers about the damaging effects of upholding what they call oppressive figures, like Patrick Henry.

Of course common sense dictates you examine historical figures in the context of their time, and how their efforts changed the place they lived. Without men like Henry, there would be no America, no liberty, and no hope.

But Patrick Henry offends some clueless students so, he must be erased. Yes, even though he opposed slavery. But facts? They matter not, only feelings and social justice matter

Patrick Henry was a successful lawyer and politician from Virginia. He went on the become governor of the state as well as being a Founding Father. As an extensive landowner, and as most Founding Fathers, Henry owned a number of slaves throughout is life. The number of slaves that Henry owned is recorded at about 80. However, he would go on to become aware of the wrongdoings within slavery and push for its abolishment.

Henry’s dissent towards slavery can be seen in numerous documents throughout his life including letters to colleagues. One of the most relevant of these documents includes Henry’s January 18, 1773 letter to Robert Pleasants. Within this letter, Henry first thanks Pleasants upon receiving a slave, and then continues to discuss a number of disagreements towards the idea of slavery. He speaks on Christianity and the fact that it “consists in softening the human heart” however it allows “a practice so totally repugnant.” Henry goes on to say that it is hard to believe that during a time of enlightenment and emphasis on human rights, that the practice of slavery could continue.

As an extremely outspoken and opinionated politician, it is hard to determine his influences in terms of disagreements within slavery. He was one that was against the United States Constitution and a firm believer in the rights of the individual. However, he often referenced religion when discussing the subject. Henry stated that the abolishment of slavery is “the furthest advance we can make toward justice….The purity of our religion…is at variance with that law which warrants slavery.”

In terms of specific actions, Patrick Henry consistently held speeches, wrote letters and was a prominent leader in the process of abolishing slavery. He became a prominent figure in opposition to slavery, something that his fellow Founding Fathers both acknowledged and embraced. Henry is quoted in stating that slavery was “inconsistent with the Bible, and destructive to morality.”

Henry is often referred to as the voice of revolution for his stern and outspoken demeanor. As Thomas Jefferson outlines, the push for the abolishment of slavery in Virginia almost lied solely on the approaches of Henry. Jefferson can be quoted speaking of Patrick Henry stating that he was “even more determined in his opposition to slavery then the rest of us.” Jefferson also credits Henry with allowing Virginians to find “the moral courage to take a bold and decided stand.”

Please  go read the rest it is well sourced and eye opening. Sadly, the left has no interest in being informed