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Today in Cultural Stalinism

There are several steps in destroying a nation. Destroying its history, and heritage is one of those

A George Washington University student senator hosted a panel Wednesday to discuss school spirit and the true connotation of the school’s Colonial mascot.

Titled “Is the GW Colonial Inclusive School Spirit?”, student Sen. Hayley Margolis planned the event. Margolis told The GW Hatchetbeforehand that the school’s current mascot, the “Colonial,” could interfere with inclusion at the school, claiming that it encourages oppression and hatred of different races.

GW is “a very diverse institution,” Margolis said, expanding on her remarks. “There are students that, if we were back in Colonial times, wouldn’t have been represented or treated equally. School spirit is something that should be based on equality.”

Student Association president Ashley Le noted in a January interview with The GW Hatchet that Jordan West, GW’s Inaugural Director of Diversity & Inclusion Education, is supportive of the students who are pushing to change the name of the mascot. West met with leaders of the student government in 2018 to discuss both the mascot as well as buildings named after whom they believe are objectionable historical figures.

Again, be very sure that this goes beyond “snowflakes” this is about destroying this nation. Don’t think so? Them ask yourself what area of America is not being attacked? The border? the language? History? Culture and heritage? Judeo-Christian values? Self-defense? Freedom of speech/religion/association? The family? Please find one area where America is not being attacked?

Marxifornia, AGAIN!

When did the left decide to eradicate pronouns? Moonbattery wonders

Once again, we can watch our dystopian future unfold in California. There, the pronouns “he” and “she” are regarded as hate speech that cannot be spoken during State Senate committee hearings.

It is required to use the plural pronoun “they” instead, in order to demonstrate reverence for the sexually perplexed and compliance with their deranged agenda.

Senate Judiciary Committee chair Hannah-Beth Jackson’s announcement that the pronouns had been banned included this comic exchange:

“The world is a different place. My grammar teacher is long gone and we won’t be hearing from her,” the senator said as someone quickly corrected her. “— from them! From they!”

So, now singular people are “they” WTF?

Spiked Online editor Brendan O’Neill comments:

“They now want to control not just hateful language and racist language, which we all agree is a bad thing, but everyday speech. ‘He’ and ‘she.’ The words that people use all the time in everyday conversation to describe men and women. They want to dig down so far into how we speak, and ultimately into how we think, that they are willing to ban the most common words in the English language.”

That’s what you get for letting them ban “hateful language and racist language.” Those who define what “hateful” and “racist” mean will soon ban every thought in your head.

Frankly, every member should say NOT being referred to a “she” or he” offends them. Then they should walk out. But, this is Marxifornia, so………..

Once again we are reminded that it is now impossible to parody the left

Acting is now under attack because Perpetual Grievance Disorder

Bryan Cranston defended playing a quadriplegic in his upcoming movie “The Upside,” saying taking on the role was a “business decision” amid the growing debate about expanding casting in Hollywood.

Cranston told the Press Association that he’s aware of “the need to expand opportunities” to others when it comes to casting specific roles, but as an actor, he has the right to take on characters with different attributes and abilities. In “The Upside,” Cranston plays a wealthy quadriplegic who hires a caretaker, played by Kevin Hart, to help him on his daily routine.

“As actors, we’re asked to be other people, to play other people,” he added. “If I, as a straight, older person, and I’m wealthy, I’m very fortunate, does that mean I can’t play a person who is not wealthy, does that mean I can’t play a homosexual?”

It seems not Mr. Cranston. Apparently the identity obsessed will only allow an actor to play someone who is the same age, gender, race, religion, etc. Funny it is that now the left is coming for Hollywood where so many support leftist ideals and mock Conservatism.

Colorado Civil Rights Stalinists still persecuting baker

Via Moonbattery

Liberalism is not so much a coherent ideology as a form of decay, like rust. Like rust, it does not quit. You never definitively beat it; you just hold it off for a while. For example, cake maker Jack Phillips was targeted by militant deviants for his Christian beliefs. They tried to force him to betray his religion by participating in a blasphemous parody of holy matrimony. When he resisted, the State of Colorado did its best to ruin him. He took his case all the way to the Supreme Court and earlier this year he won. So now the twisted fiends comprising the Orwellian Colorado Civil Rights Commission demand that he bake a cake celebrating a grotesque transsexual conversion. Phillips is back in court:

In a hearing Tuesday, lawyers for Jack Phillips argued that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission is harassing him after he refused to bake a gender transition cake for a Denver attorney.

Since famously turning down the homosexual wedding cake, Phillips has also declined to bake cakes “celebrating Satan, featuring Satanic symbols, depicting sexually explicit materials, and promoting marijuana use.” But Colorado will not allow him to refrain from celebrating transsexual freakafication, which is a sacred rite in the liberal religion on a par with abortion.

A local lawyer calling himself Autumn Scardina targeted Phillips with a demand for a special cake. There are plenty of other bakers in the Denver area, but you know why he chose Masterpiece Cakeshop.

According to a lawsuit Phillips filed against Colorado,

“Phillips declined to create the cake with the blue and pink design because it would have celebrated messages contrary to his religious belief that sex — the status of being male or female — is given by God, is biologically determined, is not determined by perceptions or feelings, and cannot be chosen or changed.”

If I ran a bakery, I would pretty much bake any cake, but, this man has the right to say no if he chooses. If a bakery owner wanted to refuse to bake cakes for herterosexual marriages, that is their right. This is nothing short of a lynch mob trying to destroy this man and offer his sacrifice as proof that no one better stand against their agenda.

William Shatner turns his phaser on Myopia Censorship Club over banning of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”

Bless Bill Shatner for taking a stand, and winning!

When radio stations began banning the classic Christmas song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” because of complaints by social justice warriors, they never considered the consequences.

One of those consequences was a war that was launched by legendary Hollywood actor William Shatner — who played Capt. James T. Kirk in the TV series “Star Trek” — against one of those very same radio stations that had bowed to the politically correct mob.

“Call in to CBC radio all day and get them to play “Baby It’s Cold Outside” over and over until midnight!” the anti-PC warrior (or captain, if you will) tweeted Tuesday in response to a report that CBC Radio was slated to ban the classic song at the end of the day.

Of course this brought out the ButtHurt Brigades! Shatner, destroyed them, by, wait for it, standing up to them and putting them in perspective.

“Congrats Bill, never let sex assault victims get in the way of your fun,” one particularly exasperated follower named “Wiggin” wrote in a sarcastic tweet.

And, again, allow me to stress, when you stand against the Cultural marxists, you win!

“Last week, we decided to press pause to consider the different points of view on playing ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside.’ Because we value our audience input, which was overwhelmingly to include the song, we have put it back on the two playlists where it had been removed,” CBC Radio announced Tuesday.

It’s unclear whether the announcement was issued before or after Shatner’s tweet. What is known is that CBC Radio is one of numerous stations that initially banned the classic song but later reversed their bans after outcry from a public fed up with political correctness.


Anti-gun England encounters some sanity

Via Bearing Arms

However, England, a country that’s ready to ban everything, has found a line too absurd even for them.

The Silhouettes of world war soldiers, due to be installed in green spaces throughout the country, were snubbed by Brockenhurst Council after they decided that the rifles the Tommies were holding could ‘upset families’.

Instead of the installations, they decided to cover the town’s lampposts in poppies as this would be seen as a less violent alternative.

However, their suggestion caused outrage among residents and they were forced to backtrack on their plans after they were slammed with a petition in favour of the silent soldiers.

Councillor Harry Oram told the Daily Echo that he voted in favour of the soldiers but others were against the statues because they had rifles depicted in them.

Wow, sanity wins, for now, the madness of the left will not stop